Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


Eastern Religions, described the Universe as an Organism of Yin-Information and Yang-Energy, made of infinite organisms who shared the properties of those fundamental substances.

What is God and what is the Universe in Eastern Religions.

If Western Religions study mankind and his collective mind, called in the Western tradition, God, Eastern religions studied the Universe as a living organism. Hence the difference between them. We might say the west concentrated in a smaller Universal Organism, The Earth and Mankind, the collective mind of this planet. On the other hand the scale of thought of Eastern philosophers was bigger. They analyzed the entire Universe and concluded that it was a organic system, composed of multiple Organisms, that followed the laws of the Universal One. In this matter the rules of the Universe were harmonic in all scales and dimensions.

Those rules had two do with the organic relationships between two principles akin to our principles of spatial energy and temporal information, that the chinese called Yang and Yin.

The study of the dual Universe in verbal terms, as science does in mathematical terms, is very old, as old as humanity itself. It started with animism, and then developed into complex philosophical systems, such as Hinduism Earlier Chinese cults, or Mayan religions. The culmination of such verbal school of science took place in a brief period between the VI and IV centuries before Christ. It gave us the work of a series of verbal genius in Greece and Asia - Lao-Tse, Buddha, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates - which developed verbal cosmologies, that explained man and the Universe in harmony, and were coherent with the perceived nature of Change in the Universe of Times.
They answered the 'fundamental question of any theory of knowledge': the causes and nature of the creation, evolution and destruction of space-time beings.
To understand their answer we might have to clarify some 'words', such as Tao, Brahma, God, or the Universe, since those verbal philosophers in general used instead of the modern, scientific concepts of space and time, some philosophical concepts that talked of the same.

For the Chinese Tao, was the equivalent to time-information, the logic that ruled the Universe. Tao was combination of the relationships between energy and information, yang and yin. Tao was therefore the Mind of the Universe, which was all what existed.

The Mind of the Universe was in that sense Tao=Time.

Taoism and Buddhism: our mind only perceives part of the Universe

Asians and Greeks said that God is Time, is Change. Change is the Logic of God=The Universe, and its laws.
Those laws of change were explained in simple terms by Taoists and Buddhists using two terms, yin and yang, that are quite equivalent to the modern terms of information and energy. The species of the Universe were organic, organic beings that shared and transformed energy and information. The way they shared and transformed that energy and information followed certain rules, which were the rules of change, the Logic of God.
Today modern science has proved that such ideas are essentially right. The Universe is a game of communication of two substances that we will call spatial energy and temporal information. The sum of all those spatial energies and temporal informations is the Total Universe.
However we only perceive with the human mind of that total Universe a part of the absolute spatial energy and temporal information the total Universe stores...
Where is the rest of that spatial energy and temporal information?
The answer is: 'beyond our perception, in parallel Universes perceived with other forces such as gravitation, smells, other lengths of light, sounds we do not register'.
This conclusion reached by modern science using metal-senses, through the language of mathematics, is the best explanation we have found to The Universe. Curiously enough was also the explanation reached with verbal languages, by the scientists of the age of words...
Indeed, Eastern philosophers considered that knowledge was relative to perception, and human perception was limited by our understanding of spatial energy [yang], and temporal information [yin], with two basic languages, sight and words...
Therefore we cannot know the Total Universe in itself, but we can only perceive through the interposed 'screen' of languages, an image, or representation of the Universe. In the same manner that a mirror is not the being in itself, but only a part of the information the being stores, the senses and languages of man do not perceive the absolute truth, but only a part of it.
Man perceives with his eyes space, and with his verbs time, but - affirmed Taoist and Buddhist philosophers - there exist many other intelligent beings in the Universe, that perceive reality with other languages [smells, other colors, magnetic forces, gravitational forces, chemical impulses, etc.].
The Chinese even invented an entire branch of medicine that worked, based in the concept that your body has an underlying structure perhaps of magnetic nature, like a scheme of your body, that we cannot perceive, but we can influence with metal-needles...
Is it that acupuncture influences the magnetic-gravitational blue-print, which underlies your bone-structure? Since we do not perceive gravitation, only indirect proves can answer that question.
This might trouble 'classic scientists' and their fantasy that only what their sensorial machines perceive is real, that they know it all with absolute certainty.
Yet it is necessary to accept that we exist in a virtual world, creation of the mind which is not necessarily the total Universe, or even the world that other sensorial species perceive.
The Universe is a 'linguistic representation' of words and images, as the Universe a computer perceives is a linguistic representation of numbers and the Universe of a dog, a representation of smells, and images...
A tree has a chemical map of the Universe, a star has perhaps a gravitational mind, [for Eastern people celestial Bodies were living beings, hence their development of astrology] a man a visual and verbal mind... an artist, refines that human mind, according to aesthetic and ethic values, only proper of man. A scientist perceives that universe, according to forms and values perceived with machines and mathematics. None of those visions of The Universe is better. They just cater to different species and senses.
So the big question is: how can we study the logic of change, that guides the actions and changes of all those mental beings?
Since modern scientists do not believe in any other perception except that of their machines, they do not even make that question.
Again Eastern philosophers came with what it seems the right answer:
Since we know the 'logic of change', the effects of Time in Space, for a lot of species, and all those species, when analyzed in depth, follow certain basic ruled laid down by those philosophers, it is logic to affirm that all other species not-perceived by our senses will follow the same rules.
This is in essence the way the experimental method works. You boil water with heat one thousand times, and it is the same process, so you 'extrapolate' a law: 'heat boils water'.
Eastern philosophers said: 'the changes of space, the changes of all beings we perceive, follow the rules of 'yang-spatial energy', and 'yin-temporal information'. So those laws should also rule the species, and dimensions of Times we do not perceive. Thus, those rules are the laws of God, the Total Change, the Laws of the Universe, the Total Space.
They had found what we might call the 'homologic', or 'analogic', or 'biologic' method of knowledge. Since those rules of Change were deduced observing the homologies, analogies, and biological behavior common to all living and non-living species...

The homologic, biologic method

Eastern philosophers accepted a biologic Universe, a living Universe, where beings with different minds see 'parallel Universes', virtual maps of reality, logic models, mirrors of reality, which helped them to act and survive in the Universe.
When this became evident to the Hindi and Chinese philosophers, the great masters of those two cultures, Lao-Tse, and Buddha, established certain bio-logic rules of behavior in that Living Universe.
In modern terms, we could say that Chinese discovered the laws of transformation of energy into information, and vice versa. For example they affirmed:
'Energy [spatial yang] never dies, but constantly transforms itself into temporal information [yin]"
"The transformation of energy into information follows 3 morphological 'horizons' or 'ages', which takes place in all species of space-time".
"All Universal systems need a minimal quantity of both components, to exist, a 'body of energy', and a 'mind of information'."
And so on...
Those laws that merged biological and physical concepts about time, space, energy, information, life, and death, existence and extinction...
They were simple, based in a few observations [the Asians had not complex instruments of science]. Yet perhaps because of their simplicity, they were truly generic; they could apply to all Universal beings, and so they could be rightly considered as fundamental laws of God and the Universe of the way Time changes the spatial reality.
Regarding the laws of behavior in that Universe, the Asians also discovered simple, effective, natural laws to enhance the survival of humankind.
Buddha insisted that men should love each other, since they belong to the same species, and regarding other beings, they should kill only those species it required to feed on, since all beings had a soul-mind, all species had a virtual image of the Universe, and therefore were living beings. It was the biological law of action-re action: if you gave a bad 'karma' [bad energy or information] to another being, the other being to balance the total Universe, would send you the same bad karma [bad energy and information] that could destroy you.
If we respected the life of those beings, those beings would respect us. Such Universal law of behavior was the key to survive in the Universe... Lao-Tse also came to the conclusion that men should be careful with the way they interfered in the natural processes of life and death, since the forces at work 'the logic laws of change', the laws of God, were too powerful and we men should merely strive to understand them, and rule our lives according to them.
So we have to conclude that the verbal age of science, reached coherent and efficient answers to the great questions of mankind. It explained the Universe as a game of spatial and temporal parameters. It understood the existence of many 'dimensions' in that Universe beyond our world of light. It developed an ethic vision of our role in the Universe according to his nature. When applied correctly it created human societies harmonic with nature, and those Universal laws of change. The aim of those societies was to survive, to repeat its 'cycles of existence', and control to the benefit of man the process of change. The Chinese were specially successful at that; and we can justly said they managed to keep their society unchanged, healthy and growing longer than any other human society ever.
I consider that through those Eastern philosophies, in the golden age of the scientific word, which had its summit in earlier Taoist and Buddhist thought, men evolved mentally, and matured on its verbal perception of the Universe, from a simple age of language, of subjective, syntactic, anthropomorphic, dogmatic, nature, to an age of complex language, of objective, semantic, universal, relativistic nature.
Even the verbal and visual-mathematical language was put in perspective as a mere instrument of human subjective knowledge, unable to give us the absolute truth-information of the Universe. If absolute truth was impossible, what was then the purpose of knowledge? Obviously not a theoretical, dogmatic purpose, but a rather pragmatic reason:
To help the probabilities of human survival, by guiding our acts in accordance with the Laws of Change; and specially by building a general sense of respect, and humility about all the phenomena we did not understand.


In that sense we can translate to modern terminology the main texts of Buddhism and Taoism, written as all religious texts in metaphoric terms. Let us consider as a guide to such translation, the main text of Chinese culture, the Tao-te-king.

The main book of Taoism deals with the adequate behavior of yin-yang species - what they have to do to survive - which is the true nature of knowledge. Extinct species know nothing, something Galilean science which might extinct us with their evolution of weapons yet has to grasp - among many other things.

In bio-logic terms Tao-Te-King would translate as:

"The Laws of temporal Existence":


"The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao.

The name which can be uttered is not the eternal name.

Without name is the principle of yin and yang; when in

Existence is the mother of 10X103 beings...

 [Bio-logical interpretation]:

[The Function of] Existence cannot be expressed.

If perceived his virtual form will fade away.

The species whicj can be named is not the eternal logic.

The logic of existence has no form. its the principle of Time=information and Space=energy.

And when its form is shaped, it becomes 10 thousand cycles.

energy who has no wishes wonders at itss perfection.

energy who exists in present and searches for the effect

will see nothing but the glare of light forms.

energy and information are born of Existence . Yet its functions are different.

Temporal Perceptors of energy. Gates to all forms of wisdom;

Energy lives in-form[ation]. Form dies into energy.

But when both merge a specie of existence be=comes.

You cannot stop herds of existences that follow the laws of the game.

Leave then to the wisdom of creation and they will respect your form.

The Master gives freedom to Existence, and takes only what she needs, and cares for him.

You shall not search for wishes beyond your human form. You shall not make propaganda of vile consume. You shall not infatuate your people and give them desires beyond what Existence can give to man. You shall not make greed the object of your Existence.

Because complexity brings death and revolution, you shall not fill of light and air the mind of men, but give them the earth that feeds, and Jen=Harmony and the simplex senses of man.

And so the man of wisdom empties of dreams the simplex man. And the man of wisdom, let's Existence follow his path. And the true master gardens the forms that Existence has born.

Virtual, never physical, existence is eternal by his lack of form. Because in the emptiness of a closed Jar, all the water of Existence can be contained; when Existence flows. And all the forms of present can be trapped into subservience to the Universal Game. Because in the depth of virtual Existence where all forms become, yet no form it is; Existence gives birth to the 103 waves=radiations...

The translation has to be understood as a poetic explanation in modern terms of a book which is immersed in a culture, now extinct, of people who understood the Universe as a game of two variables. they call them yin-yang or cycle-line, or Female-male principle... In modern terminology the best translation is information and energy, or time and space.