Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  


The minimal Universal event communicates 2 non-EA points: one with more energy, Ei, that each science defines with different slangs, (‘a white hole’, ‘energyzer’, 'past form', ‘male’, ‘body’, ‘yang’, ‘moving field', etc.); and an informative point, Ot, the smaller form (‘a black hole’, ‘codifier’, ‘future form’, ‘female’, ‘Head’, ‘yin’, particle or 'center of perception', etc.) Both become united by a dual wave that transfers energy from Ei to the informative point of relative future, Ot, and information from the future point, Ot, to the relative past point, Ei, creating together a cycle of temporal energy. The description of those points and cycles, which are common to all beings of space-time, creates a Unification Theory of all sciences and Universal species.

Those acts of temporal communication through flows of temporal energy created between n points of the Universe will create also, according to duality, spatial structures that we define with the 2nd Postulate of Non-AE geometry. The 2nd Non-AE postulate of illogic geometry that defines a line, no longer as an abstract form like Euclidean geometry does, but as a physical wave, a dual force/language composed of a herd of micro-points that communicate energy and information as they move between 2 macroscopic points that emit and absorb temporal energy:

Non-AE 2nd Postulate: The cycle of space-time:
 ‘A wave of communication  is a group of spatial micro-points that move in parallel lines between 2 macro-points of time, transferring temporal energy between them.
A force of spatial energy is a wave that transfers energy between 2 points of time.
An informative language is a wave that transfers information between 2 points of time.
A past to future arrow is an energy wave absorbed as information.
A future to past arrow is an information wave absorbed as energy.’

In the previous graph we consider some dual events between a relative past, quantic form of energy and a relative future, informative being that transform energy into information back and forth, creating combined, present organisms. When we generalize those processes to n-points we obtain a ‘plane of existence’, or ‘cellular organism’ (meta-physical and biological jargons), defined by the 4th postulate of Non-AE geometry , which are also ‘simultaneous beings’ created by the multi-causality of all those points that flux, merge and knot into the organism. Since in Non-A logic multiple causes (temporal p.o.v.) or parallels (spatial p.o.v.) ‘fall into a single focus’ that creates a Non-EA point, cyclical event, or curved Quantic Spaces-Times field: multiple forces focus into a particle and create a sphere; multiple cycles flux into an organism and create its organic space, etc.
Let us consider briefly some of the new concepts introduced by the 2nd Non-AE Postulate:
- The 2nd postulate differentiates spatial micropoints which temporal macropoints communicate:
Past, spatial energy and future, temporal, informative top predators are relative species to each other that can be distinguished according to their TxE force. Thus the form with more TxE force becomes the top predator, which generally means the bigger form. Hence we talk of macro-points that absorb micro-points of energy and information. Even when the event is a Darwinian event of hunting the eyes that perceives light or the digestive system that perceives food, first will break that light into photonic colors and that food into amino acids to absorb it. While in the Physical realm fermions are particles of higher mass, nucleons or electrons, which share smaller, quantic particles.
Thus the key to understand any relative spatial energy is its homogeneity and quantification in small units able to carry energy and information between bigger knots of information. Already Riemann defined any relative space, by the homogenous properties of its particles, to which we add its relative microscopic size that ‘makes a quantic surface to seem a continuous form’. Thus each macro-point will have a relative space: atoms live in the microscopic world of photons, their electromagnetic space. For a living organism space is the world of microscopic atoms: a fish lives in atomic water, a man in atomic air and neither of them distinguishes the quantic nature of their space.
So beings convert their organic energy into an abstract itified form that they can ‘destroy’ at pleasure without perceiving its ‘organic qualities’. However as we shall see, even the smallest ‘light-space’ of photons show the 4 basic qualities of all organic systems that biologists use to define life, the capacity to process energy and information and the capacity to evolve socially and reproduce: photons carry energy and act like the minimum unit of information, because light transmits all type of images through its photons; they reproduce their form in the vacuum; and they gather in social herds of colors.
- The 2nd postulate differentiates according to the ternary principle 3 types of waves:
A language that transfers only information (Max. I); a force that transfers only energy  (Max. E); and a wave of Temporal energy that transfers both forms (ExT). Since Physics uses the word ‘forces’ to describe energy waves and Systems Sciences use the word languages when interprets them as information we use those 2 words. Though we should in fact call all waves mixed ‘lan-waves’ (informative languages + waves of energy), since the main ‘forces’ of the Universe are mixed waves of temporal energy that transfer both energy and information as languages when the absorber can decode that information. It is the receiver, which selects the wave as a force of energy or a language of information . For example, plants absorb light as energy and animals decode it as information; but light is dual.
- All lines are cycles. Since all lines are created by 2 points with a volume that co-share energy and information, they are always cyclical as they imply a movement back and forth between both points and have a wave like form as those points have volume and so the line curves around them. Hence the 2nd postulate also defines the ‘Principle of cyclical inertia’ 4).
- The 2nd postulate of illogic geometry define the simultaneity between Quantic Spaces-Times fields :
Since as Einstein rightly explained, and Gauge Theory proves, the existence and measure of any ST event requires the ‘simultaneous’ exchange of energy and information flows between 2 poles or relative E and T points. So the Universe becomes the sum of infinite relative present events or cyclical action-re actions between 2 points of temporal energy that transform those flows into spatial energy or temporal information, creating formal, organic, simultaneous structures.