Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


To exist, you have to feed on energy, and kill other species. In all the scale of the Universe species grow and reproduce its form feeding on the energy of previous species. It is the arrow of energy that even the simplest systems possess.

Feeding, the first arrow of existence.

Once you are born as an organism, the first and paramount task of your existence will be gathering organic energy, quanta of space, to keep on living, to keep the flows of movement and form within yourself.

This is easy to understand if you have grasped the equivalence between a quanta of space and a quanta of moving energy. Space is always a discontinuous moving reality, and so you need to feed on that moving reality in order to move yourself, displace your organism, and focus it in the information and energy that makes you exist. Problem is that in order to absorb energy in a complex universe, you have to kill a part of that discontinuous universe, and process that energy.

Feeding is the process of killing another species, to take its cells, and reconstruct with those cells your own energy and information. You feed to gather energy for your body, and you gather energy that you can transform into information for your brain.

So to exist, to energize and inform yourself, to be organic, you have to feed and kill other species.
Such is the cruelty of the Universe.
To exist implies always death of another organic being.

Life=Death. Perception=death of the energy perceived

Only in the total Universe, the total reality balances all the lives and deaths of all the organisms.

Morphology of feeding and death

Since feeding is absorbing energy it is clear what is a feeding process, and what is a mouth, or feeding organ - an energy organ.
So all of them will be related to the properties of energy.
Feeding organs will be big, extended in space. And feeding processes will have an expanding beat: a mouth, a feeding organ will extend in space and then contract as it gathers that energy and starts to compress it, to in-form it, to trans-form it into the elementary bricks of the organic system.

So feeding means first to capture energy beings, with a beat that extends and implodes the collecting organ.
Then it means an expansion of the victim that is broken into its cellular organisms, and molecular species.
Finally a reorganization of those molecules into your own cells.