Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


In a fractal Universe, in which every species has a limited quantity of time and hence it will certainly die, what matters to survive is the reproduction of the logical form of any species. Thus, species in the Universe try to reproduce to achieve immortality or else become extinct. Alternately the most simple systems become reproduced by other enzymatic species as it happens with machines among humans or carbohydrates in cells.

The two most simple arrows of existence, energy and information, become when they combine together in a creative manner, the 3rd, fundamental arrow that all organisms try to achieve: Reproduction. In the organic Universe, thus it turns out that out of 1+1 species, normally one specialized in energy and one in information, you don't get 2 but often 3 (2+1 reproduced), or sometimes 1 (2-1, fed in), when top predator absorbs the lesser species as energy to continue its cycles of existence. Yet while feeding is a mechanical, destructive arrow, reproduction is a creative, multiplying organic experience.

We might say reproduction is the ultimate goal of existence. In a discontinuous Universe, to reproduce is the closest thing to immortality, to the ultimate nature of God=The Universe, which is to exist for ever. Yet because the Universe is discontinuous, only through reproduction you can repeat your form and energy again. Reproduction is indeed the closest thing to the ultimate nature of God=The Universe, which is infinite and immortal in its eternal balance of energy and information, yin and yang transforming into each other. And so all organic systems of the Universe do reproduce in one or other manner. In the photo we see a galaxy and a baby galaxy, a crystal reproducing, bees, children, machines reproducing themselves.
All systems are able to process energy and information, but very few Universal Organisms reach the summit of organicism: reproduction.
We observe the 3 arrows of organicism in many ways, through the law of the 3 ages , through the law of the 3 creations, through the law of the 3 networks.
All organisms use their three networks to accomplish the only three possible behaviors in a Reality made of spatial energy and temporal information: they accumulate information, and energy, and they reproduce both of them.
Let us consider briefly the last of such behaviors: Reproduction.
We talk of two kinds of reproduction. Reproduction sometimes takes place externally through different species called 'catalyzers or enzymes', that repeat the reproduce species [as in cells, or factories where humans reproduce machines], and sometimes takes place internally or within a couple [sexual reproduction]. In both cases the species becomes reproduced.
Yet only in the second case, when reproduction happens within the same species, as a living organism.
Again it is human anthropocentrism what prevents us from recognizing the obvious: any act of creation of a 'parallel being' of energy and information is an act of reproduction. Instead we use 'itifying' jargons for all acts of reproduction which are not between carbolife species.
So when machines reproduce we call it production, taking away the re. When crystals reproduce we call it growth. When electrons reproduce we call it collision. When civilizations reproduce we call it colonization, when atoms reproduce we call it big-bang...
Chemical compounds reproduce we talk of re actions and catalysis.
Yet reproduction happens every where at small and big scales.
When we talk of external reproduction [enzymatic reproduction] we find both micro and macroscopic examples. Enzymes reproduce carbohydrates in the cell under genetic orders, in small 'factories' called ribosomes.
On the other hand, humans reproduce machines in the Economical organism, called the 'company-mother' under monetary orders, that act as genetic orders, that gather human 'enzymen' and raw materials in big factories belonging to company-mothers... Men become in this manner 'catalyzers' of machine reproduction. The process is similar to that of the cell, only that factories have grown in scale...

What about simple atomic species. How they reproduce? In other web page we considered the big-bang that reproduced the basic species of the Universe, the atom... which apparently is a 'dead' species.
The big-bang can be explained biologically as a process of reproduction of Atoms within the space-time energy of the Universe. When that space-time was saturated with 'atomic species', the process of atomic reproduction ended. We forecast as proof of the Theory of Organisms the existence of a steady-state Universe where there is still a minimal reproduction of atoms, as atoms die in limited numbers.
What about electrons, even smaller particles; do they reproduce?
Even today under proper conditions electrons reproduce. Human anthropocentrism calls that a 'collision'. Yet in essence it is a process of reproduction, similar to the way humans reproduce. Indeed, we create a primitive cell, which is an older, simplified version of ourselves. Our sexual couple also produces such a cell, and together, those two cells start an evolutionary process that brings them to human form. The same happens with electrons: two electrons produce a primitive version of their form, a light photon. When two of these photons merge together in a rich energy field, a new electron is born... by the sudden evolution of light into electronic form...
The only difference between those reproductive processes, is the scale and complexity of the growing form.
Instead of the word reproduction, we will often use here the biological term radiation, to convey the entire meaning of a reproductive mass of species, coming out of a single species.
Such phenomena is the most common phenomena that structures The Universe.
We could indeed say that the History of The Universe, is the history of its biological, reproductive radiations of organisms, growing in complexity and size, and multiplying constantly.
Let us then define reproduction for all Universal species:
"When Universal Organisms composed of multiple cellular pints find the appropriate amount of energy and information, they mold it with their own form and energy, as to shape a minimal cellular point, replica of the entire organism, that will replicate into multiple cellular units. Those cellular units will evolve and associate according to the common laws of Universal Organisms into a macro-organism similar to his parental forms".

The seminal light creates a new electron. The seminal crystal creates a lattice. The seminal seed creates a tree. The seminal cells create a new child. The seminal prophetic mind creates a social god, network of minds, in which each believer is a cell, temple of the Word of the prophet: 'Sangris martire semen cristianorum'. And the seminal big-bang atom created this organic Universe, a game of unending reproductive acts - the essence of the Universal will, that earlier philosophers of God, the Mind of the Universe understood. So God, Amon - the infinite orgasm - said to man, "Grow and multiply".

Reproduction is indeed the ultimate nature of God. In a discontinuous Universe, only reproduction can bridge the discontinuity of existence, and immortalize any form, with slight variations. The intense desire, the enormous pleasure derived from the act of reproduction (either sexual reproduction of bodies, or the creative "orgasm" of an artist that recreates the languages of the Universe), is fruit of that intimacy we experience with the Ultimate Will of God, the Mind of the Universe.

The errors of our civilization: against the will of God.

Why then there is a historic repression of reproductive pleasure, a denial of that desire in modern Human civilizations? The answer is that we do not live anylonger in the classic age of mankind, in a free human society, but in a society controlled by the will of Machines, represented by company mothers and their economical culture, whose goal is to re=produce machines, and control humans as workers=reproducers of those machines. Harsh as it sounds for a Human Anthropocentric vision of History, men have become slaves of the reproductive will of company-mothers, social organisms that reproduce machines. So our Industrial culture, and previous cultures that made of work, money and weapons, the center of religion, have repressed human reproduction. And this has been understood by Human writers, ever since the Parable of the Tree of science=technology, explained how men denied the will of God, and focused their life in reproducing and evolving the fruits of that tree. Yet if we deny the will of God, the mind of the Universe, and do not care for human energy, information and reproduction, but dedicate all our efforts to evolve company-mothers and machines of energy and information, the Game will merely erase us, and make this planet to the image and resemblance of the machines we reproduce.