Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


The Space-time continuity is made of multiple spatial pieces, tracing organic, temporal cycles

       The error of Continuity simplifies Space-time

What is space? This is the first question we have to ask ourselves, when we try to understand the Universe, since space is the primary energy, the first fact we find about reality. Reality exists in Space. So the nature of space is fundamental to understand reality. However space is in science, an abstract concept, seldom explored in its organic nature, as a form of energy, the primeval energy of the Universe. This abstract perception of space limits enormously our capacity to understand the organic universe, and the organic space in which they exist. Since for each universal species, space its the organic territory in which they develop their arrows of existence, as information/energy species. In their territorial space, those species feed, inform and reproduce. And so space can be considered a organic, discontinuum territory in which any Universal organism displays its existential drives.

However Scientists prefer a mathematical, abstract concept of space called the space-time continuum. Where this concept comes from? It was developed in the XX century by Einstein and other physicists which missed the fundamental property of space which is "discontinuity". The fact that space is broken in territorial zones, and formal spaces occupied by systems and organisms. Look around yourself. All what you see is discontinuous space, here a chair, there a tree, yourself, occupying a organic space called your body. And yet in mathematical terms those organic, discontinous properties of space are not perceivable. This is however an error of mathematical perception, not a property of space.

Time and space are not a 'continuum', as the Saturn rings are not a continuum despite their first shallow appearance as a continuous ring... However, when we look at them in detail they become in fact a lot of planetoids; and when we look at time-space in detail, it also becomes a mass of discontinuous quanta, gravitons, photons, Atoms , Molecules ...

Quantic theory describes a discontinuous space

Einstein's analysis of a space-time continuum is a conceptual error of mathematical origin. On practical basis, it contradicts the main theory of modern science, far more relevant than Einstein's work, but fruit of many different scientists. It is called 'Quantic theory' because it always perceives a discontinuous space, made of quanta of energy, and broken areas of space, called 'particles', or 'waves', words that to us are synonymous of "organisms" and "herds".

Today the concept of a quantum of energy is well known even for a high school student. Light is made of quanta of energy, pieces of energy that move very fast occupying a piece of space. They are called photons. So when you look at the minimal structure of space-time that we perceive, you see pieces of organic space called photons, multiple of a basic Universal unit of organic space, the Plank constant, the 'minimal organic action', of the Universe, the minimal "living organism" we can perceive. We know that minimal species exists because quantic theory, unlike Relativity, is used to construct things that work, from computers to satellites. Conclusion: The Universe is made of organic quanta of space=energy, minimal species called H-Planks that gather in photons, that gather in atoms, that gather in masses, that gather in planetoids, that gather in "continuous" Saturn rings. So much for the continuity of the space-time.

Another prove of that discontinuity is experience: when you look at the macro-space around you, it seems discontinuous.

Indeed, look around you. What do you see?  Space you might tell me. Chairs, tables, sky, trees... Not so. You see light. Think on the impressionist painters.
What did they see, what did they portray in their paintings?

The trees, and the skies, or the light that brought to their eyes, images of trees and skies? They painted the light, because you see light, you see pieces of space-light. Light scans continuously for you the reality and brings it to you into pieces of color. Yet even light is broken. Quantic theory explains light space as made of pieces of light, quanta of energy.

Still Einstein and those who follow him see space as a continuum. The fact is that Quantic theory has proved much more 'real', in the field of experimental work, and it is the basis of modern technology. So we have to accept as a better truth the physical idea that the spatial reality you perceive is made of pieces of energy, bouncing on further discontinuous Universes: chains, stars, you name it.

The Error of the Cartesian plane

Why Mr. Descartes, Mr. Einstein and other physicists, did consider a model with a single space-time continuum? The obvious answer is that we only see a space-time continuum, because we only see light, that scans continuously a part of Reality. And we call that small reality, that light-space, the space-time continuum. As in a movie, we do not see the darkness, the discontinuities, between the pieces of light - the movie frames.
When we analyze that reason in abstract, it turns out that fruit of that error, mathematicians, only consider a mathematical representation of space-time: the space-time continuous Cartesian graph, in which the discontinuous pieces of space, the "organic points" of reality, were considered abstract entities without breath. Yet a form without breath does not exist, so by considering points without breath able to create a continuous plane, mathematics condemned physics that uses mathematics as its language of representation to become also an abstract science, aberrant in its perception of the living Universe. And so when they use mathematics to explain reality they tend to use that graph, and follow subconsciously the continuity error. So did Einstein and all other researchers, which in this manner converted a 'perceptive error' - we see only the light-Reality - into a mathematical error - we only use a light-Cartesian graph of space-time - that became an error of knowledge - we think reality, and the Universe are continuous.
Thus basically the origin of Einstein's wrong analysis of the space-time continuum, is a simple mathematical error: He used the mathematical abstr action of the limited light-world, we call 'the Cartesian light-plane", a simplification of reality in which space and time appeared in a continuous manner.
Nature however is discontinuous.

We perceive only a part of reality

Scientists are after all common people, and people see not the many pieces of reality but a continuity, since we do not perceive the entire reality but the information which is relevant to us. It is like a movie, you do not see the black spots between frames of the picture. The movie is a discontinuous reality that jumps between each frame. So it is the space-light you see, a discontinuous reality that jumps between each photon. You do not perceive what it is between. The problem of continuity is an error of perception.
We do not perceive the entire Reality, but only those parts that bring us relevant information. So our senses, cheat us, because we do not see with enough detail.
It is like the problem of Saturn's ring. When Galilee discovered them, he thought they were two satellites. Then scientists found they were a series of rings. People thought those rings were continuous like mathematical space. They also thought they were a single cycle like mathematical Time was. Yet in fact there were in reality many cycles around Saturn, many planetoids, as there are infinite clock-cycles in the Universe, infinite discontinuous times.
Yet when we looked closer we realized that there were a lot of spaces, a lot of satellites in those rings, and there were also a lot of cycles, a lot of temporal orbits of all those satellites around Saturn.
So happens with the space-time of mathematicians, that physicists use to describe reality.
In abstract, space is the Cartesian continuous graph, which seems like the ring of Saturn, a continuum. Yet in reality, in detail, when you go beyond the mathematical abstr action of the plane, we see the real space, made of infinite individual forms, and infinite quanta of energy.
The continuity has broken into many species, many satellites, each one with a rhythm of time, of change.
Since, the obvious next consequence of that spatial discontinuity is that time is also discontinuous. Scientists again make the error of using a single time, because they se a standard clock for all their measures, and they have equalized all those clocks. Yet in reality each form making cycles, and obeying different rhythms have different locks and times.
So Time is also made of infinite cycles, one for each of those quantic spaces moving, cycling around; as there are multiple orbital temporal cycles in the Saturn rings, one for each rock.
You can call each quantum of space-time, a species with a different space and a different time, as you can call each orbit of a rock around Saturn, a satellite with a different spatial form and a different temporal cycle. If you are shallow and do not care for accuracy, you can call the entire sum of all Universal quantic species, the Space-time continuum or the Universe; as most common people still says the 'Saturn's rings', not the 'Saturn's satellites'. We are trying here to be more precise than common people. So we shall call each piece of reality a Times, a quantic piece of the Universe, made with a quantity of Time-Space.

Space is made of energy quanta. Time is made of information cycles

We call the space-time reality when we look at it in abstract, as physicists do with his mathematical graph, the space-time continuum.

We call those spaces-times realities when we look at them in detail, as biologists, or quantic physicists do, 'energy quanta' and cycles of temporal information.
Bear in mind that distinction between the abstract and detailed way of observing reality, because both are synonymous even though most people do not relate them.

Space+Time = Quanta of Energy + Cycles of temporal Information.

It is the key to understand reality. Once we have understood that space and time are mere abstract names used by abstract mathematicians, that properly mean all the energy of Reality, and all the cycles of information of Reality it is much easier to understand the Universe. The fog of abstract mathematicians is gone. Welcome to organic reality.  To the infinite pieces and species, of quantic space-time, of energy and information.

Space is the abstract way to explain little bits of energy. We see them together only in an abstract mathematical plane.

Time is the abstract way to explain cyclical forms, bits of information that occupy a certain space.  What those cycles of temporal information mean? Let us play with words:

information,                 in-form-ation,                     forms in action.

Those infinite cycles of forms moving, changing, in action, act as bits of in-form-ation, that repeated rhythmically become a unit of measure called "a clock".
In reality each species has a different rhythm of action , a different clock.

Once we have understood that space and time are mere abstract names used by abstract mathematicians, that properly mean all the energy of Reality, and all the cycles of information of Reality it is much easier to understand the Universe. The fog of abstract mathematicians is gone. Welcome to organic reality.
To the infinite pieces and species, of space-time.

Universals and Individuals: E pluribus unum.

A fundamental question of philosophy has now an answer: How is the Universe, continuous or discontinuous? Is there a One, or Many? The answer is both:

E pluribus unum.
The old question of Universals and Individuals, is just a paradox of perception. It depends on how you look at it. If you look things in detail they are made of many quanta, if you think them in abstract, they become one.
Since many become a social one. Many men become an abstract nation, many stars become a galaxy, many atoms a molecule.
So the really important question is:
Why individuals become herds, social organisms?

The simple, great questions, the whys, not the hows.

How simple it is to find the key to the Universe if scientists thought, instead of writing mathematical models in computers. What is important to us, regarding those quanta of spatial energy and temporal information that shape the Universe?
Mathematical scientists dedicate all their efforts to quantify those pieces of reality. How many quanta of atoms have a social molecule? They find the Avogadro number and think they have explained it all. How many days take a planet to turn around the sun? They found the Newton formula and thought they knew it all about gravitation...
Arrogance and ignorance go together. Yet the how of things is a very shallow description of reality. When we ask we never ask how?, we ask why?, the real question.
The big questions about the organic universe are not the 'how' of those cycles of information and quanta of organic space, of energy, described in detail by different sciences , but the 'why':
'Why forms make cycles, what is the purpose of those cycles?
Why forms gather energy, what is the purpose of that energy?
What are the laws that make the many become one? What are the properties of the many, that become transferred to the one? Can we grow according to such laws, in such scale, from the microcosmic quarks, growing into atoms, molecules, cells , organisms, planets, Galaxies... till the Two Ones, till reaching God, the Absolute Information of the Universe, the Laws of the Universe , and Reality, the body of that God, the Universal energy in which those Laws are impressed?
Yes we can and I will show you how it happens.
Be 'skeptic', laugh, and go back to your meaningless numbers. Be poetic and follow me into the morphological and organic properties of Spatial energy and temporal information. You will only need then the power of your imagination, and the understanding of life. Because the answer to all those questions is a word: organicism , to live, to exist is the why of all the phenomena we observe in the Universe.