Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


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According to the 2 arrows of entropy and order, we define 2 opposite kind of Universal events: fluxes that create a symbiotic present from a past energy and a future form of information; and fluxes that destroy the past form, as a ‘victim’ or ‘energy’ of the future. In the graph, a case of Darwinian devolution among men that perceive each other as different and a case of social evolution through parallel love.


1. The Non-Aristotelian logic of time: the dual, universal event.

Evolution and Modern Physics introduced important changes in our understanding of space and time that we will take to its ultimate consequences in this chapter, using the postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry and non-Aristotelian, simultaneous logic to define all Quantic Spaces-Times events.
Regarding the sequential logic that orders events in time both, Einstein and quantic physicists realized that in the Universe, past, present and future forms co-existed together, gathering in simultaneous, ‘relative presents’. So the Aristotelian, sequential logic that makes A to cause B no longer holds. That is why Einstein affirmed that ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. A fact that we can easily explain now thanks to the co-existence of the 2 dual arrows:    
- An arrow of creation of quantic information, or relative arrow of future information and life.
- And the opposite arrow of quantic entropy, of destruction of form or relative, energetic past.
Since both exist together in many different quantic states between an absolute future of maximum information and an absolute past of maximum energy, the duality of space-time explain the simultaneity of relative quantic past, present and future forms:
In a quantic world broken into multiple space-time beings, a relative past being is a being with less temporal information. And a relative future being is a more evolved being, with more ‘temporal information’, since information accumulates in time towards the future. Yet because time and space, information and energy are inverse functions (Max. T=Min. E and vice versa), it turns out that a being with more information has less energy and a being with more energy has less information. The result is that simpler, past, bigger spatial entities with less energy like your body are complementary with smaller, more informative, temporal, future beings like your Head. And both together, past x future, energy x information, space x time, create a relative, quantic, symbiotic field of space-time.
Hence we explain in quantic terms the biggest mystery that Physics and Relativity discovered a century ago: the co-existence of past, present and future forms. Till now it was impossible to explain, since as long as we accept a single, continuous Time-Space for the entire Universe past times, present times and future time beings were merged together into a single time World. Yet if we break the Universe in infinite space-times, different time regions can co-exist together as different pieces of a puzzle co-exist within the same ‘present space-time frame’.
And so in quantic time the co-existence of past and future forms is no longer a paradox, but the key to fusion Physics and Evolution, developing in the process a new kind of logic, Non-Aristotelian logic, that describes how the ‘present’ is created by simultaneous fluxes of time and space.
We call the Non-Aristotelian logic of Universal events, ‘i-logic’, because it is the logic of i-nformation and energy whose rules based in simultaneity and the duality of space-time arrows, (E<=>T), are different from those of the human mind, based in a simplified version, the sequential, Aristotelian, unicausal logic that considers a single arrow of time, (E>T). We use indistinctly the terms Non AE or illogic geometry, because those past and future entities are Fractal Organisms that exchange flows of energy and information in opposite directions (since the properties of energy and information are always inverse, albeit complementary when they come together simultaneously to create a new, present reality.) Yet the Universe is ilogic, paradoxical=dual and simultaneous, as relative past and future forms come together creating fleeting, quantic presents. Those simultaneous  encounters are possible because, both Non AE poins have previously located each other through faster, informative languages, prior to those exchanges of energy and information. So when a predator attacks the victim and the victim simultaneously runs away, it is because they have seen each other. And both act in paradoxical opposite ways. When a man makes love to a woman it is because previously they have known each other and both create a dual, action ‘merging’ their lineal penis and cyclical vagina, as they exchange complementary energy and information to reproduce and ‘create’ a 3rd being (a fact that casts some insightful views on Special Relativity).
The co-existence of future and past forms changes the laws of Aristotelian causality. A causes B has always meant that A was the past that happened first in time and hence B was the future that had its origin in A. Yet the idea that A sequentially creates B is false when A and B happen simultaneously. What is then the causality of the Universe between a relative future B and a relative past A that co-exist together? Einstein gave the answer in terms of continuity and now we can solve it for any quantic space-time system. He defined any event as 'real' and measurable only when it happened in simultaneity. That is, when the observer C measured in an instant of present, A and B together: A<ab>B. So to create a real form of present we need 2 fluxes of causality, one coming from a relative future or quantic form of information, and another coming from a relative past or energy form. And when a flux of energy and a flux of information converge, a relative present form of temporal energy is born. That is why Einstein said: ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. The Universe is dialectic: A (the energetic, quantic past) and B (the informative future) create together C, the present. Which in quantic terms gives origin to the fundamental postulate of ‘Non-Aristotelian illogic’:

‘A  present event is created when 2 relative fluxes of past energy and future information merge.’

Future information and past energy can transform into each other in each different time-space field region of the Universe because both are quantic. So each part of reality is made of little pieces of both species, mutating, fluctuating rhythmically or combining together into symbiotic systems and organisms of all kinds. If Einstein had considered the quantic nature of time/space he would have deduced the obvious consequences of simultaneity: the creation of those 'present beings' that merge informative and energetic regions. As the continuity error lingered for a century, science has been unable to explain the why of fundamental events created by that postulate. Since, the paradoxes that emerge from that dual nature of any cyclical action-re action process that combines energy and information are the key to understand the Universe. Yet, they are difficult to grasp because our mind tends to be Aristotelian and Euclidean, observing only one side or arrow of reality. For example, we do not see at the same time both sides of a coin, yet only both sides create a coin. We do not see a temporal particle and its spatial wave together, but only both create a physical space-time field. We do not see the past and the future, but only together they create the present. Yet sometimes we see both elements together. So we see informative Heads and energy bodies together. We can perform 2 energetic/informative actions, walking and thinking at the same time, etc.

2. The human, biological perception of past, present and future.
Those quantic past, present and future forms are related to the human perception of past, present and future flows by the game of existence and extinction: Every quantic being of the Universe has a different ‘quantity of information’ that accumulates as time passes. So in terms of the total quantity of ‘temporal information’ a being has, we consider ‘future beings’ those beings which have more information, more ‘time’, and relative past beings, those beings with less ‘temporal information’. In biological terms we could talk of informative, future beings as more evolved beings, which have a better brain that acts-reacts faster to the environment and hence it has a higher probability of survival into ‘the future’. If they become symbiotic to past energy beings as bodies and brains they create a simultaneous creative present; but sometimes, the fast, future form, becomes the predator that consumes the relative past, slower form, and then the past ‘becomes extinguished’ and the future survives. Hence quantic space-time also explains the ‘biological meaning’ of future and past in terms of ‘future beings that survive’ Vs ‘past beings that become extinct’. Thus in Quantic Spaces-Times ‘quantic future’, ‘evolved organisms’ and ‘survival, top predator’ species are synonymous, since evolved beings ‘create’ the future, surviving into that future. For example, mammals were more evolved, faster beings than reptiles and so they have survived into the future. Faster chips survive and slower machines are destroyed and become things of the past. And so on. Thus, though past, present and relative future beings do co-exist together, they are still relative past and future beings, since their probabilities of survival in their future depends on their informative, temporal content.  The human arrow of time that moves from an extinguished past to a growing future is the sum of all the quantic pieces of informative species that survive into the future and our mind puts together into a single continuous Universe…

3. The formalism of Non AE logic
According to duality, we can spatialize time using the spatial language of geometry. Then from the perspective of the 3 classic Euclidean dimensions of space, temporal information becomes perceived as a fluctuating height dimension proper of evolved beings . Yet inversely in this chapter we ‘temporalize’ space using the verbal languages and dimensions of time. Then spatial energy becomes, from the perspective of the 3 temporal dimensions, past, present and future, the dimension of ‘past’, while temporal information becomes the arrow of future, which merge together in the present space-time fields we observe. Thus the main feature of Non-Aristotelian logic is the existence of flows of future information and past energy that create simultaneous, real present space-times, formalized through the E<=>T, space-time field equation as:

Past=Energy < Present: actions of Temporal Energy > Future: Information

Thus, we can use the Quantic Spaces-Times equation to define space-time fields in terms of space and form as Fractal Organisms with 3 parts, an energetic, past, concave membrane, E, a future, convex region of information, T, and an intermediate, present region, <=>, that combines energy and information. 
Or we can use the Quantic Spaces-Times equation to define in temporal, Non-Aristotelian logic events. Then that equation represents the 3 verbal, functional dimensions of time: past beings, with lesser information and more energy, (E); present beings that mix both forms, energy and information, (<=>) and future beings that have more information, (T). Since the arrow of life and evolution in the Universe increases the information of species, shaping 3 ages in time, youth, E, maturity, ExT and old age, T.

4. Order and disorder: creative, symbiotic presents Vs extinctive, Darwinian transformation.
The fundamental duality of the Universe between energetic entropy and informative order creates 2 kind of relative, inverse, destructive or creative presents. Since when 2 forms find each other they might increase the ‘entropic disorder of the Universe’, treating each other as relative energy, as when a predator finds a victim and disorders it; or they might increase the order of the Universe, creating together a tighter more complex, symbiotic, complementary organism, with more TxE force. Thus, the dual arrow of entropy Vs order, which defines an action-re action cycle between 2 poles, has a fundamental reading in terms of quantic behaviour, as those 2 relative forms of past and future might create a relative, quantic present, entering in a symbiotic, evolutionary, ordered, creative relationship or might cause a higher disorder and chaos through a Darwinian, energetic, destructive relationship. Then the being with moreTxE force, either the spatial, energetic being will dominate the relationship, transforming the information of the other being into energy; or the informative one, will dominate the relationship, transforming the energy of the other being into its own information:
- Spatial forces and fields are absorbed and become temporal particles; the vacuum space is combed by temporal gravitation; lineal, spatial movement turns into cyclical, temporal vortices; yang-energy becomes informative yin; the material, spatial world is mirrored by the informative languages that explain it; physical products are valued with informative prices; energy is shaped by information; the spatial Universe of pure energy born out of the big-bang evolves its form as time goes by; death, the end of the quantic time and information of a species feeds a new life that reforms the victim’s energy feeds and becomes transformed into cells of the predator.
And vice versa:  Cyclical movement uncoils into lineal forces; Vishnu becomes Shiva; yin returns to yang; the desires of the energetic body dominate the mind; monetary information re=produces physical goods; an old man full of information dies and erases its form into pure energy; particles explode into ¥-radiation; languages guide human actions that create the physical reality.
-  Or as an outcome of their complementary combination a new organic system is born in a creative, symbiotic event that increases the order of the Universe, reducing its spatial energy:
Particles associate with force fields to create atoms; informative brains and energy bodies grow into organisms; energy and information networks put together systems; men and women fusion into a couple; space combed by time becomes a field of space-time and the spatial Universe structures itself thanks to the logic, informative laws of quantic space/time, the informative ‘mind’ that rule it.
Thus each science has a syntacti structure that represents the present. For example, a living organism is an:

Energy Body (Es) <joined by a neck to an > Informative Head (Ti).

So in Biology, the Quantic Spaces-Times equation, E<=>T, becomes also the fundamental formalism that expresses the fact that any Living System is composed of a number of cellular quanta of Spatial energy (ne) and neurons of temporal information, related by a series of physiological networks (<=>), that carry either energy (digestive networks), information (nervous networks) or a combination of both (blood networks). In this manner we translate the E<=>T, field equation into biology.
In philosophy the best expressions of the Universal Syntax are the Taoist and Hegelian dualities:

Thesis <Synthesis> Antithesis.
Yin <Yinyang >Yang.

In Physics the best expression of the Universal syntax is the Fermion-Boson symmetry:

Non-AE fermion point < Bosonic Force of temporal energy > Non-AE fermion point