Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

The corruption of social gods: go[l]d and s[word] religions


"Love religions and verbal, legal ethics are ignored since they confront animetal ideologies of economic & scientific racism."

All great prophets have attacked money and weapons, because they have defended the ecosystem of History, of God...

So simple to understand, and yet today so little people perceives the organism of God, of social history, that as Nietzsche put it, 'is dying, because men have killed it'. Scientists, and weapon designers we might say have killed God, the organism of social History, despite earlier warnings by the first prophets=historians of the future, who said 'do not eat of the tree of science, of his good [machines] and evil weapons, because they day you do, your species will die'... So the myth goes, when Adam the first scientist discovered metal, God condemned him to work as a smith [Islamic account of the original sin], and ever since 'Adam the Smith' and his sons like Cain, also a Smith, or Adam Smith the founder of economics, have evolved metal and killed with weapons the beauty of the Genesian paradise of life.

The parable of Genesis: the tree of metal-technology

The Genesis told us the parable of the 'original sin of man'. It explained, how mankind had ruined the paradise of carbolife, because humans were too arrogant, and wanted to be superior to all creatures of paradise. So they discovered new species, technological species, metal species, symbolized by the 'tree of science'. Yet those metal-species were not all good. There were many rotten apples, many bad fruits, in that tree. Fruits that will cause the extinction of mankind. Obviously the legend was talking about weapons. Since what other species of the tree of science can extinguish mankind? The parable of the tree of science was a warning. In the XX century weapons of all kind, made of steel, killed around a hundred million human beings. They are basically the last stages of evolution, of those first 'machines of metal' which were the bronze chariots that destroyed Ur, the civilization that invented writing, 5000 years ago. It was then, when according to the legend, a man, probably a writer, from the temple of Ur, left the city, with his family and moved up the Euphrates. His name was Abraham, and either he wrote or took with him a book, the oldest book preserved by mankind, called 'Genesis'. man, that was leaving behind a city destroyed by hordes of bronze charioteers. He understood that metal and man were different species. Different species killed each other, even if they might be symbiotic for a while. He was an evolutionist, 4000 years before Darwin came with the same concept.

God=The Laws of Evolution  said to Man:

'Do not eat of the tree of science=technology,

of its good and bad fruits=weapons,

because the day you do=evolve them

 certainly you will die=become extinct'

 Genesis, Bible. Biological translation on Italic text

The intelligence of Genesis surprises us. How it describes the paradise of carbolife, how it understands that man is the top predator of that ecosystem, and as such it should take care of it. How it understands the sin of arrogance of man, his incapacity to keep his top predator position in that ecosystem, destroying it, worshipping a new species, the species of metal...

Have ever been a more beautiful description of the future of mankind, of the arrogance of science, of the evil=extinctive capacity of metal, against life? Yet that book is probably 4000 years old... Yet the Historian of the Genesis saw the first hordes of bronze weapons extinguishing the Neolithic paradise of Ur, and foresaw that the Cains of History would keep evolving weapons and killing human beings, as they indeed have done. Yet today 'scientists' still do not have a global vision of History, and understanding of social organisms, because they still try to describe the History of the Word with numbers...

The tree of science, has not brought knowledge, but merely machines, weapons and money that corrupted and degraded the verbal knowledge of man, and the religions of love of the Wor[l]d age.

Today most of those religions are corrupted, sick, controlled by rituals of money and weapons, that have conveniently forgotten the truth of social evolution: love each other as you love yourself. So you can use weapons and money to manipulate and ab=use other human beings.

Metal-religions: corruption and anti-truths of verbal prophets.

So those Gold dogmas in fact destroy social bondage and human Gods. Faith creates individual people, Homo bacteria that no longer wish to evolve socially. The law with origin in metal-systems of power, goes very often against the ethics of love and punishes human behavior and human natural desires. Work is a function that reproduces machines, and so does money.

We talk of social cultures Vs individualistic metal cultures, as the great  opposition of History. The first are Goldiron cultures, animetal cultures of smiths of weapons, today called the military and the police, smiths of Go[l]d, today called economists, and Adams of the tree of Good and evil, today called scientists. In them the lack of social evolution by growth of metal weapons and metal wealth are related, since weapons evolve with violence, and wealth requires denial of ethical behavior. Facts those obviously denied by rhetoricians of weapons and Go[l]d, and the churches and inquisitions of verbal or mathematical knowledge, that 'Adam Smiths' foster.  'Adam Smith' was indeed the name of the first Abstract economist that said the wealth of nations were their machines and weapons. Coincidence, or a secret code of words for those who wish to see the subconscious power of verbal wor[l]ds?

We can in fact classify most modern religions, as ritualistic deformations of the Word of verbal, prophetic artists, that have deformed that Word in two basic metal-religions:

- 'Inquisitions'. The message of love, sensual pleasure, and social equality is deformed by a caste of warriors that frightens and corrupts the priests of the religion, who adapt the message of the prophet to the caste of warriors. Inquisitions accept war, repress sensorial feelings, and sexuality, focusing human energy into external exercise, related to physical war activity. They divide mankind in tribes, nations, and races, and justify the military caste as the special 'sons of god'. Since this is obviously false when a human being thinks naturally and logically, metal-religions of any kind need to brain-wash the intelligence of the believers with external symbols, wealth, icons, artistic rhetoric, and rituals of subservience to the monetary and military caste. They also have to blur the natural capacity for logic thought, of a human being into inferior ways of thinking and manipulating information, proper of animal life, such as 'drama and fear'. So they appeal to emotions not to intelligence, and pretend that the mystery of God is not comprehensible by man...

Classic examples: the Spanish inquisition that had on its shield a cross, and an inverted cross, a 'sword'. We talk of '[S]word' religions, that have included as in biological genetics, an alien host code-meaning, converting the Word of Man into the Sword of the warrior. The Lutheran and similar Protestant inquisitions, that accepted war, unequally among men [chosen of God], and sensorial repression, to cater the needs of German military princes. Nationalistic religions, that make of a tribe-nation, a 'national God', superior to the human race, to cater modern, national industrial systems of reproduction of weapons. So the good of Germany, or America, or Japan or China, is equaled to the good of their armies, and becomes more important to its citizens, that the good of mankind, the natural biological species to which we all belong.

- 'Churches'. The corruption of churches is caused by monetary information. Wealth and property become sacred, superior to human rights, and the key to enter heavens. Again a truth becomes transformed into an anti-truth. Indeed, we have proved biologically that Swords and gold are evil=extinctive of mankind=God, and reproductive of metal-kind; while sensorial pleasure is good, and reproductive of mankind. We have seen also how the great artistic prophets of Words have said so throughout history. Yet churches and inquisitions turn upside down that truth, and promote violence and money, and repress sensorial pleasure. We talk of churches of Go[l]d, where an alien code introduced within the meaning of God, makes of Gold, the new God of mankind.

As in those virus that introduce their genetic code into a healthy bacterium, and make the bacterium reproduce virus instead of its own species, Go[l]d and [S]word religions make mankind to reproduce their enemy species, the metal-kind...

Calvinism, Anglicanism and 'Aaronism,' the ritualistic version of Judaism where priest-bankers, praise wealth and convert the true words of Christ and Moses into go[l]d rituals, are the classic examples.

- Modern Go[l]d religions.

Modern Economics, founded by people belonging to those old Go[l]d religions [Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Say, Marx, and a long etc. belonged all to those 3 religions], is the modern version, of gold churches. Since economics considers 'money, the invisible hand of God', and systematically represses any attempt to create a biological science of economics, based in the evolution of machines.

- Atheisms. The fundamental consequence of all those deformed religions is atheism. Indeed, today the biggest number of atheists in the world exist within those people that are born in the Jewish and Protestant religions.  Atheism has a fundamental consequence that reinforces the tasks of animetals. It degrades the confidence of the human being in verbal thought; so he becomes a 'believer' of the myths of science, and digital languages. Indeed, the concept behind all those repressive religions and obsolete cults based in myths and ideologies so out of date that nobody can believe on them, is to maintain the level of verbal understanding in the believer at a minimal stage of dramatic, pre-rational thought. In this manner churches and inquisitions reinforce the rival language of mathematics, in any version, money, science, democratic beliefs. The rituals and absurd ideologies expel the believer from verbal languages, and give him a blind faith in the findings of science. Thus most scientists have been also Protestant, Jewish or economical believers that make machines to accumulate money. If those people were educated in verbal science, in eastern religions and western gods they would fulfill their need of knowledge at objective level with the Eastern science of the Universe, and at subjective level, with the mystique perception of God, the social body of mankind according to western religions of love. Yet since he is told myths of the bronze age [Jewish=protestant religions], or makes of money his goal of existence, he abandons verbal thought and only learns mathematical languages; thus becoming animetals, men with their natural biological verbal brains, underdeveloped.

As a result of  legal inquisitions backed by Swords, that create privileged access to God by warrior animetals; and churches backed by Go[l]ds and property laws, that give the same privileges to Trader animetals, today most Prophetic books have been deformed.

In this manner the prophetic books of the Wor[l]d, the only guide of a religion, which has to be practiced by each believer as the guide of his daily existence, in order to create a parallel network of social minds, and enact a collective God, become deformed. In this manner, the social God becomes blurred to the perception of the believer that has to practice rhetoric rituals of Go[l]d and the S=word, that paralyze the efficiency of the Ethic Book and his mandates. The believer no longer acts to create ethic love with other men, love no longer rules a society, in which the animetal has established himself as a top predator caste