Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Energy Networks:


"The robotization of machines will bring 3-dimensional perception to transport eliminating millions of work places, and closing the ecosystem of roads to humanity".


The simplest elements of the Metal-earth are its arteries. We call them with the same name used in traffic. They are the highways, the traffic arteries through which automated cars and lorries will travel.

They are already here. Trucks with cameras travel through them guided by electronic systems of surveillance. In Japan, Singapore, California, we are already building automated roads where humans cannot drive. Lorry drivers have their days of work counted.

Propaganda In Favor Of Machines, even robots will Continue.

Sentient machines obviously will not be called as such by company-mothers, stockrats and their propaganda. Cars will have "automatic pilots" to allow CEOs to work documents in city jams, to allow whores to make love, taxi companies and police to reduce labor.

Rhetoric will cover the process to human eyes. Indeed, The Economist, talked of the I-15 interstate highway in San Diego that in 1997 opened for automated cars only, inaugurating the III Industrial r=evolution, around 100 years after the first car was invented. No mention on the analysis, of future truck roads without humans, of the military use of platoons of tanks, guided by satellites. No mention of the extinction of lorry drivers. No mention of the crossing of a fundamental threshold for computer thought: its capacity to move through the infinite arteries of the Metal-Earth, with the same freedom of movements that wireless networks give to their minds. Instead The Economist used a subtitle: Road to heaven. Then it made a drawing of people having champagne while driving; an analysis of the great increase of "productivity" it will bring to companies that will lower costs in transport. Ending it all there was a comment: "driverless vehicles: sounds like just the thing for getting home in after a hard night at the pub." In the same page referring to the creation of genetic human clones, the newspaper that - let's not forget creates the opinion of our leadership - says: "consequences of genetic modification reflect an underlying spiritual concern about science meddling with the very basis of life. Such concern [is] the province of priests and philosophers, not scientists and politicians." Indeed, according to the ideology of our elites, stockrats of the company, scientists of the company, warriors of the company have total freedom to destroy the planet, to annihilate the species. Responsibility belongs to the others, to philosophers who cannot act and are not published, to priests robbed of his monetary power long ago, to the 99% of population without vote in such credit matters. For 'animetals' there is always a scapegoat to blame for their metal-action s of extinction of human ecosystems. Pathetic the slavery of Economist to the go(l)d of profits, and the machine idol.

The legalization of highways for automated cars=tanks will be easier to implement in the less democratic countries of Asia, that construct iron machines [Japan and Korea]. We can forecast a dual evolution of Robots during the 21st C: War Machines under the leadership of America; and peaceful robots under the leadership of Japan.

Mercedes already sells the 'truck pack', a column of 5 lorries that drives at full speed, guided by the first robotic truck. Platoons of transport robots are technologically here. And what is more worrisome, the first platoons of self-driven tanks are also being essayed by the American army... They will be probably the first sentient machines to be born... In some splendid little war...