Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


Text Box:  The Mind- brain  is a Fractal Organism with 3 linguistic axis:
- The energetic axis goes from the neuronal motor region on top of the brain, through the spine to his limbs.
-The temporal, verbal axis goes from ear to ear through Brocca’s zone.
- The E=T, visual axis goes from the eye to the occipital region. The brain is also a Non-AE spherical point that processes flows of temporal energy coming from the external World through those senses. The brain is placed in the Head, yet another Fractal Organism with 2 inverse zones, the lower ‘face’, where the senses are, with the ‘energetic mouth’ on the bottom; and the quantized eyes on top; and the brain occupying the other 3 high quadrants.




According to the Ternary Principle, that brain has 3 clear, e, te, t axis:
- The Y-axis is the spinal chord and ‘energetic system’ directed by the motor region of the brain.
 - The X-axis defines the spatial language from the eyes to the occipital, visual region.
- The Z-axis goes from ear to ear, through the verbal regions of temporal languages.
- The 3 axes converge in the hypothalamus and thalamus, the 0-center and connective point of the 3 languages, where it resides the final emotional, survival will that decides our actions.  Since that emotional region that coordinates the action -reactions of humans to external stimuli.
We can divide the brain in a temporal, informative region, the encephalon; an energetic region, the spinal chord; and an E=T balanced region, the cerebellum, which coordinates the thoughts of the brain and the action of the body.
In the right side, human behavior is also divided according to the ternary principle in 3 types of actions reactions described earlier by Freud: the subconscious region that performs the biological cycles of the cellular i-1 level; the organic i- level or ego, that establishes the will of the individual and the sociological i+1 level or super-ego. According to the laws of hierarchical structures, each upper scale of the brain represses as ‘relative energy’ the lower scale and all together form a ‘spiral’ that drives sequentially human behavior, from primary, i-1 vegetative ‘action -reaction impulses’ born in the subconscious; to individual cycles of existence that will be checked by the i+1 sociological mind and repressed or authorized, becoming finally real actions. Thus the mind follows the Quantic Spaces-Times laws that structure in 3 i±1 scales and 3±1 cycles, the behavior of Quantic Spaces-Times beings.
The highest informative point on top is the brain, a hemisphere of maximum information that directs the entire system and divides itself in 3 regions according to the ternary principle:
Max. E: The cerebellum is a planar system, whose extended shape creates a lineal skin of 1 meter. His main function is to regulate all spatial movements.
E=T: The inner brain nucleus, the basal ganglia, amygdala, hypothalamus and thalamus systems regulate the emotional, reproductive drives and the existential will of human beings.
-Max.T: The top, spiral form is the encephalon in charge of the most complex informative processes.
The cells of the brain, the neurons, are quantized. They communicate among themselves and with the rest of the body through ‘quantic jumps’ in space-time, as they switch between electrical, faster languages, which are responsible of the direct actions and overall intelligence of mankind; and chemical, cellular, slower hormonal languages, responsible of longer, slower actions and memorial processes that jump over the discontinuous synapses and membranes of cells. Brain cells form a dual system of informative, dominant, neurons and energetic, chemical, submissive cells, the glia in a 1 to 9 decametric proportion. In that regard the brain is the physical, energetic support of the temporal mind that ‘acts’, in yet another ternary division between:
- i-1: Chemical, subconscious, hormonal languages in control of our inner, cellular existential cycles.
- i: Electronic, faster, nervous languages that control the chemical languages and perceive the individual existence through emotions and verbal thought.
- i+1: The eyes that perceive the external, bigger social cycles of the world, through a 3rd ecosystemic language, the electromagnetic language of light.
The hierarchy between those 3 linguistic systems is based in their relative speed of information: the mind controls the body and the eye controls the mind because light images move at 300.000 km/s, faster than electronic impulses that move at 100 m/s, faster than chemical orders.
The point of control of the chemical language by the faster nervous/informative system is a central organ in the base of the brain - the thalamus - the communicator zone between body and brain. While our brain is submissive only to the eye that perceives and sets the human space coordinates and time rhythms. So the 4 dimensions of human perception are the 4 dimensions of light as an organic being and the temporal rhythm of man is a second per thought equal to the eye blinking and parallel to the heart rhythm of a beat per second. Thus, according to the Quantic Spaces-Times hierarchies, ternary divisions of a Fractal Organism and space-time duality, we can establish, as we did for other systems, a ternary parallelism between the spatial structure of the brain in 3 axis, the languages of the mind, the hierarchies of those 3 languages and the temporal, sequential behavior of human beings described earlier by Freud : Since the subconscious cellular will for sexual and energetic cycles (i-1), becomes checked by the informative will of the ‘ego’, the individual level of existence and finally submitted to the social i+1 level that represses or allows our actions.
The existence of a programmed, subconscious will is one of the most polemic elements of Quantic Spaces-Times theory. Neurologists have recently proved that we act first subconsciously and then we think we act. Our consciousness seems to work in a reversed time direction, creating thoughts in the future that comment the actions of its relative past-body, which acts in the opposite direction from past to future. We rather talk in Quantic Spaces-Times theory of a simultaneous action in which our ‘future, mental consciousness’, thinks in parallel to the actions of our ‘energetic, relative past body’ as part of the same relative present organism. Since hierarchical systems have different temporal orientations as particles and antiparticles do. Thus the body acts towards the future but the mind reflects on the body’s action , using memories from the past in a reversed temporal direction. And both, the mental activity and the body’s will reinforce the realization of one of those 3±1 natural actions. And so the real causality would be:

Conscious self-reflection (mental future:ego) < action > Subconscious will (past: body desires)

In the last decade the analysis of female/male brains has confirmed the time/space duality of gender. Since, the amygdala, the oldest, primary motivation center, has in women her main neural connections with the Hypothalamus, the center of the inner, ‘implosive, temporal’ will, emotional expression, reproductive cycles and behavior. While men have most of its amygdala’s connections with the motor, external and spatial regions of the encephalon. Thus men are the energetic ‘external membrane’ of the couple, motivated by the spatial outer world and women the informative, temporal, implosive element, motivated by reproductive drives and inner, emotions, the ‘6th sense’.