Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


A human being is a Universal organism that follows the laws of the organic universe

A human being as an organism

In the graph, a human organism is also a Universal organism, that follows the laws of all social organisms.

Thus we are also composed, of cellular beings, join by networks of energy and information. Those networks are called the digestive and nervous systems. Finally we have a third reproductive network as all living organisms do, called the endocrine network.

We are organisms of energy and information, in nothing different from all other organisms of the Universe, subject to the same laws of morphology and behavior.
Those laws are self-evident in the human organism.

Our centers of information, thehead, the brain and the eye, follow the formal laws of informative species: they are on top, small, circular, cyclical, and they control the energy systems of our organism.

Our energy systems also follow the morphological laws of energy-bodies. They are lineal, or planar in shape, bigger and stronger than the information center that rules them. So your members are lines, and your body is a plane.

Regarding the behavior of organisms, our organism follows the basic laws of Universal Organisms, the 4 arrows of organicism:

- We evolve socially sharing information and energy with other beings of the same species. Thus we are naturally inclined to love other human beings, and we need to be brain-washed by ideologies to avoid that natural social love prophesised by religion.

- On the other hand we compete with species different to us, which means in Bio-History that we compete with top predator machines - weapons - and other human beings that our limited perception consider different to us (racism, tribal nationalism, etc.)

- Finally regarding our behavior, we are also naturally inclined to follow the universal behavior of organisms. So we search for information to feed our Head, energy to feed our body and, whenever we can, we try to reproduce sexually both, a body of energy and a brain of information. The 4 natural drives of existence, are the essence of human behavior that bring us happiness. So we always act searching for those natural drives. When we love we are acting under the drive of reproduction. When we read, or watch a Television, is the drive of information that guide us. When we feed, or accumulate organic property, or decorate our home, we are creating a organic space, and acquiring energy to survive.

The networks of mankind as an organism: internal will

What we see first when we observe a human being - the external Head, and the body, and the senses - are only the external aperture to the internal human organism, which is the true origin of our will. To join bodies and brains the human being has established 3 internal networks, the nervous system which extends the power of the informative brain, the digestive system which regulates the energy of the body, and the endocrine system which regulates the reproduction of the organism. While information is carried by a single network of communication - the nervous system, the reproductive and energy systems spread their particles through a common blood network.

The nervous system has its nodal center in the Head-brain-eye, the blood/energy system in the heart-body; and the reproductive system in the genitals. Those 3 centers are also the centers of your will. However only the informative brain decides directly. The other two centers of will in man, body/sex, have to ask 'permission' to the brain, which therefore decides which of the 3 wills, 'energy-information-reproduction' of a biological organism you will follow, proving once more the control of informative Heads over energetic bodies.

The soul

The brain however is wise. Since the rest of the body can send it pain messages, if it does not help the body to survive.

So for all purposes you can consider yourself a species whose will=soul will constantly try to get information about his environment, gather energy from that environment, and reproduce if possible, in order to satisfy 'your-self'. We conclude that your networks are your consciousness, your perception. Indeed you do not go as far as to perceive your living cells. You only perceive the physiological networks. Thus those 3 systems are your internal soul, your self, joined to the Universe by sensorial external systems.

So the blood/digestive system causes your external body-activity, movement, and physical or force sensations. Your blood/endocrine system, causes your external feelings, your desire to communicate, and love, to gather with other humans and reproduce. While your nervous/informative system, causes the linguistic activity of your mind, your capacity to process sound information into meaningful words, and electro-magnetic information into visual images. Your mind is also the origin of art and social evolution...

The importance of the networks as the will and consciousness of yourself is evident. There is even a medical classification of humans in 3 types, depending on the dominance of one or other system. Nervous, 'picnic' people, tall, thin, brainy'; athletic, 'sanguine' people, based in the digestive/blood systems, and finally people for whom the emotions and chemical desires of the hormonal system dominate their organism.

You can say that your will is in your networks, even though you express it externally through your body and brain, and the senses, which are outlets of those networks to the external Universe.