Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

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In the graph, a mammal territory. Any animal territory is a Non-AE space-time with 3 zones:
- An informative central territory (1) or den, where animals reproduce and 2 secondary homes where the herd performs secondary organic cycles (2,3).
- A membrane (M, 5), an invisible limit that provokes a confrontation if a stranger crosses it.
- And an intermediate zone, with cyclical paths of absorption of energy and information; where we find the hunting territory, places to drink (E), to bath (B), to socialize (A), to defecate (D), etc.



In organic terms, a dimension is a network. So a living organism can be considered a sum of cellular quanta united by 3 basic space/time discreet dimensional networks, which are its physiological systems: the digestive/energetic network, the informative/nervous network and the reproductive/blood networks around which cells teem, creating a stable, organic non AE-form. In other words, the energy and informative networks of a living being are its internal, diffeomorphic dimensions (of relative length and height), to which usually the organic system adds a 3rd, "reproductive" dimension of temporal energy that combines both elements and represents the "width" or ‘volume of cellular quanta' of the system. While its movement in the external world becomes its 4th temporal dimension. Yet that 4th dimension of external activity can also be considered a network territory in itself, sum of the 3±1 cycles of existence of the being, creating a bigger organic space, that will become the basic unit of an ecosystem or social organism made of individuals of the same species. In the figure we draw the organic territory of a minimum social pair of mammals, differentiated in 3 clear sub-sectors:
- Max. Information: The informative den or central territory (1,2,3):
It is the territory of reproduction used to copulate and store basic food and energy to raise the young. It is a forbidden zone where not even hunting is allowed (4). In social species of great mobility, aerial or marine, where borders are much more extensive, this territory is very ample and tends to be located in warm latitudes.
- Energy=Information: Dual Territory of energy hunting and informative socialization (5).
It is the feeding, social and hunting territory, on which the central informative being feeds itself. It is outside the zone of reproduction. It is the winter territory of many migratory birds.
Given the relativism of all movement, in biological territories the informative singularity moves to hunt its energy quanta, as opposed to galaxies where stars and space-time dust moves towards the central worm hole.
Within those limits there are also neutral territories of communication, courtship reproduction and free energy, like water troughs. So the intermediate territory works both as an informative and energetic territory where different Non-AE quanta (victims and predators) trace parallel cycles and come together around meeting points (E, B, R).
- Max. energy: Borders that limit the territory.
Membranes are dangerous zones because the informative center watches them with special care to control any invasion of its hunting/social territory.
Those limits fluctuate according to the power of neighbours. For example, the organic space of a fish increases during mating, since the couple is more powerful than a single individual.
Marks (M points) fix those limits and reduce combats. They are often invisible as most territories are defended against competitors of the same species who understand the informative code of those marks; but rarely against members of other species. So we find all kind of linguistic marks:
- Smells (common in mammals, like foxes, rhinos, antelopes), excrements (in canines and felids) or other glandular secretions.
- Optical marks often connected to scents: The brown bear creates marks in trees, rubbing them with his Head, warning adversaries of his great size and force. In human empires visual marks correspond to military exercises displayed in the borders. In human homes those marks used to be shields with weapons; now they are cars and other proves of wealth, the new language of social power.
- High pitch, acoustic marks, proper of birds, which are triggered when a rival enters the territory.