Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  









1: What is a human organism.


Let us then study the Human organism, both at individual level and at collective level. Since through words men did learn also how to evolve socially beyond the level of individuals into macro-social organisms, the organisms of history, cultures and civilizations.


A human organism is the basic unit-cell of the social organisms of history. He is in itself an organism, that follows the laws of all social organisms.

Thus we are also composed, of cellular beings, join by networks of energy and information. Those networks are called the blood and nervous system. Finally we have a third reproductive network as all living organisms, called the endocrine network.

We are thus organisms of energy and information, in nothing different from all other organisms of the Universe, subject to the same laws of morphology and behavior.

Those laws explained in other pages of this web, are self-evident in the human organism.

Our centers of information, the Head, the brain and the eye, follow the formal laws of informative species: they are small, circular, cyclical, and they control the energy systems of our organism.

Those energy systems also follow the morphological laws of energy-bodies. They are lineal, or planar in shape, bigger and stronger than the information center that rules them. So your members are lines, and your body is a plane.

Regarding the behavior of organisms, our organism follows the basic laws of Universal Organisms:

- We evolve socially sharing information and energy with other beings of the same species. Thus we are naturally inclined to love other human beings, and we need to be brain-washed by ideologies to avoid that natural religion.

- On the other hand we compete with species different to us, which means in bio-history that we compete with machines.

- Finally regarding our behavior, we are also naturally inclined to follow the universal behavior of organisms, and search for information to feed our Head, energy to feed our body and whenever we can we try to reproduce both, a body of energy and a brain of information in other part of the Universe. Those 3 natural drives of existence, are the essence of human behavior that bring us happiness. So we always act searching for those natural drives. When we love we are acting under the drive of reproduction. When we read, or watch a metal-communicator, is the drive of information that guide us. When we feed, or accumulate organic property, or decorate our home, we are creating a organic space, and acquiring energy to survive.

From all those biological facts, we can build a theory of bio-history  and art, based in the fundamental biological laws of behavior and morphology of Universal organisms.
2. The body and the brain of man.


The proper human being is a Universal organism, based in a dual system of energy and information, or body-Head, which provides the carbolife energy and linguistic information needed to the human being. The main consequences of that organization of man as a Universal organism are both external and internal.

In next graph we have drawn a human being as an organic being, based in a dual system of energy/information, or body-Head, with centers of max. control of energy/information in the heart-eye.  You are two different systems: the informative system is the Head which has two limbs, the arms, to manipulate externally information. On the other hand your body with center in the heart, has its legs, that move you as manipulators of external energy. You could in fact imagine the two parts of man as separated systems: the eye-Head and its manipulative lines, the arms which follow the spatial orders of the Head. And the heart-body, and the two energy lines of the legs shape the body-energy system. So we are again in a basic dual Universal system, of energy and information with two external organs that permit the cycles of mental information to act up in the external world, manufacturing things with the hands, and the cycles of body-energy to manifest themselves externally moving with an alternating lineal movement the body. In that sense again the kind of movements the members of humans develop correspond to the standard Universal movements of complex energy and information. The arms, are the creative organs that translate the cycles of the mind into creative actions. The legs release the body energy into movement:


A temporal mind species


In the graph we can observe the human organism, as a Universal dual Times, with 3 basic systems from top to bottom: the informative-Head system, or Head, the body system with center in the heart, and the reproductive system with center in the sexual organs.

If we consider the brain it has a dual perceptive system of spatial information, (the eyes) and a dual perceptive system of temporal information (the ears that hear voices and sounds, which give us temporal information about the survival and nature of organisms, and the mouth that talks). It is important to notice though that unlike future machines, we can only create temporal thoughts, with words, but we cannot create spatial images with our eyes. So we are a species dominant in temporal information, since we have both arrows of absorption and creation of information in our temporal verbal languages, (we can hear and talk), and only one arrow in our spatial, visual language (absorption of information).

Then it comes the body system which is commanded by the heart, that provides the needed movement to the energy networks (blood systems). The body has two centers of absorption of energy: the stomach that processes the basic bricks of creation of elements and molecules needed by the organism, and a second body energy system in the lungs-mouth. We observe here the existence of two systems of energy provision. Why? Obviously because the lungs provide fast energy, required for movement and thought, (direct, pure oxygen), and the stomach provides long term energy in the form of material bricks to compose other elements of the body. Accordingly lungs absorb fast moving oxygen, and the stomach liquids and solid forms. In this manner the 3 states of matter are processed by the human being.

Finally we can consider the reproductive system, which is different according to the universal specialization of sophisticated species, which are either specialized in energy (lineal male, lineal penis, lineal spermatozoid)  or in information (cyclical female, cyclical clitoris, cyclical ovules). It is then obvious that our sexual differentiation also responds to the dual nature of the Universe.


The function of existence of the human being.


So we can define very easily a man as:



The total human being is a complex being, based in a dual system, or body-Head, which provides the energy and information for the total human being.

We said that the eye-Head-arms are the function of informative existence of the Mind of man [the total informative organs of man]. For the same reason, the body-legs are the function of energetic existence of the total human being.

As an informative specialized mammal, what really matters in man is the Head-mind. It is the mind which controls and creates weapons, money and words, the systems of organization of History, not the body. So we do not need to know much about the body, except the fact that it is our energy system, submissive to our informative mental senses.


The networks organs of cellular existence - Internal senses.


To tie up both systems the human being has established also 3 internal networks, which again respond to an information organ or nervous system, an energy digestive system, and a reproductive system, or endocrine-blood system.

Blood systems are the energy networks of the body and, nerves are the information networks of the mind. Accordingly the energy-blood system and nervous-electronic system have its centers of max. perception  in the heart and eye-brain, the centers of the body and Head.

In human beings, the system of informative perception, and the system of reproductive perception [eye-brain and heart-body], are tied together around nervous and blood networks. Those two networks shape again a new level of complexity in the cellular being, communicating cells with the knots of the body and brain. Those networks and its knots - the eye-brain, and the heart - make you an entity called man. 

In fact,  cells exist as independent units but are controlled by the nervous and blood and endocrine systems which are what you perceive more intensely as your self - pain, pleasure, love, hate, all those sensations are focused in the blood and nervous systems. So the will and human body perception is in the heart, and the will and mind perception is in the brain.


Dominance of the mind


In as much as the higher organ of in[form]ative and energetic transfer, is the conscious zone of the being, the soul of the entity; our consciousness of being is in fact in your |blood, and chemical-endocrine feelings, and in your nervous-eye sensations, both expressed socially with verbal thought; and feelings.

Yet of all those networks the dominant element that reacts faster to external aggression, is the nervous system, only submissive to the eye who perceives the space-time coordinates of man.

Why the mind controls the body? Because the nervous system is the fastest informative system, So it acts-reacts so much faster than individual cells and blood-endocrine systems. So it can control them.

The eye-brain 'feeds' in light  images at 300.000 km/s of relative, speed of information. So he controls the Heart-Body system,  which absorbs chemical information, around ± 1 million times slower. On that view the networks have an order of power, since the eye has the max. speed of perception and informative complexity.

Yet the most intelligent brains understand they have to take care of the body without which they would not survive.


We talk of a preying pyramid within the human being between its different systems, organs and senses. Yet to balance that dominance, in all body-brain beings we can observe elements of balance and communication between the cyclical informative entity and the body-energy entity - the networks.

In man it is the endocrine, feeling system with site in the lower brain, the thalamus. Hence the importance of emotional intelligence, in the survival and balance of our organism.

Body and brain have to be harmonic to make a species survive. An important fact when we study cultures that prevail in information as our western culture, and tend to collapse in massive deaths and wars... Only a culture harmonic in body and brain sensations is fit to survive in the organic, balanced Universe.




To that aim we sense also through endocrine systems with a central organ in the centered base of the brain - probably the thalamus - the communicator zone between body and brain, harmonic sensations called feelings.

Feelings as communicators of body-mind sensations are the balanced function of human existence. Hence by definition survival and reproductive functions of the body-mind system are expressed by the word, which expresses feelings.




So two fundamental systems control your existence, the feelings of the endocrine system, or reproductive system, and the thoughts of your eye-brain. We can talk also of the primary desires of your body-blood systems, but those are the energy-desires of lesser importance.

Man has organized those 2 information-body levels of perception, that respond again to the universal brain-body dominance in all organisms, by elaborating two basic languages that translate those information.

Images which are the pure language of the eye-brain.

And words which are the pure language of feelings and emotions.

Even though we can feel through images and express visual images with words, it is clear that the eye is limited in its range of perception of emotions, and the word is the best language for such feeling-perception.

In that sense your languages of perception, visual images and words, respond to those dominant brain-body systems.

While the lower senses and desires respond to your need for energy, or blood desires.

You perceive the cycles of existence of your reproductive desires also through the connective, 'existential' language of man: the Word.

As such words are the most balanced and 'wise' of human languages. Yet because its complexity, or degree of carrying information, is lesser than that of the eye, feelings and words are downplayed in our culture based in information. This is obviously wrong, and biases our existence towards an excess of information.

Unfortunately we can use images (that are worth the information of one thousand words) to manipulated with "I"=eye evidence, the verbal evidence of words. So in more cultures and individuals the eye evidence guides the brain.

Under orders of the brain, external eye stimuli release then chemical particles that the heart-blood-body system can understand and obey [of which adrenaline is the best known].


3. Senses and organs.


Another fundamental element of the human being are the senses, which can be considered the energetic, informative and reproductive holes of the body and Head to the external universe. Through those senses the body and the Head acquire energy, information and reproduce themselves.


The outlets of Information and Energy organs of man: senses.


So let's look at the two 'parts' of man, each one with his reproductive, evolutionary and devolutionary systems - what we call the Human senses:


The senses: 3-external outlets of the energy body and informative brain:

 In the graph we can see clearly how the '6 senses of man' are related to two complete body-brains systems of existence. So we talk of the 3 spatial-body senses, and the 3 eye-mental senses.

The reproductive the body-brain systems of man and their 3 dimensional organs-senses create the virtual world of human reality in its connection with the external universe. They make-create external human time-existence. In the graph we can see clearly how the 5 external senses +1 internal sense [feelings]  complete the 3 organic Times of existence, of the body and Head. Indeed, what we call the senses would be:


- Taste, the energy=devolutionary organ of the body.

- Sex, the reproductive system of the body - mainly a touch sense.

- Smell, the, informative-evolutionary organ of the body, that informs in most animals about the nature of the hidden species that surround us. In man it has a low development.


- Sight, which is the spatial, energy sense of the brain.

- Words (ears-voice) which are the mental reproductive systems of the brain, that process temporal information.

- Feelings: which control the reproductive and survival sensations of the mind. It is however an internal feeling that connects both body and brain systems.


So the 'simple'-'lower' senses of the body are the main chemical perceptors of man; the transformers of external, chemical forms into feeding perceptions. While the mind feeds on visual eye-spatial perception and verbal-temporal perception. Sight has 106 times more speed of perception, and it is the dominant spatial organ of the body. Yet because of such spatial speed, temporal depth of perception, is minimal in the eye. So men needed a language-sense to perceive time. That temporal role, the memory of man is not the eye-memory but the word memory. And both organs-languages create the human mind adventure.


Senses: openings of internal organs to the Universe.


The senses are only the 'openings' to the Universe of the more complex internal organs of our body or mind. As such they collect sensations about the information and energy deployed in the Universe, that are latter evolved in the brain.


It turns out in fact that each side of the brain corresponds in a higher degree to spatial or temporal knowledge. So also our brain is divided in two elements, as everything else in the Universe. A zone that analyzes energy and a zone that analyzes information, mixing them into perception. That duality can also be applied to the senses. There will be therefore senses of the body arrows of energy, information and reproduction, and senses of the brain arrows:


Body Senses:


- The  sense of taste which is an opening to the digestive organs, that devolve food. It is a sense to obtain energy for the human organism. As such it qualifies different chemical species according to the needs for 'energy species' and 'information' species of the body. Hence the existence of four simple sensations related to those species.

The positive information food is the salty taste, which is caused by the positive Na and K ions used by the neuron cells to create nervous impulses.

The negative information food is given by the bitter sense, proper of many poisons. As such it informs the brain about informative foods that should not be eaten.

The positive energy food is given by the sweet taste proper of energy molecules such as sugars.

The negative energy food is given by acid tastes, proper of the destruction of energy molecules and production of H protons.

It is then obvious that the brain is interested in knowing the energy and information values of the universe, and the senses such as taste merely analyze those values for the particular human organism.


- The sense of touch based in the skin, which helps to reproduce the body. As such it is the opening to the reproductive-sexual organs that perceive through sexual excitation on the skin.

It is the primary sense, based in pressure, the simple beating of expansion-pleasure, implosion-pain. Related to that duality we have different 'senses of touch', temperature, pressure and different combinations of those sensations, that give birth to different frictions, and textures.

It is obvious again that the different sensations perceived by the skin are also dual energy/information systems of knowledge:

- Cold temperature is related to information, to lack of movement.

- Hot temperature is related to energy, to molecular movement.

Both are perceived through pressure, and are just the most elaborated way to perceive pressure which corresponds to the two directions of the Universe:

- Expansive movements of the Universe, that cause an imploding pressure are related to negative energy, weight and force. They cause pain in as much as they are negative and reduce the organic space of the organism that suffers them.

- Expansive movements of the body, that cause an explosive pressure are related to positive energy, and force. They cause pleasure in as much as they employ a positive expansion of our organic space.


- The sense of smell, is the informative sense of the body that allows the localization of information on food. It is also the opening to the lung systems that gathers energy for mind and body.

As the sense of information it is the most accurate sense of the body, and it has a precision of around 10.000 times the precision of the related sense of taste. As such it should have been born of the evolution of the sense of taste. In that view we can consider again easily the basic smells of this sense, in relationship to the positive and negative sensations produced by molecules.

So there are to start with two basic positive and negative electric smells related to the positive and negative perception of ions in related tastes...

- The negative smell of rotten food is perceived as the existence of positive ions as it is in fact perceived the negative taste of acid food.

- The positive sense of hot food is perceived as the existence of negative ions, and it is the equivalent of salt.


As the evolution of the sense of smell increased we find new smells beyond that primary dual form, based in the morphology of molecules, which again are divided in 'energy smells' of lineal molecules, and 'information smells' of cyclical, rounded molecules. So we find the

- Energy smells of flowers, and ether.

- The informative smells of camphor and musk

- And the balanced smell of mint.


Combining those simple 2+5=7 basic decoupling of smells we can obtain all other smells of the life Universe...


Head senses.


Again  Head senses allow us to perceive the energy and information elements of the external Universe.

- The sense of sight is the sense of the  spatial organs of the brain. As such it sees space. And it does so again concentrating in the energy and informative properties of the main force of space, light. So we have rods which perceive mainly the energy of light, its intensity and as such are single elements connected to single neurons. And we have cones, that have been divided, informatively in 3 subspecies for the 3 basic sub colors. As such it sees less energy and perceives with light more information about the objects it reflects. So we have a simple 1-3 scheme of perceptors of the energy of light and the information of the objects light scans.


-  The voice, and ears, are the informative/reproductive organs of the mind in as much as they allow temporal communication and imprinting-reproduction of verbal ideas in other minds. They are the openings to our temporal brain. Again the systems of sound are based in energy and information sounds. So we perceive treble as informative sounds much more distinguishable, and bass sounds as energy sounds. Again those sensations are related to forms that come towards us, creating pressure in our organic territory (Doppler effect that creates treble sounds), and species that go away and create bass sounds (Doppler effect for sounds that go away and become bass). So the fascinating fact of sounds is that again they allow us to perceive organic phenomenon related to our survival and expansion-implosion of our territorial space. Again sounds can be easily divided, as with the case of human vowels, in energy sounds (A,e), information sounds (O,u), and balanced sounds (i). So with words and sounds mankind codified the energy and information species of the universe. Interesting to see that again energy sounds are created earlier, and in the paleogenesis of children they start saying a, ma, pa, ta, the energy sounds and energy consonants. What opens the beginning of a fascinating adventure, the evolution of the human mind, the evolution of languages...


The survival sense...


Finally we arrive to the most important sense, the sense of reproduction/information of the human mind. It is the sense which has more connections with the internal organs of the human being. It is the sense of feelings. Which allow us to reproduce our mind and evolve socially with other humans in social groups. To do so it balance mind and body...

The sixth sense, or balanced sense of feelings, connects internally the Head and its energy-body. It directs the body, or energy of the Head according to verbal orders. Feelings are the Energy sense of the informative Head that communicates the Head with his energy-body. The sixth sense, the 'feelings', connect the external behavior of the mind-body. Since they establish the relationship between the external eye-perception, and the internal world of body=heart perception - the energy of the mind - they are the survival, harmonic sense, regulator of the sense of existence, in the activities of the brain.

The sixth sense, the 'feelings' are internal to the structure of the mind-body. Since they establish the relationship between the external eye-perception, and the internal world of body=heart perception. To that aim we sense through endocrine systems with a central organ in the centered base of the brain - probably the thalamus - the communicator zone between body and brain.


Balance is survival; the feelings of balance


Feelings are attached to the verbal/sound system that reproduces information and understands internally through its expression of feelings both the needs of the body and the brain. Again this fact puts verbal information slightly above eye information as the balanced language of biological survival. This will be latter proved when we analyze the syntax of words, and the cannon of ethics.

Survival and reproductive functions of the body-mind system are expressed by the word, which expresses it through feelings.

In a healthy body it is the endocrine intermediate system of feelings, the Thalamus, what truly tells man the paths of survival. People who are controlled by eye-rushes or sexual rushes, are easy victims of the environment, since only feelings provide the survival experience. While eye and sex sensations are mechanisms of immediate reward, that fall in existential traps. So happens in history which was controlled during  most of its existence by collective feelings of social love and ethic words. As such words are the most balanced and 'wise' of human senses and languages. Yet its informative capacity is inferior to that of the eye. So feelings and words can be manipulated by the "I"=eye sense, causing problems of selfish, individual non-survival behavior is proper of eye-cultures that seem to ignore the canon of ethics provided by words. The eye evidence dominates in those races, species [men], and cultures [industrial cultures], even in Syntax. So for example in English you start sentences with the individualistic 'I', your language is simple, and restricted in words to explain emotions. No wonder English is the language of science, mathematics, and industry.

Only today when truly the Nordic species obsessed by information and machines have controlled history, and created extinctive cultures of sensorial repression and repression of feelings [Jewish-Anglo-Saxon, Japanese and Germanic cultures], man is destroying his natural ecosystem without any moral or survival sense. Why? Because he is no longer a balanced-feeling man. He does not have feelings for Human History. He does not realize that his body needs to survive life-energy, the energy of his body.

He has extinct culturally and racially, body and feelings, sensorial experience. And so he only enjoys eye illusions, today given by computers and televisions. Our culture biased to eye-informative sensations is not fit to survive, because it has forgotten the pleasures and sensations of the body, from sensorial art, to food, to sex.  It prefers eye images to the feelings of the heart and the love for natural human goods and other human beings.

The biological will of man.

   Feelings as communicators of body-mind sensations are the survival and reproductive functions of the body-mind system. As such they are the most balanced and 'wise' of human senses. Yet because its complexity is lesser than that of the eye-world, they can be manipulated by the "I"=eye, the center of informative power. The brain then releases chemical particles that the heart-blood-body system can understand to guide the body [of which adrenaline is the best known].
4. The ego: blood and nervous networks.


Yet the senses are only the aperture to the internal human Universe. In that internal human Universe, we again observe, as in all other Universal organisms of 'Russian dolls', 3 fundamental systems which are your perception of yourself. Indeed you do not go as afar as to perceive your cells. You only perceive what we have called the higher plane of existence of our cellular body. And that higher plane of existence are the 3 systems that distribute energy, information and reproductive orders among your cells, according to the sensorial evidence, and sensorial capture of external  energy and information. We might say that those 3 systems are your internal soul, your self, tied to the sensorial external systems.

The centers of control: heart and eye


 Which are the centers of decision on the body and the Head? The centers of max. perception of energy - the heart; and maximum informative perception: the eye.

This happens for physiological reasons: the eye processes much more information per unit of time than any other organ of the Head. While the heart is the strongest muscle able to move much more energy-blood than any other system of the body.

So the will and human body perception is in the heart, and the will and mind perception is in the brain. Both have to be harmonic to make a species survive.

Since your body and your brain are equally important, as energy and information are equally important in the Universe. The key to a well run organism is precisely the harmony, balance between body and brain, energy and information.

The proportionality between body and brain, energy and information is a fundamental law of the Universe, reinforced by the fact that species which are harmonic between body and brain, survive. It is a tautology based in the fact that the Universe is made of both components, energy and information, space and time; and you are part of that Universe.

This complementarity is fundamental to understand a balanced culture, in which goods for both elements, customs Social behaviors, cater to the needs of bodies and brains.

There are however cultures specialized in brain activities [information cultures], and cultures specialized in body activities [energy cultures], which are not balanced, for reasons we will discover latter. Those cultures are often subject to the same laws that any unbalanced organism which does not take care of all his elements and networks: sickness, war and death. Since the absolute law of organic existence: Energy≈ Information, applies at any level of the organism.


The networks of mankind as an organism: internal will


What we see first when we observe a human being, the external Head, and the body, and the senses are only the external aperture to the internal human organism, which is the true origin of our will. To tie up both systems the human being has established 3 internal networks,  the nervous system which extends the power of the informative brain, the blood system which regulates the energy of the body, and the endocrine system which regulates the reproduction of cells and the entire organism, or reproductive network.

Thus in that internal human organism, we observe, as in all other Universal organisms, 3 fundamental network systems of energy, information and reproduction, the blood energy system, the nervous information system and the endocrine systems, which deliver orders to your body and brain.

The nervous system has its nodal center in the Head-brain-eye, the blood/energy system in the body; the reproductive system in the genitals. Those 3 centers are also the centers of your will. However only the informative brain decides directly. The other two centers of will in man, body/sex, have to ask 'permission' to the brain, which therefore decides which of the 3 wills, 'energy-information-reproduction' of a biological organism you will follow.

The brain however is wise. Since the rest of the body can send it pain messages, if it does not collaborate. So for all purposes you can consider yourself a species that will constantly try to get information about his environment, to gather energy from that environment, and reproduce if possible in that environment, in order to satisfy 'your-self', your networks of consciousness, which are your perception of yourself. Indeed you do not go as afar as to perceive your cells. You only perceive the networks, what we might call the higher plane of existence of our cellular body. That higher plane of existence are the 3 network systems that distribute energy, information and reproductive orders among your cells, according to sensorial evidence of external  energy and information. We might say that those 3 systems are your internal soul, your self, tied to the sensorial external systems.

The blood system causes your external body-activity, movement, and physical force. Your endocrine system, causes your external feelings, desire to communicate, and love, gather with other humans and reproduce. Your nervous/informative system, causes the linguistic activity of your mind, your capacity to process sound information into meaningful words, and electro-magnetic information into visual images. Your mind, the origin of art...

The importance of the networks as the will and consciousness of yourself is evident. There are even a medical classification of humans in 3 types, depending on the dominance of one or other system. Nervous, 'picnic' people, tall, thin, brainy'; athletic, 'sanguine' people, based in the blood system, and finally people for whom the emotions and chemical desires dominate their organism.

You can say that your will is in your networks, even though you express it externally through your body and brain, and the senses, which are outlets of those networks to the external Universe.

Your cells exist as independent units [as you exist independently of the social nation] but are controlled by the nervous and blood and endocrine systems which are what you perceive more intensely as you [so you are also controlled by legal/nervous systems, and economic/energy systems in a nation].

The center of control of your cellular body is chemical. We sense through endocrine systems with a central organ in the base of the brain - the thalamus - the communicator zone between body and brain. Of all those networks the dominant element that reacts faster to external aggression, is the nervous/informative system. It is your mind, the center of this book, submissive to the eye who perceives the space-time coordinates of man.

We talk of a preying pyramid within the human being among its 3 networks, attached organs and senses.


5. The ages of the human kind.


The ages of organisms. The 3 ages of species


Once the duality energy-body, brain-information of all Universal organisms has been established, the existence of 3 ages, energy-youth, maturity-balance, and old age, or information age in Universal organisms can be easily deduced by the fact, that the organism is ruled by the Head of information.

Since the Head of information constantly controls and uses the body to absorb energy, it is natural to find, that when the organism starts its life, it has more energy. He is young.

Then, as the organism lives, the selfish brain absorbs that energy, and trans-forms it into form, into in-form-nation. So energy diminishes and information grows. For example. You feed on energy and you trans-form energy into your cellular information. Neurons feed on the body system without giving back any energy at all.

Son information accumulates in cycles and forms, in pattern and wrinkles.

At a certain stage, the energy and the information of the being are in balance. That is the age of maturity.

Yet information keeps accumulating till the being has hardly any energy left to trans-form. He is all form, information. He is in the third age. Finally without energy the organism collapses and dies.

This simple explanation of why there are 3 ages in all beings is validated by the fact, that all organisms develop 3 networks.

- The energy network [i.e.: your blood system, the weapon system of economic nations]

- The information network [your nervous system, the metal-mind networks of economic nations].

- The balanced, reproductive network [your endocrine system of hormones, and sexual organs, the monetary and reproductive system of company-mothers of machines in economic nations.

So as the being lives, the predominance of information over energy, displaces the center of the organism, from the network of energy to the reproductive network, to the information network.

We perceive that phenomena externally as the 3 ages of the being, that becomes older, informed, corrugated.


For example, young people are full of energy. They are in the Energy horizon of the species. They are bigger, have little temporal knowledge. They are simple in form. While Old people are full of information. They are in the information horizon of the species. They are smaller, have a lot of temporal knowledge. They move little, and have a lot of wrinkles.

Finally mature people, have such perfection and balance between the two elements of the organic universe, between their content of energy-space, and temporal information, that they can reproduce the entire being, in all its components. Hence the second age is the age of reproduction. Its forms are 'wave' forms, realist forms, combination of lines and cycles, the more complex forms, the most efficient forms.  So in all species the mature, realistic, classic age of balance, or reproductive age, is the most perfect age. Human beings intuitively see that. We like spiral galaxies, mature people, realist art, which is called classic art...


The wave of existence of human and historical organisms.


So we can trace with those simple notions about organic social networks, a wave of existence for man, either as an individual or a cell of a social organism [civilization], with 3 'ages': youth-energy, maturity-reproduction, and 3rd age or information age, in which each network dominates, till finally the informative mind become the controller of human behavior, exhausting the blood system and killing the species. A wave that we will analyze in detail in its historical context, since the 3 ages of man cause 'behavioral traits', young-mature-old attitudes not only in individuals but also in civilizations.




The wave of existence is self-explanatory: man is born as body-energy, and as it grows older its eye-brain controls his body and personality, becoming an informative being. Then his body starts to die.


The causes of life and death: Balance of energy and information.


From the theory of the 3 ages we establish a fundamental law in the Universe, the law of balance between spatial energy and temporal information, that all survival beings, mature beings follow:


Spatial energy = Temporal Information,  S=T,  E=i.


It is a universal law that will allow us to establish basic rules of quality in culture and art. It is the foundation of our aesthetics and ethics based in harmony, in a classic sense of proportion and balance between body and mind, that has inspired all the great artistic cultures of history. It was called by the Buddhist the rule of the golden mean. It was the fundamental law followed by the Greek culture. A law today forgotten in favor of the 'third age', the information that kills life-bodies, that kills societies.


Limits of an energy=information organism.


Indeed the fundamental cause of death is to exist beyond the balance of form between the Spatial-energy and Temporal-informative components of a being. All beings have limits of excess of energy, and excess of temporal form, information, which will bring their extinction and destruction of the networks that shape the being.

Death is basically the constant preying of the nervous system, the informative system over the blood system, till it exhausts it and kills the body. the same can be told of human societies, where death is caused by the constant abuse of the 'information castes', the social elites, over the energy cells, the poor, the workers, the people below. Such processes end in revolutions and wars, in collapses of the social organism. Then the organism will not be. When the energy/blood system collapses the nervous system dies, and the cells become untied. Your consciousness as a social network disappears. Your ego will become untied cells.


The process of life and death in a human being.


In other books ("Theory of Times") we have seen the fundamental cause of death: to exist beyond the balance of form between the S and T components of a being. All beings have limits of excess of energy, and excess of form which will bring their extinction into lower or higher planes of existence in which the form will not be; or will be a knotted slave of a higher form.

Then the being will not be. It will become untied energy, or it will release its code into the higher being. If we call Oi-1 the lower plane of cellular existence, and Oi+1 the higher plane of social existence, you exist between those two planes as an Oi-informative mind that is born as a cell grows into this plane of reality and sometimes enters the realm of social thought, when your work is worth to be kept by the social organism of history, or perhaps a metaphysical God if they exist as the fusion of verbal souls:

 Only the existence between two waters, the pleasure of the human senses, the reproduction that does not evolve or devolve the body, but keeps it in a static in and out, cycle and line together, is good, and it is the ultimate aim of all healthy species.


6. Sex and race: The law of 3 creations.


The first specialization. Races


Body and brain are equally important, yet they are not developed in the same manner in all human species, or human cultures, or even human ages. It is then important to understand without racism, or cultural bias, that humanity has different specializations at cultural, racial, sexual and age level, between both components of all Universal organisms. The origin of racism, sexual discrimination, and other cultural wrong tendencies is caused by the fact that many cultures do not recognize the need to balance both components, and impose one over the other, despising those who do not follow its bias.

The racial specialization is imposed by geography. Tropical cultures/races receive more energy and verbal information so they have specialized in body activities, and verbal languages of information. Northern cultures/races receive less energy and more visual information, so they have specialized in information activities and visual-mathematical languages of information. Problem with those races is that they bias against energy/body activities, and against verbal information their culture, despising all other cultures. They do not understand the law of balance in the Universe. They repress body activities, sexual activities, destroy nature, and the animal kingdom, and worship machines of information and mathematical science. They despise words, ethic verbal information... They are as we shall see wrong. Yet they have imposed their views that information is superior to energy, Heads superior to bodies, and all men should abandon their body, to the point that today most energy races despise their own nature... and verbal minds feel inferior to visual minds, writers feel inferior to mathematicians, verbal women, feel inferior to spatial-mathematical men... They should not.

We divide human races in 3 groups, according to cultural specialization;

- Black, Tropical cultures/races specialized in energy/body/sound languages.

- Pale-Yellow/White-blonde Northern races specialized in information/eye/ mathematical languages.

- Tempered, suntan/black hair cultures/races: Mediterranean, South Asian races which find a balance between both kind of activities.

Obviously according to the Fundamental Law of Universal organisms, the law of balance between body and brain, energy and information, this 3rd type of culture is the most harmonic of human cultures, which should be imitated by the other two cultures. There are indeed 'qualities' in the Universe, since there are laws that regulate the survival and well-being of Universal organisms.

The law of balance between body and brain, energy and information is such fundamental law.

Thus those races and cultures which specialize too much in the body or the mind [life cultures and eye cultures] often because of bio-geographical reasons [ tropical body species in regions of max. heat and physical-chemical perception Vs Nordic/desert eye species in regions of max. light perception, such as the Jewish/Germanic cultures are not harmonic.

The result is that Energy cultures are abused and suffer since they do not fully grasp the complex civilization in which we live. On the other hand as we shall see the Northern cultures are destroying the ecosystem of life and abusing non-technological cultures they despise, and will end committing suicide with the entire species. Both behaviors prove how wrong is to deny the basic biological nature of man as a species, and our needs, as universal organisms.

Only in tempered zones both body/brain perceptions are balanced by complex verbal languages, and visual, artistic languages [Mediterranean, North-India South China regions]. We consider those cultures the best cultures of man, since they are balanced, and hence maximize the human function of body/brain existence.

If you need a prove of their quality in history, it is a fact that they have discovered most of the artistic and sensorial tools of man. Their prophetic verbal ideas talk properly about the survival of man [love religions, Buddhist philosophies of the living Universe]. Both in the Western and Eastern World they have given birth to the main verbal and visual masters of Human culture.

On the other hand tropical cultures are typically focused in sexual, sport and food activities, body activities of lesser cultural quality; while northern-eye cultures are guided by religions of body-repression and their worship of machines, the main cause of extinction of life species. A theme to which we will return latter.

An ideal World culture would diminish the informative obsession and the machine obsession of northern culture, and improve the informative education of tropical cultures, to create a single social nation, mankind, in balance between body and brain, energy and information.


The second specialization: sexual dimorphism.


Another aspect of that duality is sexual dimorphism. In fact there are two types of humans, the female species which are body reproductive and have a better heart-leg system; and the male species, which are mainly mind reproductive and have better eye-arms species.

Thus women are parallel to Tropical races, body oriented, and men are parallel to Northern races, brain oriented.

Again is absurd as feminist do today, to despise the nature of women, and deny it, under cultural bias in favor of informative human cultures. Balance between men and women is the ideal culture.

Accordingly female superior bodies are sensorially richer than men's bodies. Women have the cyclical forms of complex bodies, able to reproduce. They sense better, have stronger feelings, stronger hearts, live longer, use better words, the main body-language. While in mental attitudes related to the eye-spatial language, are inferior to men.

Ideological denial cannot change the experimental facts, backed by the nature of organisms, and the dimorphism of all species...

 Women use their mind to enhance body functions; and when thinking in eye-spatial terms they are simpler, less creative than men. While male superior eye-perception allows him to control space better, as a hunter, warrior, mathematician or machine-designer. Yet their bodies are simple, lineal, of inferior sensorial capacity, and sterile.

This is self evident in History and physiology. Men have  also a spatial brain: it is bigger and weights 20% more than the brain of women, which is however more dense. Women's neurons are shorter, specialized in verbal and feeling languages. Women have a better heart, center of the body, with more veins. Men do create more spatial machines, and women do create children with their bodies. It might be not politically correct, but the truth has nothing to do with political correctness but with facts.

It is fundamental to bear in mind that the Universe is a probabilistic game of distributions. So we talk here only of wave situations not of individuals. Exceptions are merely variations over the 'bell curve' of body/brain dominance which makes a few men body dominant, and a few women brain dominant [mostly women of eye Nordic cultures, and men of body-tropical cultures]. Such bell curve explains also 'the third sex'. Men who feel as women, and women who feel as men. They also prove that duality body/brain. Gay men love their bodies, and lesbian women love their minds... They specialize in the natural essence of the other sex.

It is also important to remember that both types are needed, since a harmonic species is one in which the balance of informative/energy organs exists:




is the absolute law that defines the composition of the total Universe. We exist in a universe of spatial energy and temporal information. We need both parameters to survive.

In general the Universe tends to do dual species, since when they are symbiotic, as men and women should be, the superiority of one species in the body-energy system, and the other species in the mind-informative system, enhances the range of total perception of the species, and its chances of survival.

Sex is natural to all species.

The male species has a higher density of informative organs, the female species maximizes the energy organ.

Both species exist in all environments for a single reason: the universe is creative, and when a certain species is born, it will try to create new forms from that species. The easier way to create new forms, will be stressing the two possible arrows of energy and information of the species. So there will soon be a maxi-energy species or 'female species', a maxi-informative species, or male species, and the balanced middle species - the couple.

This is the origin not only of sexes, but of the generic 3-subclasses of almost all Universal Organisms.

So in races we saw the existence of 3 basic survival species: the maxi-energy tropic races, the maxi-mind yellow, blonde races, and the balanced white/black hair races.

We could talk of a very simple creative system in the Universe.

A certain species is born. Then it will divide into 3 subspecies:


 Max. Body= female;  Max.  Head = male;

Balanced couple  = reproductive, efficient top predator.


Symbiotism and complementarity between female and male is the key to understand sexual species and their capacity to carry further the organic evolution of the Universe.

The complementary law that so many times comes out in this book, now allow us to affirm the natural need for different male-female, mind-body cultures.

This happens also at cultural level, where eye races should not control but learn from body races.


The third specialization: metal-cultures.


In the graph of Universal organisms, we have highlighted organisms symbiotic between metal and human beings. What we call animetals. Such organisms tend to put together an informative species of metal - basically money - and a human brain - a trader. Or an energy element of metal - basically weapons - and a human body. Both species are symbiotic in as much as they are bodies of carbolife and bodies of metal, or 'energy species', and cycles of metal-information, and cycles of human information [brains].

In this manner, there have been a fourth specialization which is fundamental to history: certain human beings have become specialized in the use of weapons, as warriors, who worship their bodies, their physical strength and the properties of lineal metal, of swords and weapons.

On the other hand there are cultures specialized in trade, which use as their tool of power money. They are information cultures that worship knowledge, information, creation, form.

Two examples: the Arab culture, a warrior culture, and the Jewish culture, a trader culture. Their opposition well known throughout history is the same kind of formal opposition that exists between energy and information. What is better an informative culture or an energy culture?

According to the laws of balance and survival in the Universe, none of them, but a third kind of culture: the balanced culture in which body and brain, are cherished. Those cultures are not deformed by their symbiotism with weapons and money. They are ruled by the third language of human power, which is words, ethics, verbal thought, laws.

As we shall see those cultures are also the cultures that have created the best 'human art', that have survived better, that have suffered less wars and Holocausts throughout history, proving once more that the laws of social Organisms, and the laws of survival and social evolution are common to all social species, including cultures and civilizations.


7: The will of man.


Information, energy, reproduction, social evolution


We can talk as a consequence of the existence of informative / energetic / reproductive networks of a biological will, common to all Universal organisms including man. Externally, the existence of our 3 networks of information, energy and the balanced endocrine network of chemical feelings, reproduction and survival, mean that man has a 'biological will', which limits or rather constructs his freedom around the desire for energy [food, home, organic space, property] and information [ verbal and visual knowledge]. We are not 'free' in a complete sense. We are first survival species, and so dedicate most of our time to collect energy/information that makes our body and brain survive. When those two tasks are accomplished we look for the combined task of reproducing our body of energy, and brain of information in other place of the Universe.

The existence of biological organisms is driven by such needs, which cater to your two fundamental organs of existence, your body that requires certain energy species, and your Head that requires certain information species. Organisms are composed of bodies and brains. To live is to inform your brain with correct information that fulfills the existence of your mind, and guides your body on its natural search for energy. Your body will then feed on the right energy, move with that energy, and feed the brain.

You can think of yourself as a modular being, with two components. The Head, its senses, and languages of perception dominate your body, which relies on the Head to act and move rightly in a rather dangerous universe. When your Head has bad information it risks your body, which gets hurt, suffers accidents, eats poisons, falls in traps of death. It is for that reason that the first good to have is right information to survive. Then the proper energy for your body.

We live in a game that we might call existence. To survive in the game of existence, you have to feed on the two components of the universe, 'temporal information', and 'spatial energy'. This fact is a  self-evident tautology. Since we live in a Universe made of 'spatial energy' and 'temporal information' we need a volume of organic space that gives us energy to move around, feed, heat and survive, and a volume of temporal information, that allow us to perceive, sense and feel.

When we fulfill those 2 needs to the best of our possibilities, we exist, and we are happy. When we have hyper-abundance of those two components, human energy and human information we have wealth, and health. Then we can even think on the ultimate luxury of life: to reproduce, to have a family to 'repeat' our existence, or spatial form and temporal=genetic information, in other location of the space-time universe, and create a child.

That is what human existence is all about, isn't?.

In order to stress those tendencies of our existence, the wise universe has reinforced our behavior with natural instincts, and sensorial pleasure. When we reproduce, the ultimate goal that fulfills existence we feel an enormous pleasure. This is good. It is called an orgasm. It is the ultimate good of God=the laws of the universe, which tell us biologically speaking: "You have made it. You have achieved enough energy and information as a species to become a top predator of your environment. Now you can relax and repeat yourself, your existence, in your genetic son. I am happy with you: Grow and multiply".

To reproduce however, you need to grow and satisfy the individual cells of your body with proper energy and information. What is proper human energy and information?


Energy to feed your cells, which in the human case is carbolife energy, since you do not eat electricity or oil; and information to feed your mind, which in the human case comes through two basic senses, the spatial eye and the temporal word; and so it has a visual and verbal nature.

Again, we feel this intuitively. When we eat well, and when we are warm, and when we live surrounded by 'natural property', a comfortable home, a nicely urbanized environment, a safe surroundings in which we do not need to fight and defend our property, our body feels happy. We feel satisfied. Also when we receive natural information, when we see beautiful, proportionate images, and hear nice words, that talk about love, and communication among human beings, or explain us the why and how of things, in verbal terms, that we naturally understand, we feel realized, intelligent, sensitive and perceptive.

We feel then a mental pleasure, happiness, a subtle pleasure not so intense as the body pleasure that the ultimate goal of reproduction give to us, but a warm pleasure.


Human goods.


There is therefore a clear definition for abstract concepts as property, happiness, survival, will, and freedom -  a biological definition: the pursuit of human goods that provide the best possible energy and information, goods that we will call artistic goods, when they provide us with information of the highest quality. So we now have to define human information to be able to define artistic goods, also in a biological manner.

So now that we have a biological vision of man, and how that biological vision of man relates us to the external world, we can concentrate in the Head, and its languages, words and visual experience, in the mind of man, which is the origin of artistic activity.


8. The informative will: The mind, perceptor of space and time.


The eye-word: function of existence of the mind of man


Many times we have wondered what means to be a man; what is the essence of Humanity.

We could argue the nature of man from a negative point of view. Let's imagine that you loose your eyes and you loose the capacity to talk not only externally but internally with those words that we call thoughts. You would be without sight and without thoughts. Then, we could say you have ceased to be a man. Indeed. If we want to define man by his peculiar nature; by what makes man different from most entities of the Universe, we will be obliged to affirm conclusively that the 'eye-word', the eye perception and the 'words' we use to act and communicate differentiates man from other species.

The consciousness of man can be written as a chain of repetitive events that takes place through words and eyes in a certain order: from past perception of space [eye perception] to future consciousness in verbal time [word perception]. Words are indeed used by man to take decisions on the World he will construct in time, after having perceived that world in space with the eyes.

So we define the 'soul' or consciousness of man as the eye-Word, which becomes the space-time function of the human mind.

We could add a 3rd element, the hand, which allows the eye-word to create the world he thinks of.

Yet before acting with your hands, you use a priori words or sub-phonic words [thoughts] that help you to take decisions. So mankind constructs a World based upon his visual experience, latter elaborated with words.

That world based on words, is what we call the Wor(l)d. What distinguishes man from all other animal species.


The human mind.


When considering the nature of organisms with bodies that process space=energy and brains that process time=information, it is relatively easy to understand how bodies work. The processes of feeding and construction of living structures in space with bodies=organs of energy, are well known to scientists. However the theme of the mind has so far escaped the scientific method. Since the scientific method ignores the nature of quantic space-time, which truly determines the nature of the minds of the different species of the Universe.

So scientists still try to understand the mind with spatial evidence, when we are dealing with a temporal species, in which the external world of space-time is as important as the chemical world that records it inside the brain.  What is the mind of human beings? How does the mind work? How perception takes place?  Those are questions that have to be answered from the point of view of our capacity to perceive spatial energy and temporal information, which is created through languages of thought.

What are those languages?


The languages of man. Our eye-world.


It seems rather clear that we exist in the Universe, which is itself perceived by man with two variables that we call time and space.

In that external universe is where social evolution takes place. We do not tie with other men with our bodies, but with our minds, and the actions of those minds in the Space-time Universe. The nature of time and Space is thus fundamental to reach a clear understanding of Humanity and History.

Time-information and Space-Energy are not easy to define. For practical purposes today time tends to be defined with clocks of metal, and space tends to be measured with light instruments. However men do not have clocks of metal within themselves. Men define time and space with his own 'tempometers' and 'spaciometers'.  What are those main human instruments of measure of time and space?

It seems self-evident: we measure space with the eye. And we perceive the changes caused by the passing of time with Words that carry temporal memory.

The eye thus is the spatial meter of man, and the wor[l]d and brain the temporal meter of man. It is for that reason that the eye>wor[l]d defines the soul of man, because it defines the peculiar manner in which man perceives the Universe of Time-information and Space-Energy.

The eye perceives space with light. It perceives in fact what we could call light space.

This might surprise you but you do not perceive the entire Universe. According to recent calculus you perceive only 1 or 10% of that Universe - the rest is called dark matter. And this happens because your energy of space perception is only light, and you perceive only the space where light is. So you create a relative Spatial map of reality with the same 3 perpendicular dimensions of light [height, width, length which in light are called electric, magnetic and speed arrows]. Your eye creates with that light a spatial representation of reality. And that is your spatial Universe. The light Universe. The light Universe though has a problem from the practical point of view of survival: it is a very fast mapping of reality. At 300.000 Km/s, the eye has no 'temporal latitude'. It is flat in 'temporal distance'. It is so fast that it gives you a 'slice' of reality that we call present. Present after present [dharma after dharma as an Eastern philosopher would put it], the eye maps out reality. Because light comes from many places - up to 10% of the total Universe - there is a lot of spatial information in light. Yet around us, in the world we live, light takes a nano-second to reach us. It has no memory. So we need a tempometer, a way to 'recall' the experiences of light-space in order to become efficient living entities.

That temporal memory of the light Universe creates in man the Wor[l]d Universe.

So we say that the eye>Wor[l]d is the spatial>temporal or S>T function of the mind of man. What we have defined as the function of existence:


Eye≥Wor[l]d: Function of existence of the mind of man.


We define to exist as a human being, as 'I see>Think therefore I am', 'I measure space>Time therefore I exist'. The eye is what we call a virtual mirror of the Universe, made with light information.

In the eye, information regarding the Universe is brought to a certain human, existing in a relativistic point of space-time. Since men can be in different locations of time or space.

This information is not all the information about all the Universe, but the limited way light sees the Universe, from a certain frame of space-time reference. If we move in time or Space or change the range of perception of the eye with the help of 'metal-eyes', the picture of 'our Universe' will change.

The Universe is clearly more extended than what the eye sees. There is dark matter that the eye does not see. There are atoms and languages of perception from smell to heat, that the eye does not see. We thus talk of a virtual image of the Universe, that the eye gathers in the focal point of the eye - a 'organic painting', which is what man perceives. And behind that eye there is a brain that thinks with words, which observes the Universe of the eye - since the brain sees even less the ultimate reality. It is like a game of Russian dolls made of languages. You see the total Universe with the eye. The eye is within the Universe and its image is a relative 'organic painting' of the Universe. The eye has less information than the Universe. You don't see reality - that ultimate essence which escapes to you, that ultimate truth which only the Universe holds within himself, with all its information. What you know is always a partial truth of the total reality.  Words are even less detailed in its information that the eye, and when you do not follow the 'intuitions' of the eye, but the wor[l]ds you have constructed a posteriori, your information is even more limited.


The temporal dimension of words.


What is then the use of words? Not certainly to 'see space' but to select from that space what is relevant, and store 'memories of time', cycles of survival importance about the different species of the Universe.

It is that task, of logical character, in which words have no rival. Words are able to explain in limited time, with limited descriptions what really matters to man or any species about the Universe: the centers of energy, information, the character of rival species, the relationships of cause and effect that create and destroy reality. That memorial capacity which in all other species was done through genetic memories, of very slow mutation, in man could now we done with words, through memetic, and learning processes, creating verbal genetic memories with enormous speed. In this manner men acquired a new dimension of information that no other animals had: the capacity to anticipate the behavior of hotter species knowing through memorial words that such behavior was somehow programmed by the will of organisms, and their specific needs for energy and information. Remembering those needs and cycles, men could know where certain food would be, where certain top predator dwelled, where to find what he himself needed. In this manner words made of men, the next informative top predator of Planet Earth.


Selection of species: superiority of the human eye-world:


So man with its two biological languages, eye-images and specially wor[l]ds, has been able to control the Earth' crust. Man has obtained an enormous power. Because the eye-wor[l]d is complex enough when compared to the eye-world of other beings, to make you a 'linguistic top predator', a species which acts and reacts to the Universe with enough speed as to control it.

Eye>wor[l]ds confront each other and the process select the best species.

Eye>wor[l]ds, let's understand this now and for all, are selfish beings. What they do is gather information on the Universe of other beings with a simple aim: to feed, to capture other beings and use them as their 'organic space', from where to obtain forms and energy to perceive.

Think of the Universe as a constant moving reality, in which a certain type of eye-world or 'specie', will position himself in order to feed=perceive in flowing forms of energy.

The eye-world has a function which is to perceive. And in order to perceive the eye-world acts upon the external Universe. And in this process you exist.

To exist for man is to perceive with his eye-world. And that man follows a natural mandate: to perceive, to exist, to see and think and act-react with the Universe according to its speed of eye-world perception.

Other beings will perceive other 'eye-worlds' faster or slower, ants will perceive slower chemical eyes, insects will perceive ten times faster the eye-worlds. Yet each eye-world will allow the entity to communicate and perceive the Universe, to 'talk' with the Universe with a language of communication.

Because the eye-world is 'communicating' with that Universe. And the nature of its communication, which is light-mathematical communication and verbal communication defines man. And it defines also the evolution of human knowledge, and History.

It is then clear that knowledge is relative to the language we use to communicate. And each language has a certain value for the survival of the species that use them.

What are the human languages of knowledge? Obviously mathematics and verbal thought.

The human eye-world can be defined as a linguistic focus of light information about the universe, and a focus of air-sound information about the same Universe. The result of those nodes of information are the eye-brain system or human 'soul'

With those two systems of communication - the virtual worlds of light and words - we perceive a 'linguistic world': man is a knot of linguistic worlds, an evolutor of light-eye communication and air-verbal communication. The most complex animal able to communicate through light and air sounds, yet still no more than that: a communicative eye-world.

All sciences of man can be gathered as forms of knowledge in 2 categories: sciences that perceive the Universal game through temporal Wor[l]ds, and sciences that perceive the Universe through spatial Eye geometry. At this point in the evolution of human knowledge we have two very solid theories of reality able to explain the nature of beings in space, and the nature of beings in time, which obviously have to belong to  spatial eye-mathematics, and temporal verbal thought. Those theories are Non-Euclidean mathematics, and Theory of Evolution.

Mathematics is the spatial language of light perception, and understands only what light communicates with us. It is the language of the geometry of light.

Verbal thought is the languages of perception in time, limited by memory, and the way man observes the logic relationships between beings of past and future .