Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

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"The dissolution of Human societies implies the destruction of all forms of human bondage"

The second specialization: sexual dimorphism

to understand discrimination against women in the present economic ecosystem, we have to study another aspect of the information/energy duality in the universe: sexual dimorphism. In fact there are two types of humans, the female species which are body reproductive and have a better heart-leg system; and the male species, which are mainly mind reproductive and have better eye-arms species.

Thus women are parallel to Tropical races, body/verbally oriented, and men are parallel to Northern races, brain/digitally oriented.

Again it is absurd as feminists do today, to despise the nature of women, and deny it, under cultural bias in favor of informative human cultures: balance between men and women is the ideal culture.

Accordingly female superior bodies are richer sensorially than men's bodies. Women have the cyclical forms of complex bodies, able to reproduce. They sense better, have stronger feelings, stronger hearts, live longer, use better words, the main body-language. While in mental attitudes related to the eye-spatial language, are inferior to men.

Ideological denial cannot change the experimental facts, backed by the nature of organisms, and the dimorphism of all species...

 Women use their mind to enhance body functions; and when thinking in eye-spatial terms they are simpler, less creative than men. While male superior eye-perception allows him to control space better, as a hunter, warrior, mathematician or machine-designer. Yet their bodies are simple, lineal, of inferior sensorial capacity, and sterile.

This is self evident in History and physiology. Men have  also a spatial brain: it is bigger and weights 20% more than the brain of women, which is however more dense. Women's neurons are shorter, specialized in verbal and feeling languages. Women have a better heart, center of the body, with more veins. Men do create more spatial machines, and women do create children with their bodies. It might be not politically correct, but the truth has nothing to do with political correctness but with facts.

It is fundamental to bear in mind that the Universe is a probabilistic game of distributions. So we talk here only of wave situations not of individuals. Exceptions are merely variations over the 'bell curve' of body/brain dominance which makes a few men body dominant, and a few women brain dominant [mostly women of eye Nordic cultures, and men of body-tropical cultures]. Such bell curve explains also 'the third sex'. Men who feel as women, and women who feel as men. They also prove that duality body/brain. Gay men love their bodies, and lesbian women love their minds... They specialize in the natural essence of the other sex.

It is also important to remember that both types are needed, since a harmonic species is one in which the balance of informative/energy organs exists:


is the absolute law that defines the composition of the total Universe. We exist in a universe of spatial energy and temporal information. We need both parameters to survive.

In general the Universe tends to do dual species, since when they are symbiotic, as men and women should be, the superiority of one species in the body-energy system, and the other species in the mind-informative system, enhances the range of total perception of the species, and its chances of survival.

Sex is natural to all species.

The male species has a higher density of informative organs, the female species maximizes the energy organ.

Both species exist in all environments for a single reason: the universe is creative, and when a certain species is born, it will try to create new forms from that species. The easier way to create new forms, will be stressing the two possible arrows of energy and information of the species. So there will soon be a maxi-energy species or 'female species', a maxi-informative species, or male species, and the balanced middle species - the couple.

This is the origin not only of sexes, but of the generic 3-subclasses of almost all Universal Organisms.

So in races we saw the existence of 3 basic survival species: the maxi-energy tropic races, the maxi-mind yellow, blonde races, and the balanced white/black hair races.

We could talk of a very simple creative system in the Universe.

A certain species is born. Then it will divide into 3 subspecies:

 Max. Body= female;  Max.  Head = male;

Balanced couple  = reproductive, efficient top predator.

Symbiosis and complementarities between female and male is the key to understand sexual species and their capacity to carry further the organic evolution of the Universe.

The complementary law that so many times comes out in this book, now allow us to affirm the natural need for different male-female, mind-body cultures.

This happens also at cultural level, where eye races should not control but learn from body races.

Why scientific racism applies those differences, and denies them.

Scientific racism is based on those differences. However, paradox of paradoxes, scientific racism applies those differences, to select certain humans and degrades others, while it fosters political correctness, denying those differences-

This twisted behavior can be explained. On one side, companies prefer to choose a white man to a black man, a man to a woman, a protestant-jewish to a muslim-catholic. Those are the facts of daily racism after centuries of such behavior. It responds also to the pro-machine attitudes that make men prefer computers to women, a protestant to agree easier with the go(l)d religion of the Company, even if it goes against human rights, than a catholic, and so on.

We might say the company knows those differences, but its sponsored, politically correct mass-media companies, deny them, to avoid a true understanding of the causes and consequences of scientific racism.

The result is an increasing ignorance and confrontation of the qualities of men and women, black and white, eye cultures and body cultures… And the daily application of scientific and economic racism, in our lives, in companies, between nations, among individuals…

Discrimination against women, children and old people. Its economical causes: The end  of human  reproduction and family values.

Chemical species are not only cultural species. There are also discrimination against sexual species, since the male man is the quintessential animetal, in biological terms. We talk of discrimination against the 3rd and first ages of mankind as chemical ages, when humans are unable to produce properly in the economical system of the Metal-Earth, and against of women as dominant body-chemical species that reproduce mankind, not machines as men do, and are less adapted to war and trade functions.

Those 3 human groups which represent +75% of total human times, are also degraded by the racial system of Company-mothers. This degradation is denied merely by hiding those people from perception. So we do not see old people, we put youngsters in front of TVs, and do not spend time educating them, we ignore women without jobs and mothers are penalized in work places while we feed feed them with myths of economical equality and power never realized...  We ignore the old people, and give them minimal pensions. Sons abandon them…

Instead we highlight the few children-actors that live a paradise, as we highlight the few black athletes. We highlight the few women, mostly belonging to the elite class of wasp-Jewish cultures with access to credit and education, that do well. We pretend they are role models for all black men, all children, all women. So the degradation of most women, and children keeps growing as they become the first victims of new machines, new computers, new TV-trash and video games that destroy their minds, and keeps them out of work. Let us consider the real position of those groups beyond promoted myths of 'metal-justice':

Degradation of women, started with the beginning of metal power which ended the age of Goddesses of fertility, and verbal mistresses of the Neolithic. In the age of warriors, women with less physical strength, were abused by warrior violence.

Yet as we reproduced automatic killing machines, who upset the power of warriors, traders came into power. So direct violence on specific humans - women - diminished, as global violence over all humans (world wars) multiplied.

This is one of the reasons many women feel an improvement in modern societies. Yet now they are killed massively as mere citizens in wars, since now machines do not distinguish between civil people and the military.

Besides as company-mothers converted all humans into 'workers and consumers ', all human societies, even at the lowest level, the family, are in jeopardy.

So the weaker members of mankind, the old people, the young people, and pregnant women, who in the past were tendered for by families, today have no human society that helps them. In that sense by destroying family values, and social institutions, the cultures ruled by Company-mothers are all degrading the condition of women, children and old people. Since they are no longer cared by, through the natural institution of families, and social solidarity, but degraded as 'submissive to animetal men' [women], or brain-washed, by the image culture' [children]; or merely scorned as 'non productive people' that we younger men have to pay for... [3rd age].

Yet in societies which tried to preserve and continue the cycles of Human life and History, old men had the wisdom of teaching the ways to preserve society; Women were sacred, as reproducers who preserved the species, and children were our future, and had to be taught by old people the ethics of social behavior.

Since today we run towards metal futures, old people are seen as past forms, who cannot adapt to new machines' when in fact it is their past what we should preserve. Instead they are seen as 'obsolete' beings. They are not listened to, but scorned as a bothersome charge. We do not realize that the way we treat old men today, is how the Metal-Earth judges humans constantly: as obsolete past forms, running and competing with machines  but loosing always the battle, always displaced to the past.

So instead of defending old people and life humans against the arrogance and brutality of scientific racism, we ignore them, and we worship future metal minds and machines...

In the age of the machine, all those human species are unneeded, since companies do not care to reproduce our species. So we ignore children and women. We no longer try to preserve history from extinction, so we ignore the customs of older people who are scared of robots and computers. For company mothers a human of any kind only has two basic jobs: consume and work. When those jobs cannot be performed [children, pregnant women] or have ended [old people] those humans become obsolete members of the 1st and 3rd age without family-love, isolated by the system, that only expects from them a silent extinction:

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It is through the previous graphs how we can put in perspective the progress of Humanity which is often the progress of a few 'animetals', and the degradation of most Humans who cannot compete against machines.  So today the world has indeed progressed in Metal evolution, and wealth, specially for the 1-10% of top Animetals and animetal nations. Yet most of the inhabitants of History, of Wor[l]d cultures are in the negative side of Devolution and extinction.

If we add all the ages and species of human existence which are becoming obsolete for the Metal-Earth [youth, life-dominant women, 3rd] we add up, well over 80% of total human existence, that live worse today than in the pre-chip era. That means that humans, competing now with metal-minds,  have not progressed but most humans have been degraded, and are degraded by the Metal-Earth.

We conclude that we are preyed as a species by the Metal-Earth. We do not progress. We are energy of the Metal-Earth.

So much for the Wealth of nations, which only profits the top elite of nations that evolve machines [America, EU, Japan], and within those nations, only the top elite of cultures that control money and the law [Protestant, Jewish cultures mainly]. Today as computers displace them, react and turn the wheels of metal evolution before machines treat them as they are treating today the other 75% of mankind.