Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


The perfect form of information is a cycle, the perfect form of energy is a line. The perfect organism of energy and information is made by fusioning together, lines of energy, called bodies, and cycles of information, called brains.

Universal energy and Universal Information, the material of bodies and brains

When we understand the discontinuity of Space and time, it becomes clear that quantic energy is a synonimous of a discontinuous piece of space, and a cycle of time is a synonimous of a cyclical, discontinuous form, of in-form-ation.

What we know of those two universal variables? We know two kind of things, its geometrical, morphological shapes [we said already a cycle of time, so time is spherical; we also know that energy expands and tends to shape lines], and its behavioral consequences when they appear in reality [for example energy destroys, expands moves and kills reality, while information creates, in-forms, and reproduces reality.]
In fact to our surprise we realize that temporal information and spatial energy are opposite both in form [cycles Vs lines] and in behavior [creation Vs destruction].
What is the origin of a dual vision of the Universe as old as the philosophy of mankind, that truly expalins the whys and rythms of the Universe.
In philosophical and scientific terms we say:

Spatial energy never dies, it trans-forms into in-form-ative time, and vice versa

Such is the fundamental law of the Universe that explains most of the events we perceive.
Let us now see how and why both parameters display opposite properties. We can analyze those properties considering the opposite forms of gatherings of energy [bodies] and gatherings of information [brains].

All organs and species of energy and information have certain morphological and behavioral characteristics which enable us to recognize their nature.

- Temporal Information has a form which is 'perceivable'. The main characteristic of anything that is used as information, is the fact that a certain organ of information can perceive it. This implies certain morphological patterns: Information has form. Information is 'quiet'; so the organ of information can focus and analyze it. This means information species tend to have curves, and angles, tend to be small, and can be divided into units, that allow their quantification. The perfect unit of information in fact is a disk, a cycle, or a sphere. The main organs of information in species are spherical, such as our eyes, brains, or a coin, standard unit of monetary information.

- On the other hand Spatial Energy moves. Energy bodies extend in space, as they move, and feed.
Energy is the equivalent to biological food, which fuels a species, and allows its movements. Energy is the body that moves a brain of information The two 'organs' together, body and brain, create an organic species. As a consequence of these properties of energy and information, we recognize the bodies and minds of species, because they also have a clear morphology which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

For example in a galaxy, the black hole is the spherical center of gravitational information. The extended, faster plane of rotating stars is the "body", or energy surface of the galaxy.
Apparently a human body and a galactic body should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of the two it is clear those morphologies respond to the generic morphology of information and energy.
Our eyes and brain are also smaller and cyclical, like the black hole; while our body is a plane extended in space.

Why Form Is Smaller, And Energy Extended

Those standard shapes for information and energy, are caused by the nature of information and energy; and the fact that both species are constantly transforming into the other. When energy becomes information, part of it is lost. So, when energy has "trans-formed" itself the information it creates is smaller. Why is energy lost when information becomes? Since information breaks energy and wastes it in the process. If you want to inform yourself, you need to see forms. Forms are by their very same nature, broken patterns.
Imagine a paper: extended it has more energy, when corrugated it stores more information. Imagine three buckets of paint: without mixing they are still energy. In a painting, they are a broken pattern of information. A book with broken words is information, dye is energy.
When we transform energy into information, we gain internal "form," in[form]ation - but we loose part of the energy. We only use part of the paint in the painting. Information helps us to perceive, though it reduces the total surface of energy we can perceive. You look at the painting and you see more. Information gives you perception. Yet it destroys energy in the process. The oil energy becomes then information that moves wheels and has now a complex movement. You waste energy in all machines, but you gain directionality and form. Electricity is also a lineal force, but the computer breaks it into logic games that become information. Light is energy for the plant which uses it to make electrons jump. Yet in the eye, light becomes information. Even if the eye uses less energy than the plant, it gets more perception.
It follows that by comparison with information, energy is extended, and amorphous. In a relative Reality, energy is something extended in space.
Space is synonymous of extension, of energy.
On the other hand Time, which is cyclical [remember the shape of all clocks] and breaks the continuum in segments [seconds, minutes, hours], is synonymous of information, of perception.

The harmony of spheres. Geometrical functions

A prove of the lineal nature of energy and the cyclical nature of infomation can be obtained by a logic analysis of the function and form of spheres and lines, the most common beings of information and energy in Reality. Once and again we observe that the sphere or the disk is the geometrical form of linguistic brains that command a body of energy.
Such temporal brains are small and cyclical; yet they are more complex forms than the big bodies they control. That is the case of the brain in man, the Nucleus in atoms, the black hole in galaxies... Why? Why black holes=linguistic brains tend to spherical shapes, and energy forms tend towards lineal shapes?
¥-radiation, gravitation and most other forces=energies of communication are lineal. Yet stars and planets and most particles of perception are cyclical-spherical.

The answer is found in the intimate relationship between form and function: Forms imply certain functions that the form facilitates and allow the form to survive in its organic Universe. Both are in fact the dual side of the same coin. Since certain functions will allow certain forms to survive. So both, function and form will evolve together.

Yet information is maximized by spheres, and energy by lines, so those forms are natural to information and energy. To understand why we have to accept the organicism of informative minds. Minds of information perceive 'form-in- action', information. They do so to hunt other species and use them as energy or to recognize friendly species and socialize.
So the best possible form of information would be a form that cannot be recognized easily, and yet it has the maximum volume to contain information... Such is the sphere.
That fact gives a simple explanation for the sphericity of black holes, and brains the most efficient information minds of Reality: the sphere of all perfect solids, has the maximum internal volume, with the minimal external form-surface of communication. Hence it offers the minimal perception to other hunting forms, and stores the max. volume of linguistic informatio. Spheres are more difficult to locate, and yet have an inner richness of linguistic inforamtion. Thus they survive better. Spheres are perfect beings of perception, as earlier Greek and Chinese mathematicians recognized. Spherical points have parts, where the parts are the mind, the image, the virtual mirror of the Universe.
What about energy, why it tends to be lineal? Again we an prove it in organic terms. Energy is about movement. Think of an organism, as a body that moves a cyclical perceptive sphere. You go around moving your body to capture the energy you need to feed on with your mouth. So you need a body with a form that makes easy movement and speed. Such is the line, which causes minimal friction in his advances, and moves between two points through the minimal distance. Finally a line advancing shows from the perspective of the place towards it moves [the victim], the minimal form to perception, only the point-Head is visible...

Lineal Bodies of Energy, Cyclical Minds of Information: the efficient organism.

It follows that a combination of a perceptive sphere, and a moving line would become even more efficient as a survival strategy of energy collection [|-body] and perceptive information [O-mind]. They are indeed the most common forms of Reality.
In this manner the perfect predator of energy and information is a line with a ball-Head, the most common form of the Universe, the basic unit, from trees to molecules, from comets to snakes...

How can we recognize all those 'generic' brains of information and bodies of energy beyond the 'relative' information and energy organs that each species has?
We could resume the main morphologic difference between energy and information [organs] in a mathematical equation:

Maximum Space = Max. Energy = Minimal Form = Body. Vs
Max. temporal memory= Max. Information = Min. Spatial extension = Head

This is evident because, energy is related to space. Energy moves, extends in space, and so a body is physical, big.
On the other hand information is form, in-form-ation, and it is related to the storage of memory, which happens in time. So Heads are small with a lot of form.

So it turns out that the perfect Energy shape is a line or a plane made of multiple lines. And the perfect informative shape is a cycle, or sphere made of multiple cycles. So we have the Universal key to define species as specialized informative or energetic shapes.
Look around you, informative species, such as the eye, or the brain, or the Head, or a black hole are cyclical, spheres, small in size. Bodies of energy, species of energy are lineal, planar, as your body, your limbs that move you, a ray of light, or a plane of stars, body of a galaxy.
As a result of those morphologies we can classify as energy or information organs not only carbolife organisms, made up of energy [bodies, food] and information [brains, eyes, senses, worlds], but also other beings and atomic species, even 'deconstructed organs', since we can now recognize, geometrically their energy or information organs.
Humans, galaxies, plants, robots, [all kinds of entities], can in that sense be considered as organic systems.
In the next table, the jargon of all sciences, and religions describes in fact the two elements of Universal organisms, which can be localized by their morphology.
We talk of a systemic organism, when the organism has only information and energy organs.
We talk of a living organism, when the organism also has reproductive organs.
Our samples show that all systems are a symbiosis of energy and information herds that put together into organic shapes create events, organisms and species.

BODY________________BRAIN____________ ORGANISM


Energy-bodies and information-perceptive organs are universal to all species. You have a field of information, a brain, and a field of energy, a body, and you have a species. Humans have bodies, brains, and systems of reproduction as do plants and animals.
Yet there are other organic species besides living carbolife species.
For example, galaxies have 'black hole' brains of gravitational information, economies have stock-market brains of monetary information, cells have DNA particles of genetic information, computers have CPUs of electronic information, nations have governments of legal information...
In all these cases we talk of a network-brain of linguistic nature that controls an energy structure more extended in space, that we call the body of the organism.
Thus, the galactic plane is the cellular body of stars, controlled by gravitational information created by the black hole.
The nation is the cellular body controlled by the capital and government...
The cell is the cellular body controlled by the DNA.
The orbitals of the atom are the body controlled by the Nucleus.

All is indeed a game of bodies of energy and brains of information, in the organic Universe.

All in the Universe is made of two universal substances, energy and information. And as forms grow in size and complexity the natural properties of energy and Information increase but do not mutate in quality. So when we observe macro-organisms, the same forms of energy and information, that shapes the tiniest substances, re-appear at greater scale. Energy, extended in space, lineal and simple in form, becomes the body of macro organisms such as a weapon of metal, or a human skeleton. Information, cyclical and complex in form, small in size, also gathers in macro-organisms of information that we call eyes, and brain, and senses. Perhaps the most surprising prove of the unity of the Universe, is that contant existence of the properties of the fundamental substances of the Universe, discontinuous space (energy), and discontinuous time (information).