Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


Mathematical languages simplify organisms into abstract points.

Mathematics simplify reality. How they do it? Making each organism of the Universe a point, and putting them all together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space.

 We cannot though know all the information of reality with a single language, a simplified mirror that our mind puts on the Universe.

 In that sense the scientific method, the mathematical method, due to the simplicity of mathematics as a language, has created false dogmas about what reality is, that handicap enormously our knowledge of the Universe.

Take the case of Mr. Einstein's famous Relativity postulate: "the speed of light is the maximum speed of the Universe". It has been proved experimentally false, and yet, scientists still believe on that dogma because it is such a beautiful, mathematical, simple explanation, that Mr. Einstein's time-space theory should be truth... Doesn't matter it is not. It is mathematical and beautiful and simple, and those are the 3 repeated dogmas that according to the 'religious spirit of science', are needed to be right. We are more concerned however with another fundamental error of Einstein: his understanding of the Universe as a space-time continuum, an error caused by the fact that in mathematics a plane of space is not made of points with volume, but of abstract points without volume. In reality however all what exists when observed in detail, is made of discontinuous points with volume. If you look at a table in detail you will see discontinuous points called molecules, made of discontinuous points called atoms, made of discontinuous points called protons and electrons, made of discontinuous points called photons, made of discontinuous points called Plank Quanta. And that minimal scale of smaller, discontinuous points with volume, with dimension, is what we call the Organic point, the first Unit of In-form-ation, of form in the Universe..

The error of Euclid->Descartes->Einstein

In mathematical terms, all starts with zero, the point, and as all starts with zero we have to wonder what zero is.

Yet i n abstract mathematics zero is nothing. It does not exist, as it is defined an object without breath. Such Abstract Universe if it were truth, would not exist, would not have volume as a sum of no breaths have no breath. So we find as in the case of the Big Bang that the entire Western Mathematical tradition is based in a logic error, we do have to correct to understand properly reality. What is then zero, the first point?

In reality zero is something, a sphere, a Universal organism, the first form of the Universe, of any Universe, the first spherical form with in-form-ation. So beyond Abstract mathematics in organic Mathematics we define any, point as an organism, as a "organic point", a "point with parts".

In the Universe of space-time discontinuity, all points enclose within themselves, a organic space, and all points have an external, cyclical form, that separates the Organism from the external world.

And so the Universe becomes the sum of all the discontinuous "Points with parts", that create the volume of reality we call the Universe. However abstract science does not see the Universe in those terms, as composed of organic regions, points with parts, made of spatial energy and temporal information. Instead science sees reality as an abstract space-time continuum, without organic properties, in which herds of organisms become simple numbers, without inner organic properties. This is however a defect of mathematical science, unable to grasp the organic properties of the Universe.

The errors of science, the errors of mathematics

Mathematics simplifies reality. How it does it? Making each organism of The Universe a point, and putting them all into an abstract graph called Cartesian Space.
The abstract, mathematical perception sees a continuous space-time graph. The real perception sees a mass of discontinuous organisms of spatial energy, and temporal information.
When we translate those abstract concepts, space and time, into the real concepts of spatial energy, and temporal information, we make a fundamental step to understand the organic Universe beyond the simplifying dogmas of mathematical science.
A fundamental consequence of the discontinuity of the space-time Universe when we look at it in detail is the existence of points with parts.

Points with parts: organisms of times

Let us consider the organic Universe as it is, made of points with a volume, with inner parts, made of cycles of times, not as mathematics deform it, reducing all its organisms to points without parts of an abstract plane. The best way to describe that Universe is with Biological properties, which regulate the behavior of the particles of that Universe. We talk of "organicism" as the main biological property of all Universal species. All organic species together create a organic Universe of beings that communicate and share energy and information among them.
That Universe can be studied with temporal laws, better explained in verbal terms [since words, verbs, measure time and explain temporal events such as life and death, survival and extinction, better than abstract numbers].
Yet mathematics, a geometrical, spatial model of reality is also useful to explain certain morphological characteristics of the Universe, providing that we correct the main abstr action of mathematics: The concept of abstract point-numbers.
Instead we propose a new Unit of the mathematical Universe. The non-abstract point. The point with parts. The Non-Euclidean point. The organic point.
How it would be that Universe of organic points? Of Non-Euclidean points?
Simply, a more realistic Universe, since as Einstein proved, in fact the Universe is Non-Euclidean, it is composed of points with volume.

The postulates of non-Euclidean geometry. Organic points

Einstein discovered that the Space-Time Universe was relative, and it did not follow the fifth mathematical postulate of Euclidean mathematics, but rather the Mathematical laws of a new geometry called non-Euclidean Mathematics, that uses a different fifth postulate.
Euclidean mathematics said on their fifth postulate:

"Through a point external to a line only a parallel can cross".

The non-Euclidean mathematics said on their fifth postulate:
"Through a point external to a line infinite parallels can cross".

What this meant?
Let us make a simple drawing of how Euclid interpreted an abstract point.
Euclid said that through a point external to a parallel only a parallel could be traced, since the point had no volume:

You see, you can't fit really two parallels on an abstract point without volume. So thought Euclid when he invented his postulate.
In reality however there are no abstract points. All points have volume when we enlarge them, as cells grow when we look at them with a microscope.

Then it is easy to fit in any of those points infinite parallels:

Such is indeed, the main difference between abstract mathematics and relativistic mathematics, the mathematics of the real Universe. In relativistic mathematics points hold several parallels because they are discontinuous [02] points with inner volume. Each of those organic points can hold many 'real parallels'.
Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they can have infinite parallels within them… Since they become spheres, and cells, and spirals, points with breadth, points with parts:

In the diagram we can see how, as we come closer to the point, the point acquires breadth and grows. We cross from a microcosmic, simplified "mathematical" perception to a macrocosmic, complex, organic perception of the point with volume.
The point then becomes an entire sphere, exactly as it happens in The Universe, when we look through a microscope an enlarge any point of The Universe! It becomes an atom, a cell, a star!

The advantages of this way to make real mathematics are obvious: the concept of an organic point truly describes the real Universe. And it is proved by the experience of Relativity! It is not a fantasy, that cannot be proved, as the concept of an abstract point. Since 'something without breath, without dimension' is something that does not exist. Abstract points are fantasies. They are not real. Anything you draw will have a size, a dimension.

Mathematical numbers and planes are herds of organic points

When we come closer to Non-Euclidean points on the sky, they become real stars. If we see all the information that surrounds the star - its magnetic fields, its flows of energy and information, its planets, its external skin-like barrier, etc. those points probably look like some kind of macro-organism.
Abstract Mathematics, Euclidean-mathematics simplify that Reality. If we want to understand the species of the Universe, not the language of mathematics that describes reality but 'The Universe' itself, with all its properties, we have to consider each number, a set of organic points, a herd...
We have to accept all points of space to have breath. They are microcosmic points... whose size is relative to our instruments of perception.
What is then mathematics?
The abstract, simplified description of organic relationships between herds of organic points, called numbers.
When two herds of points come together we have a sum.
A bigger herd.
And the sum of all those organic points, is the organic space we call the Universe.
Each of us is a part of that Universe. Each of us is made of many organic points of space-time, of many quanta of space-time.
We are not in the space-time continuum as scientists think. We are made of quanta of organic space and cycles of organic time that shape sphere-like forms, discontinuous organic points. It is the sum of those points what creates the Universe, seen from a macroscopic point of view as a continuum, but observed in the microscopic reality as a 'foam' of quanta.

Such is one of the many r=evolutions of knowledge you will find in this web, based in the correction of the erroneous, abstract postulates of Euclidean science.
Instead the Postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry explain some of the basic relationships between those organic, quantic points.

Points tend to gather in waves which are lines of circular points that we shall call strings of Times.
Lines gather themselves in herds, which are planes of Times strings that we call ecosystems, or planes of existence.

And planes gather themselves in topographic, relative, organic Universes, relative parts of the Total Universe, in which organic points live, communicate and show their organicism.
Such is the organic reality of the Universe.
Look at yourself, your Head is a point, over a organic space, your body.
You gather with other human points into social planes.
For example if you were to look only to the Heads of a movie theater, they would be set in the same communicative plane, a social plane related to the screen.
If you take all the Heads of mankind, as points of a geodesic plane, they will form a macro sphere, a bigger ecosystem of organic points-Heads, over the Earth's crust: mankind.
Once we have clear that the Universe is made of organic points, organic points which have certain mathematical properties that associate them in herds, we vitalize the meaning of its mathematical properties, which are the social properties of those webs. we could resume all what those points do, in a simple sentence: They socialize. They gather in herds, in lines, in planes, in societies of numbers.
And that behavior now is not an abstract behavior, but a organic behavior, an organic ecosystemic behavior. Since cellular points do not merely lump together.
They evolve socially and become complex systems, organisms... The organic systems of the Universe.
This indeed is the main consequence of observing reality as it is: mathematical properties, are social properties, that refer to the obvious fact that all kind of Universal organic points gather together in social lines, and social planes. The Universe is social and mathematics are a description of such social properties.

Another prove of the existence of points with parts

Of the many consequences of a Universe of points with parts we study in our web and books, we might consider a fundamental law of physics that now becomes self-evident due to the 'volume' natural to all points with parts of the Universe - the Principle of Complementarity wave-particle, that says: "All particles in displacement are associated to a wave".

The principle wave-particle becomes logical: since points are spheres, all sphere-particles moving along a force of communication will be perceived as a wave. We have in that sense to rewrite the second Non-Euclidean postulate: "A line is a wave caused by a point-particle, moving along a force-wave of energy or information":

It is indeed impossible in the real Universe to move in a line. Points that displace as real particles, do so, spinning around, in spirals and waves.

Unification of quantic Physics and Relativity

Perhaps the most interesting field of study opened by the existence of points with parts is the correction of a misleading, abstract concept that tampers enormously the evolution of our knowledge of the Universe: the concept of an abstract space-time continuum. This continuity is only possible when points are abstract beings without volume. Yet in reality, points have volume and form, and a membrane that separates them from other points. This means that the Space-time is discontinuous. It is quantic. Experience has proved it long ago (quantic physics, the 'foam' structure of the sub-microscopic Universe). Yet some abstract scientists, lacking a theoretical explanation still deny it. Now longer in a non-Euclidean universe of points with parts. Further on discontinuous space-times points . This introduces an equivalence of fundamental value to understand the organicism of the Universe: the equivalence between space and energy.
We can unify then Theory of Relativity and Quantic Theory, the two fundamental theories of Physics. Since now, what Quantic theory considers the unit of Energy, the quanta, is the Unit of Space-time, in the Non-Euclidean Universe. The Space-Time Continuum becomes now the space-time discontinuum, made of infinite quanta of Energy, infinite Times, which gather together to create the forms of The Universe. We say that we are not in the Space-time Continuum, but we are made of quanta of spatial energy, that move in cycles of form=time.
The equivalence between quantic space and energy, and quantic cycles of time and information, unifies [06] physics, and biology into a new science, the science of the organic Universe, the Science of Universal Organisms [04] made of cellular points, points with parts.

The Simplicity Of Mathematics

It is now clear that the loss of the internal parts of species, of their organic nature, caused by the Euclidean simplification of species as points without volume has created some errors that limit our knowledge of the biological, organic Universe:

First abstract mathematics deny communication as the basis of Universal events. In reality what points-species do is to communicate forces which carry information and/or energy. Yet in mathematics, points are void and do not share -communicate- anything. So forces of communication and all particles studied with mathematics, also become abstract, mindless energy. The Universe becomes in this manner dead, mute, "scientific."

As a result of that death of communication, the creation of many species of The Universe is not understood in organic terms, as a process of transfer of information and energy, but as a mechanical process.

o The denial of communication among species, denies social evolution and promotes chaotic, destructive theories of The Universe. In a non-Euclidean organic Reality of points with parts, species have internal organs of information and energy, able to perceive each other with communication forces. They organize themselves in social networks through social, communicative evolution. Atoms share electrons to become molecules. Molecules share atoms to become macromolecules. Macromolecules share micro-molecules and organize cells. Cells share energy providing blood and nervous information to become Bodies. Humans share verbal information to become 'History'. In reality [not in Euclidean mathematics] from microcosms to macrocosms, communicative species, with will to act, in the limited Universe they perceive, organize themselves into complex systems. Yet in Euclidean Sciences, despite growing evidence that shows "all herds" interacting with each other, this organic Reality becomes dead and chaotic.

o Another consequence of a single space-time is a constant deformation of the multiple causes of Reality, since each micro-point participates of the processes involved in the creation of the macro-social organism. Yet in the mathematical Reality of abstract scientists, perceived from non-dimensional points, single causality seems natural for each of those minimal points, and all other causes are simplified.
Then nothing works. The Universe becomes chaotic because we are trying to create a simplified artificial order that can't explain the complexity of the many causes and inner parts that create the organic, real point-species.

A lot of consequences and causes are not perceived. We think often that a single cause [ceteris paribus cause] is the only reason reality exists.
The error of ceteris paribus causes is very extended in all sciences, because the scientist goes with his abstract conceptualization, of a continuum single frame of reference, and feels satisfied wit a single cause. We have absurd arguments of self-centered scientists that want 'their single cause' to be unique: Creationists Vs Chaoticians, Monetarists Vs Fiscal economists, etc. In reality, in a organic Universe of networks of communication and infinite organic points, there are constantly infinite little causes to every consequence. Yet most scientific equations do not account for all the organic points that have dynamic influences over each real event, and fail to understand complex phenomena, simplifying it and thinking all is chaos. Chaos merely means that we do not know all the influences from where it comes the order. That we have a 'chaotic', single perspective.

o Science becomes then dogmatic, and arrogant, because single causes tend to create dogmatic truths, which are affirmed as postulates without real prove (only that single cause). The consequences of those dogmatic affirmations are a lot of scientific lies that could fill up an entire encyclopedia. For example biologists know that dinosaurs died probably because mammals, more evolved species, displaced them eating their eggs and offspring. Physicists know there was a rock falling on the skies that might have caused an ecological catastrophe. Now this secondary cause has become the main cause of the dinosaur disappearance... Why then mammals did not die? Why only the small dinosaurs, the reptiles of today, and those who put their eggs far away, the birds, survived (as in all processes of extinction that leave a trace of small species behind)? Problem is physicists know nothing about biology and so they prefer to stick to their single cause. In this manner scientists become specialists in single causes, and single disciplines, which become isolated from other disciplines, seen with suspicion by the arrogant single-minded scientist. Inter-disciplinary efforts such as those of this web, or our Historic-economical webs (www.bioeconomist.com) which truly explore all the causes of reality are disliked, seen as a menace to dogmatic, abstract scientist, because they show the shortcomings of the Scientific Method. Phenomena which cannot be expressed in simplistic mathematics no longer matter to science... So evolutionists, that use a verbal theory, are banned from Nobel prizes... The obsession for simplistic mathematics leaves entire fields of knowledge in which there are too many points in control of the event to calculate the outcome with mathematics, totally unexplained, where organic explanations could easily provide an enlightening answer. Such is the case of gravitational phenomena when more than 3 elements are involved, or the processes of Bio-History and Bio-Economics, that cannot be explained only with mathematics - fundamental sciences for mankind, still in a mythic state...

o The non-existence of organic parts, the informative and energy organs of species, becomes an error of moral order. This error is fundamental to explain the extinctive capacity of science. "Minds" are converted by mathematics into abstract points without linguistic perception. The Universe then becomes physical, "material." Living species, languages, minds and forces of communication are ignored unless the talk 'in mathematics'. Only the Human Eye and the digital machine, and the space and time they perceive is accepted as real, and intelligent.

o Since mathematics is basically a spatial language (unlike words used to measure temporal phenomena), space and its synonymous becomes the only reality. Even Life is defined by Spatial science in terms of movement and energy; instead of perception and intelligence, as old philosophers used to define it. Life becomes energy, instead of information. The Universe lost with abstract science its rational, tempo-logical nature, and became spatial energy. Space, force, no longer time, perception, mattered. Energy no longer logic-intelligence, became the right thing to be because still, inner virtual worlds had disappeared from the graph of Euclidean and Cartesian scientists.
Fact is Information, Intelligent, Form, perception (which requires as your eye a still focus to perceive), absorption of energy, brains, not bodies, dominate the Universe.
Indeed, as a king, a stock trader, a CEO, a black hole, a DNA, a Computer CPU, and a Sun well know, to be a fixed perceptor, that commands a language=force of communication, used to attract flows of energy, is the best position of power, the true nature of living existence. Perceptive, causal stillness was the meaning of the Aristotelian concept of a Universe with multiple, relative centers, unmoved Gods, 'focusing' Reality. 2000 years ago Einstein proved Aristotle right, and Galilee wrong. Yet all the errors introduced by abstract, energetic scientists still linger in science. So scientists see a dead Universe of points with no parts, because many of those organic points, hardly move as they perceive gravitational or electro-magnetic forces. Instead science describes mechanically, in abstract ways, points which have a 'how' based in communicative forces and linguistic perception, besides their 'mechanic movements'.
Abstract science had set the pre-conditions to perceive The Universe as a dead Reality, with man as the only intelligent eyes. This no longer holds today in relativistic science.
It is self-evident that mathematics as it is understood today, in terms of abstract numbers which describe what are in fact herds of real beings, of organic Points, equalized by those mathematical descriptions, is a very poor way of knowledge, in as much as it empties us of virtual worlds, it simplifies us and "itifies" reality. Specially mathematics when applied to humans [statistics, economics, that control man through prices, and equal men and machines or allow to handle men, as objects], are a lethal weapon, that make of man just another abstract point-number. In fact the most modern technological, mathematical nations such as pre-war Germany, today America, show a lack of concern for human non-abstract rights, which are appalling compared to old verbal societies, that had not forgotten the importance of the inner parts and words of human beings. It is necessary to know and explain the limits of mathematics, specially in the study of economical and social sciences, their indifference towards the rights of life-Nature - our organic space - towards the rights of non-technological human beings. Or else we will eliminate man who is from an abstract point of view, less efficient than the machines with whom economists compare us through abstract prices and productivity-costs.
It is urgent to explain the constant cheating that mathematics cause to humanity, since abstract economical equations do not care for us, treat us as beings whose volumes, internal worlds, feelings and hopes of survival are ignored.