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“The reproduction, evolution and protection of machines is the biological mandate of company-mothers”

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The company-Mother reproduces and protects machines

The arrival of Companies and Science, around 1600, started a new world, where the new top predator language of power would be digital information -the language of money and science- and the new top predator species that better used that language of communication would be the machine of science, created in company-mothers, reproducers of “scientific stocks”, and evolved by the scientific method, both of which used digital languages to value reality, in favor of machines. So now machines would be preferred to man in labor and war fields, and sensorial machines (telescopes, cameras, clocks and computers) would be considered by science more intelligent than man, as perceptors of space and time...

Since the goal of company-mothers is to reproduce machines, and the goal of science is to evolve machines, if we gather both goals, we get the company of scientific pricing, the mother-organism of machines, center of the digital networks (financial, scientific) of power, and information, that today create the futureon Earth.

It meant the creation of a new ecosystem, the eco[nomic]system that changed the top predator language of the Earth from verbal to digital thought (money and science), the top predator species, from man to machine, and the top predator organism of power, from companies of men dedicated to the achievement of a world to the image and resemblance of man, to companies of machines, dedicated to create an ecosystem to the image and resemblance of the machine.

How can we describe biologically a company-mother? Companies can be described biologically as “mothers” of products. Both internally an externally companies are reproductive mothers of machines, which they evolve and reproduce, and take care of in the market ecosystem. The internal analysis of the processes of re=production of machines are studied by what abstract economics call “micro-economics”. The external processes by which company-mothers control the environment in which machines develop, organizing themselves in more complex herds, guided by stock-markets, are the subject of study of “macro-economics”, politics, and history.

Micro-economics: the reproduction of machines

Internally the company is similar to a “cell”, where a series of “enzyme-workers”, in the macro-organism of companies -human workers- develop certain serial products, mainly machines (the 500 fortune companies are overwhelmingly reproducers of machines, or information and energy for machines). Those human workers work under the “genetic=informative orders” provided by a certain informative code, in the case of cells the genetic code, in the case of companies, money.

Money delivers orders to workers=reproducers of machines, which in turn, gather certain raw materials, and assembly them into finished products. To construct them the company uses raw materials, mainly metal, and metal-based systems of energy and information (electricity, electronics). Those pieces of metalife are put then together in “cell-like places” called factories, by other metalife species (machines), and certain humans, that we shall call “enzyman”, who act motivated by their belief in monetary values, and monetary information, that the company distributes among them (salaries). This is the key element in the process. The company-mother has first controlled the network of human information, words, and created the parallel system of monetary orders and values, that now rule the Earth.

In any organic system an individual species needs to survive the informative code that rules the organism. As a cell needs to understand and obey the orders of the central brain, and the nervous system, the informative system of the body, in the Earth, once company-mothers controlled human societies with monetary orders (bribes, salaries, wages, prices) all men were obliged to accept monetary orders or die without energy and information to survive.

So in any factory, human beings, become “brainless” species whose only aim is to obey the monetary orders and scientific instructions handled by the 2 networks of the Metal-earth, the reproductive network of machines (companies) and the evolutionary network (scientists). In turn those orders create the specific product-machine, imitation of a human organ, that the company-mother evolves and reproduces. As a result of those processes, herds of machines are thrown into the world ecosystem, where they compete with living beings, as organs of energy and information.

We are here interested in what happens afterwards, when the process of mechanical reproduction of machines, caused by the “slavery of men” to monetary orders, is completed. What kind of products the 500 Fortune, the biggest company-mothers of the world reproduce? Those machines which substitute a human organ or animal species by the equivalent machine organ. In this manner all the species of the Carbolife kingdom have been translated into its metalife equivalent, shaping an entire parallel new ecosystem, that we call the Metal-earth. Companies are therefore symbiotic mothers, since all together recreate a living ecosystem of metal. For that reason company-mothers are organized together, into a higher “collective brain”, of the Metal-earth ecosystem, the stock-market, which is the “government of companies”, that divides the total quantity of organic energy and information (theory of organisms), the total quantity of money among the different species of the ecosystem. You can compare the stock-market, to a mother of all mothers, that gives to each company a share of “energy-money”, to be able to run their business, buy “enzymen”, that will work in those companies, and construct with bribes and investments, the necessary networks of energy and information for their machines to survive. In this manner, company-mothers create a vital space for their offspring, the economic ecosystem, its energy networks (roads, electricity) and its informative networks (financial and informative nets). An ecosystem that today is filled with all kind of metalife species, that now thanks to the Heads of metal of the chip radiation, are acquiring also a brain, that substitutes the “human consumers” that used to vitalize machines acting as the brain of bodies of metal.

Macroeconomics: the creation of the Metal-Earth

So the world is now primarily an ecosystem of machines, in which body-machines, sea-machines (boats), air-machines (planes), land-machines (cars, trucks, railroads), and brain-machines (chips, satellites), eye-machines (cameras) survive protected by their company-mothers and symbiotic animetals. They have thanks to those company mothers access to cheap food (electric, oil energy), and cheap information [the net], in conditions much more favorable than those human beings and carbolife are experiencing. Indeed, give the power of company-mothers that rule our governments, the energy and information of mankind is still scarce (lack of verbal information and human goods, food, hosing, health-care, etc.), while the energy and information of machines have multiplied. So machines have a much easier life, since they have the necessary food and information, and have attached to each of them, due to the myths of property, a human consumer, brain-washed by propaganda to take care of the survival of machines as their goal in life, when the company-mother releases the machine into the economic ecosystem.

Every company is on charge of reproducing a specific element of the ecosystem of the Metal-earth, which imitates an organ of energy and information of human nature. Then it starts the external process that we are mostly concern with. The company is a reproductive species, and as such, from the external point of view of the economic ecosystem, its main role is to take care of its offspring of species, to avoid that their sons become extinguished, and to provide a vital space (an ecosystem of energy and information) where they can feed and grow in form=evolve. To do so they need to control the vital space in which machines exist, which is the Planet Earth, and terraform the Planet earth to the image and resemblance of the machines, regardless of what are the needs of all other species on Earth (human beings and nature).

How company-mothers do control the Earth, against the needs of human beings and nature? With several strategies.

- The creation of a national (today a worldwide) alliance of companies, all of them dedicated to the reproduction of machines, which speak in a digital language called money, able to control the actions of human beings, and our institutions (governments, educational systems, and religions) that under monetary control abandon the goals of the human species, and substitute them for the goals of machines. This implies that company-mothers have to control the reproduction and distribution of that new digital language, money, what they do, through legal control of their invention (commercial law), in two institutions symbiotic to company-mothers, banks, trade ministries (ruled by ideologies in favor of machines, called economics), and specially stock-markets. In stock-markets companies are given a quantity of free money (shares), parallel to the quantity of machines companies reproduces. So companies can obtain money merely by reproducing machines, and reproducing shares of null cost (paper-shares). In this manner companies have -unlike human beings, who have to work to earn energy-money- an unlimited supply of monetary orders to control human beings and governments with bribes and salaries. The stock-market invents today 9/10 of the total money invented on Earth. So the imbalance of power between company-mothers, and humans, and human governments is absolute, since the language of power on Earth today -money- is totally controlled, and reproduced without limits by company-mothers. Money is invented and distributed to different company-mothers in the “brain of the machine-ecosystem” the Stock-market, which selects companies by their capacity to reproduce the best machines, the fittest species. As such the stock-market is the biological government of the Metal-earth.

- The use of top predator machines, called weapons, to control those carbolife species, who do not want to submit to their will. Those weapons were first used directly by company-mothers in the beginnings of the age of companies, during the XVII and the XIX centuries, when company mothers owned millions of human beings, either as a slaves, or as national property. So for example the Indian Company, owned all the Bengalis, and massacred them when they did not reproduce enough tea-cargo for their gunboats. While the Virginian Company owned the Americans, white or black, and if they did not obey the factors of the company, they did not receive the minimal goods to survive. In this manner companies selected in those lands they owned (specially America and the British Empire), human beings specially tamed, and willing to obey monetary orders without complaining. The result is that today those countries are totally owned by companies, and their people are happy tamed animals, that truly live in an Orwellian sense, in a “metal-farm”, worshipping their slavish roles to companies as workers and consumers... When companies achieve total control of governments, governments directly took the job of controlling rebel humans. So now companies seem to be peaceful, and governments are in control of rebel carbolife species with weapons (armies, police). While politicians hired by companies issue laws that favor systematically the design of the ecosystem of machines and their energy/info networks.

- The control of our governments as explained above. Men thus lack any global government, or even national strong institutions able to challenge the power of herds of companies.

- The process of monetary valuation. As stock-markets and companies print more money, its massive reproduction makes money, their languages of power, able to “measure” and value with monetary prices, all things on Earth. Yet monetary values-prices are biased to value more machines than human goods, of minimal or null price. In this manner species can be selected with monetary orders delivered by companies. Species with minimal monetary value (human goods, nature, non-technological nations), become extinguished or degraded. While species with maximum monetary value (weapons, informative machines), become selected and reproduced.

- The creation and promotion of ideas in favor of machines delivered to masses of human beings trough “metal-communicators”, informative networks of machines that communicate ideas favorable to their ecosystem, (press, radio, TVs, internets), and invented by an ideology regarded as supreme knowledge that requires machines to reach that knowledge called the scientific method. Both together shape today the networks of information of the Metal-earth, and the ideas in favor of the machine ecosystem, that men sheepishly believe.

- The creation of energy networks for those machines (roads, electricity, etc.) often with the help of the governments they control. Regarding the energy and information of those machines the process of selection also acts in favor of machines, through the process of selection of costs. The more costly energy and information is not reproduced. Which happens to be the verbal information and carbolife energy needed by human beings. So human verbal reproduction becomes extinguished, books dwindle and internet information multiplies, while electric energy multiplies and human carbolife food is always in short supply. So machines are all healthy while men die of hunger.

- The extinction of all rival informative or energetic networks of carbolife origin that collide with the reproduction of these machine networks. So as highways multiply carbolife and forests disappears. As internet and TV multiplies humans forget how to read and write and think in verbal terms, becoming devolved to a pre-historic age, of violence, dramatic behavior and body-cult, that we call the “Neo-Paleolithic”.

- Finally, when the power of company-mothers of top predator species, weapons becomes absolute according to the cycles of economical reproduction that alternate peaceful and weapon machines the process of war further expands the ecosystem. Indeed, a car is a tank and the same company reproduces both. So in certain ages, companies prefer to make tanks when they cannot reproduce more cars, and have saturated the Earth ecosystem with them.

A war is an absolutely free ecosystem of machines. So it means a massive age of reproduction and evolution of the fittest top predator machines (weapons), that give the highest profits to companies, and show a glimpse to what will be the a truly “free market”, that is a truly free ecosystem or jungle of metal in which machines will be the owners of the earth

After a first age in which companies such as the Indian Company mentioned above, declared war directly with their gunboats, today companies prefer to use governments to take care of wars, and dedicate all their efforts only to reproduce weapons during those war periods. So in order to make war companies promote with lobbies political parties that have violent ideas, are prone to nationalistic confrontation, and pay huge quantities of money to weapon companies to evolve their machines.

As a result of all those processes companies have achieved the “selection of human beings”, and their ideologies, extinguishing those men and ideas who care about life and ethic words, and promoting those men and ideologies who believe in the machine and its language of information, money.

Indeed, you are a consumer and worker. Your ethics, what the system of propaganda, tells you to do to become a winner, a “superior human being” is to work=reproduce machines and consume=test them. So you do that. Even if it really means to promote other species that will degrade you as a human being and finally kill you. Today that selection is almost complete, since company-mothers through all the previous methods have converted most humans that live in the economic ecosystem (first world) in two type of “animetals”, men who promote machine reproduction (workers) and men who promote machine evolution (consumers who test=consume=vitalize machines, and pay a subvention to companies to continue the reproduction of the best machines). The rest of mankind, live in the third world, which companies control by maintaining those nations in total poverty, selling them massive quantities of lethal machines (weapons), preventing their human goods to reach the first world (GATT treatments), and preventing them from having money to create a world to the image and resemblance of mankind (lack of credit, financial dumping of third world currencies, etc.).

Digital thought: the language of companies

You might wonder why company-mothers, despite being composed of humans, obey systematically machines, evolve machines and care nothing for the humane ecosystem. There are two reasons for that behavior. First of all, as we said, their humans are selected since early age, brain-washed, and controlled totally through monetary orders. They are fed ideologies in favor of machines, and belong mainly to cultures of animetals, that have converted them in worshipers of machines, science, work and consume. In second place, companies do not “speak words” but use digital languages, the languages of machines, to express their biological mandates of reproduction and evolution of machines. So most men working in companies are not ethically aware (a verbal feeling) of what they do, but refuge themselves in abstract mathematics, that prevent them to understand or at least to feel consciously the process of collective extinction they are performing over the Human Earth. Finally, companies are part of herds join in the stock-market, so the division of responsibility acts, diluting the moral charge of the acts of their workers. Further on those workers are considered legally irresponsible for their acts through Laws of Anonymous societies imposed in the XIX century to give total privileges to the owners of companies (stocrats), that cannot be punishes by the extinctive acts of their companies. In this manner they become selfish, irresponsible individuals that care nothing for humanity, only for the profits of their companies, achieved by the multiplication and reproduction of their machines.

The biological mandate of companies: reproduction

In that sense could talk of a Biological mandate that all company-mothers follow: to reproduce and evolve machines; which is parallel to the mandate their selfish stocrats, follow: to reproduce and multiply our profits. Since profits and sales, and reproduction are parallel concepts, both stocrats as human individuals and company mothers as metal-organisms go together. This is done in mathematical terms through a simple equation that equals men and machines through prices, and qualifies them by their productivity, by their efficiency as reproducers of other machines:

Man = price = product... Minimal price-cost = Max. Profit

Basically a company-mother is a reproductive organism, and as such it has all the organs and functions of reproductive organisms, which are performed within the company by two species, humans and machines. What this means is that a human worker is a perfect animetal, a species which acts no longer as a human being, but as an enzyman, a reproducer of machines. Both species are when working in a company-mother basically the same kind of species -labor- submitted to the same laws of behavior, and the same language of valuation, money. How is this achieved? Merely by translating the value of both, humans and machines, to the common language of money, through the equation:


Companies only think in terms of those equations. This means in terms of Labor, that when the price of a machine that substitutes a human worker is very cheap, human labor ends totally and the machine substitutes man.

The problem with a massive, reproductive radiation of machines, which is natural to the function of company-mothers ever expanding the growing numbers of products they reproduce, is that those machines occupy vital space, and the Earth is small. So either machines or humans have to go. And men indeed go away “consumed by machines” in wars with an economical cause.

The need to reproduce is the cause of the fight between species. It is also the reason why companies abuse human beings. Their biological function is simple: reproduction, sales, profits, investment, reproduction. All other considerations are superfluous to that cycle. Yet if we talk of weapons the vital, reproductive cycle of their company-mothers is more dangerous: companies of weapons reproduce machines, they sale them to individuals creating violence on the streets, or to the Military, increasing the risk of war and genocide among nations. To empty those stocks of weapons they promote hard-core politicians that sooner or latter will accept to go to war... Then weapons are used up against human soldiers, consumed very fast, and company-mothers sell them in great numbers, ripping huge profits. Reproduction indeed is the key to understand Evolution. That's why there is no compassion in the Universe. That's why all species follow the law of Evolution. You need a lot of energy to reproduce and feed your babies. So you fight for survival, killing other species and ecosystems that also want to reproduce. In that sense, the Law of reproduction is the logic, the intelligence of the Universe; The law of God: “Grow and multiply, and feed on other species that want to do so”.

On the Earth, there are today three kinds of mothers, who are fighting for the survival of their offspring: animals, human mothers, and company mothers. It is self-evident that animal mothers are having the worst part, and company-mothers are winning the battle.

Today forest and nature are substituted by machines and their roads. And third world nations, and agricultural communities are the target for that constant expansion of machine ecosystems.

The futureevolution of Company mothers. Automated factories

Today, reproduction of machines is needed to give profits to company-mothers and their stock holders. In the future, factories with automated software, such as those that design automatically robots, will need to reproduce to accomplish the program that puts the automated factory in a constant “mother-like” reproduction-mode. Reproductive instincts will be transferred by software programs to the mother-factory that will be as jealous of the security of its off-spring as a human-mother is... While survival instincts will exist in killing- robots tat will massacre human beings. It will be the birth of the Metal-earth, an ecosystem without human beings, in which humans will be totally obsolete substituted by robots and computers...the extinction of History...

It is clear that human labor is becoming obsolete and companies will need less and less humans in their structures. The second job that humans perform for companies, the job of consumers is also at risk, as the processes by which companies select their products change and the growth of companies make consume within companies the very engine of economical growth. Indeed, humans are no longer needed as consumers because machines are consumed by the same companies. Let us consider the consequences of that displacement of consumers for the human being. As a consequence, “internal investment among companies” grows: Companies substitute workers for chips. Humans without work have no money to consume products. So the consumption of companies grows. Companies buy and sell products to other companies. The market ecosystem no longer needs human consumption, and does not produce human goods. So now also consumers are displaced by companies that consume each other products. In this manner men are thrown out of the productive ecosystem not only as workers but also as consumers.

For that reason economical GNPs are increasing, since they measure machines consumed by machines, while human standard of life diminish, since they measure human goods, that become scarce, and human consume that diminishes. This is a result of the production of machines and digital products that companies consume in their reproductive processes.

So as economists tell us that we are becoming richer, in fact we are becoming poorer. Yet cheated by such digital ideologies (GNP numbers) we keep voting for right-wing parties that deafened corporations instead of pushing left-wing parties that defend human goods, and Worldwide organizations [world union] that try to create parallel structures of power to the world stock-market able to defend the human kind, and create a paradise of human goods.

Such is the power of a wrong ideology to destroy the world.

What will the structure of such future, automated, company-mothers? Let us have a look at them and project their future, as men are displaced by computers and machines in the informative and reproductive tasks of companies:

In the graph we show the flows of informative ordered and power within the internal reproductive organism of companies. Men tend to believe that consumers and managers have the power to decide what a company produces. Yet the real choice is determined by the essence of the bio-logical process of machine reproduction. Grow and multiply is the law of companies [1]. To create “products of energy and information is the individual goal of each company-mother. Inside them, humans can play their enzymatic role in companies catalyzing under monetary orders (wage and prices) the reproduction of machines [3 and 4]. As a result, men copy all of their organic functions into machines. As money becomes the mind of computer networks, not even the managers will be needed. On the left side we draw the futurestructure of companies, when men will no longer distribute monetary orders, or consume=test machines. In that future, money will organize the reproduction of machines through computer minds. Then machines will be selected in the external world, in the “metal jungle”.

The tendency of companies is toward the expulsion of human enzymen: technological companies invest in chips and robot-workers, and substitute verbal orders by digital thought. Machines are winners of the selective process of company mothers.

Yet humans adapt their verbal rhetoric to hide their increasing loss of control, of company-mothers (economical theories and propaganda). Workers and managers [numbers 4-5 on the graph] are not free. They adapt decisions to the evolutionary logic of the Metal Earth. We might say that decisions at the managerial level are made by mathematical software, increasingly, in routine programs of digital thought that design the reproductive processes of machines.

Not even consumers are free. They want property and consume whatever products companies give them (Say's Law). Decisions of consumers are followed by marketing executives. While processes of machine creation are caused by the discovery of efficient metal organic shapes and reproductive methods, imposed by metal properties and the imitation of the organic functions of people (chip-brains, leg-cars, etc.).

Humans transfer form from carbolife organs to metal organs. This process is determined by the material available [3], by the human discovery of machines that copy and substitute human organs and mental functions [3] , by computer design [3], and finally by the test results established by consumers [7], who are easily programmed by marketing. Bosses, workers and middle managers [4] live in a mirage of power because they make decisions. Their decisions have to follow routes that are predetermined by the laws of metal-biological reproduction.

The possible translations of organs of man into metal are determined by the limits of human biology. It is not possible to create other types of machines than those who imitate human organs or functions. Good managers “accept” the restrictions imposed by the Metal Earth. They “smell” evolutionary tendencies towards higher technology. Consequently, they cut down the labor force, increasing computer content and capital, focusing in the marketing goal of bending consumers will, according to Say's Law, which states that supply determines demand. Today most of the computer power of the world is in the hands of companies and financial systems, who control the stock markets. In this manner, a reproductive kind of Artificial Intelligence is born in companies. Stocks help the self-integration of the metal reproductive ecosystem, beyond the restrictions of the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is not a copy of human intelligence. It is an adaptation of the functions of nervous thought, of the human mind to different kinds of machines.

Artificial Intelligence is any digital system of information embedded in a machine. E-money is the mind of the Metal Earth, the essence of Artificial Intelligence at macrocosmic level. It guides the networks of production and management. In the way that our language is the virtual world of communication among humanity, digital money controls the existence of machines. In the future, the reproductive will of e-money will control reproductive factories. The human function of testing machines will be done by machines themselves. It will be an environment in which machines, as Top Predators, will be the sentient beings of the Earth. They will compete for energy and information. Only the strongest will survive.

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