Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

A Globalization for the benefit of Man:



"Globalization means the Final evolution of Economic ecosystems, and the extinction of life including history. Only man can avoid it if he takes control of the economic ecosystem.

The main sub-processes of Globalization.

We could resume that dual process of loss of human freedom and growth of freedom for machines very easily.

Globalization and increase of rights    Vs   Balkanization and diminution of rights

Machines and company-mothers       Vs         for Human beings and Human goods.

- Machines move freely on Earth     Vs Humans cannot move between countries

- Companies have no re=production limit  Vs Mothers work outside, cannot  raise children.

- Company-mothers have infinite credit  Vs UNO&governments 0 credit (laws of deficit zero).

- Company-mothers evolve socially     Vs Humanity divided in nations confronted  in wars.

- Law of anonymous societies protects Companies    Vs Politicians&churches are demonized

- S tockrats protected from their lethal acts Vs  Politicians controlled in their private life.

- Go(l)d cultures dominate            Vs Social cultures are demonized.

- Reproduction of machines becomes human goal (work)Vs Human sex and love scorned

-Men gather to observed machines Vs Social demonstrations crashed by police.

Investments in Machine energy Vs degradation of production of Human food and consume.

- Digital languages spread to all   parcels of reality Vs Verbal ethics and law Obsolete.

- Metal-minds, only form of information   Vs Writers, Ethics and books are ignored..

- Lethal machines substitute warriors  Vs Armies diminish human soldiers.

- Robots substitute workers and consumers   Vs Unemployment raises worldwide.

- Energy for machines multiply Vs Food for humans is scarce or polluted.

New Energy fields pollute nature Vs Nature becomes degraded.

Atmosphere dries and heats Vs carbolife extinction

Demonization of the human will in favor of the will of machines

We conclude that not only this planet is changing at global level, as societies are becoming balkanized, while economic ecosystems globalize, but also the rights of individuals to behave as human beings, and have time to follow his natural will are limited. This happens in several ways. On one hand, Go[l]d cultures demonize the human nature, repress the human will, and worship technology, science, money, and the will of machines (work and consume). They have become now world dominant, thanks to his capacity to communicate messages through TVs, Internets, and other outlets of mass-media. So people are convinced that all those aberrant behaviors against the human will are positive, and the human will is demonized. On the other hand through laws, and monetary prices, all acts that tend to the evolution and reproduction of machines (science, consume, work, use of war) are praised, have instant credit in banks, governments and stock markets.

While all acts that relate to the biological will of man are limited legally, or have no credit to be carried:

Our workalcoholic culture, limits the rights to enjoy reproduction and the necessary activities related to it such as sex, love, free time to enjoy family values, etc..

Social evolution through love, social activism, travel, religious beliefs and ethic behavior, have no credit and are scorned as 'obsolete'. 

The free movement of people is increasingly limited, as the nations of the Third World become destroyed by the economic ecosystem. This  sorely contrasts with the total free rights to movement that machines and company-mothers have acquired.

So goes for the rights to credit welfare goods: our human governments cannot longer invent money, limited by deficit zeros. While Company-mothers, in speculative stock-markets unlike our government, have the right to print money (stock shares) for free.

Also the rights to verbal information through culture, free press, books and education on humanities, are limited, as digital languages, and mathematics better spoken by machines, and computerized models of reality, become the 'only authorized truth of our societies' and the balk of university studies.

The rights to food cheap quality food, good restaurants and a culture of welfare, dwindle, and scarcity is endemic.

Machines suffer no shortages of energy, and nature becomes polluted to obtain more energy for machines.

All those processes of destruction of the Carbo-Earth and History, the parallel construction of the Metal-Earth and the Economic ecosystem are easily explained. We are terraforming this planet and committing collective suicide with all the species based on carbolife. The final element of that process, the heating of the Earth and lost of the ozone layer that will make the Earth unhabitable for carbolife but not for machines, is just the tip of the iceberg: an evolutionary process that acts on the entire planet, since the Industrial Evolution of machines started in earnest only two centuries ago.

The historic process explains it all.

Time has causality. Things happen because during decades, even centuries processes of evolution of machines and history have diverted. For centuries men have forgotten the meaning of a Human Globalization that Christian, Muslim and socialist organic concepts of history promoted, and have desired an economical globalization that stock-markets, scientists, economists, company-mothers and economical empires have desired.

The entire process of Globalization is the end of a 4 century growth of the Economic ecosystem since the Scientific method, paper money, the first company-mothers and the first “Democracies” controlled by lobbyism, appeared in Amsterdam. Globalization in that sense is a very old process, that only now accelerates and 'collapses' into the construction of a global economic ecosystem, that erases, degrades and eliminates all other possible systems of social, political and ecological control.  In that sense it is easy to find who is globalizing this planet and creating, creditating (credit=creation) a paradise for machines and its reproductive organisms, Company-mothers.  Those who profit most by the process, are doing it: Company-mothers and stockrats, the owners of those companies.

Divide and win.

The economic ecosystems of machines and company-mothers are evolving, and taking over this planet. While the human ecosystems of history, of human cultures, races and human goods, are put aside, made obsolete, eliminated, and desegregated.

"Divide and win", is the fundamental concept in any fight between species, ecosystems or groups. There has been in history a traditional opposition between Historic ecosystems (represented by cultures, religions and political governments) and economic ecosystems (represented by machines, money, Go(l)d religions and economic and financial ecosystems). That fight has now a winner. The economic ecosystems. So the winner takes it all. Machines and Company-mothers rule now governments trough lobbyisms, human beings through salaries and work. They are the global winners. And so they are now dividing, splitting, breaking apart History into pieces for better digestion.

Winner takes it all. "Vae Victis". Those simple sentences explain the enormity and sheer historic importance of the Globalization process, of the paradox of Anti-Globalization. And yet nobody seems to realize what truly Globalization means:

"The extinction of historic ecosystems, and its people and goods, and its substitution by economic ecosystems, its machines, digital languages, and company-mothers, the new government of mankind".

The Galilean paradox.

This is obvious, but men are blind to obvious things, specially when they diminish his self importance. We might call that fact, the Galilean paradox. The Earth seems still, the center of the Universe, and yet it is moving. Man seems the center of this planetary Universe, and yet he is loosing his top predator status, and capacity to control this planet to company-mothers, organisms of reproduction of machines, and its offspring of metal-bodies, metal-Heads, and global digital languages, that machines speak better than men, and machines use to evolve and reproduce.

This means that man first lost his central status in the Universe, with the Copernican-Galilean revolution. Then he lost his status as the eternal summit of this planet, with Theory of Evolution. Now with the Industrial Evolution of machines, he is loosing his status as top predator of this planet to the new species of machines, and its reproductive organs, the Company-mothers.

So machines and company-mothers are reaching a global size, and creating a new ecosystem - the Metal earth - which extinguishes the human ecosystem. Even our atmosphere (ozone layer), is becoming destroyed by company-mothers, not to mention those humans considered obsolete, eliminated in wars, thrown into 4th class nations, ghettos,  and Jails.

The arrogance of those who rule us.

Men are arrogant beings, by nature self-centered, who tend to think themselves as the center of the Universe and all the process that take place in that Universe, specially in this Planet. So it is natural that our leadership, the stockrats and owners of Company-mothers, think very well of globalization. They think that Globalization means the creation of a Global process of progress in History. Pretentious abstract Books such as "The end of History", economical and political forums of western nations such as “Davos” talk of a global society and the end of History - not because History is becoming extinguished by machines - but because we, mankind, are now all one culture, just, ethic, perfect. We are all believers in Go(l)d and the machine, the gift of Go(l)d to his Chosen, the Economist and Go(l)d cultures that founded the company-mothers and deserved to rule the world.

Such infantile ideas had nothing to do with the organic processes that rule the creation of ecosystems and organisms, such as the Metal-Earth, the economic ecosystem.  We are scientists of history, not children of thought, thinking God-papa is here always ready to make our life better. This place called the Universe is a hard place ruled by evolution, by the survival of the fittest, by the laws of top predators, by the extinction of the laziest, of the ignorant, of the children. Children of thought die by zillions. Our present culture of children of thought, of arrogant scientists, playing to be gods, of believers in money that ignore even the informative-metallic nature of their god, have little chances to survive, if they behave under such infantile myths.

The substitution of mankind by a world of machines.

Ultimately what globalization means is the substitution of mankind, and the structures and networks of energy/information/reproduction that organized socially our race in nations, religions and other kind of historic ecosystems and social organisms, by the metal-kind, machines and its structures and networks of energy (roads, electricity), information (electronic networks, computers, satellites) and reproduction (company-mothers). This happens at global level as the International organisms of History (UNO, global religions, international laws) are scorned. It happens at individual levels as machines that imitate and substitute human organs  multiply (Mobile metal-ears=phones, Chips=metal-brains, cameras=metal-eyes, bodies of machines) and finally aggregate in the first Robots

 that take over the fundamental tasks of human survival (as warriors, smart weapons, and workers, tool robots). So both at individual level, machines atrophy our organs, and substitute us, while at global level, networks of energy/information/reproduction of machines, substitute our networks, destroying nature, agricultural systems, verbal networks of collective information, governments based in verbal laws, now ruled by Company-mothers, and finally even human mothers, which are 'ideologically restricted' in their desires to reproduce, as the number of babies born in Industrial nations descends below the replacement rate...

Plainly the terraforming of the Earth is the nature of Globalization: The creation of the Metal-Earth and the extinction of the carbo-earth, history, nature and man.

How to avoid it? By doing the opposite to what globalization is doing:

- Globalizing Governments and

- Balkanizing Economic markets into national and regional markets dedicated to the reproduction of human goods.