Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

Reproductive cells: Working class



"The III Industrial R=evolution will make millions of workers obsolete. "

It is clear that as machines using digital systems of control evolve, the equivalent human workers and soldiers become displaced. This process takes place at global level. It has had so far 3 phases, according to the 3 phases of the Industrial Evolution.

Competence against humans? You compete against machines

Perhaps the biggest myth of our modern economic ecosystem and its networks of information in favor of machines, is the myth of competence between humans.

That myth is false. It does not follow the laws of social evolution. Competence between humans is anti-natural, because we belong all to the same species. Work-in-teams, social work, helping each other, are superior forms of behavior, which should be followed by human beings.

The myth says that men become better when competing with each other at work. While competence within the limits of human activities is natural and desirable, the Myth of Competence hides the fact that men do not only compete against other men. They compete against machines. They do so with unfair advantage since machines are made of metal atoms with a greater complexity than carbon. Men are inferior to metal species when metal is evolved properly. As a consequence, competence becomes yet another path by which workers with lesser skills than machines become extinct. As machines displace labor, people compete for the dwindling supply of jobs that machines cannot yet perform. Competition between people increases because the demand for labor diminishes. Now the chip radiation can also perform the higher intellectual tasks of man. Thus not only the average worker, but also managerial jobs are replaced. Even elite jobs of creation such as stock speculation are at risk. A.I., a stock-fund ran by computers is already one of the top competitors on Wall Street. While most machine bodies are designed by CAD [Computer Aided Design].

Men atrophy their organs by substituting them with machines

In the Universe nothing is for free, so as we evolve and consume machines, machines replace humans by performing fundamental tasks better. Some examples are: security Weapons are better soldiers], information [computers store better information], labor [robots work better].

Given the higher energy and information power of those specialized machines, we substitute humans workers with them. We compete against machines in the work place and the war fields. We loose often that competence, as 'weaker' atomic forms. In this manner, men become 'extinct' as workers and soldiers, replaced by the very machines they have invented.

We should abandon our historic and religious myths, about the 'natural superiority of man'. Men belong to nature, and they are submitted to the laws of nature. The main of such laws of Nature is the law of competence between species. The fittest bodies and minds survive. The weaker ones become extinct. In the work environment this also happens. The fittest bodies and minds survive, even if they are machines that compete against human workers.

We advanced two acts where men and machines compete, and men loose the competence. Weapons compete with human beings and we loose the battle. A weapon kills a human being easier than a human begin kills a weapon. machines compete with workers, and again workers tend to be fired and substituted by machines. In those acts men and machines become enemies, rivals for survival... Both fight for a organic space where to obtain energy-work, for an 'econiche' in the industrial ecosystem in which we live.

In biology we talk of an econiche, as a position or territorial space, in which a species obtain its energy of survival. Since eco[nomic]systems, are complex ecosystems where energy is provided by money that buys any other kind of energy, we talk of jobs, as econiches that allow the survival of human workers.

Jobs also allow the survival of machines that receive energy, and 'exist' as organs of energy or information, only when they work. People might feel uncomfortable with those comparisons since machines are objects. Still we have to make those comparisons. We have to see the competence between machines and men externally, since it affects human beings externally. It does not matter that the machine-worker is not conscious but mechanical. Externally in the ecosystem of the economy, we have to regard the effects of machines in human beings, as a organic effect: machines extinguish workers.

It is like the virus case: the virus kills you mechanically. Yet you cannot ignore your sickness because virus do not think. That property of virus is irrelevant to you. Virus kill and you defend yourself against them to keep alive: that is the bottom line. Machines work and that is the bottom line: the fight for survival between humans and machines takes place in the competence for jobs. So you have to defend yourself against them, or loose your job.

Work-econiches are the main organic space, that machines fill, displacing human beings. Unfortunately there is in the economic ecosystem, always an 'econiche' for good machines able to improve the systems of energy and information; and so as companies, evolve and reproduce new information and energy machines, they substitute human workers.

In the same way we talk of a massive atrophy of human bodies, and human brains due to the arrival of Machine-bodies, and machine-brains. There was a massive displacement of human workers that worked in energy fields, before the II World war, and a massive displacement of human workers in mental fields, in the second half of the XX century and beginning of the XXI century.

We can therefore forecast, in biological terms, a new wave of massive unemployment as the Industrial Evolution of Robots peaks in this century. Since Robots will be able to do the final jobs that men still perform: those complex jobs in which it is needed to excel at the same time, in energy and information capacities. Why?

Because of the biological laws of reproduction. Most jobs today are related to the reproduction of machines. So machines can perform better in those jobs, since they are also machine species, and similar species work better in symbiosis. So as companies, evolve and reproduce new information and energy machines they substitute human workers with them.

In this manner all the functions performed by man in the Industrial system, will be performed by machines. What will be then the use of mankind for the system? Null.

 Now Metal-minds are attaining individual autonomy [mobile-ears, satellites, personal computers, etc.] They also are giving autonomy to the final element of an independent ecosystem of machines that no longer requires human beings: the factory-reproducer.

Computers integrate all processes of manufacturing, into a re-productive system that requires less and less human 'catalysis' [a chemical effect in which an external species provokes the reproduction of other].

One of the two wealthiest men alive today, is a man who founded a company called Oracle, whose aim is to integrate all manufacturing processes of machines. His company receives massive investments. It has multiplied value for 5 in a couple of years. University researchers have already designed simple self-reproductive robots, that reproduce other robots and evolve them, creating new models every day...

The self-reproductive autonomy of modern factories, is the last organic element required to make Machines self-independent organisms.. Then metalife will no longer require carbolife in order to advance and expand its ecosystem, once it can reproduce by itself. At that moment, in terms of reproductive efficiency the extinction of mankind will be the biologic conclusion to which intelligent machines will arrive.

Too pessimistic? Rather realistic. Think on the last example of history: in the 20s, when chain-manufacturing reduced the need of human labor, many workers were out of job. For reasons that we will explain latter, such crisis of unemployment ended in a war, that caused the death of 50 million humans. Unemployment disappeared... Workers had died... Let us not ignore the brutality of the selective processes that take place in the economic and political ecosystem in which we live...

Phases Of Labor Extinction

The three phases of obsolescence and substitution of human labor are parallel to the three phases of the industrial revolution: the first phase of body-machine creation massively substituted workers in agriculture [the systems of energy that sustain man]. Those farmers became then workers for the energy systems of machines. Yet soon companies found most of the energy-machines needed for its own self-reproduction, displacing those energy workers.

The Second Industrial Evolution that reproduces chips controlling complex machines is expelling mind-workers everywhere except in those nations dedicated to reproduce Metal minds [American, Asian workers]. Companies also have found informative metal-species. And so man is no longer needed at body or mind level to reproduce machines.

The economical sectors: Energy and Informative Work

The service sector as a percentage of the labor force shows steady growth. It has reached around 85% by the year 2000, mostly in jobs related to the care-taking of computer thought, or Human jobs [from lodging, to tourism, from entertainment to health care]. Jobs that are expendable from the perspective of the Metal Earth, one Metal- minds reach full power.

In the graph, the three tasks of human workers, regarding the reproduction of machines, and its feeding with energy and information [industrial sectors] are increasingly performed by machines themselves that make human labor obsolete:

The 3 industrial sectors of Energy=extraction , Reproduction=manufacturing and Information=services create the reproductive, informative and energetic systems of machines. At the beginning of the Industrial Evolution, those sectors required human workers. But manufacturing machines evolved and extinguished energy labor.

Blue collar jobs- energy providers - were substituted in the beginning of the Twentieth Century by energy-machines. Today Informative White collar workers are substituted by computers. Now companies are evolved toward self-re-production.

When sentient machines acquire freedom, both the human body and mind will become obsolete.

The myth of productivity: selection of labor in companies

To cover that brutal process, economists have invented another great myth, the concept of 'free competence' and 'productivity.' It says that humans compete among themselves for jobs, and that is good for men because it makes them better and increases their productivity in companies. However, this is not true. It covers up the confrontation for jobs between human labor and evolutionary machines. We compete mainly with machines, not with other workers. Competence and productivity are neither human nor to improve mankind. One example might be as follows. Let's say one hundred years ago, there were 50 million jobs for human miners, now there are 45 million jobs performed by 1 million machines, and 5 million jobs for 50 million miners. Those 50 million miners now have to 'compete' much more among themselves for a dwindling quantity of human jobs because they already lost their competence with machines and almost all mining is done by machines. Instead of competence, we talk of obsolescence of human labor. Because machines evolve and humans do not, Man loses in the long run. 'Peace machines' replace us in our jobs, and unemployment worldwide continues to rise. The exception happens briefly to those nations that produce the best machines. Today the entire world is in economical crisis, except America. Since America produces information machines, computers, the new worldwide army of labor that displaces human workers.

What is then the truth about competence among humans? Should humans compete against each other? What is the natural law? We advanced it in our analysis of Universal organisms. Let us now put it in the context of economics: men should collaborate, and fight against their replacement by computers and robots. Both managers and workers are at risk by the robotic r=evolution. The fact that managers are the last to go, does not mean they should not care. Within a few decades if they do not sympathize with their workers, and follow the natural laws of the Universe, the laws of social evolution, they also will disappear.

According to those social, natural laws, economic Organisms ruled by humans with money, and human governments, based in laws and human ethics, should try to create a world to the image and resemblance of man, in which machines are submissive to mankind, and humans profit from machines, they control. We might call such societies, historic societies, or free human societies.

On the other hand, there are Organisms ruled by digital, monetary communication, and company-mothers, based in prices, and salaries, and economic ethics, in which money acts as the network of metal-information that organizes humans and machines, in favor of the natural, biological goals of machines. Such economic organisms, dominant today, aim to reproduce and evolve the maximum number of machines, through acts of work=reproduction and consume=test of machines increasingly performed by machines, not by human beings. Such tendency is creating a 'paradise of machines and Company-mothers' called a free market, or free economic ecosystem, which is not a free society.  Such kind of organisms are dominant today. Yet it is a myth that they are natural, or even human organisms. On the contrary they are organisms that go against the natural law of social man, against the interests of men who want to survive, have a job, and control their environment. free economic markets are ecosystems in which the Darwinian law applies between men and machines, in which company-mothers of machines, which rule those organisms prey over human beings.

The Marx-Smith Paradox: Obsolescence Of Labor To Machines

We can resume the biological relationships of reproduction, evolution, and preying of machines over men,  in a verbal-mathematical paradox that includes the ideals of Smith and Marx twisted by the reality of Darwinian evolution. Smith said that the growth of money [∆MV in mathematical terms] and products [∆ Tp], is good for society. Since money and machines are God-gifts to man. Marx said that the growth of capital [∆MV] and products [∆Tp] extinguish labor substituted by machines. But for him this was also good in the long term, since once all labor was substituted by machines, we could live for free forever, in a paradise of workers without work, but with salary.

A Darwinian theory agrees partially with the "objective" analysis of both. Machines and money reproduce symbiotically as Smith said. And machines expel labor as Marx said. But that cannot be rationally good. It is negative in an evolutionary sense, the laws of Survival Evolution State that the reproduction of money and machines will make nature and top predator humankind species obsolete. "The evolution of Capital and Machines   [∆MV=∆TP] will expel all labor=humanity and the proletariat will create Utopia [Marxist truth]  or become extinct [Darwinian truth]."  

The previous sentence resumes the findings of Marx, Smith and Bio-economics in a single sentence. "∆Mv=∆Tp," the symbiotic reproduction and evolution of capital and machines, substitutes human workers and extinguishes men in wars. The logical outcome of such process is our extinction. The fantasy is a Marxist or Capitalist world-paradise. Today chips and chip-driven machines substitute human workers at body and mental level.

We can use all kind of rhetoric to hide this fact. But machines of war kill men, and peace machines kill labor. We can use nationalism to go to war, pretending to defend citizens. But wars do not defend people. They kill them and evolve Weapons, that prey on the organic space of other citizens and nations. Only the Nazis, who were honest about their brutality, have actually acknowledged this. The Anglo-Saxon world prefers to maintain a mask of "caring." So America did not attack Spain in 1898, because Spain had only wooden boats and the US wanted the organic space of Cuba, but because Americans "defended the freedom of the Cubans." They did not extinguish Native American Indian tribes because they wanted the organic space of the prairie, but because "they were the civilizing force of the new continent, against a decadent culture." They did not start the atomic race because making A-bombs made a lot of money, but because they "were fighting for the freedom of mankind." Today Israel does not massacre Palestinians and America Afghanistan because they want that organic space  and its geo-strategic and natural resources… but to defend against “terrorism”… This might be a subjective truth for an American or Jewish patriot, but it is neither logical, nor scientific in evolutionary terms. It is for the reader to weight our thesis and draw their own conclusions.

machines are basically metalife species in which organic systems of information and energy are of metal nature, able to substitute the equivalent human organs. When we created  mother companies, the substitution process between humans and machines took off, both at physical and informative level. The verbal ethical goals of humankind were substituted by abstract, mathematical goals of profit war and Nationalism. While human labor species were substituted in functions by machines, each one, making obsolete a human organ or function. So cars made legs partially obsolete, and televisions made eyes partially obsolete, simplifying our eye-word perception, etc. What the concept of productivity hides is the process of extinction of human labor by increasingly efficient Metal minds, and metal-bodies. Productivity rises continuously due to machine evolution. Yet each increase of productivity diminishes the number of humans used in an industry. The process is continuous, only masked partially by the arrival of new company-mothers, which in their primitive stages of evolution need new batches of human labor to reproduce its off spring until they find the best machines to substitute that labor. Today only Americans and Japanese people who are the main reproducers of Robots and Metal minds, are closed to full employment. The rest of nations see the suffering of higher unemployment rates and how their labor force is displaced by computer. 

So as long as productivity and evolution rule the behavior of companies, humans will be displaced to a point when there will be no more workers. Reproductive radiations of machines that substitute workers were already anticipated by Ricardo, Burke, Marx and the Luddites. The subject is extremely complex but fundamental to the fate of man. The effect of machine reproduction could be resumed in the Marx-Smith paradox quoted above.