Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  



"The laws of the Universe, can be reduced to a few principles derived of the properties of energy and information." ....

What are the basic laws of Theory of Organisms, of the science that summons up all other sciences , and explains the laws that all organic systems of the Universe followed in all their processes of creation and extinction including? We mentioned them above. Let us study them briefly before we apply those laws to the understanding of how life and mankind became.

The laws of Universal Organisms

Since all organisms of the Universe have the same components, and obey the same laws derived of the energy, informative and reproductive elements of those organisms, it will be useful to know some basic laws of Universal Organisms, that we apply to the study of all sciences.
Some of those fundamental laws, which are found in all Universal Organisms are:

- The law of the3 ages. All species go through 3 ages, youth in which energy dominates, maturity in which the networks of energy and information are in balance, and information, the third age when energy is consumed, and formal wrinkles and death appears. The law is proved by the changing morphology of all Universal Organisms of all species that adopt those formal shapes as time goes by.

- The dual morphological structure of all organisms, composed of an informative center [brain-Head] and an energy center [body].

- From the morphology of Brains comes another fundamental law, regarding the meaning of truth in languages: the Galilean paradox main cause of behavior of Universal species. Every species considers himself the center of the Universe, in as much as it perceives from that Universe only a certain part of its information, processed by the mind and the limited informative languages of the species.
This means that species are subjective, selfish, and care only for themselves or similar individuals of the same species that can work in teams. It explains the behavior of nations, hordes, and company-mothers who only care for the will of their machines. It will explain the brutality of future robotic species against man.

- The law of the 3 creations. A law that explains why creation takes place in an orderly manner, not as a product of 'chaos', a misleading concept derided of a simplistic analysis of the Law of evolution. Since all what exists is spatial energy and temporal information, a species that mutates and reproduces any organ can only do it in 3 paths: repeating the same organ, creating an organ with more energy, or creating an organ with more information. Then the Universe will select the best organ for a given environment. This law explains all the diversification of species that have taken place in the Universe. Take a classic example: the dinosaur was a biped reptile that could evolve his arms in 3 directions: arms with higher energy, used to beat the air, and increase the speed of his race. It is the origin of birds. Arms with higher information, used to manipulate objects. It is the origin of rats and human beings. A similar arm, the origin of subsequent reptiles... In our books the Creation of life [download], we will repeatedly use this law to explain the Creation of man.

- The Laws of Social evolution: Species evolve into new organisms by association based in 'love', in the sharing of energy and information through social networks. Social evolution is the key concept to understand creation in the Universe. Species associated in bigger herds, and bodies, are more efficient than individuals, and prey together. So species gather naturally searching for a common energy and information.

- The existence of behavioral drives caused by networks in all species: Species need to maintain and provide for the 3 networks of the organism. So all species want to reproduce, to acquire energy and to acquire information.

- When those drives are denied, species fight for survival, and kill rivals in the search for energy, information or organic space for reproduction. Which brings us to the initial law of Darwin, restricted now to species which are different. They kill each other, hate and ab=use each other, since they need the organic space of the other.

- The Law of action-re action.. Since species are selfish, it is clear that they will respond to you at least, with the same kind of negative or positive action you deploy with them. If a species acts harming other species, sooner or latter the other species will fight back, not necessarily at the same moment or with the same harm. Thus only those species who seek harmony with their environment, survive.

- The Law of the 3 states. As a consequence of our iron rule of 3 creations in the Universe a new Universal law is born: A form can only exist trying to maximize his 3 relative forms of energy, information and reproduction. They are associated to the solid, informative, gas, energetic, and liquid, communicative-evolutionary states of matter. Of which the most communicative, and hence naturally present in the most active living beings is the middle state or liquid state, in which the chemistry of human consciousness is based.

The law of biological radiations: The game of existence

The struggle for reproductive existence, following the drives of organicism implies that species kill each other to obtain 'form', and 'energy', the two parameters of the Universe, in order to exist, and reproduce.
Since reproduction is the mandate of all species, that fight becomes a continuous struggle that leads to the extinction of species to feed the reproduction of others.
The reproduction of species and their fight for organic space with other species is indeed the fundamental concept that allows us to organize the evolution and change we see in the Universe.
We call those collective acts of reproduction of any species, a 'biological radiation'.
Biologists use the word 'Radiation" because reproduction is a very fast, geometric function that happens almost as fast as an explosion of a bomb. From one it comes two, from 2, 4, then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024... Suddenly after a mere 10 acts of reproduction, you have a thousand times more species...
That explosive rate of reproduction that you can see for example in a culture of bacteria explains the term 'biological radiation'.
We could indeed consider the Universe a game of radiations of species that use other species as energy to reproduce themselves.
The Universe is made of such biological radiations, driven by organicism.
Radiations of species, become groups, that reproduce and feed in surfaces of energy, shaping the perceived Universe.
The Big Bang was a radiation that took place in several phases. The first radiation was of light, of photons. The second radiation was of electrons. The third radiation was of masses. The most complex radiations of Atoms and molecules grew in societies so big as planetoids, so complex as DNA-societies [human Bodies]. DNA radiations started species of living beings started. In the world of masses radiations grew into stars and galaxies...
Almost every phenomena of death and life perceived in the universe have a common cause: the radiation of a being that feeds in other beings, used as energy, over which the radiating being reproduces himself.
Proves that more and more phenomena are caused by radiations appear day by day.
Certain phenomena that before were explained in abstract manner now can also be explained as radiations. What radiates is a form, a complex system of forms, a being.
The Bible speaks of such radiations in a poetic sense. The first day, the first radiation was of light. Then light broke away from dark matter. The day from the night. The radiation of mass grew into beings, more and more complex, till bringing mankind.
Those were the days of creation, the days of radiations, and the writer of Genesis understood that radiations, are the nature of the creative Universe. "Grow=become more complex, and multiply=radiate" was his advice to man.
The Earth's radiations of beings have evolved through a series of discontinuous: bacteria, plants, sea animals, land animals, amphibian, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals, men, machines... Since, in fact radiations are not only of life, but of all forms. There are also metallic radiations, radiations of machines and products reproduced by company-mothers in the economical system.

The encyclopedia of Times

From those simple set of laws, deduced of the morphological and functional properties of spatial energy and temporal information, we describe in our Encyclopedia of Times , the fundamental events, sub-laws and species of the Universe, not only answering the shallow how, of abstract science, but also the deep why of the organic Universe.
We study the radiations of living Atoms and celestial bodies the radiations of carbolife, the radiations of human cultures, the radiations of languages, and the radiations of Machines.