Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Information cells:


"The elites of mankind, become victims of machines in cycles of war and Holocausts"



The informative class: Go[l]d cultures

In the graph of Universal organisms, we have highlighted organisms symbiotic between metal and human beings. What we call animetals. Such organisms tend to put together an informative species of metal - basically money - and a human brain - a trader. Or an energy element of metal - basically weapons - and a human body. Both species are symbiotic in as much as they are bodies of carbolife and bodies of metal, or 'energy species', and cycles of metal-information, and cycles of human information [brains].

In this manner, there have been a fourth specialization which is fundamental to history: certain human beings have become specialized in the use of Weapons, as warriors, who worship their bodies, their physical strength and the properties of lineal metal, of swords and weapons.

On the other hand there are cultures specialized in trade, which use as their tool of power money. They are information cultures that worship knowledge, information, creation, form.

Two examples: the German culture, a warrior culture, and the Jewish culture, a trader culture. Their opposition well known throughout history is the same kind of formal opposition that exists between energy and information. What is better an informative culture or an energy culture?

According to the laws of balance and survival in the Universe, none of them, but a third kind of culture: the balanced culture in which body and brain, are cherished. Those cultures are not deformed by their symbiosis with weapons and money. They are ruled by the third language of human power, which is words, ethics, verbal thought, laws.

Those cultures (Latin European culture, Indian culture) are also the cultures that have created the best 'human art', that have survived better, that have suffered less wars and Holocausts throughout history, proving once more that the laws of social Organisms, and the laws of survival and social evolution are common to all social species, including cultures and civilizations. Only a culture balanced between both components is a 'superior human culture'.

Informative, scientific Racism. The Go[l]d culture expands pro-machine ideologies.

Racism is a deformation of knowledge, that misunderstands the law of balance between body and brain that guides survival, harmonic species. So physical races, despise informative races [German racism], and obsessed by their body, believe that genetics, which only create bodies, secondary in the human species to our brains, are the main element of humanity.  While informative races despise physical races [Jewish, English racism], and consider that culture is the element of their superiority. Racism is built on social lies, and false understanding of the human nature. It is a cultural product reinforced specially in 'metal-cultures', warrior and trader cultures, by systems of repression of the other side of human existence. So mental cultures repress sexuality [Victorian England, Jewish emasculation], while physical cultures repress verbal information (censorship, single-doctrines, dictatorships) and ethics [warrior rituals that praise death].

Today in the age of 'company-mothers', when machines are increasingly imposing ‘software laws’ that rule men in work places and indoctrinate us with pro-machine ideologies in mass-media, there is a new form of racism, much more dangerous that any other form of the past: scientific racism, the systematic bias against verbal languages, in favor of digital languages. Such racism goes against the entire human species, since we speak digital languages worse than machines do. So scientific racism favors computers over human workers, and it is causing the displacement of mankind as top predator species on Earth.

Problem is pro-machine ideologies are winning the battle and control most of the systems of Human information (political systems, mass-media, legal systems, verbal information, religious churches etc). So the people who resist the evolution of the economic ecosystem and fight for the human ecosystem are very few. And the quantity of people degraded by the economic ecosystem, enlarging the 'energy class' of dispossessed, of people no longer needed by the metal-earth, are a lot of people. Hence, the economic ecosystem, is winning over the human ecosystem, displaced towards extinction, obsolescence, and the silence of 'nobody cares about you'.

However globalization will harm also the different national elites that have accepted economic and scientific myths about machines, invented by economists and scientists of the Go(l)d cultures, as theirs). Indeed, on the long term, the benefitiaries of globalization are not, the members of the go(l)d culture, but the machine. The fact that the Go[l]d culture believes in the machine, and protects the machine against mankind, does not mean, the finality of the metal-earth is biblical (the creation of a paradise for the sons of God, with the exclusion of all other rival races) but biological (the extinction of the carbo-earth, including all his human species, and its substitution by metal-machines of energy and information.) Hence, once all other races are degraded, the American, European, Japanese and Jewish cultures that rule the Metal-earth will also be degraded. We can argue that such process has started already, comparing the standing and creative capacity of our Jewish-American and British cultural elites, today and 40 years ago…

Since the future of America and Israel, the leading culture of today has been treated extensively in the previous 2 issues of this magazine specifically in the issue of 2001, “America in the semite wars”, we shall not repeat our arguments, and predictions becoming day by day sorely truth.  Let us consider  merely who are the elite of that elite culture, why they behave the way they do, and what they should do to avoid their degradation and destruction as all other human beings… if they permit the free evolution of the economic ecosystem (free market).

The process is driven by the Go[l]d culture. Why they are doing it?

The present process of globalization that favors machines against humans, and causes the collective extinction of the species, is guided by western stockrats, which are believers in money, in a great number, belonging to the Jewish=Protestant Gold cultures that control the economy of America, Northern Europe and the old British empire, and have exported its institutions to the Japanese culture.

So we have to understand them to understand the reasons of this process. It is not truth that globalization is impossible to avoid. If the 300 richest men on Earth, which know each other and talk business to each other very often, and appear together in places such as the Trilateral, or the American-Jewish committee, or the aristocratic parties of London, or the informal meetings at Silicon Valley, wanted to change the process of globalization to favor mankind over machine, this could be done in a month. The rest of common men and planetary elites will follow as they follow the present laws our ari-stockratic elites dictate through their global control of credit and politicians.

This political control happens for a very simple reason. In the age of Global economic ecosystems, in which politicians obey lobbies, and monetary orders, the entire political system has become part of the global company. So it is handled as companies handle workers and products: giving them salaries and prices (called bribes and contributions), that people (politicians) will obey. A person you pay obeys you as a slave. Slavery in fact was born as a full time form of job that preceded salaries. So in as much as Lobbyism has become the fundamental income of ruling politicians, today governments are part of that Global company. They obey companies, associations of companies (lobbies, holdings), and the global brain that directs and selects them – the world stock-market.

So the question of whom is driving the global process is as simple as asking who is ruling The Earth’s biggest companies.

Answer: those who have a majority of shares.

A 51% of shares gives total power in any company, including Earth Inc.

Who owns them? Those who founded Company-mothers, 400 years ago in Amsterdam and exported them to England, America and the rest of the world, are still the top holders of worldwide shares. They are individuals, a few hundred families, and they are also a culture, people with common beliefs on how to rule the world, beliefs that we have gathered under the common terms of "Go[l]d cultures'. So we could easily say that the World has a ruler, the stockrats of the Gold cultures, which posses more than 50% of worldwide shares, and are roughly divided in 3 main 'sub-species', Jewish, the top shareholders of the world, Wasps (divided between America, England, and other industrial countries such as Australia, Canada and continental Europe). They rule the world, and have associated to their ideologies (the scientific method, classic economics, Go[l]d beliefs, militaristic nationalism, individualism repression of the human will - sex, love, social evolution), so many cultures, through wars, defeat, cultural colonization, economical colonization, etc, etc. that we might easily affirm that over 80% of world stocks are in the hands of believers in the gold culture and their associated European continental cultures, and Asian pacific countries (from Japan, Korea and Chinese emigrants that have embraced the economic/scientific culture totally).

Extinction of man, by the globalization of machine ecosystems could be perfectly unavoidable if our Jewish-protestant culture and its digital versions (the scientific method, classic economics, digital “Democracies”) could evolve their postulates to favor man instead of the machine.

This could be done if the mind of the top stockrats of the world would evolve, if economics and physical sciences abandoned the digital method, and the scientific method of promotion of sensorial machines, and learnt the nature of truth…

If... the Go[l]d culture, instead of considering itself, chosen of God, unique, superior to mankind, stopped worshipping the machine, and accepted man as top predator of this planet, and cared to do the best for man.

It is ultimately as all in the universe, a question of morals, of eviL=anti live behavioral and Good= pro-life behavior.

If those who rule the organism of history through money, weapons and law, cared for mankind, for the future of their sons, they could transform this planet into a paradise, with half of the effort they display in destroying the planet, in creating lies about mankind, in intensifying their preying behavior over all other cultures, in accumulating unneeded zeros to their accounts, in controlling the hungry, angry masses.

A rational elite grateful to his privileges, who cared for the human species could easily create a paradise on Earth. Unfortunately that is not the case of our elite, and its primitive culture which precisely distinguishes itself by its despise to mankind, and its fear to the non chosen, the common men, much more than their fear to lethal machines. To them lethal machines are the gift of Go(l)d. The goodness of machines is believed as a dogma among the elite of Go(l)d cultures.

Witness the present cycle of Splendid little wars (studied in our previous issue, America in the Semite wars): tanks vs stones, planes Vs rifles, the show is served, the innocent victims are mere collateral causalities.

The twisted ethics of violent behavior and gold religions that accept as a dogma the evilness of mankind are also deep, and difficult to change. Take the case of Judaism, or now after 11 S, of America at large.

The Third World hate us and terrorize us –says the gold culture – because the Third World is evil, primitive, violent, and envy, we the chosen of Go(l)d, who are just, superior and possess a higher ethic standing.

Those myths have been called in psychological terms, the sickness of 'victimism', which makes the executioner, the victim. Victimism  among our present elite, and the brutal treatment of humanity it causes through their negative policies towards citizens they hate and despise, is in the core of the process that drives mankind towards extinction. A people like the Jewish-American culture, now dominant within the gold cultures, who believe at heart, irrationally, that mankind envies and hates them and wants to destroy them, will never fear machines as much as Islam, or Germanic citizens, or the poor, or the 'lower classes'.

It is that irrational despise to nature and mankind, that worship of gold and machines, of themselves, what prevents real solutions to our collective problems.

In other terms, an ideology of racial power brings mankind towards extinction, through a biased process of globalization.

Globalization can be detained and brought back in such a manner that it would not imply the extinction of most of mankind - the entire species in the long term, as robots take over mankind as the top predator of this planet. Mankind could consider the alternative creation of a paradise based in production of human goods, unemployment benefits, development of bionics instead of robotics, of space travel instead of star, wars, of educational mass media, instead of the violent degradation of the human mind... and the control of the most harmful species of machines - lethal Robots.  That path of globalization could keep our elite in power, producing human goods, not as the cruel shepherds of today producing lethal machines that kill us, but as the beloved masters of a grateful herd cared for by Human Companies.

This 'European, Christian vision' of the good shepherd, of the human globalization, of an economy based in human goods, is not happening however because the "International World Company", the Metal-earth Inc. has a majority shareholder, the cruel shepherd, the Jewish-Anglican-Calvinist Go[l]d culture of America and Britain that invented Company-mothers, for whom mankind is not chosen of Go(l)d but the natural enemy of their religion, for whom the human biological will (reproduction, human goods, pleasure, love, and social evolution) is eviL not Live.

Unable to understand that they are human beings, with the same 20 amino acids that all of us, that iron kills them as kills us, the ideology of the culture that controls the future, from the cre(dit)ating centers of New York and London (that all other stock markets follow), have decided to speculate with harmful technology, internet, robotics, weapon industries, and choke the credit of human goods, credit for peace.

Now one of his leaders, Mr. Blair, is maneuvering in Europe with the conservative movement of Italy and Spain (Mr. Aznar and Mr. Berlusconni), to create a common front against social Europe.  What strikes our attention, and says a lot of the difference of cultures, between England and continental Europe, is that the leader of the conservative movement is the president of the English Labour party…a left wing candidate in his nation.

Indeed, the gold culture is so intense in Israel, (that voted 70% in favor of Mr. Ariel Sharon, who promotes a short of Final Solution to the Palestine, agricultural culture), it is so intense in America (with 90% of backing to the present global Big Brother security state promoted by Mr. Bush), it is so intense in Britain (where Big Brother already watches you from each corner of the nation), that even the "human parties" in those countries are in favor of policies that promote the extinction of man, they blindly deny…

The hypocritical verbal nature of those cultures helps a lot to hide to the rational mind the nature of machines, weapons, and money…  So all kind of abstract, false myths hide the simple fact that those countries are ruled by company-mothers and credit in favor of machines. Credit that create a non-human future.

Credit=creation, so the future they create is a future of machines not of human goods and human beings. Such cruel shepherd has also promoted systematically brutal mass media, permitting the plague of pornography and violence, in TV and Internet. The concept of that Gold culture is that "as long as the cattle stays stupid, we, the chosen of Go[l]d will be permitted to be cruel and greedy, we will be able to touch Go(l)d, we will be superior". So mankind has been degraded, has been made stupid. Scarcity of human goods and poverty has spread worldwide, and neofascism has arrived.

The origin of victimism: destruction and degradation of gold cultures by free economic ecosystems.

Yet the Gold culture also has degraded itself, because their beliefs are wrong, and Go(l)d also despises them.

The peculiar 'Paradox' of the Gold culture consists in believing that credit and property are sacred, because money is sacred - it is not a medicine with lethal side effects. So some of the lethal side effects and cycles of free economic ecosystems such as holocaust cycles (Jewish culture), and war cycless (Germanic cultures), are not considered rationally as the natural effects of the struggle between machine ecosystems and human ecosystems. Machines and money are not blamed at all of those lethal side effects.

The result is that the Gold culture has found mankind at large as the guilty and monstrous 'different race' that caused all its historic tragedies. Thus to harm mankind seems to them the logic 'solution' to their historic tragedy. That attitude allows the kind of iron fist control today markets exercise over politicians, and politicians over citizens and third world countries. "They deserve it", is the subconscious reason that guides the absurd policies of our elite against mankind, in favor of machines and robots, that on the long term will also extinguish them.

Their ideologies of economics and science made them forget that they are not made of iron and gold, but have flesh and carbohydrates, they do not eat oil but meat, do not think in numbers but in words. So sooner than latter, their machine slaves, their robots that now start to fancy their children, will despise them also, and do as the German guard did to the Romans, or the Turkish guard did to the Arabs: substitute them on top of the pyramid of global power. Indeed, when globalization ends, the robotic and technological machines of this century will get rid of the meager 0.1% of economists, scientists, stockrats and go(l)d priests that today control history...

Only changing the culture of the Industrial Evolution that drives the wrong process of globalization, extinction might be avoided.

 The enthusiasm of those who won the Cold War, and have become "global powers', thanks to the globalization of their weapons and financial ecosystems, is truly infantile. They do not seem to realize that what they export is fundamentally 'eviL=Anti-live" species, Robots, computers missiles, Weapons, Internet pornography, violent films, wars, dehumanization, digital languages and corrupted laws. No, they are exporting civilization... Or so they think. 

In as much as the rules of the economic game have not changed the globalization that favors machines and stockrats in the short term, only machines in the middle term, will continue. Unfortunately none of the solutions provided by the science of bioeconomics as earlier as 1994, were put in practice, by governments, or markets.  None of the bioeconomists that started this science a decade ago, are invited to economical forums, or publish regularly in economical magazines.  Plainly speaking, the only bio-logical possible solutions to the destruction of this planet by globalization, are totally ignored.

 Not even something so simple and evident as to avoid the heating of this planet, by limiting poisonous gas emissions, which a decade ago in Rio was already crystal clear, has been done. Why? Because in a world controlled by economic ecosystems of machines, pollution is secondary. It only affects human lives, not the life of machines. So company-mothers, that care nothing for the life of living species, will not increase their costs. Stockrats and their lobbies and politicians protect Company-mothers' pollution to increase profits...

Yet if not even those simple solutions are implemented, what to say of the more complex, penal solutions required to avoid the robotic revolution: the close down of robotic departments in universities, the creation of jail penalties for robotic researchers, and other penalties similar to those imposed to manufacturers of lethal viruses?  Those necessary measures require an entire transformation of science and economics. An evolution of Go(l)d cultures, or a revolution of the herd against those shepherds that are harming them.

Go(l)d cultures, mind the reader, are extremely ignorant of the laws that rule the survival and extinction of species - the Laws of Evolution  - which are forbidden in those cultures. You should not be confused by the fact that an individual American, Jewish, Japanese or British subject (whose elites control the world of money and machines and believe in nationalistic, racist, Go[l]d religions) might be very intelligent. Overall however they belong to the most primitive cultures of history, that survive in this planet. The Japanese culture was widely considered the most primitive of the far east before they made the industrial evolution. The Jewish culture is the most primitive culture of the Western world. The British culture is a simplification of the continental European culture, and the American culture is a simplification of the British culture, further simplified in California, the heart of the robotic revolution. So we are confronting cultural organisms of enormous brutality, herds of 'Homo bacteria' that resort to the simplest processes of revenge, hate, violence, victimism, and individualism to relate to other individual cells on their historic organism. The result is that only money and weapons hold power on those cultures, and become in this manner icons, Gods, idols of their religions.

 Those cultures think weapons and Gold are God and cannot be argued. They think they are a special race chosen by God a few millennia ago, to rule this planet because they are rich and have better Weapons. They ignore, even deny social evolution, 'socialism', the higher law that structures societies from molecules to galaxies, to human working nations.

They ignore the laws of evolution which are the laws of God=The Univers. Instead they believe in abstract ideologies (economics, science and ritualistic religions) that make them comfortable about their superior status in the Universe. So they see noting but profits. Their matriarchal societies are strictly materialistic and ignore the laws of evolution and change that apply to machines. Instead they worship 'physical evidence', the immediate, the obvious, the image world that animalizes man. Their education is infantile, based in emotions, in repression and punishment, not in logic, forgiveness and social evolution, specially when applied to the understanding of the systems that rule us all - history, religion, the law. For a sophisticated continental European or Chinese, that primitivism is obvious. When you live in America, or Israel, in England or Japan, the struggle for survival reaches such dimensions in a hostile social jungle that soon you become also an Homo bacteria immersed in a fight for survival against machine ecosystems. The systematic punishment and repression of the human will (sex, love, social evolution, good food-energy, and human goods), the abstract digitalization of all species of nature, and process of evolution of reality, the worship of abstract numbers, that carry no meaningful information, soon fogs your intelligence into a mess of dogmas, and false truths, that are emotionally imprinted, and cannot be argued without provoking mental pain. Holocaust horror movies and Chosen of God religions instill despise to the human kind. Nationalistic history divides our species in good and bad boys. Number one egotism makes you the false center of reality and provokes constant clashes and conflicts among individuals. Body-cult reduces your mental capacity. Cult to weapons, selfishness, and money simplifies all and makes of destruction and chaos the dominant arrow of reality. Systematic corruption of politicians laws and institutions to the service of profits makes citizens indifferent to the systems. Lack of solidarity, consumerism and work become the only goals of Go(l)d people in as much as they are the natural goals of the company-mothers that rule their lives. All the illness of those cultures have increased so much in the past decades, and spread beyond the inferno-life of the Gold cultures, that today the Gold culture nightmare, of a world in which man is no longer free, no longer the top predator, but the slave of company-mothers, machine, gold and weapons, is sorely real. We perceive in Latin Europe the dominance of that culture through flows of e-money and new technological machines. So we perceive Globalization as the end of the Human earth we tried to create, and the total slavery of men to the Go[l]d ideals...

Indeed, the first Company-mothers had a clear kind of elites, Calvinist=Puritan=Jewish=Anglican cultural elites, born of trader philosophies along the millenary Go[l]d path of trade of the Rhine system, from Geneva to London. Calvinism and parallel Jewish=Protestant [old testament] groups who follow Gold religions dating back from the age of the Golden calf, today transformed into scientific and economical believers, live the false dream of their ideals about the Earth: a world ruled by machines and money.  The control of man by Company-mothers and their cultural elites is today almost absolute, and so the human mind adapts happily to their ideas.

So we worship British culture. We suffer a lot because Jewish die periodically in their confrontation as the richest people of the world with warrior cultures that want their money [from Assur, to Rome to Germany]. Yet who cares about the suffering people of the third World, the poor people that rebel against our control [Palestinians, lower classes].

We believe Gold people are the most intelligent, best people in the world. Their metal-communicators promote those ideas, their control of worldwide credit sell us their products. They are indeed the elite of the Metal-earth, yet they are also on the waiting list, since Robots will make them obsolete. So my message for them is: be selfish, keep your privileges, but stop the evolution of robots. So you can still live the 'animetal dream', not the human nightmare that machines today reserve to the rest of mankind.

Their Company-mothers culture, and their symbiotic ideology of 'scientific knowledge', which further on classifies humans according to mathematical skills as 'intelligent' is today a global culture, the culture of the Global Village of the Metal-earth. It goes hand in hand, with the of life cultures and men as a lesser product susceptible of all forms of manipulation [Man=price=product].

God is just, Go(l)d is not: the underlying agenda of Go(l)d ideologies

 The idiocy of those gold ideals is difficult to describe... It is rationally impossible, for a human working mind to think that money is the invisible hand of Go[l]d  (Adam Smith), that a goat shepherd and his brother, worshipper of golden calves (Aaron) were Chosen of God, the creator of the Universe, to do with all other man as they pleased; that a constitution written 200 years ago by slave holders is the best law devised by the humankind to rule an evolutionary planet, 200 years.

A deeper analysis of the beliefs of Gold religions and Gold cultures however show the pro-machine rationality in all those myths. They allow the obsolescence of human laws substituted by efficient systems of monetary information. As  American politicians are trying to rule with obsolete laws an entire different ecosystem full of machines... 200 years later,  the outcome is the total obsolescence of American laws, and the rule of money and Gold. In this manner,  the aim of the Gold culture, to worship Gold as the language of power of a society, becomes the reason why the gold culture does not reform or modernize American Laws and world institutions. In this manner people need money and Weapons to rule reality.

So without legal evolution, without social evolution, America and the world at large become ruled by machines, by Weapons used to solve problems, by money that buys it all.

Such primitive concepts of how to rule human societies spread also to the individual sphere: the nature of man, sex, the reproduction of man, becomes evil.  So people dedicate their lives to work and reproduce machines.

Love, the social evolution of man, becomes 'needy'. So men need machines to do anything and have to consume=test their quality and evolve them.

Words, the language of information of man become under 'myths of science' inaccurate. So men need numbers and machines that use numbers as their natural language to control reality.

Food, and natural human energy, lacks price and credit. Instead a series of 'scientific methods' such as dietetics, or mere economical systems of mass production of food, such as fast food restaurants and unhygienic stables, degrades human food, and human energy. So our energy resources are used to multiply machine energy...

The paradox of History, the competence between two different ecosystems is at work every day in every aspect of reality.

You have to think always in terms of that paradox to understand the news, the acts, and events that the Go[l]d cultures promote worldwide in the economical, political, military and cultural arena. Otherwise you will think the world is absurd, things happens through chaos, reality is crazy.

It is not crazy, it is something worse: it is ruled by machines and cultures who worship machines and money instead of men, and care nothing if man becomes extinguished as a result of their policies. Since they believe to be a different species of man, and they hate mankind, without realizing they are human beings, without realizing all their historic troubles come from the false Gods, the idols of Go(l)d and technology they worship.

Those beliefs are however imposed in earlier age, through methods based in emotional repression, denial of the human will, of the pleasure of living, that convert the Gold believer in a child, retarded in emotional and intellectual evolution for the rest of its life.

It is the robot portrait of the present Gold believer, the Jewish, American or English wo=man that has reinvented the personality of all the other human beings. Today we are almost all of us, Gold believers, and our greed, our blindness and despise of the real human nature condemns the human herd to extinction.

Today men are arrogant, violent, visual, ignorant, and rely only on machines to prove themselves superior. Arrogance however is not a synonymous of intelligence. Wealth is not a synonymous of intelligence. Machines are not our tissue, but elements outside our existence, and their evolution only means the arrival of new top predator species, not a prove of human godlike nature. In the universe all evolves and adapts to the changing environment or perishes. This is what machines are doing, not what gold cultures and human beings are doing.

Go(l)d cultures and the informative system that rules them - economics and the scientific method - have not evolved in centuries, even millennia. So they are not fit to survive, and their people will not survive. Their herd obsessed by primitive ideas about mankind, the world, machines, and God, will suffer the only penalty God=The Universe keeps for those species who are too ignorant and arrogant to play by the Laws of God: extinction. What we explain in this issue will become real. As the century closes and globalization ends, the future will no longer matter. Since there will not be future. Extinguished species have no future. They only have past, fossils, remains slowly ebbing in the waves of time.

Unfortunately today we no longer hear intelligent, evolved Jewish people but rabbis, and soldiers; we do not hear evolved intelligent Americans politicians but Southerners stuck in XIX century myths; we do not longer hear evolved British citizens, but ari-stockrats and City-zens of extinction.

One thing is for certain, when globalization ends, man will end because it did not become global, it did not evolve into a global society, it did not spread human freedom and human goods and the human will. When balkanization of mankind is complete and machines are totally global and company-mothers are totally global, and the internet machine brain is totally global, the Universe will make justice, and give this planet to those who work, think and believe in themselves: machines, the new herd of amazingly powerful Robots, the praetorian guard of the decadent human elite. The bewildered herd, that follows primitive rabbis, that have condemned them to 13 consecutive holocausts, the bewildered herd that follows abstract economists that have condemned them to 7 consecutive wars of planetary dimensions, the bewildered herd, that follows scientists, that have invented all the products and machines, will destroy us. Yes, indeed, it is very easy to kill a young man in Genoa, and a few hundred Palestinians with tanks, it is easy to put in jail a few immigrants crossing a border, condemn a few pot Heads to years of prison, to throw napalm on the primitive soldiers of an Islamic dictator, and then boast how macho you are, how powerful you are, how rich you are. But as you kill those youngsters with stupid songs, TV-addiction, drugs, lethal pornography and bullets, you are killing yourself, my dear Master of the Lilliputian Universe, Stockrat of The Chipped Wall, employee politician of the G-8 summit-sinking-us-all. Father of the zero generation... How ridicule you look to the eyes of God!, to the Laws of the Universe that even an atom knows better how to obey. An atom plays better than you those laws of survival. It is able to survive 1023 years. In 100 years you will have extinguished us all. Shame on you.

R=evolution Vs Extinction: The X, Y-why and Z-ero Generations.

It is then clear what globalization means. The extinction of man, the creation of a global planet made of metal. The stakes are high. So we should not be surprised that our citizens, youngsters and few intelligent humans, are worried, very worried. Since we are now in the Y generation. In two generations globalization will end and men will become extinct.

By most accounts, on the coming period of life extinction, 3 generations of men are left, then the first generation of computers.

"Under the present parameters of Evolution of Machines, the last 3 generations of mankind are already born".

Today a few men, roughly 400 military, stockrats and politicians control the world, misguided by such postulates. They could change their mind-frame if they were informed. They do not need more money or power. They need to know the truth in order to survive beyond their next generation. We could indeed say that if I belong to the X generation, and the Y generation is now reaching their youth and asking 'why we have destroyed the world', the babies which are being born today are the last generation of mankind which will see a world ruled by our present animetal top predators. If our 3x400 men [generals, stockrats, and politicians], understood the laws of the Universe and decide to help humanity, a World Union could be implemented within 100 days; and many generations could come after the z, for zero generation, the generation now born, that is about to end the human species.