Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

CREATION AND DESTRUCTION OF Quantic Spaces-Times FIELDS: the arrow of evolution: informative height.

In the graph, the slow  dimension of time or height accumulates form as time passes and the species evolves. The fast dimension of time is cyclical movement or rhythm, which creates cyclical vortices, such as masses or hurricanes.


Let us show dynamically how Quantic Spaces-Timess are created and destroyed through the inter action of those 2 arrows, in a process we call ‘dimensional generation’. As indeed, a ‘dimension’ is a static, spatial perception of a dynamic, moving flow or event of temporal energy. In that sense, we also classify the 2 dimensions/arrows of energetic space (lineal, energetic movement or length, and spatial width) and informative time (informative height and cyclical movement or temporal rhythm), according to their relative speed of creation into slow or fast T-S dimensions:
- The fast dimension of temporal information is the speed or individual rhythm of a cycle, which determines the rate at which systems accomplish their time cycles. It often relates to the speed of action-re action of the organic system; while in physical entities it is similar to angular speed.
It is the arrow most often associated to the concept of time.
- The slow dimension of time is informative, morphological height and evolution, born out of the accumulation of informative cycles during the evolution of a species through aeons, in which they slowly accumulated complex, genetic, memorial information. For example, the Universe was born flat in the big bang and now it is acquiring form, curvature; bilateral animal life was born as a flatworm that slowly acquired form till rising to the height of man, the animal of maximal information; the first plants were algae that acquired temporal height; the Earth was born as a flat, rotary disk that became a sphere with height; the temporal form of a being with max. volume of information is placed on top of its height: the human Head, the speaker of a human group; the black hole of a galaxy. It is the arrow associated to the concept of information and future evolution.
Thus, both time dimensions have movement, though the movement of ‘evolutionary growth’, of height, is minimal, as it changes very slowly. In the same way we interpret the 2 spatial dimensions:
- Length is the fast dimension that moves and gives speed to any spatial energy. It is the arrow most often associated to the concept of energy and expansive destruction or past devolution.
- Width is the slow dimension that reproduces or accumulates spatial energy in all ST systems. From strings that reproduce laterally, creating quantic space in the dimension of width, to humans that become fat and wide, as they reproduce their cells, all beings reproduce their energy in the width dimension of space. It is the arrow most often associated to the concept of space.
According to the ternary principle , the 3 ‘spatial dimensions’, length, width, height and the 3 ‘temporal dimensions’, past, present and future, are homologous. They are in fact, ‘ceteris paribus’, mental analysis of a Quantic Spaces-Times made either from the spatial or the temporal perspective. Since:
- Length implies often an explosive expansion that devolves a being into the past.
- Width and quantic rhythm combine space and time, ‘reproducing’ a being; that is, repeating that being into an equal form that seems to make eternal a ‘present’, without change.
- While Height is the arrow of future evolution of species that ‘perceive information’ from above.
Thus we associate the 3 dimensions of spatial energy, the 3 dimensions of temporal information, and the 4 forms of human perception E, I, S, T that create the 3±1 cycles of ExI-ST-ence:
- Energy, Length, Lineal Movement, expansion, devolution, death, past.
- Space, Width, Present Reproduction.
- Time, quantic rhythm, cyclical movement.
- Information, Height, Future Evolution, Life.

2. Dimensional creation and destruction: how information becomes organic space-time.
The 4 dimensions of space-time are created and destroyed constantly. Since space-time fields create information and vice versa, ‘genetic’, temporal information can create space-time fields.
Thus there are 2 fundamental transformations of space and time that conserve the 4 dimensions:
- A transformation of the fast dimension of space, lineal, spatial movement into cyclical, temporal movement and vice versa. It defines most of the events of the Physical Universe, from machines that transform lineal movement into cyclical rhythms, to lineal, electric currents that create cyclical fields of magnetism, to atomic explosions and big-bangs that transform a cyclical vortex of ‘temporal mass’ or singularity  into an explosion of lineal forces.
- A biologic rhythm common to all species that suffer an ‘evolutionary punctuation’ in time and then a ‘reproductive radiation’ in space, switching the 2 slow dimensions of a Quantic Spaces-Times field.
And 2 creative/destructive processes that reduce or increase the dimensions of a space-time field:
Temporal energy is made of cyclical forms in action that create ‘in-form-ation’ when the ‘ action’ dimension is lost. So when a space-time field looses movement and reduces its energy dimension, transforms itself into a genetic memory that condenses the temporal cycles of the being into bits of information. In this manner, a cycle of temporal energy becomes a ‘circle or bit’ of information, a living body becomes a ‘genetic seed’, or a man becomes ‘a photograph’.
Because information is mental and quiet, without the energy of the temporal cycle: a bit of information reduces a 4-dimensional space-time by extracting at least one of its dimensions of energy, packing its form into a fixed, informative sequence. Nevertheless, in the inverse process some informative memories can create again organic systems of temporal energy, when we ad a dimension of energy to its “genetic, memorial” form. So a bidimensional graph of information, called an ‘industrial design’, creates a car when we add the proper energy: raw materials and workers. While a 3-dimensional “seed” creates a plant when we add the proper energy: water, earth and light. Since the genes of a living being are also a type of temporal information.
In terms of dimensions, we distinguish ‘temporal beings’ or ‘seeds’, which have 2 time dimensions and 1 or 0 energy dimensions; ‘energy sources’, which have 2 energy dimensions and 1 or 0 informative dimensions; and space-time fields, which have equal number of space and time dimensions and hence are the only 4-dimensional, full-living beings.

3.  Conclusion. Quantic space-time fields unify Physics, Biology and Sociology.
Quantic space-time studies how time bends, curves and gives ‘height’ to the different quantic pieces of spatial energy of the Universe, unifying its 3 main sciences, Biology and Physics. Since:
- In Biological sciences the evolution of life also started when quantic, microscopic cellular entities, extended over the planar surface of the sea evolved thanks to genetic information into more complex shapes. Thus, Evolution explains the 2nd dimension of biological time, since as time passes, species become more informative, growing in height. While Biology shows how living beings go through the 3 ages of life as they become wrinkled, ‘curved’ and finally explode into energy and die.
- In Physics, in the cosmological scale, Einstein’s General Relativity explores the height dimension when it affirms that ‘time’ curves space. Latter cosmologists found that the Universe is almost flat: a bidimensional field of energy that acquires curvature, height, as time creates masses, black holes, stars and galaxies. In smaller scales, Physics studies how cyclical movement becomes lineal movement, how implosive particles become extended fields of spatial forces and vice versa.
- Finally in socio-economic sciences, Quantic Spaces-Times theory explains the 3±1 ages of History that went through a Paleolithic age of energy hunters, a Neolithic age of reproductive farmer and a 3rd age of technologic information defined by the economic evolution of money & machines also in 3±1 ages.