Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Energy Networks:



"A Human Earth requires the destruction of lethal goods, proper of Industrial countries, and the promotion of Human goods, proper of Neolithic cultures"


Distribution of rent to poor countries

Ye$ money could be used for human goods cheaper in 3rd world nations. And Good Credit compensations and Investment, of which there are more scarcity in 3rd world nations; could be invested in Foreign-territory, where it would buy much more real wealth - by the present artificial distribution of economical value in favor of metal nations and against 3rd world nations. So investment, workers and tourists would flock into tropical paradises, where they would make investors far richer.

Given the relative low PPP [purchase power] of present Agricultural nations and low value of their currencies Ye$ money invested there, would allow Humans from the 1st World to buy many more human pleasures.

To increase re-distribution of rent and population towards tropical zones of minimal instrumental needs, 'higher premium' unemployment benefits would be given to all those canceled Metal workers [Physicists, computer scientists, etc.] that choose to receive their checks in tropical banks. Such tourism would bring wealth and merge cultures much faster.

You might believe this is a fairy tale. It is not. Such system was widely used in the incipient European Union, where southern nations, Italy and Spain, with massive tourist influx, upgraded their life and cultural standards, thanks to tourism: it worked, closing the gap between Northern and Southern Europeans...

Such measures would create a massive influx of rich people often of the 3rd age, as permanent tourists in tropical countries of better weather, creating a positive interchange   between animetal and human cultures. In the long term most the Wor[l]d Union will live in the geographical area between the tropics of max. life existence. And races will be mixed.

Since there are only 3 currencies at fixed exchange rates; and the 3 regions founders of the Wor[l]d Union have critical mass to control the world's monetary mass, and are economically prosperous, the added inflation of the enormous production of ye$ money will merely reroute stock speculation into human investment. Tycoons of old lethal corporations should use their money into new human enterprises. Ye$ Credit has only a certain type of goods for which the money can be used. We might talk of forced investments: stock money for digital companies will no longer be available; and since further creation of chip companies will meet immediate obliteration by the war ministry, with less and less compensation, it would be logical to expect that the new worldwide Credit and money should be invested in Human sectors.

Further on, since human consumption of human goods has a limit, good credit will tend to flow towards 3rd world countries - in the opposite direction of present flows of capital, from 3rd world countries to metal-stocks. Such change will re-address a 400 years tendency by which entire continents like Africa are under priced; and entire countries like Russia were valued at a given moment, as much as the tiny island of Taiwan, the future node of Computer factories. However this should not imply a lower standard of life in rich countries, since all the money created will be in substitution of extinctive metal production, and hence, all is gained, either in free times, or in lesser mental programming, or in more traveling, or in more human goods, or in less violence, or in higher education... Besides those nations where investment will flow, will create extensive tourist resorts, the kind of non-digital demand goods, with high human employment, that will benefit both 1st world investors and 3rd world nations, bringing higher profits and cultural ties to both kind of nations. Let's not forget that America will receive most of the new Ye$ money, since most of the digital companies are in that region, and given the inflationary prices of those stocks, they will receive 'a lot' of money.

Yet when they invest that money as tourists and citizens of America, or Israel, or Great Britain, for the first time in History they will not have to face the hating eyes of those which once were exploited by their stockratic systems...

That love of mankind for mankind, is an added value, that not even ye$ money can put a price.

Further on in an ethonomy based in Human goods, poor nations rich in human goods will grow in wealth, and could now catch up much faster the 1st world, and join progressively the World Union, avoiding present immigration problems.

The worldwide ban in Scientific research, should be completed with the 'active pursuit' of logical computer thought extinction, in Universities and Data banks. Yet no Job would be lost.

In Wor[l]d Union, Digital and marketing=propaganda experts are reconverted to the vector of TV and press education. The ministry of defense=attack becomes the Energy [metal-war] ministry; and the  scientists of today become the experts in the living Universe, verbal masters of the education system. Thus by reversal of languages and goals in all those professions, by partial annihilation of their digital tools, reform would not imply the elimination of workers, but merely a change of path, preventing the massive opposition, for labor reasons, of 'innocent' modern workers. In Wor[l]d Union all men previous to the understanding of bio-History are considered innocent. Revenge is not a Wor[l]d Union Wor[l]d. Forgiveness is.

The most stubborn workers in those sectors could be paid full life salaries and yet be fired. Because contrary to the myths of Economists the world has advanced so far the form of the Machine, that actually there is enough technological methods, enough slave-machines producing goods for mankind, that if Humanity would reach demographic growth 0, it could easily reduce labor hours and employment without increasing poverty. And redirect those resources in a 2nd phase to increase consume of human goods in all sectors of the economy.

For that reason the first law of the Union is the Law of deficit:

The meaning of Justice is the point which maximizes both, human social freedom and metal control, in order to maximize human survival. To achieve that Human Constitution [Max. Hg=Min Mg], we have to devolve metal forms and weapons.

The promotion of non-technological cultures [3rd world]

One of the fundamental missions of the World Union is to reverse the present tendency towards creditation of Metal-ideological nations, and their industrial products, against Religious and Non-technological cultures, of the Carbo-Earth.

This is today achieved through the manipulation of currency values in favor of industrial nations, through commercial agreements such as GATT, and through the corruption and inefficiency of 3rd world elites that move their capital towards hard-currency areas, and speculative techno Worldstock.

The World Union wishes precisely the opposite path: devolution of industrial nations towards their Carbo-Earth past. To achieve this, the World Union promotes convergence between North and South, between industrial and agricultural societies.

Reproduction barriers to avoid penetration of Metal minds should be created. All nations  should put GATT to rest, and create an efficient system of control of metal-extinctive products in their borders.

The key factor for the success of the Wor[l]d Union would be a monetary union based in Human goods trade, which would enjoy - unlike in present GATT agreements - free trade, and cre[dit]ation.

Ultimately modern economies are based in the promotion of metal products, the products of rich countries, against Human Goods, the products of poor countries and the poor within [farmers, artisans etc.]. Stocks only cre[dit]ate mechanical metal goods, creating a constant inflation in the price of human goods. This is a historical injustice -  main cause of Carbolife extinction - that has to be reversed.

And it would be reversed, if the previous goals of Human Goods Stocks and yes currency are met.

Bailed out stockrats would re-invest in human good companies triggering an enormous development of Tourism, human goods, and education; and hence a massive displacement of capital and human resources to 3rd world countries, that possess better weather and huge agricultural productions.

In the Human Union the decreasing population of metal would be accompanied by a decreasing population of Humans in those areas beyond the 50 parallel which require enormous numbers of instruments to maintain a certain standard of life and enjoyment of human senses. Instead, and as standards of life converge in first and 3rd world nations, many people would move towards hot paradises.

Control of population by massive investment in health-care will make those nations easier to their inhabitants, and with a good health system to lure permanent residents from the first world.

The lesser trade barriers for human goods and third world countries would multiply the demand of their products. The difference of prices will increase the displacement of bailed-out workers to tourist paradises...

The arrogance of man

We are very ignorant. Extremely ignorant and arrogant about the Universe. Our arrogance is to believe that we are the top predator mathematical species on Earth, that machines are abstract, and do not calculate and 'think' better than us, because they resolve better than we do questions with algorithms. Instead we think algorithms are not conscious and only word-speakers are conscious. This is false. Any language is able to map and act-react and process information in the Universe. So it can give birth to an efficient brain-species.

We believe the Universe is abstract and dead, we think the universe is mechanic, mathematical, indifferent to our bad habits.

Why we are like that? Why we don't wonder about the marvels of the Universe? Why don't we fear the laws of God, of the living Universe?

A single word, a capital sin: arrogance, the arrogance of scientists and engineers that think they have the absolute truth. They have convinced humanity to use the enormous power of machines without any responsibility.

Such attitude will encounter the usual punishment the Universe has to those who don't understand its laws of survival: the extinction of the sinner.

We are blind to the new race we are developing. We deny that race its organic nature. We are cruel with life. We kill life with the new race of machines.

We think we are the center of the Universe, that we have all the rights in that Universe. We do not respect the warnings, the laws that species follow to survive.

We are making big mistakes. Time is running out...

It is about time that humanity learns that Evolution and Survival are real theories. They are not abstract games like most of the games of science. They do work. They are in certain way the law of god, because those laws decide who will survive or become extinct in the future. That is indeed the power of God.

If you care about survival and extinction, you have to know the real laws that Darwin discovered, laws that have to be obeyed to play the 'game of existence'.

How they are reinforced? Very simple: the only penalty for those who do not obey those laws is extinction. So when you are extinct you don't disturb the game. The game and its laws continue.

The main of those laws is the Law of the Jungle: isolate yourself from top predators, as long as you can. Do not create species better than you.

When we apply those laws to machines, it becomes obvious that metal-machines are potentially superior to man.

So it is also clear that man should apply the only law of survival that the Universe accepts in such cases: not to evolve machines, kill the child-robot before he becomes a human hunter. It is the law of the Jungle, the law of survival, and it should never be taken lightly.

The War Ministry - Organ of Human Energy and Metal-control

The ministry of metal war was created in private conversations among top brass generals of the American, NATO, Russian, and Chinese Army. The ministry was opposed by stock masters. and Politicians The top generals however ignored that opposition and started action . The population was informed of the reasons of the first shock measures, to avoid our extinction. The new ministry of metal war had an absolute law of existence: minimize human losses, multiply digital losses. All digital owners were lavishly compensated with Yes money, reinvesting his funds in Hotels, agricultural concerns, health care clinics, and education. The Wor[l]d Union had been reached. We honor the name of those saviors of humanity, who understood their wrong paths of existence, and had the bravery to change their me[n]tal forms. His, was a sacrifice that honored the Name of Man.

"How the Earth was won back" Chronicles of the Wor[l]d Union.

Military destruction of lethal goods is perhaps the fastest, perhaps the only manner to impose the Wor[l]d Union. Since the most efficient form of power is that of the Warrior top predator, who, by the art of killing, designs the spaces that exist in a certain universe. The art of gardening by destruction, the art of the warrior, is a bio-logical function which exists in all the systems-bodies of the Universe. A function corrupted in the body of History by ignorance and Metal weapons, long ago.

The best military force of our nations, with the highest ethical morals, should come forward and push the Wor[l]d Union into existence, before the chip radiation is so advanced, and humans so erased by verbal ethical thought, that the Wor[l]d Union can not be cre[dit]ated.

Warriors like to destroy and they act fast. They can stop the chip radiation within weeks. A milder approach to the World Union, by negotiation between stockrats, companies and politicians could have not survival efficiency, since companies hate to destroy property, politicians hate to agree among themselves [disagreement even in survival truths is how they often define freedom], and stockrats are moved by greed, and herd-irresponsibility [Anonymous Societies stock market speculation]. Only a system with efficient, hierarchical, anti-metal warrior predators at its top, without the rhetoric of greed, can make History survive at this stage of the game.

All efficient organisms of the Universe have on top a Predator Informative and energy-defensive system. In history it means the World union should be controlled by the Human Constitution, its laws, and a human body of ethical, anti-metal warriors. Our present stock system of monetary, informative orders is a metal tyranny. Our verbal language is submissive to digital languages, and metal-power [money and weapons]. Only a dictatorship of metal warriors that devalues weapons, as the Samurai devalued gunpowder in Edo Japan, can avoid human extinction.

This is not Utopia. On the contrary such is the function of all warrior species in all organisms. They defend the body=ecosystem in which the warrior exists. So do leukocytes in the blood, and termite warriors in the ant hill. So should do human warriors. The body of History is made of human cells, which have to be defended from the biological radiation of metal perceptors, from the arrogance of science, from the 'freed'=freedom of greed, of stocks of metal speculation, from the corruption of the law, from bacteria-men who never probed in the richness of cellular social existence, except to prey on their brother clones.

Annihilation of metal minds and atomic weapons, should be the immediate goals of the war ministry.

The study and production of digital species should be a very restricted task simplified "ad maximum." Simple chips will be used only to maintain essential electric systems at work. Their production will be controlled. Soldiers of the War Ministry should not be feared because its mission will not be to murder humans, but to repress and prevent chip radiation, and to compensate its owners.