Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


(verbal, organic model)

   The Thoughts of God...

                00. Introduction: The Living Universe, a Unification Theory.

                01. The game of Existence: Social organisms.
The Error of Einstein: Discontinuous Space-Times
The fundamental particle: Times.
The Temporal organisms of the Universe.
Bodies of Energy, Brains of Information
Theory of Times: A theory of unification
The 4 arrows of organicism: the will of times.
The arrow of Energy.
                09. The arrow of information and perception.
The arrow of Reproduction.
The arrow of social evolution: Networks.
The Laws of the Universe: Radiations of Species.
The three ages of organisms (life and death)
Top predators: selection of bodies and languages
The errors of digital science: The moral Universe.
The two ages of Knowledge: The Third Science

                                  UNIVERSAL ORGANISMS       ... The Details

                a.     The Big Bang: Birth of the Universe

                b.    Forces and Light species
                c.   Particles of Information.
                d.  Atoms
                e.   Molecules
                f.  Cellular life
                g. Animals and plants 
                h. Human beings
                i. Organisms of History
                j.  Living Machines
                k.   Living Galaxies, stars and planets
               l. G
od and the Universe, the infinite scales.