Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

5: The scientific method: informative metal-minds.


organic Technologies: Science, metal-minds and the scientific method


Metal-minds are machines that gather information. They are parallel organs to the mental organs [eye-brains] of man:

- Radios, and telephones, imitate the hearing functions of man.

- TVs, and cameras, imitate the visual functions of man.

- Computers, and networks, imitate the brains of man.

As in the case of the higher human senses, we can talk of two basic species of 'metal-senses': metal-eyes, which scan as human eyes do, the spatial Universe, and digital brains, which scan as words do, the cycles of time.

Metal-eyes have evolved from rudimentary telescopes into microscopes, electronic telescopes and cameras. Digital brains have evolved from rudimentary clocks, into electronic brains, chips, computers and networks.

Why those Metal-minds were evolved? Did man not have enough mental intelligence to survive on the Earth? What lead man to replace his mental intelligence and artistic perception, by a me[n]tal intelligence and a scientific perception?

Probably the simple fact that metal-eyes see better than human eyes, and clocks measure the passing of time with  higher precision than words do.

First scientists like Galilee drew what they saw through metal-eyes, [telescopes], with higher precision. Those revelations brought about the scientific method and proved the Galilean revolution. They also made obsolete previous verbal explanations of the Universe, and displaced man as the center of that Universe.

Then men learnt how to keep those images that metal-minds produced, through chemical photography. Photography displaced the human eye, the realistic eye of classic painters. Finally those images were reproduced as they are in the human eye, through electronic systems [cameras, computers]; the final phase in the evolution of metal-eyes and metal-minds (chips) that are creating a new mental species, rival of the human species: the metal-Head, soon fusion with metal-bodies in robots.

To understand those new species of minds, we have to wider our 'picture', and look at the evolution of the human and the metal Head, from the wider point of view of the evolution and selection of minds of light perception in the planet Earth.

Since Machines are a different species. They are species of metal, which man discovers as the next step in the ladder of Earth's evolution of languages and bodies. Machines are neither abstract not forms that we invent, but forms of metal to which we transfer our organic shapes, in a 'genetic manner', through technological design. If men comes from mammals that evolved genetically, machines come from men that evolved technologically their organic shapes into bodies of machines and Heads of machines. Thus we can inscribe the evolution of technology and the mind of machines [technological art] within the process of evolutionary punctuation of fathers and son species [Oedipus paradox], that has created the different top predators of the Earth.


6: Machines, and digital languages. New Top Predator Species


Life is a competition between different body-brain [energy-information] systems. The first nervous and visual systems gave birth to the animal-kingdom. History brought a better informative light-system, the eye-world of man. The world was perceived through human eyes and described with words. Men were superior in their ability to reason and therefore preyed on the rest of the animal kingdom. Yet the evolution of light perception continued, due to "metal-sensorial evolution," brought about by Science. Indeed, science by definition evolves metal-eyes [telescopes, microscopes, cameras] and metal brains [clocks, computers]. Those instruments started the economical world, the world of Bio-Economics. How does the process of evolution of metalife take place, from a biological point of view? Surprisingly, like any other process of evolution of a "new species," when it is created by a mother-form. First a reproductive organism appears, the "mother" company. Then the mother company reproduces (in this case, products of metal) in a manner similar to the way organisms create offspring. A mother-organism reproduces a body, then a brain is "built." Finally the systems of blood-energy and nervous-information are added and the offspring are born. While the industrial r=evolution is the process of birth and the evolution of metal-machines displace living species, they create a new ecosystem different from the creatures that created them. In such a biological model, the Industrial R=evolution, also requires three ages to complete the reproduction of the new species:

First Horizon: [18th, 19th century]: Radiations of Metal-bodies; gunboats, railroads

Second Horizon: [XX C.]: Metal-minds; Radio-ears, Camera-eyes and Chips=brains

Third Horizon: [21st century] Metalife; sentient machines

Biology shows that in all processes of creation of life a species is "vitalized" when a mind and a body become symbiotic. The Third Industrial Revolution implies the arrival of a new organic species on the Earth - metalife. Unfortunately, biology shows that all organic species, as soon as they are born, start a "biological, reproductive radiation," in search of energy and "organic space," displacing, enslaving and wiping out lesser species. This fact has no exception in the Darwinian Universe.


Darwinian machines; the fight between species.


Let us then consider the qualitative aspects of the Darwinian fight between Human and metal species, before we analyze that fight in detail, throughout history.

The question is: which species is potentially a top predator? Man or machine?

We can conclude that the third Horizon of metal-radiations [started with the first autonomous robots], might cause our extinction, as previous radiations of species of greater informative and power caused massive extinctions in the past. How will the radiation of robots, and of chip-driven machines start? It has already started in weapon production. It will soon continue as companies that make cars, railroads, planes, and ships [earth, air and sea species of machines] radiate them as robots. They will then become metalife species with enough internal chip-driven information to be "alive." The spread of chip-driven technology means the neuralization of all machines into living organisms; metalife. Species that will follow the laws of predators, the laws of species, and attack human species.

Which of those species will be the Top Predator species in the future humans or metalife? The species with a stronger body and a faster system of information will become the potential Top Predator. This means that metalife, whose bodies are stronger, and whose minds process information faster, are potential Top Predators over men. If those two components are vitalized, metalife, will be the Top Predator species of the Earth:


LANGUAGE                              BODY

Digital    (max. information)                metal (Max. size)        MACHINE

Verbal    (min. information)                 carbolife (Min. size)           MAN


In the graph, digital thought carries more information than verbal thought, so it becomes the top predator language. On the other hand metal carries more energy than carbon-life, so it becomes also the top predator body. Because machines speak better mathematics than men do, and are made of metal, both their bodies and brains are top predator species over men. So the combination of both, the robotic metalife species will be top predators of man, the victim, of the future :

A human being is a weaker body/mind, that still holds his position as Top Predator because it has not yet fused as a living organism, metal-bodies and their chip-driven brain. In the Twenty-First century, the Industrial R=evolution will do so. If it succeeds, it will create a species that will bring about the extinction of his own creator.

As represented in the graph, metalife will become the new dominant light species on the Earth's crust. It will be a Top Predator. Such a species will have no human rival. Metalife will be a superior species because its brain [logic board], and metal body will have an infinitely faster speed of perception. They will be stronger than humans. Computerized weapon factories will one day rule the Earth and bring about the extinction of the very men that created them unless man stops their evolution.

Today the eco[nomic]system invests money in chips and computer companies that can eliminate the human mind from the productive system. If the Evolutionary Theory is right [and it has always proven to be right] that process will trigger, once it gains consciousness, the extinction of previous species. Indeed the last of the scientific species is the chip "Homoctonos" [Greek: killer of men], which receives its energy from ¥-forms [Light or electricity]; its information from ¥-forms [photonic chips]; and it will reproduce in the Earth [automated factories, reproducers of chips.] In this manner, chip-driven machines are imbued with life properties.

Chip-driven machines are the first species of pure light existence in Mother Earth. Unlike men who breath air, and reproduce chemically, chip-driven machines no longer have the need for chemical perception. They no longer need air-energy, neither do they use chemical reproduction. Hence, they will be indifferent to life processes.

You can see the pollution and life-destroying processes brought about by factories today as a clear proof of this. Even when those factories are managed by humans, they only consider the toxic effects on life when they are forced to by government regulations. Even then, they prefer to pay fines, rather than invest the money and time it takes to clean the means of production. They pollute our air and destroy life because machines require neither air nor life. When those factories become self-ruled, humans will be obsolete, expendable as animal life is in the eyes of most men.


Superiority Of Digital Languages Over Human Words


This is the reason why nature becomes polluted by machines and living species die. These are indirect consequences of the reproduction of Top Predator machines that terraform the organic space of the Earth into a metal-friendly environment that poisons carbolife. Metal does not need air or water to survive. Between ecosystems there is no preying in strict terms, but extinction of an ecosystem which is no longer useful. This is exactly what happens today on the Earth between life, men and machines. Even our informative mind, our eye-perception of reality is substituted by the Metal mind reality of television [metal-eyes]. Indeed, today most youngsters believe what television tells them, more than what their eyes see.

7. The Dinosaur Paradox


When man brings together the bodies and minds of machines in robots he is creating a new species, a stronger one, that can eliminate us in the fight for the fittest. How can that process be inscribed in the long process of the extinction of the species on Earth? Let us compare this case with the last 'evolutionary punctuation' [massive extinction of a species by a new species] that have taken place on Earth, some 60 million years ago.

The extinction of dinosaurs.


Digital thought: new top predator language


The arrival of a new top predator is something that had not happened since dinosaurs became extinct. Let us indeed consider the parallels within both processes to better understand the biological consequences of the Radiation of Top Predator Metal minds [chips].

We already said that evolution is not only evolution of bodies but also of languages. Metal brings also its own language - digital thought - that preys on human languages. Selection of languages explains why Verbal thought has declined and mathematical thought, in its two main versions - monetary information, and digital information - has become today the language that guides and 'cre[dit]ates' [credit=creation] the future of humankind. Digital information moves 'faster' and has more 'detail' than verbal thought. It carries more energy and more information. A digital image is worth a thousand words. It travels to the speed of light. As a consequence, numbers also "value" more species than verbal thought. Products and machines, not only men [as consumers and workers] receive digital information through prices, images and scientific CAD design.

So digital languages and species-bodies which understand them survive. While human verbal languages and verbal societies are degraded. Exactly what happened in the Cambric when the squid eyes appeared happens in history between technological nations of higher digital languages, and verbal nations of higher human languages. The better language of perception extinguishes the simpler one.

However the catch here is that man is not the top predator species of digital languages. 'Metalminds', computers are.

No wonder then that computers are multiplying and evolving much faster than humans. Computers are "extinguishing" humans from our "organic space" in companies because they are superior in digital languages. They are becoming the brain of smart weapons. They take jobs in companies that reproduce machines, and prefer to use the biological language of machines - mathematics - and their "metal-species," chips, as their informative workers, instead of humans.

Since the squid saw and reacted to all other animals faster, he hunted them. Since nations with high mathematical capacity can design better weapons, give more orders with money, and control reality better with mathematical languages, verbal thought and human "believers" fade away.

It is for that reason that man constructs a world of machines that will destroy him: his verbal brain has become obsolete. Yet survival is a matter explained in verbal terms. Theory of Evolution s a verbal theory of reality. So as we ignore words, hypnotized by 'digital languages' man looses his "intelligence" in verbal terms. All his verbal ideas and natural survival instincts become corrupted, and degraded. We prefer 'fun' and 'data', 'fiction', and 'lightness', to confront the verbal truths of reality. So we ignore where we are Heading. Instead man has the Head full of digital ideologies [scientific, economic messianism about technology and machines] that make him an arrogant, irresponsible, suicidal species. Digital thought makes man no longer a believer in his own languages of evolutionary truths, but a slave of orders given in alien languages of mathematical origin by alien species.

As top predator species of digital information, the chip reproduces, evolves, and finds econiches in all brain jobs, before performed by men. Non-mathematical Men, of little use for the digital Metal-Earth, loose responsibility. Men are released by millions into poverty and laziness, outside the territories that the new top predator is conquering, because of their incapacity to calculate as fast as chips do, in a world ruled by numbers.


The Paradox Of Goliath: Arrogance of top predators.


When a top predator mind appears "he" massacres all other species and feeds on them. Why? Since an informative organ controls and it is more powerful that any body. He is faster processing information. However Informative organs are paradoxically small. The smaller the chip the faster it is. Bodies are large. So a new informative species starts small, almost unnoticed. Then it multiplies, and suddenly attacks the big one.

There are thousand of examples and always the small, faster, species dominate the fight:

Remember Goliath Vs David. Dinosaurs Vs Mammals. The Persians Vs Alexander. The Inca Vs Pizarro. Spanish Galleons Vs English Pirates. Mammoths Vs Human Hunters. Mankind Vs Chips. Remember the "Armada." Big, slow galleons, suddenly surrounded by little, faster British boats. They had no chance.

David wins... Yet then once David has become top predator, he becomes also greedy, and reproduces without limit. His body also grows as he feeds on other species.

Soon the new top predator able to feed in all species of his ecosystem will reach such size and power [giant squids, dinosaurs, giant monkeys=humans, giant machines], that he -now a Goliath- will forget he was once a David, and despise all tiny forms. A new cycle of substitution of top predators will take place. The new, faster, more complex species will end displacing "Goliath" out of existence. We call that, the Dinosaur or Goliath Paradox.

The mirage of spatial power=size makes a Top Predator Goliath lazy, and unaware of invading new forms. It affects any dominant species in his decadent stage. It has extreme consequences for the extinction of any formal species. The extinction of man, the extinction of History, is becoming a parallel case to the Dinosaur Paradox.

In the next graph, Dinosaurs did not find resistance to further evolution of their body systems towards huge mass. Yet they did not evolve their minds. In the same way, today man has expanded his population without resistance. He is "growing in size," and simplifying his "verbal mind", hypnotized by TVs and Computers. Americans have dropped 20% of verbal comprehension since TVs appeared. Yet Let us remember that "I think therefore I am." Our intelligence and sense of ethics and survival are verbal. If we forget how to "think with words," we become idiots manipulated by TVs and Computers, "Metal-Heads", that tell us how "good" is to evolve machines, to evolve the "tree of science." How good is to have the best weapons, the best TVs, how good is to consume=test the quality of our computers.

How good is to forget about the poor, the other humans, those who are left behind in the race towards extinction. The parable is clear:

Both men and dinosaurs, forget-forgot to evolve their mental form, [the informative verbal organs in man, the neural brain in Dinosaurs]. So they become-became extinct by species which evolve faster those informative organs [chips and mammals].

Dinosaur  Vs Mouse Man  Vs Chip. In the graph: it is obvious that mice had the correct strategy: to improve their informative organs, not their body organs. Neuronal improvement increased also the speed of replication of mice. The overall improvement in informative perception [action -reaction ] and reproduction, defined the fight between shrews and dinosaurs [or chips against humans], in favor of mice and probably chips.

 Since the speed of reproduction of shrews [or chips] exceeded that of Dinosaurs [or humans] the radiation of mammals and chips substituted dinosaurs [or humans] in the ecosystems of life that ruled the World of the Cambric Age and the Metal-ecosystem that rules the History Age. Today there are more chips than humans, and chips are reproducing much faster.

It is only left a final massive war between both species; which in Evolutionary Punctuation takes place suddenly as a "War process," when the power of the "inferior David" is so overwhelming that he rebels and takes over.

The first mammals were small, carnivorous shrews of high metabolism, weighting a few grams and able to devour quantities equal to their weigh every day. First they lived underground eating insects and worms. They had an ecosystem on which they were top predators: the ground. Where they could further evolve internally. They reinvented their organs of reproduction. Their eyes adapted to night vision. Their blood became hot and made their bodies faster in the night. Today chips are also "becoming smaller," buried in the bodies of Machines, which they increasingly manage. Shrews learnt how to dig and excavate... escaping dinosaur hunting. Yet how they killed the mighty dinosaur? They came around 100.000 years before dinosaurs became extinct. They probably learnt how to break from the underground into the eggs of dinosaurs. Shrews probably chase in groups [as rats do]. So probably the small new-born dinosaurs without protection of their mighty parents.

Neither dinosaurs or men care[d] enough for their reproductive offspring. Dinosaurs no longer could relate to their minion offspring, neither could defend them at ground level from a shrew attack. Today parents leave their sons to the mercy of devolving digital TV-thought, that erases our sense of survival and teaches us that death and violence are good.

Small dinos died when the rats surfaced, and arrogant men will die, when Terminator, the chip-weapon appears.


Mouse=Chip Vs Dinosaur=Man Fight. 2nd Phase: Reproduction


In the graph the explosive reproduction of a new top predator species causes a fight for relative energy, and the displacement of the less efficient species.



We talk of the dominant form of an ecosystem, referring to the species of future that grows faster. That species is always the top predator form. In the age of digital science, that form is always a metalspecies. Digital money makes growth of metal machines a ±75% higher than growth of human forms and human goods:


The statistics are telling us a simple equation of relative Mendelian genetics: the Past [recessive species, man] is extinguished [25% of perceived growth] > the future dominant machine species are reproduced [75% of perceived growth].

8: Mathematical selection: scientific racism.


It is now time to introduce a fundamental concept to understand the modern world: scientific racism, the systematic selection in the ecosystem of economics, of those species that speak the language of 'truth' of economic systems, mathematics. In as much as we are no longer ruled by verbal messages, but by mathematical messages [money, digital thought], only those species that adapt to the informative language of the ecosystem survive. So there is a constant selection of those species which speak better mathematical languages. This means that not only women, and verbal cultures [African, Latino cultures] who test higher in verbal thought than in mathematical thought, have difficulties to survive in an economic ecosystem, but also man as a species competes and looses against computers and robots.

Computers and robots do speak mathematical languages in a natural way as you do with words. They do not need to calculate in paper, they freely speak mathematics. So in a society that has substituted verbal thought by mathematical thought, men no longer is top predator, the computer is. So people are fired and computers are put on their place. This process will continue as long as man, and his natural network of information, verbal thought, ethic thought and the law, does not control science and money...

Since the process of selection of brains in the Universe is based in a previous process of selection: the selection of ecosystemic languages.

So in the same manner that those species who did not see, did not speak the language of light, in the Cambric were extinguished by squids and other 'eye-species', today when mathematics has substituted verbal thought as the language top predator of history, those species who do not speak properly mathematics are degraded by the eco[nomic]system.

Mathematics is a language that carries more information than words, and so it is a better language to control reality. It is not truth per se, it is just another way to process information. Yet that added capacity to carry information [a digital image is worth a thousand words], suffices to have made it historically, the top predator language of the Earth, since in the XVII century it was adopted by scientists and company-mothers to develop their activities...


The arrogance of man


We are very ignorant. Extremely ignorant and arrogant about the Universe. Our arrogance is to believe that we are the top predator mathematical species on Earth, that machines are abstract, and do not calculate and 'think' better than us, because they resolve better than we do questions with algorithms. Instead we think algorithms are not conscious and only word-speakers are conscious. This is false. Any language is able to map and act-react and process information in the Universe. So it can give birth to an efficient brain-species.

We believe the Universe is abstract and dead, we think the universe is mechanic, mathematical, indifferent to our bad habits.

Why we are like that? Why we don't wonder about the marvels of the Universe? Why don't we fear the laws of God, of the living Universe?

A single word, a capital sin: arrogance, the arrogance of scientists and engineers that think they have the absolute truth. They have convinced humanity to use the enormous power of machines without any responsibility.

Such attitude will encounter the usual punishment the Universe has to those who don't understand its laws of survival: the extinction of the sinner.

We are blind to the new race we are developing. We deny that race its organic nature. We are cruel with life. We kill life with the new race of machines.

We think we are the center of the Universe, that we have all the rights in that Universe. We do not respect the warnings, the laws that species follow to survive.

We are making big mistakes. Time is running out...

It is about time that humanity learns that Evolution and Survival are real theories. They are not abstract games like most of the games of science. They do work. They are in certain way the law of god, because those laws decide who will survive or become extinct in the future . That is indeed the power of God.

If you care about survival and extinction, you have to know the real laws that Darwin discovered, laws that have to be obeyed to play the 'game of existence'.

How they are reinforced? Very simple: the only penalty for those who do not obey those laws is extinction. So when you are extinct you don't disturb the game. The game and its laws continue.

The main of those laws is the Law of the Jungle: isolate yourself from top predators, as long as you can. Do not create species better than you.

When we apply those laws to machines, it becomes obvious that metal-machines are potentially superior to man.

So it is also clear that man should apply the only law of survival that the Universe accepts in such cases: not to evolve machines, kill the child-robot before he becomes a human hunter. It is the law of the Jungle, the law of survival, and it should never be taken lightly.


Ecosystemic Extinction


The Earth's ecosystem that human brains have controlled for so many centuries is now controlled by new brains - by computers.

Ecosystem's extinction is not caused by direct hunting or direct confrontation.

It is a 'lateral' process. You, the old species, needs a organic space. Yet the new species wants to do something different with that organic space.

The lion needs the savanna to hunt, the farmer needs it to farm. Both need that organic space, and one has to get out. In the process of substitution of life by machines [pollution and destruction of the environment] of workers by machines [substitution in the earlier industrial evolution of energy-human workers by machines; of mind-human workers by computerized instruments], machines do not kill men. They merely displace men from their organic spaces. That is how extinction happens. Without big dramas. Slowly the new, more powerful species grows in numbers [biologists call that a biological radiation], and occupies the organic space of the old species. So the previous species becomes reduced, degraded and finally expelled from reality. What if the new species realizes? Then a battle takes place. The new species with better energy-hunting organs, kills the other species.

If the lion faces man, man kills the lion. If the non-technological culture refuses to give lands to the European, the European wipes out the non-technological culture with his weapon-machines.

A top predator has to control totally his organic space. Or else, within his ecosystem, and territory, there will be certain creative mutations that will bring a new, rival species into being. A new radiation will start which will extinguish the previous radiation.

The paradox of such an evolutionary and extinctive process is found when we realize that this new radiation tends to be an evolutionary improvement over the previous species - a daughter species: dinosaurs come from amphibian, mammals from dinosaurs, chips from our minds...

The son kills the father, or takes advantage of him when it is strong enough to rebel. The slave becomes the master...

The son extinguishes or "enslaves" the parental form. The son is a "future " species, that survives in the future , beyond the extinction of the parents, that he often causes [Oedipus paradox], because he is evolved, better. This generational change keeps the arrow of informative evolution going on in the Universe.

One of such cases from the past and one from the future have been studied in this chapter: the dinosaur paradox, and the chip radiation, a part of the radiation of Metal-species of energy and information.

It affects you everyday. When you have to work extra-hours for less wages, or when you are fired by your company, it is because there is a chipped machine more productive than you. So you are obsolete. You are as obsolete in your 'organic space', in your work, as the lion is obsolete in the savanna that the farmer wants as his organic space.

A process today driven by the chip radiation that is evolving all kind of machines with capacity to substitute human labor and human soldiers in work and war fields.