Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  



As Eastern religions understood, the processes of death and life balance each other making the Universe eternal.


The balance of existence: The fundamental equation.


The law of the 3 ages, and the supremacy of Brains over bodies are followed by all species of life, in all the phyla that have existed or will ever exist, because as we saw the 3 ages of life are tautological to the very essence of what organisms do in order to exist: trans-forming energy into information. So the very same process of existence causes the death of any organism. So I wondered: Could one of those organisms become theoretically immortal? Let’s put that question in simple mathematical terms.

If we call E, all the Energy of any organism, and I, all its information, we could explain the fundamental processes of existence with a few visual symbols:

E > I,

Means the process of living, as we form Energy into information. > is a visual symbol that describes the evolution of a line of energy, into a cycle or point of information.

I  < E,

Means the reversal process of death, in which our in-formed body explodes, breaks and extends in space. So your cells break and loose their organic form, becoming Energy of insects. So a nova explodes and his star form disappear, as it expands into a cloud of hot matter. 

Both processes are of course related, in as much as we kill and destroy the form of other species, to obtain its energy. So often we do both things:

I < E (killing)  +  E > I  (feeding and informing)

I watched those equations, and then it came to my mind the meaning of Immortality. Since if we added all the killing expansions of the Universe, and all the feeding/perceptive implosion, we obtained a balance,

E= I

In as much as the Universe is discontinuous, and so only the parts, not the totality die and live, that balance of lives and deaths, cancelling each other, define the immortality of all Reality, of the entire Universe& God.

Indeed, the discontinuity of the game permitted the fleeting existence of all those organisms, including mine, since all together balanced allowing the immortality of God.

 The fundamental law

All this said it is clear that the fundamental law of survival in the Universe is to keep your balance between space and time, energy and information, youth and third age. To achieve that balance is the goal of all species, partially obtained through reproduction that 'repeats' your constants of energy and information precisely when they are in balance, in the middle, reproductive age.

That law overrides the shallow law of entropy. Since each process of death, of expansion, and unknotting of energy (entropy arrow), is balanced by the constant upgrading of energy into order and information caused by the slow process of living.
In Thermodynamic terms, if we combine the constant equalization of temperatures caused by the processes of social
evolution, of communication among similar particles, with the constant process of deviation of temperature caused by the explosion of species, that die away, both balance.

That balance of spatial energy released in processes of death, and temporal information equalized in processes of order, explains the immortality of the universe.
Each of its species, universes, micro and macrocosms might die, for the Universe to be eternal:

E=i,                       S=T,                    e  X i   stence

... The fundamental law. The fundamental game. And so I had my answer. We existed for God to be immortal. He had designed in this manner the Logic of the Universe, with him on top. Why not? After it was God.

So creation of information and destruction of information [creation of energy] are the 'two behavioral arrows, the two laws that change Reality.

Energy and Information are the two arrows of the same Universe. One is opposite to the other. When you grow in energy-space as when you die, you are loosing information. When you loose information, you are gaining energy space.

We are in a dual Universe, with two simple arrows of existence, energy and information, whose properties are opposed. So energy is extended, and information smaller. So information is cyclical and energy lineal…

That is basically it. The game of existence, the game of God.

The most intelligent philosophers of mankind, the Eastern philosophers had long ago realized both forces were equivalent.

The Indians called them 'Vishnu' the creator, and 'Shiva' the destroyer. The Chinese called it yin, the creative flow, and yang the destructive flow. Other philosophers have realized that some beings 'evolve' and some beings 'devolve'.

All beings change either towards the arrow of increasing energy, or towards the arrow of increasing information, and we call that constant change 'existence'.

Those earlier philosophers also argued, that if there were many flows of destruction and flows of creation, an arrow of disorder and an arrow of order - in modern scientific terms - the total sum of all those individual arrows would be an arrow of immortality, of eternal renewal. The Total Universe was therefore eternal. Existence was eternal, even if certain Organisms, even certain Universes could be destroyed. Then their energy should feed the creation of other Universes.

Chinese called that supreme immortal Reality, Tao. The Indians called it Brahma. We will call it here 'Existence' or ‘God’. Existence is the constant change, the sum of creations and destructions we see around us:

Since the laws of existence balance all the lives and deaths of micro-organisms, they imply the immortality of the universe. Or:

S   =   S T

The change in energy balances the change of information.

It is the fundamental equation of the Universe, from which almost every other equation of science could be deduced. And so I did in thousand of pages, that unified around that simple dual process every event and form you observe in reality.

In that simple equation we see how the fundamental characteristic of those two arrows is that they are opposite. What this means is that one comes from the other, information comes from the destruction of energy, and energy from the destruction of information. Things that expand require an environment around them that contracts. When you create energy, as when you explode a bomb, you destroy information. This means in morphological terms, that things which are 'cyclical', 'knotted', become 'unknotted' into energy. They become energy. On the other hand when you create information, you destroy energy. This means that things which are extended become knotted, and a part of them are wasted. The same process happens in any Universal organism including the Universe we perceive, but not in the total Reality of all Universes.

The immortality of The Universe

Indeed, the organism we call the Universe was born of a single atomic cell that reproduced through the biological big bang. That Universe might die, not as an abstract, mechanic object, but as a living species. Yet that organism is not The Total Universe, Reality. It is just the organism in which man is, beyond which nothing can be perceived - as if we were within a Russian doll.
Yet, we can guess some of the Laws of that Total Universe, when we consider logically the laws of the small section in which we are in. So, we consider that since the laws of existence balance all the lives and deaths of micro-organisms, they imply the immortality of the universe.

Sum of all S = Sum of all T. The change in energy balances the change of information.

So creation of information and destruction of information [creation of energy] are the 'two behavioral Gods, the two laws of change' of Reality.
Information is preferred by our societies because men tend to love time, perception, information, which gave us power as a species over all other natural species.

Since you are a man, an informative species defined not by the quality of your body, but by the quality of your brain, you are a specialized informative organism, and so you feel your existence mainly as perception, biased by your 'informative nature' as a human being. So you tend to qualify in negative terms, the arrow of energy and destruction.

This is the tradition of Human cultures. Yet we ask you to be the lion that throws away the burden of the camel. We want you to be aware that in the wider Universe, those two arrows are indifferent, are equally valid.

Organisms associate certain sensations of existence to those changes, sensations which are natural to us and direct our will. Energy for example is associated to pleasure in human beings; while information associates to perception. If I ask you what you prefer, pleasure or perception, probably you will be unable to decide, if you are a 'free mind'. However if you are educated as a human being, belonging to a society of information you will have 'ideological bias' against pleasure (religious dogmas, war of sexes against pleasure, etc.)

The Universe has not that bias. Existence is immortal. We are not. So scientists should learn the Laws of Existence and behave according to them if they want to survive as a species. It is all that can be said about Man, God and the Universe.