Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


""When political systems reach total corruption, among the indifference of the population, the decided action of a few can change the course of History"

What Ethonomics asks for is the evolution of human thought, not of metal thought. It wants a reversal in the direction of History. We have to return to human evolution, and enjoyment of the arts of human perception, which are not those of scientists, but those of artists, and human senses.

How can we impose a Human Wor(l)d? As always has been done: evolving the human law, and the ideas citizens have about the Economic and human ecosystem. Which means changing our democratic system for a real democracy, in which people govern for their own profit. It is needed a revolution of the people and the institutions that govern us.

Imposition of The Wor[l]d Union by Popular action .

The design of the Wor[l]d Union requires the understanding of Human evolution, and the Human Constitution [H[g]>M[g]] by our present leaders. Their education is fundamental, because they have the Wor[l]d in their hands. Yet, it will not be fair to design only access to the Wor[l]d Union, through our Elite class. We have to consider outlets of r=evolution in History, enacted also by the mass of mankind, main victim of Metal radiations. We will consider now a mass r=evolution, a march of Human believers towards power; because not only the elites can change History. If they don't, it is needed a r=evolution of Mankind towards the World Union. America is the ideal nation to enact such revolution, since it is at the Head of the Metal-Earth. Yet a revolution in many Human Nations could also create a World Government.

It is needed a r=evolution based on ethics and ethonomics, of all races, and all men, for true freedom.

Shall we try to create a theoretical plan for Human freedom, which at least gives an alternative to Human believers, against extinction? We shall call it the 1.000.000 march of God, because all ethical men of all prophets of human Gods, of all ages and nations; of all believers in mankind=History=God, shall be invited. They should gather in each X-capital of each metal nation, not for one of those key days of stockrat rhetoric, such as the Metal National Day [Day of Victory], or the presidential inaugural speech. Yet for a real reason. The gathering will have a cause: a judgment day, a day in which the supreme court will resolve a legal battle. Since before the march, Ethonomists and believers in the Human Constitution will have placed 4 legal propositions, to decide upon by the supreme court of each nation:

- The first proposition will consider World-stock in its present mode anti-constitutional, since monetary decisions taken by World-stock which is not elected by the people, rule more hours=times of the life of Humanity, and hence yield more power than the government of the people. World-Stock denies the sovereign rights of the people to elect and control the main language of power [pricing]. So stocks and lobbies oppose the sovereign rights of humans, that constitutions defend. So the Court should allow any kind of government interference in the rights of stock to cre[dit]ate through money the Human future.

- The 2nd proposition will declare digital thought anti-constitutional, since man cannot avoid to be attracted by complex images under the Universal Laws of informative Evolution. Nor can a new top predator language [digital thought] exist without extinguishing the obsolete language [verbal thought]. So man is robbed by digital thought of his human, verbal linguistic freedom. It is brain-washed by digital thought. TVs are a form of censorship which hide from the minds of the people, the ethical truths of verbal thought. TVs are against the constitutional rights to "freedom of speech," since "speech" is defined as a "verbal mode of expression." The higher complexity of those who communicate with images gives them an unfair advantage over those who use only Words. Images curtail the freedom of "speech" expressed in constitutions and bills of rights. Thus Image thought should be limited in channels and contents, under laws of censorship. The rights of verbal thought are superior to the rights of digital images and pricing, and cannot be indirectly repressed.

-The third proposition will declare the anti-constitutionality of present constitutions: Our constitutions declare the people sovereign, despite the fact that their freedom and sovereign rights are ruled by stocks and the language of pricing, more than by the governments chosen by the people. Yet such legal inefficiency to protect the rights of self-government of the people is caused by the obsolescence of constitutions and laws, created before stock-markets and e-money reached such degree of power, as to render most government officials, property of lobbies. This proves that the constitution is unfitted to his purpose of defending the rights of the people, since it allowed the rule of companies. Hence the Supreme Court should declare that according to his function as safeguard of the "spirit of the constitution," our written constitutions are illegal, and all laws derived of such constitutions shall be modified.

- And finally the last proposition will declare the Human constitution the guide to modify those laws. So with a new constitution to defend, the supreme court will guide nations into the World Union.

As new r=evolutionary nations accept the same Human Constitution, their Supreme Courts will declare each nation part of the World nation, and proceed to the fusion of the national organisms into the World Organism.

In the legal case defenders of the previous four propositions should prove that all the above propositions are just, since they increase the survival of God=History more than national Constitutions. They should prove that bio-History and bio-Economics are the most probable truths, based on the only scientific theory that exists about change in Time: Evolution. Tribunals should consider that stockratic governments are lethal to mankind, that all human constitutions are obsolete. The Supreme Court should declare that in absence of any Constitutional law, people should obey the Natural Law of History, regarding the survival of mankind: the Human Constitution.


The constitutional Court will thereafter declare the Human Constitution the guide for all judiciary and government decisions. Survival is Justice for mankind; and the purpose of Judges is to give Justice.

Ethonomists and historians should have by then written enough on the subject to guide future judges and government institutions. Ethonomists should have prepared an alternative government filled with existent officials, restructured into a War, Trade and Education Ministry, that will start immediate action , implementing digital devolution, issuing compensatory 'yes' money and reforming university curriculums in order to get rid of computing and physics. A high priority will be the expansion of the human r=evolution to new zones of the Metal earth, in search of max. GNP mass. A program of worldwide expansion of the ethonomical r=evolution will be presented by the r=evolutionary governments to the United Nations, that will become the permanent worldwide legislative government of Wor[l]d Union.

The +1.000.000 God's march should be divided in 3 groups, in each nation, around the main centers of metal power of each bio-economy, and wait for the Courts to take their decision, and hope for a peaceful r=evolution... Since if the court fails to rule. then the march will fight for Humanity.

What Ethonomics ask for is the evolution of human thought, not of metal thought. It wants a reversal in the direction of History. We have to return to human evolution, and enjoyment of the arts of human perception, which are not scientific, but artistic human senses.

A real democracy: control of the languages of power by the people.

How it would be a World ruled by a real democracy, where people govern according to the human constitution? Let us trace some of the democratic systems that could make a World Union, based in the will of the people, possible.


How could the people become more involved in the control of their ecosystem, in the creation of monetary and legal information?

Reformed systems of political vote [to clean the system of lobbyism and corruption] could be maintained for all main public positions at local, regional, national and World level. While the program of all politicians might differ its goal is clear: to achieve the Human Constitution. Such goal and the 1972 barrier for metal evolution cannot be really changed as we already explained. Yet the means and methods, and the capacity of human individuals to achieve and fight for the goal of mankind, can be chosen, and should be chosen.

Those very same people should also be subject to a 'vote' of judgment when their work ends. The same voters who elected politicians should have the right to choose their punishment or reward according to their performance.

From permanent prison in exile, to unlimited credit, I can think of a few types of punishments and rewards that should be applied to politicians.

The rewards or punishment that gets more 'votes' should be applied...

Regarding the economical creditation of our future, once the limit of 1972 is reached in models and products, a system of continuous democracy could be established by giving the people the right to vote:

 Products dates, Company profits and the species reproduced by the bio-economy.

This would give the population real control on the two languages of power of our nations, money and laws that determine products.

In such real democracy citizens would vote within the limits of the Human Constitution, products, profits and dates-models becoming masters of their own ecosystem. Elections should be continuous in Houses of Citizenship, where PPD vote, that is vote of production [Prices], Dates and Profits  will be posted.

For each main product-species 3 votes can be issued: past-devolution-extinction of the product and profit of the company, present-repetition of the product and profit, future-evolution of the product and profit [subvention to the company]..

The essential task of such ethonomical democracy would be to design and garden a system of companies and products which produces all what the social tissue of citizens wish to consume. While negative votes would devolve all lethal species, either limited by the Constitution or voted against.

Those 3 variables control in fact the reproduction capacities of company mothers [controlled by profits]  and the evolution and reproduction of machines controlled by dates-models [evolutionary complexity], and prices [which decide product population]. So the 3 votes control the bio-economical organs of all metal-species. In this way, thanks to PPD voting Humanity would design the future of humanity, by trimming the tree of science of its lethal goods, and promoting the Positive Goods of the bio-ecnomy that help the will of man. Today that future is decided by the Metalearth, by freed, by the evolutionary market.

Ethonomics based in the Human Constitution, and expanded latter on to popular vote is the only possible true, free, democratic economical=political system based in the social will of Man. Unfortunately ethonomics has never been essayed in any nation of the world - where monetary power has been in the past centuries exclusively in the hands of  Companies.

An ethonomical system is indeed the true meaning of an active human democracy for the betterment of man, and the Carbo-Earth in which man sustains his existence. This is achieved in an ethonomical system, by controlling and pruning whenever it is required by popular vote, and Laws based in the Human Constitution, the 'ecosystem' of products of the bio-economy.

Yet to achieve an efficient democracy, people should first become informed on the nature of organic technology, machines, “Democracies” and Ethonomics.

So ethonomics would be the most important science to study in the Wor[l]d  Union. Education would be reformed to favor ethonomics over economics, social sciences over mathematical sciences, survival behavior over detail knowledge, human sensual, artistic experience over testing of machines. The cre[dit]ation of ethonomics by a world government, before the Chip radiation controls mankind without any possibility of contra-reaction , could within a few decades reach such degree of popular education, that PPD voting could be imposed without risks for human survival, and create the first true democratic system of the world.

Graph: the frame of reference of ethonomics used for popular vote [PPD vote]:



Within the limits set by the Human Constitution [devolution of lethal goods to the limits of the pre-chip age], PPD voting sets the  products and activities of the Ethonomy, to which digital goods and weapons have no access. 

Profit vote

The fundamental vote of Wor[l]d Union is the vote of profits. Companies which are acting positively receive high profits. They will reward the behavior of companies. Companies which devolve extinctive products to the past, receive high profits.  Companies that disobey popular vote of dates and sales, are penalized with negative profits=taxes. Companies' profits is the only vote of control that can be applied in a society ruled by money. Because 'animetals' are motivated by profits, only by setting profits based in ethonomical behavior can citizens control Company-mothers.

Profit vote means control on behavior of companies by citizens.

Only members of the company [stock-holders] cannot vote...

Limits of Dates=Model evolution for metal products

Other parameters voted in ethonomical elections are dates=models of products, which have to exist within the limits of complexity that man can manage in metal.

What would be the ideal date-limit for technology?

At least the age of chips, 1972; the age of Color TV; and in Weapons the atomic age, 1945. Ages set by the Human Constitution, which cannot be voted, but should be implemented directly by the Wor[l]d Legislative Parliament..

Man cannot survive in a Universe where Metal minds are more complex and metal eyes are more complex. In 1972, the chip radiation created that Universe.

Those 3 species, chips, electronic metal-eyes, and A-bombs have higher complexity than human brain, eyes and human-controlled weapons.

So they signify the obsolescence and increasing devolution of human minds and bodies. Only by eliminating those species of the human ecosystem, man will be again top predator mind of the Earth.

Those species should indeed become voted and bailed out of the market. The Human Constitution should guide the behavior of all men.