Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


Systems of energy and information can be described as Non-AE space/times with 3 organic classes:
-The ‘higher’, dominant informative nucleus and energetic membrane and its networks that control.
-  A middle mass of ‘cells’ in cyclical movement between those 2 discontinuous limiting zones.
- Which destroy the ‘lower’ energy bites and information bits coming from the outside world.
 In the graph, a cannibal galaxy traps smaller ones between its informative nucleus and star body; the sun uses its planets’ orbits to feed on quantic space-time, so does the nucleus of an atom through its electrons; a DNA cell through its organelles and the brain of an animal, through its body.

The networks in control of organic quanta are closely related to the 3 zones of a Fractal Organism.  Both together define the existence of ‘3 social classes’ with 3 clear temporal, organic functions in all Non-AE organic systems of the Universe that we define according to its relative TxE force:
- Max. T x Max E: The future, dominant quanta are the informative center or brain and the energetic membrane. In an organism, they are symbiotic and control the intermediate region: they absorb energy and information from the external world, passing it to the intermediate, ‘middle class’ region to replicate the specific temporal energy they need… In ecosystems they are  the  top-predator species and often establish Darwinian relationships, as men and lions do .
The Universe works through ‘quantic impulses’ that combine energy and information, called TxE actions. Thus, since the top predator informative cell is the fastest cell processing information and the membrane is the fastest entity, moving and processing energy, their combined quantic actions Max. E x Min. T, are more powerful than the rest of the actions of the system. In ecosystems those cells work often in collective herds, which act simultaneously, joined by a common informative language that multiplies their quantic action , against disorganized forms. The result is a universal arrow of social evolution that creates from individuals to herds, and from herds, tightly packed organisms, directed by an informative language, since a herd is less efficient than an organism. So men have evolved socially in groups, hordes, tribes and tightly packed nations, controlled by legal and financial languages. Top predator ants and bees have become the most successful insects, because they developed super-organisms with chemical languages. In the Universe black holes fusion in bigger black holes that gather in the center of the galaxy, acting as ‘gravitational animals’ that perceive gravitation as information (as animals do with light), controlling with gravitational waves their stars. While stars are ‘gravitational plants’ that absorb gravitational space-time as energy, as plants do with light and hence can’t evolve informatively. Finally in the cell the informative RNA forms herds that control and organize their organelles with the genetic language.
- E=T: A mass of ‘present’, cellular quanta, form the intermediate region or 'body' of the organic system. It is the working, re=productive ‘middle mass’ that re=produces most of the complex elements of the organism under the orders of the informative classes. They are the workers of human societies that reproduce their goods under monetary orders. They are the stars of galaxies that reproduce their atoms. They are the herbivorous animals in the ecosystem on which carnivores prey. They are the electrons of the atom that gather electromagnetic light for the nucleus. They are the stars of the galaxy. They are the glandular cells that form the organs of a body and reproduce their substances controlled by the neurons. They are the proteins and genes of the cellular ecosystem. They are the citizens of a political system that obey the informative laws.
- Min. E x Min.T: Together the upper and middle, informative and reproductive brain and bodyprey and feed on the external, ‘lower’, past class, made of bits of information and bites of energy of minimal size, which the other classes absorb from the external world or ecosystem, beyond the discontinuous limits of the world that becomes the ‘organic territory’ of the organic system in which it obtains its temporal energy to energize and inform themselves, destroying those lower, energy quanta in the process. The lower class tends to be an undifferentiated mass made of quantic pieces, full of energy with minimal informative perception: divide and win. They are plants on Nature; they are the stellar dust and dark energy that feeds and informs the galaxy; they are light quanta, carbohydrates and water in the genetic, cellular ecosystem; they are the machines of the economic ecosystem; they are those punished by the law in societies: criminals, enemies and emigrants, submitted to the racism of the other classes. They are the food and red cells of the blood system, without informative nuclei.
    In terms of Time, those 3 regions establish a relative order from past to future, as the external, quantic forms that penetrate into the Non-Euclidean point are the relative past of the space-time field, which become destroyed and processed by the central region, the relative future towards which they move. So the central form is the future and the external world is the past. While in between those 2 limits, the intermediate region becomes the relative present of the system. In the galaxy, for example, the black hole is the relative future of the stars than in the future will end up falling into the black hole; while the stellar dust is the relative past-energy they consume:

nMin.E+S Min.T (Past, energy class i-1) =>n ext: Present, Reproductive class (i) =>
Max. ExT (Future, dominant, top predator Class: i+1)

In all systems, the stick and carrot, punishment and prize duality of negative and positive arrows provided by the 3 physiological networks control the 3 internal cycles of its cells, which have to obey the organic systems if they want to ‘exist’; that is, to perform those cycles. And so we often find 3x2 ‘elements’ of positive and negative control, that structure a certain system as the dual arrow of entropy and its 3x2 drives of negative and positive existence.
A fact that explains why cells exist tied up in complex organic systems so well programmed. Since according to vitalism, the laws of the Universe are not imposed mechanically but through the will of ‘existence’ of its Fractal Organisms, which make the best choices driven by their desire to process energy and information and survive. A man, for example, can rebel at his own risk against the networks of power. You can obey an informative law and be rewarded or deny the law and be punished. But if the system punishes you it will extinguish you and another obedient citizen will occupy your place. So most humans always obey the law of its physiological, social systems. Yet if men, which are among the freest of all Quantic Spaces-Times points, as they have self-consciousness, are so slavish; it is obvious that those points whose ‘will of existence’ is a vegetative or mechanical ‘action ’, obey totally those networks. Physiologic networks rule indeed any biological organism to the point that doctors consider most sickness caused by the malfunction of physiological networks, which ‘extend’ the sickness to the individual quantic cells they control.
In any organic system the dominant informative and energetic networks control and distribute its energy and information in 2 flows with opposite entropic directions: information orders of control are flows that depart from the dominant informative singularity towards the membrane across the middle class; while energy comes form the membrane towards the center. Both flows create together a dual structure of max. Space-Time force or Momentum, the fundamental parameter that defines the power of any organism (max. ExT). So together the dominant classes organize with their dual energy and information the quantic elements of the intermediate, middle mass zone or body. Finally the middle class will absorb, destroy and transform the minimal quantic units of temporal energy of the external Universe, or lower class, which is divided in small, disorganized quantic elements; transferring part of them to the membrane and center.
In human societies the army, which displays energetic weapons mostly in the external border and the government and moneyed people that control the informative, legal and financial languages of power are the dominant class. Then there is a middle class of citizens that obey those groups, which limit their freedom. And finally there is a lower class of ‘immigrants’, ‘enemy nations’ and bits and bites of raw materials and machines, whose rights as non-citizens or objects are null.
Yet those classes exist in all organic systems beyond human societies:
In a human organism the brain and nervous, informative system, the neurons and the stronger, energetic cells, the leukocytes and the epithelial tissue, control also a mass of cells, which reproduce in the different organs of the body the products the organism consumes, constructed with the bits and bites of energy and information the external world provides and the human organs destroy and reform. If we consider a galaxy, the inner black hole and the halo of dark matter confine a middle mass of stars that turn around the black hole. While the external intergalactic space provides the ‘lower’ bites of interstellar gas. So the stars in their spiralled, cyclical movement gather that gas and send it to the black hole that feeds on it. So happens in an atom, in which the electron orbitals gather electromagnetic energy they send to the inner nucleus.
 So we might wonder, are human societies just, natural, according to the ternary structure of social classes? No. The present distribution of social classes, proper of human ‘capitalist’ and ‘nationalistic’ societies are not natural to the Universe; since the ‘poor’ and the ‘aliens’ are considered a ‘lower’ class coming from outside the organic system and destroyed accordingly. Yet all men should be considered either informative or middle classes, never lower classes and receive enough energy and information to survive, since we all belong to the same species . And so according to the ‘3rd postulate’ of relative equality , we all belong to the same ‘organism of history’. Indeed the higher and middle classes of any organism act together, as Head and body of the organic system. Or else when the cells of the body of any organic system do not receive food, the body collapses and dies. Which is exactly what happens in history when the ‘3rd world’ is treated as a ‘3rd expendable class’ by the ruling classes of the system, both inside and outside our borders and they rebel in revolutions and wars that destroy the organic civilization .
Unfortunately the economic ecosystem spends today most of its resources in our selfish upper classes, even in ‘alien species’, (technological machines and weapons), instead of keeping all the cells of the body of history healthy producing for them the minimal human goods mankind needs to survive (food, education and health-care).