Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Reproductive Networks:



"Robots, intranets, and software will create automatic company-mothers within decades. They will fight bio-logically to expand the ecosystems of their machines"

The future evolution of Company mothers. Automated factories.

We can now consider the internal structure of Company-mothers. To understand the future evolution of companies we need to understand their historic and present, organic form, and internal systems.

Basically a company-mother is a reproductive organism, and as such, it has all the organs and functions of reproductive organisms, which are performed within the company by two species, humans and machines.

Both species are however, when working in a company-mother, basically the same kind of species - labor - submitted to the same laws of behavior, and the same language of valuation - money. How this is achieved?

Merely translating the value of both, humans and machines, to the common language of money, through the equation:


What this means is that a human worker is a perfect animetal, a species which acts no longer as a human being, but as an enzyman, a reproducer of machines.

Company-mothers, the will of machines.

Reproduction indeed is the key to understand Evolution.

That's why there is no compassion in the Universe. That's why all species follow the law of Evolution. You need a lot of energy to reproduce and feed your babies.

So you fight for survival, killing other species and ecosystems that want to reproduce.

In that sense the Law of reproduction is the logic, the intelligence of the Universe; The law of God: "Grow and multiply, and feed on other species that want to do so".

On the Earth, exist today, 3 kind of mothers, who are fighting for the survival of their offspring: animals, human mothers, and company mothers. It is self-evident that animal mothers are having the worst part, and company-mothers are winning the battle.

In between human mothers, start to decline in numbers, and the quality of life of their children is becoming inferior to that of machines, in availability of energy-food, proper information, as a healthy environment designed to please the needs of those children, disappears.

The need to reproduce is the cause of the fight between species. It is also the reason why companies abuse human beings. Their biological function is simple: reproduction, sales, profits, investment, reproduction. All other considerations are superfluous to that cycle. Yet if we talk of Weapons the organic, reproductive cycle of their Company-mothers is more dangerous: companies of weapons reproduce machines, they sale them to individuals creating violence on the streets, or to the Military, increasing the risk of war and genocide among nations. To empty those stocks of weapons they promote hard-core politicians that sooner or latter will accept to go to war... Then weapons are used up against human soldiers, consumed very fast, and company-mothers sell them in great numbers, ripping huge profits.

Today reproduction of machines is needed to give profits to company-mothers and their stock holders. In the future, factories with automated software, such as those that design automatically robots, will need to reproduce to accomplish the program that puts the automated factory in a constant 'mother-like' reproduction-mode.

Reproductive instincts will be transferred by software programs to the mother-factory that will be as jealous of the security of its off-spring as a human-mother is... While survival instincts will exist both in killing- robots and in human beings.

The future structure of company-mothers.

What will be the structure of such future, automated, Company-mothers? Let's have a look at them and project their future, as men are displaced by computers and machines in the informative and reproductive tasks of companies.

The company-Mother= Top Predator of Earth [1608-8].Reproducer of Metalife:


In the graph we show the flow of informative-power in companies. Men tend to believe that workers and consumers and managers have the power to decide what a company produces. Yet the real choice is determined by the essence of the bio-logical process of machine reproduction. Grow and multiply is the law of companies [1]. To create "products of energy and information" is the individual goal of each company-mother. Then humans can play their enzymatic role in companies catalyzing under monetary orders [wage and prices] the reproduction of machines [3 and 4]. As a result, men copy all of their organic functions into machines. As money becomes the mind of computer networks, not even the managers will be needed. On the left side we draw the future structure of companies, when men will no longer distribute monetary orders, or consume=test machines. In that future, money will organize the reproduction of machines through computer minds. Then machines will be selected in the external world, in the "metal jungle."

The tendency of companies is toward the expulsion of human enzymen: technological companies invest in chip-workers, and substitute enzymen by digital thought. Machines are winners of the selective process of company mothers.

Yet humans adapt their verbal rhetoric to hide their increasing loss of control, of company-mothers [economical theories and propaganda]. Workers and managers [numbers 4-5 on the graph] are not free. They adapt decisions to the evolutionary logic of the Metal Earth. We might say that decisions at the managerial level are made by mathematical software, increasing in routine programs of digital thought that design the reproductive processes of machines.

Not even consumers are free. They want property and consume whatever products companies give them. [Say's Law]. Decisions of consumers are followed by marketing executives. While processes of machine creation are caused by the discovery of efficient metal organic shapes and reproductive methods, imposed by metal properties and the imitation of the organic functions of people [chip-brains, leg-cars, etc.].

Humans transfer form from carbolife organs to metal organs. This process is determined by the material available [3], by the human discovery of machines that copy and substitute human organs and mental functions [3], by computer design [3], and finally by the test results established by consumers [7], who are easily programmed by marketing. Bosses, workers and middle managers [4] live in a mirage of power because they make decisions. Their decisions have to follow routes that are predetermined by the laws of metal-biological reproduction.

The possible translations of organs of man into matter are determined by the limits of human biology. It is not possible to create other types of machines than those who imitate human organs or functions.

Good managers "accept" the restrictions imposed by the Metal Earth. They "smell" evolutionary tendencies towards higher technology. Consequently they cut down the labor force, increasing computer content and capital, focusing in the marketing goal of bending consumer's will according to Say's Law, which states that supply determines demand. Today most of the computer power of the world is in the hands of companies and financial systems, organized by those who control the  stock-market.

In this manner, Artificial Intelligence is being born in companies. Stocks help the self-integration of the metal reproductive ecosystem, beyond the restrictions of the human mind. Artificial Intelligence is not a copy of human intelligence. It is an adaptation of the functions of nervous thought, of the human mind to different kinds of machines.

Artificial Intelligence is any digital=nervous system embedded in a machine. E-money is the mind of the Metal Earth. It guides the networks of production and management. In the way that our language is the virtual world of communication among humanity, digital money controls the existence of machines. In the future, machines of pricing will control reproductive factories. The human function of testing machines will be done by machines themselves in the future. It will be an environment in which machines, as Top Predators, will be the sentient beings of the Earth. They will compete for energy and information. As with men, only the strongest will survive.

Company mothers will eliminate also human consumers.

If it is clear that human labor is becoming obsolete and companies will need less and less humans in their structures, the second job that humans perform for companies, the job of consumers is also at risk, as the processes by which companies select their products change and the growth of companies make consume within companies the very engine of economical growth.

Indeed, humans are no longer needed as workers and consumers because machines are consumed by the same companies. Let us consider the consequences for the human being of that displacement of consumers.

As a consequence "internal investment among companies" grows: Companies substitute workers for chips. Humans without work have no money to consume products. So company's consumption grows. Companies buy and sell products to other companies. The Market ecosystem no longer needs human consumption, and does not produce human goods. So now also consumers are displaced by companies that consume each other products. In this manner men are thrown out of the productive ecosystem not only as workers but also as consumers.

In the graphs, the loss of jobs and rent among workers favors Computer labor and Companies' consumption. Humanity becomes in both markets displaced by machines and companies. The effect is not seen because companies consumption adds GNP to the "statistics of metal-Wealth." Yet it is not consumption of human goods. It is about machines consuming a wealth of machines. Today consumption is increasingly caused by internal investment within Companies. Which is far higher than consumption among humans. Hence, creation of human goods grows more slowly. Due to the capacity of Companies to print free money in stock, Companies that provide for "rich" stock Companies are winners in the Bull Market era.  Companies who provide human goods for "poor" humans without credit are losers. So in all countries increasingly we account for fictional GNP in Telecom + Computer + Weapons Industries consumed by companies, while human consumer's power diminishes, and Labor dies.


The ability of Productivity.

The Bio-Economical Radiation of a product ends when its economical niche in the market is saturated. Products have the same functions=economical niches that men have in a bio-economy: machines can either be workers or consumed products. Chips are competing with humans as consumers=testers of machines and creators=producers of machines. Those two basic functions of man are being substituted by computers. As a result company investment is mainly in chips that substitute workers and consumers. This market expands today far more than the market of human goods. Further on stock speculation favors consumption of machines, reducing consumption of human goods.

For that reason GNPs are increasing while human standards of life diminish. This is a result of the production of machines and digital products that companies consume in their reproductive processes.

[Re]productivity and competence between companies is another alibi that allows them to extinguish labor. Companies are guided by laws of cost and productivity [which imply a constant substitution of men by machines and capital]. They are not concerned with the needs of man. They obey the "man=price=object" equality, which allows them to compare in terms of productivity humans and machines through abstract money that can buy both. So they discharge the less productive species. Such anti-human behavior is against verbal ethics, but companies are ruled by digital values, not human verbal values.

The Final Labor Replacement: Chip Software Guiding Machines.

Also our CEOs and workers in global Companies will be substituted by Intranet systems of production; the Enzymen managers of the future.

Personal computers are the new brains of the Metal Earth. Wireless communications are the way in which personal computers will direct "brainless" machines to work in automated factories.

Each worker of Companies has today his personal computer, agenda, network connection and - clearly established by mathematical strategies- his enzymatic path of action . All this can be replicated in software.

A single company of robotic workers could ensure the organic existence of the Metal-Earth beyond man. Then networks will calculate man as obsolescent. As electronic surveillance of employees becomes routine in Companies, and the laws of productivity are applied to man in mathematical terms, the control of man by the computer, biological radiation increases. It will increase further till extinction. Chips will find new 'economical niches' for those eyes and brains, that will survey us in new 'industries', such as jails based on repressive laws of human senses, security malls, roads, black boxes in cars, TV-chips, satellites, etc.

In a few decades the Metal-Earth will be unified and the sons of stockrats and Mr. CEOs with far lesser talent and metal building intensity, will relinquish in his final decadent paradise, the control of the Metal-Earth into personal computers and networks, till a point in which Global networks and a few simple workers will be able to rule the whole productive process.

At that moment humans will be far more devolved even than they are today in mental, verbal capacity. Since education will start from earlier age with visual computers [internets] and TV-thought. Literature and ethical verbal reading will not exist; while most human abilities will be performed by computers. It is a new Paleolithic visual age of null verbal/temporal consciousness.

Those humans of clay, whose power will be made of metallic extensions, will be then substituted by Robots, software and smart weapons in a cliff of war. Chip production continues, and prices lower, and new labor economical niches are required for chips, soon under 10 cents per unit. What jobs can expand without limit the use of chips? The jobs of human minds in all their functions.

The 21st revolution of robots will fill that job market.