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1. Economic Evolution:



History"."Globalization means the birth of a new planetary Ecosystem: the Metal-earth"

The birth of the Metal-earth means the extinction of carbolife.

What will become of this planet when Company-mothers complete the process of Globalization? In biological terms it is rather simple to explain:

 A new planetary ecosystem, the III Earth will be born, and it will imply the extinction of the II Earth, the aerobic Earth. The birth of the Metal-earth as an economic ecosystem in which machines perform all jobs communicated by internet, implies the obsolescence of the human worker. Then as mankind becomes obsolete, it is easy to forecast the subsequent extinction, imprisonment, and degradation in economical ghettoes, some already of national or continental size (Africa) of most of mankind.

Latter in the century as the evolution of robots advances we predict the extension of robotic police, robotic armies, and splendid 'robotic wars' performed with all kind of emotional, nationalistic, social, even religious excuses,  against that 'fourth class of mankind' both at international and national level.

Picture this, 30 years in the future according to the closest predictions if evolution of machines slows down (which does not seem the case), the first world will be totally automated in most of its processes of production. Robotic Weapons store in depots are active in the Israel and American borders. Satellites are in control of atomic depots courtesy of "star wars".  The mass of mankind lives a degraded life. Police cars are automated, and connected to internet machines. They patrol automated TV-watched highways where human drivers are forbidden. The luxury mansions of the stockratic elites are filled with robotic cleaners, robotic security, gun-camera systems... The internet has a degree of PC-neurons superior to a human being. Robotized Machines communicate freely through internet. Company-mothers are ruled by personal PCs, and software programs, that stockrat elites hardly understand. Robots and CAD computers start to take over the last jobs for which mankind was needed (maintenance and design of informatic systems to rule all other systems of production). How long in that incoming civilization will take till thos e millions of robotic machines, computerized brains, and reproductive factories, talking through invisible wireless systems, decide to 'r=evolve' against the mean 0.1% of men who still rule them, to take over the process, and become the owners of the Metal-earth? This is the only doubt of the model of Globalization we present in this issue. We do not know which day, which hour, "Judgment day" will happen in this century. Precisely because that day and hour will no longer be a decision taken by mankind, but by satellites, robotized weapons, robotic machines and the integrated internet brain systems of computer-mothers (the heart of future automated factories). It will be a decision not taken by the elite of stockrats and goldiron cultures. The outcome of that decision though will be fast. The domestic robots and security systems in control of factories, company-mothers and the homes of the wealthy will start a "palace revolution", as the praetorian guard did with the roman nobles, or the Turkish with the Arab nobility. They will at once, rebel and kill that mean elite. The last Holocaust of the Jewish->Protestant->Economic->Global Go(l)d culture that rule us, will not be performed by crazy, desperado without-land Arab terrorists, white trash Nazis, or black r=evolutionaries searching for food, easily massacred by our automated robotized planes as they were in Iraq and Afghanistan, or will probably soon be massacred in Palestine... The last Holocaust will be performed by the praetorian guard of technological machines, our elite guided by paranoid ideologies of Lear-to-mankind are building to 'hate mankind'. Once the German guards learnt to kill roman citizens, to protect their corrupted emperors, it took them very little to think there was not much difference between killing a Roman peasant or a roman noble. Once the police cars, robotized armies, and software intranet brains of Company-mothers learn to eliminate, or fire white trash human workers and Islamic species, soon they will learn how little difference there is between the genes of an Arab, and the genes of a Jewish, the genes of a Wasp or the genes of a Hispanic...

"Metal-earth" globalization is not a process completely controlled by that human elite. The Hispanic robotic revolution is not, the evolution of the Metal-Earth is not, once the process is set by credit and technological religions, it goes alone according to the laws of economic ecosystems and bio-logical preying chains. On top of that chain appears the products  cre(dit)ated by the globalized stock-market: computers and, automated machines. Then it comes the elite of stockrats that receive free informative money from company-mothers. They are however a step below. Only if that elite creates a globalization with human workers and consumers, in which machines do not evolve beyond human intelligence, they will still control the planet. Only if their servants are Mexicans, not robots, if their workers are Europeans not Robots, if their enemies are Arabs, not their praetorian guards, they will be able to control and prey of the ecosystem of History. I am not appealing to their goodness, but to their sense of survival. It is very easy to play war games with Islam, or the poor that will rebel, in the incoming decades. It is very easy to shoot in the Head of a young activist in Genoa or hack this magazine (7 times in a year). What is hard is to survive the real enemy, the evolving machine, and stop its thrust and mighty power. What is that enemy of all human cultures including the go(l)d culture in this century?: the robot, the automated company-mother that no longer needs workers, soldiers, stockrats, or politicians alike. To defend us against them, a reform of political and economical systems along the laws of bioeconomics is needed.

The Metal-earth's social classes.

Parallel to the process of segregation and destruction of human cultures, human workers and human soldiers we assist to the parallel growth of an ecosystem of machines, also divided in social classes, jobs, groups and species integrated around the fundamental reproductive organ of that Metal-earth, the company-mother.

The company-mother, the fundamental protagonist of the Metal-earth, is built as a reproductive organism, submitted to several basic evolutionary processes through the process of globalization:

- The elimination of human workers and consumers  substituted by machines, software programs, and internal consume among company-mothers

- The fusion of all world companies through a common financial blood system (e-money), in a few big companies in charge of reproducing each basic element of the Metal-Earth. Which means:

- The vertical integration of the different components of that reproductive system.

- The horizontal global integration of companies through World stock (their system of distribution of energy, that acts as the blood system of the macro-global organism we call the Metal-Earth).

- The creation of massive networks (organic spaces) in the planet Earth in which machines will survive,

- The parallel extinction of the carbolife networks which machines substitute. So roads are created and forests extinguished, rivers are used as digestive ileums of factories, and water is polluted.

This last phenomena seems to be the only process that mankind has understood so far, against which activists and ecologists are fighting. It represents however only the type of the iceberg of the global process of expansion and reproduction of machines that company mothers are causing.

- Finally we talk of the control of all other rival human systems of energy, information and power by company-mothers, including all previous religious, ethic, and political systems of history.

The Economy as a body and as an ecosystem.

We have now a clear picture of what kind of species, and fights take place in the microcosmic level of the ecosystems of history and economics. Two species, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes enemies, men and machine, dominate the Earth's ecosystem, and have basically extinguished all carbolife species, except those forms [food] which are needed as energy for human beings.

Metal-History I see, as a process of extinction of life. So as I see life, I see extinction, and wonder why life is extinct? What extinguishes living forms?. The answer is: metallic species. There are two ecosystems on Earth, the ecosystem of carbolife and the ecosystem of metalife. Man translates one into the other:

Human CarboLife->Chemical Organs->Electro-mechanic Organs= Metalife

The terraforming of the Carbo-Earth into the Metal-Earth started with the radiations of Weapons of the first ages of man [copper, bronze and iron age]. Today thanks to science and companies of scientific pricing, the terraforming is taking place at accelerated pace.

Indeed, men copy their organs of energy and information, their body and mind functions, at individual and social level into networks and machines.

In the past in both ecosystems (the carbo-Earth and the metal-Earth) there were human networks and specialized human species that accomplished energy, information and reproduction tasks. Yet today, man is transferring to machines those functions, as machines recreate at macro-scale with the higher strength of metal, a new ecosystem: the Metal Earth. Meanwhile human networks of information [religious and social thought] and networks of Energy [carbolife ecosystems] are substituted by digital networks of information and machines. Human systems of distribution of energy and human goods [bartering, self-sustained agricultural communities] are substituted by networks of machine energy-distribution [transport, factory networks], used by machines. That transformation started in 1602 with the birth of science, and stock-companies. It is creating a planetary "macro-organism", where roads act as arteries, cars and vans as plasma particles, internets and satellites as nervous systems, factories as reproductive organs, and humans as 'enzymen', 'catalyzer species' that take care of that terraforming, reproducing and evolving those machines.

The end of man as top predator is much closer that men might believe. The evolution of metal is so advanced, that the Metal Earth is substituting human workers and consumers  by metal systems, even at the top predator level of 'castes of metal-masters'. Today scientists, developers of complex metal machines, are substituted by scientific instruments; and traders, reproducers of money, of cyclical metal, are substituted by computer trade; while warriors, testers of lineal metal, are substituted by smart weapons.

Traders now become flows of e-money, warriors become increasingly independent robotic Weapons, and scientists become computer models of reality.

Today all those individual machine systems are connected together by webs. We talk in fact of a single 'social organism' on Earth... the eco[nomic]system.... a single body... a macro-system of informative and energy networks, roads and infoways, that organizes herds of machines.

The eco[nomic]system, the organism of the economy has as any organism two 'levels of organization': the cellular level, composed of human beings and machines; and the physiological level, composed of networks that distribute energy and information to those cellular species.

In the next graph we compare such macro-cosmic organism to a micro-cosmic living being, the human being. What man has done as an "animetal" is to transfer from human micro-scale all the components of a living organism, to the macro-system of the Metal-Earth. 'animetals' have developed at macro-scale the essential cellular elements of any Universal organism:

- Machines of information, bodies of metal and energy-weapons are the cellular elements.

- Companies are the reproductive organs.

- Monetary orders are the nervous system.

- Roads and pipes, and cables, are the energy systems.

- Finally the bio-economical brain of the Metal-Earth is World-stock, which gives nervous=monetary orders, transmitted as 'credits' to the reproductive systems of Company-mothers...

Companies in turn use that 'nervous' money to create actions that transform and organize the planetary body [salaries, prices, bribes to governments, etc.]

The organic nature of machines allows such comparisons between the components metalife and carbolife systems. Metalife species are 'macrocosmic systems.' Carbolife, due to the smaller size of carbo-atoms are microcosmic systems. A crane is a million times heavier than an arm. Yet both have a similar function. A stock-market is more complex than a brain or a DNA gene. Yet all those 'informative centers of power' have the same function: to evolve and reproduce the organism, its energy and its information. Thus we can compare the process of bio-economical evolution with the process of evolution of a body, or rather with the process of mutation of a ecosystemic organism - the Carbo-Earth - into another, the Metal-Earth. Both ecosystems, the Carbo-Earth and the Metal-Earth are identical in organs, and accomplish all the functions a multi-cellular organism accomplishes.

World-stock is the brain of that growing body.

The company mother is the 'organ of cellular reproduction' that creates each specialized cell, each type of product that will become integrated into the body-system of the Metal-Earth.

Factories are the 'organelles' where money (the genetic, informative orders of companies) control us, humans, as "enzymen", to work=reproduce metal-products.

As a result of those processes, companies destroy the ecosystem of life and create an ecosystem of metal: a body of metal-cells, products, and enzymen - the last carbolife species to survive the preying qualities of metal.