Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

In the informative level all Neolithic cultures believe in the living Earth, Gaia, with different degrees of mystique sophistication that range from simple animist cults to the natural cycles of the living Universe to the mystique, evolutionary summits of Indian dual cults to Shiva, the energetic god and Vishnu, the informative master and the Taoist, Chinese Yin-Yang duality. Since in those 2 Asian regions, the simplistic, lineal AE-corruption of the mind caused by arrogant warriors and their technological arrow of future, took longer to arrive. Taoism also appeared in the Mayan culture, which was very backwards in terms of metal-evolution. The Mayans in fact collapsed as a culture in the 900 AD. since they had no metal, but were a stone culture. So they had developed a natural religion of the Universe, extremely sophisticated, both in verbal concepts about the cycles of time and visual art. Yet the Toltecs came with bronze weapons and destroyed them. In China something similar happened. In the 300 BC. there was still not coins or cavalry or iron weapons. So the Chinese Neolithic culture could flourish and evolved its animist religion into Taoism, thanks to that lack of censorship and cultural rhetoric which animetals impose with weapons to become arrogant 'sons of God'. The Neolithic Chinese men however evolved their culture in harmony between men and nature. Taoism understood the duality of informative and energy networks, the wave-like, social nature of universal organisms, the mystery of partial perception (dark matter), and the Relativity of knowledge. Its aim as an ethic doctrine was the survival of human social organisms based in 2 fundamental Non-AE Laws: the E=T balance of any stable organism that enhance survival, opposed to the Max. E, warrior, and Max. i, monetary cults to energy and information values that cause the imbalance and death of any organism; and the cyclical nature of time, which preserves any organism when it repeats the same cycles of existence without accumulating further information.
Thus, the Laws of Tao=Temporal Existence were the Laws of balance of biological Organisms, made of energy=yang, and information=yin. Those Laws are considered in Objective Eastern Religions, the logic of the Existential Game, the God of all of us called ‘Tao’ or ‘Chang’. If you read Taoist texts and substitute yin for information and yang for energy you will find the same Laws of survival that biology and Quantic Spaces-Times Theory have discovered. The difference is that Asian religions used verbal languages to explain those Non-AE Laws. While Biological sciences prefer mathematics and Quantic Spaces-Times theory use all human languages. Yet the 3 disciplines have reached the same conclusions.
The best scientists and philosophers tend to believe the big questions are very simple. So they look for simple formulas, and have a 'philosophical measure of truth' called the Occkam’s knife:
The most simple an answer is and the more questions it explains the more powerful its truth becomes. That is why the 2 Universal principles of information and energy, the cycle of time and the line of space that repeat ad infinitum in the Universe, are so powerful. They are very simple to grasp when you look what things have in common, what things hide before the obvious appearance... with the eyes of a child. Then you will find lines of energy and cycles of information everywhere. In that sense, the Chinese were children of thought, at the beginning of human knowledge, and so they could synthesize reality without bothering very much for the detail. They did not know so many details as we do, so they could look to the essence of things, to what is repeated ad infinitum. tthat dual yin-yang essence was simple to them:
Temporal information is the closest word of modern science that defines the properties of Yin beings, which Taoists represented by a quantic line, --, or a O.
Spatial energy is the closest word of modern science that defines the property of yang beings, which were represented by a continuous line of pure energy: _______
Chinese mathematicians and philosophers thought in geometrical terms, not in abstract numbers. So it was much more easier to visualize those principles. Energy can be drawn as a continuous line. So did the Chinese. In-form-ation, or time can be drawn as a cycle or a broken line that has more form than a continuous line. So did the Chinese. Children also paint cycles as Heads and lines as energy bodies, when they learn to draw pictures of people. Because their mind already participates of that dual essence of reality. Latter they fill the cycle, the informative Head, the brain, with other cycles. And they do the same with the energetic body: they put more lines in the big line. And so they draw a organic Space-time field, a human being with a Head that perceives, and a body that processes energy, 'made to the image and resemblance of God, the dual principles of the Universe'.
 It is probable that the Chinese dual vision of reality came from their study of gender, and latter it expanded into a Theory of the entire Universe as a place constructed with 2 elements: yang and yin, energy and information, space and time, men and women. Probably the Chinese extended the self-evident concepts of Yin-women and Yang-males observed in the Human World to study the Universe. It was a beautiful way to explain reality:
There were in the Universe 2 kind of morphological species, informative, cyclical yin-beings and lineal, energy, yang-beings. When they combined, as Lao-Tse said, they gave birth to infinite Yin-Yang beings, as women and men combine their genes to reproduce infinite Chinese children. So the Universe has a sexual rhythm, a reproductive will. It ‘grows and multiplies’ its yin-yang species. And that is the organic essence of Reality. The duality between energy and information, space and time, Yang and Yin, that structures the Universe isnot only an abstract equation, used by modern AE-scientists to calculate distances but becomes in Taoism a biological, dynamic property, that constantly transforms organic, spatial energy, into cycles of temporal information and vice versa, communicating and reproduction the living quantic parts of reality that participate of the properties of the whole Universal, organic God.
Thus in the old Neolithic traditions, from China to Egypt, the supreme God is Tao, the God Amon, the Orgasm, because the Universe is an eternal game that combines those 2 organic concepts, space and time, energy and information, reproducing waves of living species that organize themselves in social systems. Since, those small bits of information and quanta of energy, are ‘intelligent’, are microcosms of the entire Game of Existence, interacting cyclically, in organic social waves, ruled by the laws of balance between space and time, the golden path of Buddhism, the Tao Te King or ‘path of existential justice’, in the words of the best-known Chinese philosopher. Lets do a Quantic Spaces-Times, very free translation of the 1st part of that classic book of Lao-Tse:

The Path Of  Space-Time Harmony. Part I: Ch’ang: Existence.
'The beings that exist are not the Game of Existence.
The Game of Existence is…
the principle of yin-information and yang-energy;
Which combine to give birth to 10n waves...
Energy has no mind and wonders at the game of creation.
Energy is the present=space that searches for the visible world,
but sees nothing except the glare of light.
Energy and information are the 2 complementary elements of Existence.
When information absorbs energy, it opens the gates to sensorial wisdom.
His cycles feed in energy species, who die as they knot into temporal form.
But when both organs merge in harmony, a stable specie be=comes.
You should not stop herds of species that follow their energy path.
Leave them to the wisdom of creation and they will not feed on your form.
In the world we all perceive the 2 sides of the Game of Existence:
The beautiful and the ugly; the good and the evil; the short and the tall.
The possible future and the withering past. 
But temporal, informative beings stand high on the spatial energy that gives them life.
Because a plane of energy allows the perceptor of Time to reach i=ts height.
And the top predator feeds in the small one.
And the ugly is formed to enhance the beautiful.
As past and future follow each other, so new existences will die and will be=come.
The wise man enjoys those Silent Principles, observing so many Games of Creation
and the wisdom of i=ts herds of Existence.
He uses those Principles to order his own world.
He tenders for Nature and lets i=ts organic shapes
to live the eternal game of formal creation and reproduction.
He is the true Master that loves the freedom of creative Existence,
and takes from creation only what he needs and cares for.
You shall not search for wishes beyond your human form.
You shall not make propaganda of vile consume.
You shall not infatuate your people
and give them desires beyond the natural senses of man.
You shall not make greed the object of your Existence.
Because ambition and knowledge brings death and r=evolution,
you shall not fill of light and air the mind of men,
but give them the ground of the earth that feeds,
and create harmony between their minds and bodies,
and worship the natural senses of man.
The man of wisdom empties of impossible dreams the simple man.
The man of wisdom lets Existence follow his path.
The true master gardens the species that the Game creates.
Virtual, never physical, existence is eternal by his lack of form.
Because in the emptiness of the universal, closed Jar all the waters of Existence flow.
So happens to all forms of present chained by the illogic Yin-Yang Game.
Where all forms be=come part of the Whole,
Where Existence gives birth to 1010 waves=radiations...
Since an individual form is not;
Because only the Game of Creation, the Game of existence is and was and it will be…
Before and after our own times and spaces were born and died.

There is more wisdom in that text, written ±2300 years ago that in all the mathematical equations of AE-science, which ignore the organic nature of the Non-AE Universe. In fact ‘knowledge’ of the underlying principles of the ‘Non-AE Universe’ have hardly advanced beyond the detailed pictures of the Universe we obtain with machines, as the ‘complex illogic’ laws that rule the Game of Existence and Extinction were better understood in earlier Neolithic societies, in the maturity of Human thought. Today, despite the enormous wealth of data, AE-science has gathered, it still has to build a complex explanation of history, economics and the nature of the living Universe. The Chinese had that insight. Yet some of the things they found about the living Universe are still ignored by scientists:
- The law of the 3 ages that was understood by the Chinese culture.
- The duality of the living universe, between energy and information, space and time, yang and yin that was the foundation of the Taoist and Buddhist perception of the Universe.
- The organic nature of the Universe, and the fact that we do not perceive all the information of that Universe, which was known to the Taoist that applied it even to medicine, through acupuncture that acts on the invisible field of forces of the human organism.
- They explained reality as a game of herds and societies as superorganisms, in which each human being depended on all others, not as a game of selfish individuals.
- Buddhists and Taoists applied the basic law of survival of those organisms, the laws of Space-time Balance, in all the elements of their culture, from gastronomy to social behavior.
- Weapons and gold were despised since they killed or corrupted men. Gunpowder was used in fireworks.