Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Reproductive Networks:



human goods

"Trade and credit laws should be biased to favor the reproduction of Human Goods"


Ethonomical reforms of the stock market

Finally the Reproduction ministry is in charge of the distribution of Stock credit to Human goods companies.

It is the bigger of all ministries, with branches in all major cities of the World Union, in which local banks and local stock markets, credit and float Human Good companies, and bail out, Lethal companies, obliging their stock-holders to reinvest part of that capital received by their lethal companies in Human good companies. In this manner, it regulates the credit and existence of Companies in order to promote reproduction of human Goods.

To achieve the Human Constitution [Max. Human Goods=Min Metal goods], we have to devolve metal forms and weapons. To such aim the stock markets in the Wor[l]d Union are rigged.

The stock-market is the brain of the Ethonomy in which human companies are creditated, and metal companies controlled in their extinctive arrows.

It belongs to the Reproductive Ministry, which has absorbed worldwide the present financial houses.

The aim of the ministry, is to modify the behavior of credit in present markets, in favor of Human Goods.

To that aim some basic reforms are implemented:

- Technological Companies will make their shares nominal, requiring a Notary [Roman law] or Judge [Anglo-Saxon law] to be transferred.

- Companies that produce lethal products,  [weapons, advanced metal-minds] will be bailed out of the system at market price, and extinct.

- New shares in tech companies will not be able to trade in stock markets.

-  The Law of Anonymous societies which gives special privileges to stockrats and prevents the needed responsibility of companies for his acts, will be abolished.

Shareholders in proportion to his stock-power will be responsible economically for the illegal acts of their companies. And management will hold also civil responsibility.

Some suggested laws of control of stock-companies

To understand better a World ruled by Ethonomics [economics in favor of human beings] it is perhaps necessary to write a set of commercial laws based in the human constitution as a guide to future officials of the Reproductive Ministry.

The goal reinforced by those laws is always the same, the Human Constitution:

Max. H[g]=Max. Human Goods = Min. M[g]=Min Metal Goods and Metal Gods.

Which means to eliminate from the bio-economical system the biggest number of metal-informative species, and metal-energetic species, and increase the number of Life species, and artistic and human goods and cultural customs.

In that ideal situation the goal of survival of mankind is achieved:

To return to the only human paradise. The planets of flesh.

Yet in search of that Human Wor[l]d, the Wor[l]d Union has to control the cre[dit]ation of Company-mothers and limit the creditation of technological companies.

To that aim the Reproductive Ministry has rights of intervention in the value of companies, through Government control of the Stock Market.

It starts by nationalizing the top predator financial houses of the World, bailing out their stockrats with Ye$ Money [world money born of the Unification of the Yuan-Yen, the Euro and the $-dollar]. All former investor managers of those companies now will work and invest to achieve the goals of the World Union.

In this manner present stockrats become the managers of the Reproductive Ministry, and implement cre[dit]ation in favor of the Human Constitution...

This is only a theoretical exercise.The praxis belongs to governments and stockrats.

The Laws that regulate Stocks are accepted in all the countries of the World Union. The World Union controls the bio-economy by inventing verbal laws that oblige stock numbers [market numbers] to cre[dit]ate human goods. Words control numbers. The human language controls the digital language.

The World Union has rights to issue any law or decree respect to any number or price value of anything that exists in the World Union.

This is the real meaning of a sovereign people: in any ecosystem in which humans are top predators, verbal laws control numbers.

If verbal laws control numbers, man will be again top predator and survive. Only if the biological language of man controls the biological language of the machine - numbers - man will be top predator of the Earth.

The Wor[l]d Union and its ministries, represent that power of wor[l]ds over numbers. So they can create Laws against numbers. And they can create stock market numbers, without the need of mechanical or speculative systems.

The manipulation of stock-market and economical numbers [shares prices] is the main tool of 'credit' of the World Union.

And it is the task of the ministry of Reproduction.

How could a ministry of trade manipulate the behavior of companies by setting numbers? Easily. Interfering with the digital value of their shares and profits.

Two kind of companies exist in the World Union

Two kind of companies are defined by the Ministry and have different treatment:

- Human Goods companies produce human goods, are small in size, with a high content of carbolife materials, and minimal chip content. They have a high ratio, Labor/Capital, and require a lot of Human labor. They are the preferential investment targets of the new stock market systems.

- Metal companies produce lethal goods, mainly Weapons and digital machines. They have a low ratio Labor/Capital, and require little human labor. They are the companies bailed out or controlled tightly in credit by the Reproduction ministry.

The Wor[l]d ministry decides initially which companies belong to each stock zone. Health care, tourism, non-air transport, housing, education, environment, high human labor Companies, arts and publishing are obviously, human Good producers.

Accordingly there are two kind of shares

Let us suggest some legal reforms that would help the action of the Reproduction Ministry.

- Two kind of stocks exist in the Wor[l]d Union: for Human and Metal companies.

- Human goods' Companies cannot be interfered by the Wor[l]d Union ministries and their civil servants, except to regulate their content of lethal machines [mainly computer machines used in their re=productive systems].

- Metal companies can be interfered by the Reproduction Ministry

- Only Human Goods Companies can issue shares in the market, can sell their shares, and act with the present 'freed' of metal companies.

- Metal-companies cannot issue further shares. Their shares are made nominal. Their value can be modified by the Reproduction ministry.

The reproduction ministry manipulates shares and profit numbers

The price of Stock shares regulates today the behavior of companies. So to control companies' behavior the reproduction ministry devises two kind of punishment against companies:

- Absolute extinction [shares punishment].

- And Relative extinction [profit punishment].

They are means to achieve the constitutional goals set by laws, and dates of products [ devolution of products to the pre-chip age.]

Shares punishment

- The Ministry will issue and sell further shares of metal-companies, when the company has not obeyed the laws  and/or targets of the World ministry, as a 'punishment' to share-holders. The new shares will be sold in the market, lowering the price of the company share, and 'milking' profits for the Reproduction Ministry.

- The ministry can delist any company. If the Reproduction ministry delist shares it will mean the  extinction of the company. Share-holders of the company will be compensated with a quantity of Yes currency equal to the market value of those shares, the last day before its delisting by 'decree'.

A company that produces metal-species harmful to the Human Constitution, can be punished with shares' delisting. The trade ministry will dissolve the company. Then the Ministry of Metal-war will be obliged to extinct all lethal products belonging to the Company. The rest of its properties will be auctioned.

The returns of the auction will be given to the workers, if they are found not responsible for the activities of their companies [managers are considered always responsible], or it will be absorbed by the state, if they are found guilty.

Companies cannot be  interfered in internal management, but they can be extinct in stock markets if  their shares are delisted...

In terms of GNP the extinction of 'lethal goods companies' will add, not subtract to the overall economy. Since their 'bail out in currency' paid to stock-holders, will increase the demand of shares in Human companies and investment in human, luxury goods by stockrats.

The species of the company will become illegal products. Reproduction of similar species once a lethal company is extinct, by new companies, will carry death to the product and factories without compensation to owners. Management will face legal, civil and penal responsibilities.

Compensation to stockrats, CEOs, workers and managers is generous at market price. Or else, stockrats that hold the power of present economical systems will easily prevent any reform of the Bio-economy.

Yet under the ethonomical rules suggested in this book, Stockrats after being bailed out, would still have more liquid money that they can spend in their entire lives. Further on, they might work now for the Reproduction Ministry, or invest their yes money in new companies. There their invaluable knowledge on Companies and Products would maintain them as the elite of the new system; developing human Goods Companies.

Creditation of metal futures. Products developed in “Democracies”

Two kind legal rights are established for companies: Laws for companies which produce lethal Metal species; and laws for companies which produce Human goods.

The decision of what metal forms and companies have the right of existence is based in the Human constitution, and taken by the Wor[l]d Ministry parliament that sets the initial limits of products. Its destruction will be applied by the war and trade ministry.

So immediately after creation the Wor[l]d Union will bail out at market price all Chip companies of the Wor[l]d compensating companies with yes money, to invest it in human goods.


In the Wor[l]d Union Ethonomics is the main subject of all educational curriculums, and so people know what is the purpose of the government. Today modern education hides knowledge of economics to the people, and rhetoric to metal-power. Because without education, there is not freedom of choice.

Labor preservation

The main effect of an economy driven by Human Goods, is the creation of labor.

It is a fact that when more metal-content a product has, less human labor is required to produce it.

So metal-minds [chips] and metal-mind companies [internet companies, software companies] have the minimal quantity of labor of all companies.

And human good business and companies, from agriculture to education, have the maximum number of human labor.

Unemployment would disappear in an economy based in Human goods.

Workers in bailed out metal-companies, would be reconverted to all those new jobs in Human Goods. So as no capital wealth will be destroyed by the system of bailing outs companies, no Jobs would be lost to the wor[l]d Union.

Conversion of skills and ideologies would allow to maintain many workers of present extinctive metal-companies. 

For example in the Wor[l]d Union, Digital and marketing=propaganda experts could be reconverted to create the new programs of TVs: documentaries, human goods adds, and  news-information.

The ministry of defense becomes the metal-war ministry; and soldiers find jobs in the control of 'metalethal' species.

While scientists will teach the same concepts they teach today with mathematics in verbal thought, as Eastern religions do.

Economists will become Ethonomists.

Stockrats will become 'aristockrats' of money, used to enjoy human goods.

Reform would not imply the elimination of workers, but merely a change of path, preventing the massive opposition, for labor reasons, of 'innocent' modern workers.

In the Wor[l]d Union all men are considered innocent victims of the ideological systems of the Metal-Earth. Revenge against humans is not a word of the Wor[l]d Union . Forgiveness is. Death penalties are used only for machines.

The most stubborn workers and company-mothers that have to be canceled could be paid full life salaries and yet be fired. Auction of the properties of companies, will allow that.

Fundamental tool of labor policy in the middle term, would be measures of control of birth-rates. Because contrary to the myths of economics the world has advanced so far  technological methods, that there are enough slave-machines producing metal-goods for all mankind, if Humanity would reach demographic growth 0.

Mankind could easily reduce labor hours and employment without increasing poverty, if the myths of competence, disappear. Also many workers considered today low in skills for so much evolved machines would find easier jobs to perform.

That is exactly what it happens in the World Union, where innovation is taboo for companies. Companies in fact devolve products, and so research is no longer needed. And since the methods of reproduction and management are already established in the past, work becomes relaxed, and the life of workers much easier....

Further on in a still economy without technological progress, poor nations that today are lagging behind, with real unemployment close to 50%, could now catch up much faster, and so join progressively the World Union growing numbers of workers, avoiding present immigration problems.

We are creating here a Demand=Human Metalearth, by cre[dit]ating Human Goods and metal industries which are positive for Human evolution, and need a lot of Human Labor.

Local stocks and Yes money: the last radiation

It has to be noticed that in the past, Human r=evolutions were paid with a radiation of new currency.  The French had their continentals, Lincoln his green backs...

As in all previous cre[dit]ations of human r=evolutions, it is clear that to achieve the extinction of extinctive metal species, their owners will have to be compensated. So, the only way to construct a human Union and give orders to the human population is with a new radiation of money - the last radiation - able to equalize the monetary value of stock-shares, and buy them out according to the Human Constitution. When a company or product is eliminated of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem, automatically the Ministry issues 'ye$ money' to buy out at market price all shares on such companies. Those companies destroyed and paid in monetary value would soon be substituted by massive investments in human industries... In this manner the government can give to companies, orders of behavior, by extinguishing without harm to the owners of companies their re=productive capacities.

Thus it is necessary to radiate worldwide money to back the Human Constitution. Which can only be achieved by crashing stock-deficit with an international system of parallel government deficits as the one described before. And by equaling all Worldwide currencies, into a single currency, Yes money, that would avoid the risks of hyper-inflation and capital evasion, that plagues today's welfare-based nations.

The radiation of Yes money, would then have a human purpose of defense of the wor[l]d. We could talk of God's money, not of Go[l]d money, in as much as it helps the Constitution of Man, not the Constitution of the Metalearth. Yet to achieve an efficient worldwide radiation of ye$ money, a single currency and so a single Wor[l]d government, a new organic level of human social evolution  is required...  

Stock shares are metal money, M[g], while currency is Human money. H[g]. Why? Because currency is spent in higher quantity in human goods, that share money. Currency is used by the poor which use more Human Goods. And currency creates an economy based in demand, not in offer, so favoring also human goods, the most demanded goods of the economy. A demand economy would improve the Human Earth not the Metal Earth that techno stocks promote. So, to favor the stability of currencies, the World union returns to gold standards, and fixed currencies, the yes currency, present dollar, Euro and Yen+Yuan, tied up as the single currency of the World Union.

While stock markets become local, not only in each economical division [America, Eurafrica, Asia], but also in each nation, and within each nation in each region.] Stock liquidity is drained by nominal shares in the case of metal-companies [most of the companies of stock markets], and by the extreme deficits of the Government, caused by its expenditures in welfare goods. Plainly currency invents more money than stocks. And local stocks for small human goods companies drain more credit than national and international stocks of mammoth metal-companies.

Stocks have to be less liquid than currencies; or else we are still in a stock-guided, metal evolutionary, offer based economy.

Who issues credit then in an ethonomy?

Money is cre[dit]ated only in local stocks of Human Companies; or in currency by the 3 ministries in their tasks of government.

A single currency for reasons of simplicity is created with worldwide value. It has a fixed parity, formed by the real currencies of each world region [¥-$-Euro].

Unlike the political system, unified by the wor[l]d government, and the World currency issued by each ministry, the world-stock system is broken in 3 wor[l]d regions, each one with further national, and local divisions.

This allows the promotion of small family companies, and human goods industries  in local stocks. The achievement of Worldwide goals of metal-control designed by each ministry, thanks to their unlimited capacity of credit in yes currency.

The key to the success of the Wor[l]d Union is the control of money and creditation, by the World Government whose goals belong to the Human constitution. And by the people, that form the Human Body.

This is achieved through local stock-credit for local companies, and through World government credit in yes money, issued by the Ministry of Metal war [to pay destroyed products, the Ministry of trade [to  bail out shareholders], and by the Ministry of Law and Education [to invest in education, and pay the expenses of the World Parliament].

The 3 economical regions, of Euros, Yuens [Yuan+Yen] and Dollars [unified currencies of Eurafrica, Asia, and America] cannot trade with each other, except in Human Goods.

Nor can their stocks be changed. Yet human credit issued by the World Union, can be spent worldwide, in health, tourism, and Human products.

Bail out companies can continue work if they can be reconverted to  produce the 3-type of products that evolve the organic systems of history: food stuffs and Housing, Health-care [technologically restricted] and Education and Tourism.

To that aim all nations will set up Human Good projects and specific companies floated for those projects in the World Stock market.

Bailed out stockrats will be free to convert their own credit into shares of those companies, or use it for Human Goods consume. In this manner a massive creditation of human goods and investment in 3rd world nations would take place.

Credit money is also used by the worldwide war ministry to pay all companies or individuals who are dispossessed of extinctive metal goods, acquired before the establishment of the Wor[l]d Union.

Yet how will be able the state to reproduce so much 'currency'?

Since the entire Wor[l]d is a single ethonomical system, there are no risks of capital evasion, no side effects from inflation. No limits to creditation of yes money to achieve the goal of the Human Constitution.

Yes Money implies a single world currency, banking-based cre[dit]ation system, the end of global metal stocks and e-money, a wor[l]d Union, and a complete change of the Laws that today protect stock-companies absolute rights to credit. Their design is a technical formality if the wish and information about the survival of History spreads among our elite.

Substitution of taxation by creditation of Yes money

An interesting consequence of the new mode of creditation developed by The World Union is the lack of personal income taxes, since the World union is an inflationary demand based economy, where money is invented by governments, and used to cre[dit]ate human goods.

The lack of taxation against citizens is a basic right of the Wor[l]d Union, and the true meaning of economical freedom.

Unlike the present economy in which companies, invent money a priori in stocks, to offer their products, even if they have no real demand before propaganda sells them out; in the World Union, money is created to demand goods.

The government creates money to produce its welfare goods. It does not ask the people for money through taxes.

It only gets money outside the yes system of creditation, from 'punished companies'.

The Reproductive ministry can issue shares of metal-companies to punish their stock price.

It can also control the profit of companies, by law...

Companies which do not obey the Laws of the ethonomy, can be taxed on their profits, on their share price, or even on their properties [extinction of the company and auction of its properties].

Companies which perform well for the Human Constitution, even if they enter losses, can be promoted with extra-profits  by the Reproduction ministry.

In fact we propose latter on in History, when people are properly educated in the nature of the living Universe, bio-history and bio-economics, what we might call a vote in 'Profits, products and Dates'.