Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


       To understand completely the organic Universe as a complex organism, and all its organic species, we need an entire encyclopaedia of books. In a way the dual universe of spatial energy and temporal information is such encyclopedia of organicism, in which each region, each event, each species is a Times following the same biological laws. We give you however some reduced versions of increasing complexity:

Simple, verbal Model:

Since each main science is merely a Book of human information on one of those regions, studied in human universities according to size, in an increasing stair of sciences:

Complex, Formal Model:

Each science studies according to size, an interval of Organic species and its ecosystems.

Social Sciences

The sciences that matter most are those who describe the super-organisms of man: the civilizations of history.    


Why there are so many sciences, if all in the Universe is an organism of temporal information and spatial energy, that participates of the same laws?
The answer is that men have used many jargons that divide sciences. So the jargon of "space-time", synonymous of the jargon of "energy-information" have divided physics and biology for so many years.
Instead, to search for Universal truths proper of the organic systems that shape Reality, we will consider a Science of Sciences, Theory of Organisms, that studies all the common properties of all sciences and species
Within that Science of sciences, we classify all different sciences as 'descriptions' of a limited number of Universal Organisms. Indeed Scientific knowledge is the information that humanity perceives about all the organisms of the universe.

All of them follow the morphological and behavioral laws of organisms.
It is then clear that the fundamental task of human knowledge is to understand the organisms of the Universe, their organic properties, and how those organisms are ruled by similar laws of survival, reproduction and gathering of energy and information.
Let us describe those sciences, and their 'organic elements' in a graph, that shows the universal nature of the 3 basic organic elements of all species: networks of energy, networks of information and social cells.

 Given that wide range of species which obey the laws of organicism, in order to offer the reader a broader vision of the organic Universe, beyond the introductory pages of this web, we offer in this Download page, 4 books dedicated to explain under the laws of organicism the main Times species of the Universe.

        The first book, "Theory of Times" studies those laws for all Universal Species. The other 3 books, analyze the main Super-organisms of the Universe, traditionally studied by Physical Sciences, Biological sciences, and Social sciences:

Theory of Temporal Organisms (Metaphysics)

              The Living Universe (Physical Sciences)

                 The Creation of Organisms (Biological Sciences)


The evolution of languages (Social Sciences)