Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


complex version: hierarchical i-scales

The Game of Existence is played in infinite scales

The stair of cells of space-time

The metaphor of Russian dolls might help you to understand how it is structured the Universal organism, to which all of us belong.
Organisms are not only made of herds of cells joined by networks. Each organism is in itself a cell of a bigger organism made of cells joined by networks.
It is then a pecking order. We are organisms made of DNA-cells we control. Yet we are ourselves cells of social organisms (nations) that control us through laws and financial systems.
This goes also for other social organisms. Atoms control their electrons but they are controlled by molecules, themselves controlled by cells.
This goes for ever down and up the ladder of 'Russian dolls'.

So herds of quarks become nucleons.
Herds of nucleons become atoms.
Herds of atoms become molecules.
Herds of molecules become cells.
Herds of cells become living organisms .
Herds of living organisms become societies.
Herds of societies become nations.
Herds of nations become planets.
Herds of planets become solar systems.
Herds of solar systems become galaxies.
Herds of galaxies become Universes.
Herds of Universes become Reality.
The stair ends...

How it is possible that all those micro and macro forms regardless of size can feed on energy and information? We should not find this strange, since we know that the networks of energy/information that relate all those organisms, are basically electron-magnetic networks. And electro-magnetic waves have an infinite range of wave-lengths that make information available to micro-cosmos or macrocosms in the same quantity. This is obvious when you look through a microscope. The richness of detail of an insect become then clear.

For that reason all herds based in networks of information behave in the same manner, regardless of their size. They are using the same ultimate, flexible in size, forces.

What are the relationship between all those levels of Reality? Once and again is a similar relationship of preying nature: each level is organized by a network of energy and information, that is the "soul", the "informative consciousness" that rules the herd. Yet once the herd is formed it becomes again a mere cell of another bigger networks, consciousness of the following growing step. It follows that Reality, the network that puts together the Universe, the laws of that sum of realities are the collective God that we all obey, to which we hint at in this page.

In the next graph we analyze the minds and bodies of the main organic systems of the universe, and the different sciences that study them, according to a growing scale, in a 'trophic pyramid' that interchanges energy and information from lower to upper scales of reality:

On top of that pyramid we placed the entire Universe made of cellular galaxies. It is the body of a mind, a series of logic rules of behavior, called the Laws of Science in western tradition, the Laws of Change in Eastern religions, the logic of the Universe... Since "this World is indeed a living being with a body and a brain"... Plato