Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


complex theology

Cultures are human organisms, in which believers are social cells that behave in similar fashion, ruled by verbal networks of information, expressed through ethic Laws, called subjectively the laws of God.

In search of the human paradise.

Those religious laws are in fact the laws of social Evolution common to all Universal herds. They act as the collective mind of the culture, harmonizing the behavior of the social cells of the civilization. It follows that the entire Earth is the body-frame in which each human citizen acts as an individual neuron, of a social organism called mankind - a collective mind, that shapes the Earth to the image and resemblance of man.

The Evolution of Religions

The collective organism of mankind, spreading all its cellular citizens over the Earth, is an evolutionary organism. Its growth from simple social organizations, based in genetic-temporal equality, (racial tribes) into more complex organisms based in mental, verbal equality (cultures) is fundamental to understand the evolution of history and religion.

The limits of a racial-based culture, are obvious in size. So the evolution of mankind towards complex social organisms, required a common neuronal message, repeated in each human cell. This was achieved in earlier societies either through verbal laws, or religious codes which increased the size and capacity of growth of human societies.

That evolutionary jump took place in the Western World, when first Moses declared a religion based in verbal laws, and then Christ expanded that religion to all believers regardless of his genetic condition. Yet the creation of a unified vision of mankind, based in natural laws, that provide similar verbal ethics for each human believer, is a process still at work. Disgracefully many tribal religions, are still at work, mostly in the form of nationalism. While "germs" of human social organisms, weapons, divided and break mankind into warring states, that put increasingly away the goal of a single World ruled by mankind, with the confessed goal of creating a global pardise built to the image and resemblance of our species. This goal is indeed the goal of History and our species, that according to the laws of evolution should help each other to become a global consciousness of our organic space, planet Earth.

So throughout history we see an evolution of that collective network of verbal ethic information, from clans to tribes to cultures ruled by a tribal God (earlier Judaism and similar tribal religions of the bronze age) to religions that evolved the concept of humanity to include all mankind (Christianity, Islam), to religions that embraced even further the entire planetary body and its lesser species (Buddhism), till finally reaching with the arrival of social doctrines of mankind, and ecological visions of the Earth, in the XIX and XX century, its final theoretical evolution. However even if today the most evolved philosophers of History and Religion have come to the conclusion that we all men belong to the same species, and we have to manage together the problems of our collective organism, the mother Earth, the individual cells of our societies, are still in primitive degrees of social evolution, divided in tribal religions, or nationalistic religions, confronted by the germs of history, weapons, that destroy cultures and end civilizations. So the struggle to create a collective subconscious network of ethic verbal thought, is still on.

The paradox of History.

Why we have not achieved that level of evolution as a social organism, that smaller forms (carbolife cells) achieved in the past? One reason is time. We are a recent social organism, evolving beyond the genetic level only for a few millennia.

Yet there is a more worrrisome reason: Our social organism, history is being preyed by a different species, a germ of History that seems doomed to destroy us: not carbolife but metal, not nature, or even man, but "bodies of metal-energy", weapons and machines, and brains of "Metal-information", money and metal-minds.

Indeed, as an abstract thinker you might find that assertion weird, even stupid. Yet facts are conclusive. This planet is evolving no longer towards a single collective Human Historic organism, but with the creation of the Metal-Earth, as a global organism that reproduces and evolves machines, through company-mothers, whose collective brain is the global stock-market, an organism of different nature is growing.

It is an organism in which verbal laws are irrelevant substituted by digital numbers (prices, polls, etc.) It is an organism in which governments elected by the people are substituted by company-mothers that control societies and pay lobbyist to increase the reproduction of machines. It is in sum, an organism which behind a human mask, hides an entire new reality, in which the religion of mankind is machinism, and the machine and the company-mother, has superior rights to human beings.

Of course this means the destruction, corruption and capture, as a submissive organism, of all previous human systems of social power, from governments, to religions.

It is what we call the paradox of History, the fight between man and machine, nature and metal, the carbo-Earth and the metal-earth, and of course in the level of information, the fight between artists and religions, that use human senses and verbal words to describe space and time, and science, which use machines and digital numbers to describe space and time.

The multi-layered levels in which the struggle between mankind and the machine, verbal ethics and monetary ethics, take place are many, and constant in modern History. They are fundamental to understand why religions have become so different from their initial goals of love, social harmony and human goods. In brief, we can say that the original religions of love, and the ethic models of prophets, become corrupted as time goes by, by money and weapons. So two different kind of religions appear:

Inquisitions. In which violence is considered an ethical mandate (Spanish inquisition with a sword and a cross in its shield, Islamic fundamentalism, etc.)

Gold churches, in which money not social love, become the goal of the believer (Judaism, Calvinism, Anglican church.)

Obviously what those two religious corruptions mean, is the multiplication of death, and weapons, of money and machines, exactly the opposite goals to what the original verbal prophets meant for society.

So today when the ecosystem of metal dominates the ecosystems of history, gold churches and inquisitions dominate all religions, and have destroyed in many of them the original verbal codes of the great prophets of mankind, that considered all men equal (Moses, Jesus, Christ, Buddha), are forgotten, or transformed to cater the selfish goals of individual "homo bacteria", that reject evolution into cohesive social bodies. The fight is real, and guided as all evolutionary fights by the rules and penalties of the organic Universe. What this means is that if we men are unable to evolve, in an evolutionary Universe, we will be discharged and eliminated from the Game of Existence, which has only a penalty to those who do not obey its laws: extinction.

In the case of the Earth, it is becoming clear, that the evolution of mankind, has now a rival species, also evolving towards a global organism: the machine, increasingly part of a social body of machines ruled by energy networks (roads, electric systems) and informative highways, sometimes symbiotic to man, but increasingly a rival able to kill us in wars, and substitute us as labor machines evolve into robotics.

The collective consciousness of mankind: verbal gods

So the existence of a collective social god of mankind is not a fantasy of religious prophets, but a necessity for our collective survival. In that sense we have to understand the prophecies, and parables of those prophets from the collective perspective of mankind.

For example, when Christ talk of love as the single mandate to reach god, he is indeed explaining in the form of a parable, that love=communication of information and sharing of energy among human individuals, is the path to create the subconscious collective of mankind, the harmonic society, the organism of history we call God. When he talks that if man believes in him, he will never die, it means that through love man will reach a state of harmony with nature and this planet, that will make man survive for ever. When he talks that man is the temple of the spirit, he means that man hosts in himself verbal thought, the nature of that collective mind, he calls God. When he says "And God, the verb, became man and inhabitted among us" and calls himself son of God, he means that the prophet, the master of verbal thought, the supreme neuron of the collective brain, is son of god, son of the word, which if properly understood will create a World to the image and resemblance of man. The Wor(l)d, a world made with the actions commanded by the word, is the ideal goal of our species. And prophets and religions of the Wor(l)d, are neuronal systems of ethic mandates that try to achieve that goal.

Indeed, the 3 religious cultures, that now fight each other, started as a dream of a better world, in an agricultural age, based in a concept today long ago forgotten: the idea of a Civilization as an organic body of History in which each believer is a cell of History. In those social organisms the verbal Prophet, and his ethic verbal laws are the equivalent to a nervous system, that harmonizes with his ethic mandates the behavior of those social cells into a community. A religious community, in this manner can build a world based in peace and love=maximum communication by sharing goods and feelings between the verbal cells of the Community. In this manner a healthy organism of History, the Human God, the Wor(l)d, develops as a paradise over the Earth.

The concept of God in the West is thus clear: a series of verbal mandates that regulate the Earth to the advantage of the believer. Through the laws of god the believer transforms the earth to his image and resemblance. This cohesive concept of God as the collective subconscious, as the mind of a tribe, or human group appears earlier in History.

It has constantly evolved , from the concept of a tribe as God (Assur for example, where the God is the name of the people, the tribe, and the land and emperor), to a God that encompasses mankind. We can in that sense trace a growing consciousness of our species as a single form, that controls a Universal organims called the Earth, from tribal religions ignorant of the location of God, to Oikoumene religions that understood that we all humans were part of the Mind of the Earth (Christianity, Islam), to Naturalistic religions (Buddhism, Ecologism) that include life as part of the Genesian Earth we have to return.

That concept is indeed the bondage concept that explains the existence of civilizations in which the individual submits himself to the will of the community, for which it sacrifices its life.

The organisms of history. The carbolife Earth.

Yet civilizations are small tissues of a bigger organism, this planet in which man as top predator of the natural world (Myth of the genesis) rules supreme on its networks of energy (natural life) and networks of information (visual and verbal forms.)

So the highest level of social organization that mankind might achieve is the 'Living Earth', 'Gaia'.

Indeed, that organic carbolife energy is provided to plants and animals by the water networks of 'Gaia', the carbolife Earth, which is the ecosystem/network organism in which every animal, plant and human being, during 99% of our existence as a species, have survived.

The I Earth, the Earth of carbolife is indeed an organic ecosystem. Its natural organic networks, are agricultural fields and natural forests, animal ecosystems, and oceans, clean air and fresh water, today under pressure by the new Organic Economic ecosystem of machines, developping side by side with the Human Earth. In that sense we can use our Template for all Universal Organisms to define the Carbolife Earth:

- The carbolife Earth is an organism made of herds of animal beings related through networks of energy [river systems and wild life around them], and networks of information [light, atomic smells, etc.] Any group of herds forms an 'animal ecosystem'. Such ecosystems are like 'loose organisms' where around water-energy veins, 'cells' of carbolife live and survive, as the cells of a body do, according to their individual capacity to process water-based energy.

Those herds live in relative harmony to each other for hundreds of millions of years, in which a process of 'informative evolution', took place, as the networks of light-information provoked the evolution of organs of information, eye-based brains, that displaced plants as top predator systems of the earth.

We moved from a plant earth that only perceived light as energy [photosynthesis] to an animal earth that used better the networks of light information, thanks to its eyes, to a human earth, in which that information was further processed through verbal networks.

So from plants, top predator cells of the carbolife ecosystem, we moved into a world of animals with increasingly more sophisticated brains, till reaching human beings. Human beings changed again the dominant informative way of processing light, and invented words.

And words became the 'informative networks' that organized communities of human beings, gathered around 'water veins', into the first social organisms of mankind, the river civilizations. The law is indeed the verbal nervous system of the human society. Legal mandates control the life and death of human cells, motivate or forbid certain actions, and through those actions mobilize the social body and control the human ecosystem.

Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, forbidding certain acts and encouraging others. In this manner as the nervous orders of the brain guide the cells of the body, and move it at pleasure, the law designs the acts of people and controls society.

In this way we can also talk of certain humans, verbal masters, who create laws, as the neuron-brains that create the nervous orders, do. Who are they? Religious prophets and priests, lawyers, and kings who gave law, courts and parliaments who give law today. They hold the power of societies. They are the brain of social systems. Hence the importance of politics to rule properly a human organism. We can then easily establish the elements of a human social, historic organism, that has controlled mankind for 99% of our existence, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the Universe:

Individual cells: Human beings.

Networks of information: ethic and politic laws.

Networks of energy: Systems of reproduction of basic goods, food, farming, cattle-ranching, hunting, creation of simple tools.

We call each of those systems, a Culture or civilization: A mass of human beings, ruled by networks of legal information [political and religious institutions] and networks that reproduce our organic energy [property, economical goods, food].

Cultures and civilizations are the biggest organisms of History. They have grown through an entire scale of historic organisms, from simple genetic organisms [racial tribes in which words were still secondary to genetic information] to religious organisms based totally in word-networks [Christian, Buddhist, Muslim civilizations] where each believer is a cell of an organic system, where the informative network is the church and the books of revelation.

Jump from man to society: the networks of historic civilizations

The key word to understand those civilizations is the 'social network'. They are the essence of life organisms, including the organisms of history. You need a herd of cells belonging to the same species, DNA-cells, stars, atoms, molecules or human beings. If we see them together we call it a body, if we see them loose, we call it a wave, or society, but it is the same thing. Those herds will create networks of information and hunt together as a group, stronger than the individual preys. Those preys then are shared by the herd, which builds a network of energy to give each cell a part of the capture. So the individuals die away, and the social herds survive. Finally the tightest herds, become bodies, creating a new being, that no longer feels as a herd but as a macro-individual. And the process starts again. So quarks gathered into Nucleons, nucleons into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into cells, cells into bodies, and bodies into ecosystems, and societies. A nation or a western god is one of such organisms. Verbal and visual information shape its brains, and we humans are its cells. If you extend that concept to the entire planet, 'Gaia', as biologists call it, then according to that definition, we are the cells of Gaia. Gaia is the body of Mankind, and Mankind is the mind/god of Gaia.

Each animal, each plant is a cell of the living planet.

Imagine Gaia's cells: herds, roaming on the savanna, forests, banks of fish on the seas of Gaia. Her networks of energy and information are the rivers and seas, the arteries of Gaia, around which her cells live. The atmosphere are her lungs. The mechanical sounds, chemical smells and light-images those cells use to perceive, to inform themselves, are Gaia's networks of information.

If we split Gaia, in different human ecosystems, divided by natural frontiers, we can talk of a series of small social organisms, nations and civilizations. In that sense we can define a Macrocosmic human Organism as a Social Ecosystem composed of human beings, carbolife energy, and verbal and visual networks of information based in the human mind [visual arts, and verbal thought, religions, laws, and literature]: Such ecosystems are like 'loose organisms' where around water-energy veins, 'cells' of human life live and survive, centered in their homes as DNA molecules survive in the home-cells of a body.

To do so they need to create a natural environment, in which human food [carbolife food] can be collected, where every cell has basic human property [homes, home products, clothing]; where the networks of social information based in verbal thought [laws, ethics], can run all cells and solve colliding interests. Where a collective brain [government] solves those social problems, and encourages a healthy social body, promoting Human goods, organizing the 'social movements of the cell', to that aim, and promoting collective goods [health-care, education, verbal learning, arts]. All those conditions create a healthy organism of history as they create a healthy individual organism.

Words are the 'informative networks' that organizes communities of human beings, gathered around 'water veins', into the first social organisms of mankind, the river civilizations. Thus a healthy historic society is a social organism is made of human citizens, ruled by networks of verbal information, laws, ethic systems, etc. Those networks of verbal information, of 'verbal science', is what philosophers called a religion, an anthropomorphic God.

The metaphor of western Gods: The brain and the body of History.

Very few people today understand the metaphor of an ethic God and his laws of behavior, as the verbal brain, of the organism of History, of mankind... Scientists laugh at religion, without even knowing what they are talking about. If we use instead of religious words, a biological perspective, is easier to understand the Humanistic concept behind Western religions, that equal God and Mankind (different from the Scientific concept of Eastern religions that equal God and the Universe).

The canon of ethics. The survival of civilizations.

We conclude that ethic books, prophetic books are the fundamental 'nervous-informative network' of civilizations. They are truly the mind that guides societies and their cellular individuals, through 'verbal ideologies' about what is right or wrong to do. Today their role is played by money which gives through salaries and prices, those orders to 'economic humans'.

In the case of human informative networks, the verbal mandates of societies; were expressed through literature, in its most complex ways, philosophy, laws and religions.

Biological definition of God

We can now very easily define a God based in verbal terms, as the informative brain of the organism of History. As the nervous system of your body and your nervous brain is the God of your cells that controls them with informative impulses, the book of revelation of a prophet, and his ethic laws are the gods of a society that is controlled and survives better when it obeys those Laws. Of course those laws of human gods are based in the laws of survival of the Universe, which are basically the law of social evolution among equal species.

So it turns out that human Gods of love are also parallel to the Absolute God of the Universe, the Logos of the Greek, the Laws of nature, that say that equal species have to love each other and evolve together. So God means "the verbal, informative Mind of mankind, and His ethical Laws, that reflect the ethic laws of the Universe. In Christian Jargon “the World that became man and inhabited among us”. (Saint John, 1.)

Love Religions -by making the human language of information the word, God- put man at the center of the Universe, to help him to survive. Human Love religions spell the laws of Darwinian Evolution (Man can pray on other species) and laws of social evolution (Man has to love himself and his fellow man). Universal, informative Laws from the point of view of Mankind, and His language of information, Words. They call that human Laws of behavior and survival: “God”.

So if verbal, love Gods are the brain of humanity, of history, it is obvious that human individuals are the cells informed by that body. This again is confirmed by the Gospel. Since Christ declares that each men is the temple of the spirit, and our mystiques both in Islam and Christianity consider us as “cells of the body of God”, of Islam and Christ. Of course both Islam and Christ are themselves part of the total God, which is History itself, since their ethic messages are basically the same. We might say that there is only a God, and several great human prophets, sons of God, sons of the Word that have understood their messages of love. Christ, Mhmd, Buddha, are those great prophets. Modern ecological and socialist writers who drink on their traditions are their modern disciples that translate to modern jargon their messages of social love, and promotion of human goods.

The organism of that Human God, is the Body of History, the Ecosystem of Man, and Nature, that we should preserve to be immortal as a species. Because “those who believe in me, will never die”. Those who believe in Gold religions, in metal religions, in the tree of science, however will die, as the prophets of love have ever announced.

Perhaps our definition of a body or organism will help you to grasp what we mean by a God: “A Universal organism is a biological radiation of a (particular species) extended in time and space and related by networks=Gods of information, and networks=Gods of energy”. A God is the macrocosmic network of information or energy of the organism when perceived from the microcosmic point of view of its cells, that the network of energy or information controls.

You just have to find a herd of parallel cells and some energy network that relates those cells, and some information network or language or force of information between those cells, and you will have a macrocosmic organism. The networks of information and Energy of that organism will be for the small cells, “macrocosms”, with such informative and energy power, that will act in fact as Gods of those cells. Aristotle defined informative Gods, as knots-brains around which energy masses moved. Networks of information, linguistic networks do indeed move masses of energy, give orders, and inform that energy, transforming those masses, and shaping the future to their image and resemblance. For that reason Go[l]d and Word create different societies, different Wor[l]ds.

The brain of the Human god is the “verbal network” of believers, the books of Revelation, and the Social Laws that create “human behavior”. The ethical codes of man, are the Gods of man, his informative systems that create a collective future. We create the future when we obey informative verbal codes. God is the verb, and its ethical codes of survival expressed in religions.

The metaphor of God: “God became the Word that inhabited among us”

God basically is Man, a metaphor for our species, and his language and networks of information, the ethic laws, and words that control and help society to survive. This metaphoric definition of god, that was clear to those first prophets who created those religions, has been manipulated so much in the past centuries, that very few people today understand the metaphor of God, as the verbal brain, of the Organism of History, as mankind... So scientists laugh at religion, without even knowing what they are talking about.

If we use instead of religious words, a biological perspective, societies and civilizations, the main units of historical analysis become organisms composed of cellular herds (human societies) which communicate through networks of information (words and money) and energy (agriculture, organic territories, roads, electricity, etc.).

In such translation of philosophical terminology, we conclude that what history has traditionally called a “Human God” with ethical laws can be interpreted as an organic network of information. As a nervous system connects and organizes the cells of a body, “God” connects and organizes a mass of human beings, individually known as “believers”. Surprisingly we find that Islam and Christianity [Ibn Khaldun, early mystics, Saint Agustine] reached similar conclusions. The transmitters of such networks of collective information are the books of Revelation common to all believers that harmonize mass-cellular experiences. Since human networks of information are verbal ethic laws; the Word becomes the god of man, his social guide and network of information. As Saint John expressed so well: “God, the Verb, became man and inhabited among us”.

The Koran is the sacred word of God, his ideas. In Christianity the word becomes God in the mind of his human son Christ, the prophet who has the body of man, and the verb-mind of God. In him, the word reached its fulfillment. In him, the word expresses the Human Laws of social evolution, through love=sensory communication, and sharing of human goods between humans. Pure Christianity was socialist, because socialism is the natural Law of human organization, where money and machines do not impose “limits” to human communication. A prophet is a verbal master, a son of God=the word, the informative organ of the species. Mystics say that the community of believers shapes the “body of Christ”, and the Gospel is his mind. Muslims say that the “body of Muslims” is Islam and Koran its brain. In both cultures the Verbal language has to control the corruption of money, and the harm that weapons do to humans. If that goal is achieved, history (in the words of Saint Agustine) could evolve towards the perfection of such a “body”, into a “citadel of saints”, where all ethical words will be obeyed, and the “body” will be in harmony with its informative and energy organs. Then history (the passing of time) will come to an end. History will become immortal without war. Man will be happy. God will come to this Earth. He will reign supreme, because we all will understand the nature of ourselves, and that of the Universe.

The Great Gods of History

An organism, such as the organism of human Gods=history survives when there is balance between its networks of energy and information, the Carbolife Earth and its networks of information, the verbal ideologies that rule men. The same balance required in the body between blood and nervous systems, that keep the body healthy, is required in the Organism of Human history between Nature and verbal Man.

The informative ethical rules of religion regulate and balance the individual human cells, and allow civilizations to exist in harmony with Nature. They might be boring since death, chaos and freedom are exciting, but religious societies are healthy organisms of history because their human cells (believers) follow and control their behavior for the sake of the Organism=civilization= collective God. The laws of harmony in the social body of history are defined by religions in verbal codes which all cells=humans of History understand and should obey. Man is a cell of the organism of History. Religion is its brain=informative God.

We could draw the 3 ages of Human religions considering their 3 horizons of increasing growth, as men understand the nature of God, as the collective man of mankind, from a primitive age of small, tribal societies (racial Gods, and primitive religions that divide men in groups, and so have become today transformed by inquisitions and churches in animetal religions that worship war and money) to an age of Human Gods, that encompass all mankind, when finally men understand the Law of Love (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) to the present, social understanding of God, within the context of the Organism of History, and the fight between men and machine [ecologism, socialism]:

Let us now consider the 3 ages of evolution of those social, human religions that make of each human social organism a God of the community, protector of the survival of that community.

The 3 ages of anthropomorphic religions.

Western, anthropomorphic religions evolved verbal networks of Human ethics from a primitive age of small, tribal societies [racial Gods] to an age of Human Gods, to the final, social understanding of God, within the context of the organism of History:

The understanding of social religions is now possible thanks to bio-history that finally associates objective and anthropomorphic religions, establishing a theory of god=History as a social organism, to which all human beings belong.

An organism ruled by biological, social laws, that the human verbal nervous system of history explains bio-logically through the concepts of good=what favors our survival, and Evil=Anti-livE=what extinguishes us. It is now up to man, once the evolution of Religious thought has been completed to establish the kingdom of God=History on Earth, or let history die in the hands of the rival Economic organism. The 3 ages of Anthropomorphic Gods.

Thus we talk of 3 phases of Wor[l]d evolution:

- The age of Tribal History, the age of genetic Gods, belonging to partial tissues of History. The first social groups become self-centers of the Universe, struggling to survive against other human groups. In this manner the first religions appear, mixing ideological concepts of social evolution based in words, with genetic concepts. The oldest anthropomorphic religions of mankind belong to that kind of model. They are still primitive versions of social verbal evolution, that do not distinguish between race and culture, genetics and 'memetics', the social process of learning through verbal thought. Since such religions are primitive version of the Natural Law of Species [love those who are equal to you], most of them became extinguished by wars and holocausts, that confronted tribal Gods against tribal Gods. Finally the evolution of those primitive religions [around 500 BC] brought the understanding of the equality of all men as individuals belonging to the same species and subject to the Universal Law of Social evolution.

- It was the age of Metaphysical History, or age of Oikoumene, Human Gods, supported in the mind of its believers, by the imitation of the same ideas, the same actions, and the same beliefs, to that of the original prophet. By imitation humans became 'clonic minds' of the original prophet, creating a mental network of simultaneous thought similar to the mental networks you experience in a mass, or a concert, as you hear the same voice or song...

Metaphysical Gods

The existence of such networks beyond the 'light-space your perceive', is not the subject of this book. Yet mystique experiences and the existence of dark mater, of a 90% of reality you do not perceive; and the collective effect of social gods in the mind of believers, make us thing that such Gods-verbal networks did have real existence and acted upon its mino-cellular units with the same capacity that your body acts through your cells . In that sense Allah, or Christ-God did exist in as much as millions of men believed in the ideas, in the mind of Mhmd, and Christ, the verbal word, the son of 'God', the cellular unit replicated in books and art, that gave origin to the body of Allah, or the body of Christ, the sum of believers that created the social civilizations. To western religions, Societies and civilizations, the main units of historical analysis become organisms composed of cellular herds [human beings] which communicate through networks of information [words and laws] and networks of energy [agriculture, organic territories, roads, rivers, etc.].

In such translation of philosophical terminology, we conclude that what history has traditionally called a "Human Verbal God" with ethical laws (God became the verb and inhabited among us) can be interpreted as an organic network of verbal information. So as the brain is the God of your cells that obey the brain nervous messages, the Word and the Ethic Laws, become the God of human societies that believers obey. We do not argue in this article the existence of that collective brain of cells, since cells in the body do not see the brain but only the electric message. So we do not see the collective subconscious, the 'real brain of societies', that might or might not exist as an individual personality - after all 90% of reality is dark matter we do not perceive. This is not important to a Historian. What matters is the real existence of that collective subconscious and that ethic, verbal, nervous message that the believers of a religion worship and adapts the form of a verbal book of Revelation - call it the ten commandments, the Gospel, or the Koran. So in Western religions the Word is sacred, and the Books of Words, the Books of God are also sacred, since they regulate the collective social organism, as the brain regulates the collective social body. Hence the passion for words of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and the great battle those religions have constantly against the rival languages of images, idols, Golden calves, icons, and now in Islam, statues...

The fight between numbers and words.

The confrontation between words and numbers, religion vs science, men vs metal (money and weapons), becomes in that sense also a biological fight, between two different planetary organisms, a world ruled by verbal ethics trying to construct a wor(l)d(1) to the image and resemblance of man, Vs a world ruled by numbers (money and science) trying to construct a world to the image and resemblance of the machine, what we call the Metal Earth. Such fight of historic proportions and sheer brutality is as all fights of the Universe a fight for Existence, the supreme good, as it becomes increasingly clear that the machine is not an appendix of man, but an entire different organic species made of of metal. Hence the opposition of verbal prophets to the development of weapons and money, which in the present world that despite the myths of human freedom rule our ecosystem with a single aim: to reproduce machines in "company-mothers" and evolve a new brave world, in which machines and their natural energy and information become supreme.

It is the birth of, another planetary organism, ruled by another type of information network: digital languages based on numbers, with a different structure from verbal languages. What they mean to the evolution of History? Why are digital networks and sciences historically opposed to verbal networks and religions?

Since religions concluded earlier in his analysis of the Universe that digital languages tend to evolve metal-species more than human species. They are the backbone of economic ecosystems which reproduce weapons and machines that kill “the organism of god”, the world of nature, and social harmony, through war, and ethical corruption, due to money. So all great prophets have attacked money and weapons, because they have defended the ecosystem of History, of God... So simple to understand, and yet today so little people perceives the organism of God, of social history, that as Nietzsche put it, “is dying, because men have killed it”.

Scientists, and weapon designers we might say have killed God, the organism of social History, despite earlier warnings by the first prophets=historians of the future, who said “do not eat of the tree of science, of his good (machines) and evil weapons, because they day you do, your species will die”... So the myth goes, when Adam the first scientist discovered metal, God condemned him to work as a smith (Islamic account of the original sin), and ever sin “Adam the Smith” and his sons like Cain, also a Smith, have evolved metal and killed with weapons the beauty of the Genesian paradise of life.

But why the Human God can die? Because it is basically the expression of the Laws of Social Evolution in the Universe. So if man denies those laws, if man no longer believes in God, the laws of the universe punish him. And other species who believe in God, Metal-species and their controlled human slaves (animetals) who promote metal, and act together in favor of metal survive. machines survive and replicate, the world unifies not under human ethic words, but under money. And so the Human Planet never appears. Only the Metal-earth, the planet of machines, and Matrix, its mental networks evolve and reproduce.

It is obvious that the power of Gods is relative to their size and the microcosm they perceive. For your cells your nervous system is an over powerful God. Yet for the Earth you are not God but just a cell of History. What you call physical reality is irrelevant to understanding Organisms=Gods. Perception is relative, and truths are subjective. Gods are also relative statements, only perceived as Gods from the point of view of their cells and the languages of information of those cells. In the case of History words are only Gods for humans able to understand and belong to a historic organism. Such is the tragedy of “relativistic Gods”, of networks that exist as macrocosm only on the informative eyes of their microcosmic cells. The anthropomorphic Gods of western religions are such fragile gods, that can be destroyed as mankind itself.

Mankind as God:Social religions

Christian theologians discuss the concept of a biological body of History, with a precision that astonishes a modern "bio-historian." In both the Christian and Muslim religions a "biological vision" of a verbal society appears. Verbal thought is the "spirit" or informative network of that body. Each human is a cell of the body of God=History, each mind is the "temple of the spirit=the word". Those ethical words should rule our informative behavior. As the Gospel said, if humans believed in love and socially responsible behavior; if they controlled weapons and money, then Man could survive forever. "He who believes in me [the Word], will not die for ever." The body of History could indeed be eternal, if machines or war did not kill men and wipe out our civilizations. Yet if man "eats of the tree of science=technology, certainly he will die." The paradise of carbolife, our natural energy, will die, if man continues to work constructing The Metal-earth.

Genesis, The Gospel and The Koran, the informative Gods of humankind, all show an organic vision of body of History, and its human cells, similar to that of modern ecologism and bio-history. Such Gods reached its zenith during the metaphysical age [from -500 BC till 1602] shaping the acts and beliefs of millions of men. Today they still survive, though they are in a third age, fighting for survival against the rival networks of metal-minds, and money, which prey on their word, on ethics, on human solidarity, on the networks of social, verbal existence. Yet as the Industrial Evolution of machines "killed the metaphysical Gods" of classic history, the collective subconscious of mankind kept evolving.

So finally as a consequence of the growth of the rival ecosystem of History, the bio-economic ecosystem, its machines, networks of financial information and Company-mothers, in the third age of History, new Social Gods have evolved from the ideals of social solidarity proper of Oikoumene Gods, of the metaphysical age. Those social Gods have to develop theories and strategies of survival against the growth of the bio-economical organism and the destructive effects of machines and money in human social organisms. Marxism is the main of those Gods, a theory of verbal nature that try to defend mankind against the control of human societies by monetary societies. Marxism becomes in this manner a modern religion supported in the mind of its believers, yet without metaphysical form. Socialism, Anarchism, modern versions of Christianism, Social-Democracies, social R=evolutions {French r=evolution, Russian R=evolution, 60s r=evolution], ecologism, and finally bio-history are all versions of this final attempt of mankind to evolve history into a global organism based in love=maximum communication among human beings. In each of the 3 ages of Anthropomorphic Religions of God=Mankind, we find that the Wor[l]d through the mouth of his prophets, have known the laws of social evolution - even when the prophetic perception of those Laws is limited by lack of communication with all human races, in the first age of tribal religions.

Reason and faith.

Science and religion seem to be opposed. Science is based in reason, religion is based in faith. Faith has always been despised by science, which affirms that supremacy of logic reason and sensorial evidence. Science affirms that if something cannot be understood or perceived it can not exist. And since science cannot perceive God, God must not exist. Religion on the other had considers reason, unable to explain the nature of faith and God. Religion considers the logic of science, too simple to understand in depth the Universe of God. Religion considers that the Universe is organized by a more complex logic that the Cartesian Logic of Science. Religion also considers that science does not perceive all reality, and therefore it is possible that God exists in the realm of phenomena that the instruments of science miss. In such vision of reality, the logic of science is too simple, too limited for their need of 'metal-sensorial evidence'. This today is proved by the existence of dark matter. So the bio-logic or Homo-logic method is much more accurate. That method tells us that all what exists evolves into social organisms. Social organisms which might be invisible for the smaller species, as an atom does not perceive a planet, and a cell does not perceive a brain... Yet levels, planes of social existence that occur and affect the different particles of which they are composed. A human god in that sense exists and affects the behavior of the human believers that create it, as a social, higher plane of reality. A p orbital composed of several simple orbitals exist and controls to a certain extent the movement of the smaller units. Those smaller Units give part of his energy to create the p-macro orbital. So happens with a mass of believers. They give up part of their individual freedom to shape a collective social order, a formal social structure that directs them. That social structure made of habits, works of art, and ethic acts, based all of them in neuronal structures of thought, beliefs, that each cell-human being hold as supreme, is a human god. Because Gods only exist in the Wor[l]d of the Prophet, and the social networks of actions enacted by 'truth believers'. The body of that God is the entire civilization, the human bodies, works of art, land and human creations, shaped to the image and resemblance of the ethic and aesthetic mandates of God, the wor[l]d-brain of the civilization.

Definition of Religion

So we can define the concept of a religion, as a series of Ethic truths=Words, that create a human macro-organism, made to the image and resemblance of man, thanks to the actions of individuals that obey ethic Words: A human religion is a set of Word mental structures, of ethic nature, that guide the actions of a mass of believers. Those truths, based in the Universal Laws of Survival of Organisms, are regarded as absolute, and guide all other acts of the Human society. We call that set of moral=collective survival laws that cannot be breached under penalty of social extinction, a 'Religion of the Wor[l]d'. In this manner a religion acts as the social brain of the organism which guides all the actions of societies and creates the artistic goods, actions and penalties that control the society and ensure its harmonic working as a single organism.

The Biological, Survival Nature Of Bad Good Concepts.

"Good is the energy, and information that help us to survive and reproduce. Evil information and energy that destroy us"

We have said that languages are biological, and hence they favor the point of view, and the survival of the species that talks the language. We say that words are anthropomorphic and make man the subject, the center of the Universe, since man is the center of the sentences that describe the Universe. On the other hand, numbers and money do not make man the center of the Universe. So they do not promote man, but instead substitute men by machines, and human art by technological art...

Verbal thought favors man with the syntax of verbal language. The syntax of human languages favors subjective perceptions of the Universe, with man as the center of the Universe. So do Religions as expressions of verbal thought. If you check any sentence of a book of verbal art, you will realize that its structure contains at least three elements of a simple, bio-logical concept of power:

Name: Informative Center of the action-sentence, mostly human.

Verb: action, of the subject over the object.

Object: Spatial form Energy ordered by the name.

Sentences are mirrors of human actions, the informative language of man, to whom they cater. So verbal, biological languages are used by man to perceive the Universe from his selfish, I-centered, survival "Name." When man talks, he wishes to survive, to be the center of the Universe. Those wishes are validated by the subjective structure of Words in which "I"=man is the center of the sentence. This fact implies that verbal thought will never betray man unless it is corrupted by ideologies of machines.

Any verbal human in a natural state understands the laws of history, the evil of weapons, the nature of social love. The verbal structure of languages spells the Universal mandate of Survival: consider yourself the center of the Universe, fight for yourself, for your species.

The syntax of verbal words are the "central nervous system" of a body of history=a civilization. The essence of religions are their words, their ethical laws. Words memorize the laws of biological time, of extinction and survival, from the human perspective. They are the genetic code of civilizations, the memories and instincts of survival of a society, as nervous messages are the memories of individuals. Evolution and survival rule the behavior of the Universe and so it can explain reality. Yet since we can explain the verbal ethics of religions, and modern 'social, political systems' [left wing ideals] in evolutionary terms, we reclaim the veracity of verbal, socialist and religious thought in evolutionary, scientific terms.

In a world of Darwinian, survival morals, bad is a necessary word that explains what makes a verbal species extinct, and good is what allows the verbal species to reproduce and multiply.

It should not surprise us that our first book says, "Grow=Evolve and multiply=reproduce," which means survive. Such is the mandate of 'God-the law of the Universe' spelled out in verbal thought in Genesis. So verbal ethics are the biological language of history that spells with scientific rigor the Universal laws of behavior. Moreover, the fundamental law of biology is the fight between species [Darwinian fight], and the love among cells of a single organism [Social evolution]. Those two laws applied to history mean, that man and metal [Weapons, money, scientific machines] are rival species for the control of the Earth; that metal poisons nature, and human cultures are systematically extinguished by weapons. On the other hand the law of Social evolution implies that love among individuals of the same species is the rule in the Universe. So men should not compete and fight among themselves, in nations and tribes, but love each other, and form a single social organism. Again those are the ideals of all human religions.

One God, several prophets trying to create Him

In that sense it is necessary to understand that religions of Humanity all refer to the same God, Mankind=Humanity=the organism of History, and the same collective brain, the Word, the only biological language that explains the laws of Survival and Social evolution to man.

Why then there are many prophets, who speak about that God? Merely because there are many cultures, many small diversities, and differences of language and customs caused by the reproduction, expansion and division of mankind, by geography and language.

So each prophet adapts the common message to their people. This is crystal clear when Mhmd speaks in his book. He has come to bring the news of God, the same God of Abraham and Jesus, the God of Love, the Wor[l]d, to the hard Semite Warriors who moved by revenge, the opposite feeling of love, have rejected the word of Christ.

The hardships of the life of Mhmd, like the life of Jesus, or Moses, or Marx, or Lenin, or any of the few men that gave their life to construct the God of mankind, is telling of the enormous difficulties that the prophet finds in his task of resurrecting the collective spirit of man, the Social evolution of human cells, sick and controlled by networks of money and weapons. The strength of those people cast the only hope men can find in History for a resurrection of Mankind. One might think that once the revelation comes to their minds, once the subconscious spirit of the World illuminates the brain of the prophet, of the Historian of the Future, of the man that understands fully the organism of History and his laws, the task would be easy. Yet then is when the cross, the path of suffering starts for the prophet. Since he realizes - the more the latter he is born in history - that such revelation of social love, of the path towards the evolution of history, is only his revelation. The others, the human mass is controlled by the animetals. The prophet then thinks in the conversion of the Animetals. Yet animetals will not listen. The strategies of the prophet have varied. Some like Jesus, son of God, indeed in the enormous beauty of his words, renounce to the fight against Animetals, since 'he who kills by iron, dies by iron', and you cannot serve 'two Gods, money and my father - the word'.

Yet since he renounces and the animetals do not renounce, money and iron kill him. The 30 silver coins that betray his identity, the Roman iron swords that capture him. Jesus makes the biggest renounce to his destiny, the biggest bid. He gives himself in the hope that people will see in that immense renounce, the capacity of man to jump over the tools of power of animetals: the fear of death caused by weapons, the desire of property caused by money. He makes a big bid. He renounces to live, to teach men how to live. The bid so far works. He is killed. He is sacrificed by those he came to save, the Jewish animetal traders, who wanted to control the finances of the Roman Empire without giving taxes to the warriors who owned the empire. He lets Warriors and Traders to engage in War and Holocaust. It is their destiny as we shall see to kill each other in the name of metal-Gods. Yet word of mouth, his deeds, his wor[l]ds are listened by the common people of Israel, those who are intelligent enough to understand the good and bad sides of the tree of evil, of the tree of metal.

The example of Christ is very much in the mind of Mhmd, the next great prophet to come to the encounter of God=Humanity, and His spirit, wandering on the sounds and unknown flows of mystique memories left in Gaia, the Mother-Earth. He hears them as we have heard them, as many are hearing now the suffering of Gaia, of History, of the Body of mankind. It is also an age of suffering as it was the age in which Christ, was born. Now Yvwh=Moses=Christ is again dying, tortured by heresies, who worship their images, not their words, controlled by warrior tribes, who understand nothing of the message of Christ. The stirrup barbarians have imposed from the height of their horses the absolute arrogance of the warrior. Who is going to return the name of Love to the herds of terrified men, massacred by Germanic warriors? Yet there is in the Arab desert a race of hardy Semites, men who do not fear the sword and the stirrup, men who are corrupted by revenge, and violence, but are not corrupted by money, and have a beautiful language, no yet crystallized in written texts, still evolving to the beauty of poetry, to the mystery of thought. He will take that Arab language, with so many words for human goods, for horses and love, and he will take that living animal the horse, and create a race of human warriors who will defend the message of love, against the corruption of money. Yet, he will do it. The prophet finds an inner force, in himself, in his despise for death, in the words of God=History that tell him that men are in his nature, born good, that only metal corrupts them. The temerity and hopes of the prophets are admirable. They know of the dangers, yet they prefer to forget them, to ignore them as if they did not exist, to give themselves to death if it is needed, because not even death the tool of metal-masters will stop the beauty of the word. They know they can die, and many die, but they think - we will first talk and our words will not die, they will jump from mind to mind, and create the body of a God=History, based in love.

Sangris Martire, semen Cristianorum, Sangris Martire, semen Hominum.

Why we wonder those waves that resurrect history are stopped? Why we wonder the mass moves back to the side of animetals after backing the prophets for a while? There is a final resistance, a final limit to the expansion of those prophetic waves, a tiredness of the wave, as if the initial impulse, the initial form, the initial splash of the mind of the prophet with his merit and perfection, could not fill the entire tank, create a self-sustained wave that will form all the molecules, human minds, of the Earth's container.

In the seas of human minds, as the prophet dies, and his disciples of lesser merit, abandon the hardest of the mandates of the prophet, the form of the Saint, the clone of the prophet relaxes. The 12 disciples show the same capacity to renounce to their own destiny for the collective destiny of God, that Christ had. They were perfect clones of Christ. The body of Christianity had jumped from 1 to 12, from a simple society to a first level of growth. We suppose those 12 disciples would create a wave of one hundred, one thousand pure Christians, so committed so 'professional' as those first R=evolutionaries of History that Lenin created. The quality of those first one thousand men, maybe even 10 thousand first Christians, allowed Christianity to become God. Those men shared property, gave it all for the memory of the prophet. Those men renounced to violence, and yet still spoke and song with Words in the moments of martyrdom.

The Prophet had them also in the Arabic desert. They were the Ansars, the just men who protected him from the attempts of murder, of the natural enemies of Humanity, the animetal masters, first his own family, then the Jewish masters, who as always controlled the trade and currencies of the zone, finally the military armies of La Mecca, and other cities of the myrrh trade path. R=evolutions of history need a special breed of men, harder as Animetals are, as strong with fear as a warrior, as intelligent with information as a trader, yet with the mind of a human being, who knows the difference of value between a human body and a weapon, a human poem and a coin, and prefers the human bodies and brains, to the brain and body of metal. Such kind of men are rare. That they existed, make us, lesser men of today, to accept still the beauty of mankind. That there were so few of them, in the organic crossroads of history, and so many of their enemies, the mediocre animetals, the bewildered herds, that do not resist them, is the cause of our present state, close to extinction, in the dawn of living metal.

Metal indeed kept progressing as Religious prophets failed, in the classic age to control it, and unify all men. Soon Animetals found the key to avoid a single Historic body: to observe and teach from the words of the prophet, not the common doctrine of love, and human equality but all those small concessions the prophet made to the culture in which the prophet taught. So the Arabs animetal warriors stressed the Jihad, against the words of love of the prophet, and his constant praise of Christians. They allied in fact with Jewish traders to control Christians and Muslims in all the nations they conquered. They betrayed the warnings of the prophet against money and weapons. They ceased to be soldiers of God. So did the Christians.

Then the company-mother came, and solidified the structure of the rival organism, the financial networks of individual traders and warriors, in an organic institution of such perfection and capacity to reproduce and evolve metal in a collective manner, that religion found its nemesis in the world of metal: a company no longer of men, but of weapons and money, with the same solidarity and force of action that the best prophets and pure disciples had. The company-mother is a perfect predator organism, whose structure is as well crafted as the structure of the Company of Believers had.

A group of fundamentalist animetals from the oldest, hardest races of Semites and Germanic traders and warriors, whose only aim is to extinguish life and multiply the product, speaking an alien language, the digital language of profits, motivated by profit as much as a believer is motivated by salvation, highly efficient in the manufacture of weapons, able to use them to exterminate all human rivals, takes now control of History. His first goal is to destroy all other rival organisms in the human ecosystem, human governments, human religions, human companies.

Against that company Islam and Christianity are divided. The press has exploded Christianity. Islam is in the hands of Turkish castes of warriors... As Christianity had 12 disciples, the company was ruled by 17 men, the Herren XVII, that Rembrandt painted. If Leonardo had closed the age of Christianity with his painting of the 12 disciples, now Rembrandt paints the 17 disciples of evil, that founded in Amsterdam the modern world. Christianity was agonizing and could not defend itself, lost in absurd disputes, when the organism that would kill her, was breeding on his door. Today as we argue all kind of secondary themes, in our Universities the new race of Robots is born. Yet we do not seem to care. When we care it will be late, as it was late for Christianity when Calvinism=Judaism= Anglican Gold religions and its company-mothers had reached total power in the Western World.

A single religion could have controlled the future

It is then clear the main problem that Religions faced and why they failed to control the world for the benefit of man: Animetals found through inquisitions and churches, and later commentators that stressed the form, the ritual, instead of the message of love, methods of corrupting the message of the prophet. Prophets did not highlight enough the nature of God, and consider themselves too important, creating divisions within the Human Religion. A natural, efficient organism, with a self-reproductive mid that survives each cycle of cellular life [neurons live all your life], and so it does not have to restart again from zero, has never happened among men. Leadership of human movements ceases when the founder prophet dies, and very seldom is continued by men of the standing of the prophet. So when Lenin dies Stalin, a simple, brutal warrior takes over, and destroys the Revolution. When Mhmd dies, soon his closer friends are killed and a caste of warriors, the Omeyans take over the Islamic r=evolution. Christianity resists more but with the arrival of Jewish money and Germanic warriors pope become corrupted. Yet if we forget those facts and search merely for the message, for the concept of Humanity=God, and the demise of Metal-wealth, it is crystal clear that all religions wrote the same book, and praised the same God, merely changing the form as customs changed. My favorite book of western prophets is the first, the work of Genesis, where that perception is more pure: the myth of the paradise=non metal age, the apple tree of technology, and the 'good and evil' machines which come with knowledge. The destruction of happiness by work in metal, the curse of man carried by Adam and Cain, the first Smiths of History, has never been expressed in more simple, convincing terms. The myth of the cities in the plain, the city of warriors=Gomorra and the city of Traders=Sodom burnt by God=Cycles of History, by lack of ethics=survival behavior, has to be reinterpreted in the light of the present. We live again in the cities of Gomorra and Sodom, controlled by traders and warriors, which are coming through the Cycles of war and Holocausts to a final end. Since there are not among the men that rule our nations, the 400 men that control more than half of the wealth of this planet, 40 just men, who care to survive.

That first master piece explains it all in simple parables. We are light, we are minds of light, evolved in this planet, that follow the organic mandate, grow and multiply, evolve and reproduce, and become a top predator of Nature. Yet we had not enough with our brains, we wanted to be superior, to be like God, as powerful as the Universe. And so we played with metal, with technology, with the tree of science, we condemned ourselves, to the eternal fight. We broke our language into multiple nations of animetals, constructors of Babel towers, that break once and again in wars, and Holocausts. The first legends the firs books that explained history in Sumer, legends where the prophet is anonymous, to let the Wor[l]d speak by his self... Then there are two master pieces of pure God perception: John who saw the beginning and the end of 'ideal' history, by daily contact with perhaps the most intense son of God, of the western culture, Mr. Christ. Then the Koran where all the strategies for survival of a human social Organism are spelt with no-nonsense, and surprising accuracy, regardless of the consequences for individual freedom. Koran knows that the stakes are higher now that iron horses and Germanic warriors roam the Earth. So discipline is higher, and repression established against those who betray the spirit of God.

Koran however is the last prophetic book of the classic age. Then in the age of machine, prophets of man will have to talk not only of God, but of Evil=anti-Live ideals. They will have to face the fact that the Machine and the organisms of Company-mothers are now ruling over the organisms of religions. Realism imposes itself to the French revolutionaries, Marxists, Socialists, and Ecological parties that take in the third age of history the torch of the human will and desire to survive, from Metaphysical religions. The enemy has not changed though: animetals and their evil species.

The fight continues, man Vs machine, the Homo organicus Vs the animetal, history Vs economics.

Thus we talk of a 3-book of pure verbal thought that describes the essence of a Social God=Organism of mankind: Genesis-Saint John's Gospel-Koran. This 3 books that influence each other are the most complete perception of the Wor[l]d, and its Laws of ethical behavior, that have to be followed by men as cells of God, the social being, they create through cellular human bondage. All those Books of revelation compliment each other, and should have been read by all religions, since the 3 of them cater to the same collective God: Mankind

A biological science of Religions: Religions of Man Vs Religions of metal

We can now understand what those books of religion represent, the explanation on verbal terms, of the fights of history between human and machine ecosystems.

On the many oppositions caused by the confrontation of history between human ecosystems and metal ecosystems, one opposition of informative nature is specially relevant to history. The opposition between Gold religions which deform the nature of humanity, and through weapon-based inquisitions and money-based churches transform men into animetals, repressing our biological drives towards social evolution (love the others),and the creation of a paradise, a world to the image and resemblance of man.

The importance of the informative brains of societies -their ethic, legal and religious ideas- is fundamental. Since brains dominate bodies, it turns out that social brains dominate the actions of men and create two kind of worlds. Metal religions in their verbal version or their mathematical version [economics, science] create a world to the image and resemblance of the machines. Human religions create a world to the image and resemblance of man, with human energy and human information, the concept of a paradise. That opposition between both religions was clearly expressed by the Genesis, and the parable of the Tree of science. How can we classify both kind of religions? Easily. By knowing the nature of human freedom, human happiness, and human goods (human property), those religions who repress those human elements are metal religions. While religions who favor humanity and our natural drives are love religions. Obviously most humans feel intuitively that. So love religions have expanded far more than metal religions. Today 3 of those religions spread and are believed by billions of human beings, that want to survive and make a world to the image and resemblance of mankind, make of history, God, of the word: “the verbal networks of information that rule societies”. They are Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, partially corrupted by inquisitions and churches of money, yet still holding their ground given the enormous intelligence and human understanding of their initial prophets and their books of love: the gospel, the Koran, and the teaches of Buddha.

Go(l)d and inquisitions. The Corruption of religions.           

However most of those verbal religions who explained man the nature of social survival are corrupted, sick, controlled by rituals of money and weapons, that have conveniently forgotten the truth of social evolution: love each other as you love yourself. So you can use weapons and money to manipulate and ab=use other human beings. Such process of degradation of  the laws of social evolution have its obvious origin, once more in the cultures of animetals. Indeed, against the loving ideas of initial prophets, when animetals became Jewish or Christians or Muslims they carried their weapons and money, and adapted religion to find them positive. So in the graph we can see some of such mixed animetal and religious cultures, that have twisted the original verbal message of love of the prophets:

- The golden calf, the idea that money is the intelligence of God was clearly opposed by Moses who caused a holocaust of those who adored the golden calf. Yet today both Jewish and protestant traditions (see below the dollar bill) worship money as the invisible hand of God. The Mosaic commandments have been twisted to that aim.

- The idea that he who kills by iron dies by iron, was central to christianism, and yet the animetal culture of Spanish conquistadors who killed all heresies, put in the inquisition shield a sword and a cross as if they were equal. Again the loving messages of Mhmd, were changed by the concept of Jihad, sacred war against all non Muslim people.

Metal-religions: corruption and anti-truths of verbal prophets.

We can in fact classify most modern religions, as ritualistic deformations of the Word of verbal, prophetic artists, that have deformed that Word in two basic metal-religions:

- 'Inquisitions'. The message of love, sensual pleasure, and social equality is deformed by a caste of warriors that frightens and corrupts the priests of the religion, who adapt the message of the prophet to the caste of warriors. Inquisitions accept war, repress sensorial feelings, and sexuality, focusing human energy into external exercise, related to physical war activity. They divide mankind in tribes, nations, and races, and justify the military caste as the special 'sons of god'. Since this is obviously false when a human being thinks naturally and logically, metal-religions of any kind need to brain-wash the intelligence of the believers with external symbols, wealth, icons, artistic rhetoric, and rituals of subservience to the monetary and military caste. They also have to blur the natural capacity for logic thought, of a human being into inferior ways of thinking and manipulating information, proper of animal life, such as 'drama and fear'. So they appeal to emotions not to intelligence, and pretend that the mystery of God is not comprehensible by man...

Classic examples: the Spanish inquisition that had on its shield a cross, and an inverted cross, a 'sword'. We talk of '[S]word' religions, that have included as in biological genetics, an alien host code-meaning, converting the Word of Man into the Sword of the warrior. The Lutheran and similar Protestant inquisitions, that accepted war, unequally among men [chosen of God], and sensorial repression, to cater the needs of German military princes. Nationalistic religions, that make of a tribe-nation, a 'national God', superior to the human race, to cater modern, national industrial systems of reproduction of weapons. So the good of Germany, or America, or Japan or China, is equaled to the good of their armies, and becomes more important to its citizens, that the good of mankind, the natural biological species to which we all belong.

- 'Churches'. The corruption of churches is caused by monetary information. Wealth and property become sacred, superior to human rights, and the key to enter heavens. Again a truth becomes transformed into an anti-truth. Indeed, we have proved biologically that Swords and gold are evil=extinctive of mankind=God, and reproductive of metal-kind; while sensorial pleasure is good, and reproductive of mankind. We have seen also how the great artistic prophets of Words have said so throughout history. Yet churches and inquisitions turn upside down that truth, and promote violence and money, and repress sensorial pleasure. We talk of churches of Go[l]d, where an alien code introduced within the meaning of God, makes of Gold, the new God of mankind.

As in those virus that introduce their genetic code into a healthy bacterium, and make the bacterium reproduce virus instead of its own species, Go[l]d and [S]word religions make mankind to reproduce their enemy species, the metal-kind...

Calvinism, Anglicanism and 'Aaronism,' the ritualistic version of Judaism where priest-bankers, praise wealth and convert the true words of Christ and Moses into go[l]d rituals, are the classic examples.

- Modern Go[l]d religions.

Modern Economics, founded by people belonging to those old Go[l]d religions [Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Say, Marx, and a long etc. belonged all to those 3 religions], is the modern version, of gold churches. Since economics considers 'money, the invisible hand of God', and systematically represses any attempt to create a biological science of economics, based in the evolution of machines.

- Atheisms. The fundamental consequence of all those deformed religions is atheism. Indeed, today the biggest number of atheists in the world exist within those people that are born in the Jewish and Protestant religions.  Atheism has a fundamental consequence that reinforces the tasks of animetals. It degrades the confidence of the human being in verbal thought; so he becomes a 'believer' of the myths of science, and digital languages. Indeed, the concept behind all those repressive religions and obsolete cults based in myths and ideologies so out of date that nobody can believe on them, is to maintain the level of verbal understanding in the believer at a minimal stage of dramatic, pre-rational thought. In this manner churches and inquisitions reinforce the rival language of mathematics, in any version, money, science, democratic beliefs. The rituals and absurd ideologies expel the believer from verbal languages, and give him a blind faith in the findings of science. Thus most scientists have been also Protestant, Jewish or economical believers that make machines to accumulate money. If those people were educated in verbal science, in eastern religions and western gods they would fulfill their need of knowledge at objective level with the Eastern science of the Universe, and at subjective level, with the mystique perception of God, the social body of mankind according to western religions of love. Yet since he is told myths of the bronze age [Jewish=protestant religions], or makes of money his goal of existence, he abandons verbal thought and only learns mathematical languages; thus becoming animetals, men with their natural biological verbal brains, underdeveloped.

So those Gold dogmas in fact destroy social bondage and human Gods. Faith creates individual people, Homo bacteria that no longer wish to evolve socially as cells of a social human organism. The law with origin in metal-systems of power, goes very often against the ethics of love and punishes human behavior and human natural desires. Work is a function that reproduces machines, and so does money.

We talk of social cultures Vs individualistic metal cultures, as the great  opposition of History. The first are Goldiron cultures, animetal cultures of smiths of weapons, today called the military and the police, smiths of Go[l]d, today called economists, and Adams of the tree of Good and evil, today called scientists. In them the lack of social evolution by growth of metal weapons and metal wealth are related, since weapons evolve with violence, and wealth requires denial of ethical behavior. Facts those obviously denied by rhetoricians of weapons and Go[l]d, and the churches and inquisitions of verbal or mathematical knowledge, that 'Adam Smiths' foster.  'Adam Smith' was indeed the name of the first Abstract economist that said the wealth of nations were their machines and weapons. Coincidence, or a secret code of words for those who wish to see the subconscious power of verbal Wor[l]ds, the true Gods of man?

In any case, as a result of  legal inquisitions backed by Swords, from warrior cultures to modern nationalistic states; and due to the activities of members of churches of Go[l]d, from Phoenicians to Economists, today we live in a culture of pure Animetals, where all Prophetic books have been deformed.

In this manner the prophetic Wor[l]d has died away. Yet Love, the prophetic word, is the only guide of religion, which has to be practiced by each believer as the guide of his daily existence, in order to create a parallel network of social minds, and enact a collective God.

So as Nietzsche said, "God is dead", because the cellular minds of God, the human believers who have to love and communicate, share energy/information and create the subconscious collective mind of the organism of history - God - are  also dead. As few people create those subconscious collective network, the social God becomes blurred to the perception of the few believers. The believer no longer acts to create ethic love with other men, love no longer rules a society, in which the animetal has established himself as a top predator caste.

Humans are basically today animetals, individual selfish, slaves that work= reproduce machines, and consume=test machines as their goal of existence.

The goods of the tree of science, of technology, the machines of the ecosystem we call the Metal-Earth required that 'original sin' of 'Adam', the man condemned to work= reproduce metal, that according to the Jewish-Islamic ethic tradition, became a 'smith', and killed the paradise of carbolife. His son also was a smith, called Cain, who killed again Abel, the farmer of human carbolife goods. Again his descendant, a one Adam Smith affirmed that the machines and money of societies, the fruits of the tree of metal were good. So the Adam Smiths, of the human race, today called Abstract Economists, by killing the Genesian paradise and the Abels that defended it, brought us to the other side of paradise, to the inferno of war, pollution and scarcity of human goods in which 90% of mankind lives today.

Human Masters, metal masters.

All this said it becomes now self-evident the superiority of human masters, of artists, over scientists and metal-masters, warriors and traders that use metal-weapons and metal-information to direct human societies, and transform them into economic ecosystems, where the rights of machines, company-mothers and their networks of information are superior to human beings.

They are destroying our species, because they worship alien species, metal-species.

So we will call them no longer 'super-men', as Nietzsche did, but 'animetals', 'enzymen', men that act as enzymes of other species, reproducing and evolving machines, against the laws of survival of our species. 

We will adopt here the vision of human artists of human senses, not the vision of our modern society controlled by metal-biased information and networks of metal-minds.

Because indeed, knowledge does not require as artists and philosophers, religious prophets, and writers have always understood, the use of scientific machines, of metal-senses, but the understanding of the laws of survival and extinction, of the Laws of God, that scientists, by using only meaningless numbers have forgotten.

It is the old parable of the tree of science.

(1) Wor[l]d. (Read: Word Information =Human World

A Wor[l]d is a synonym of a Historic ecosystem. A World means a human society where words are the main network-brain of information and power of the organism. So a world to the image of those words is created. The world becomes a mirror of the words of such society, which cater as the biological language of man, to the natural needs of humanity, producing human goods. While a world designed with mathematical equations, and abstract economics, cater to the needs of machines and company mothers that design them. Examples of such societies are the Christian “wor[l]d”, the Islamic “wor[l]d”, and the Communist “wor[l]d”,before the power of their words were corrupted by “words”. By contrast, a society ruled by monetary orders is not a “wor[l]d” but rather a “go[l]d” society, God=Gold, where gold=money has become the informative “god”, the network that rules society. Go[l]d religions create economic ecosystems where machines have higher rights than human beings. Classical Phoenicia and Israel and modern America and the Planet at large are examples of “go[l]d” societies.