Unification Theory: The Universe is a Fractal Organism of Spacial Energy and Temporal Information  

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I am a Philosopher of Science, who has pioneered in the past decades the use of biological and quantum space-time models to explain the fractal structure and evolution of the Universe and its quantic species.

Since the earlier 90s, I have developed a comprehensive Theory of Unification based in the concept of a fractal super-organism that fusions the main laws of Quantum Relativity, Systems and Biological Sciences with the duality of Eastern philosophies. This web introduces for the first time Unification Theory to a wider, international audience, beyond the restricted group of colleagues that have read my work or attended my conferences and encouraged me during all these years. Obviously a single person cannot complete the task of Unifying all laws of all sciences, nor I have the Quantic Time and Energy needed to organize all my manuscripts in Quantum Time Theory. So this web is only a small part of my work in all sciences, which is a small part of the discoveries future scientists will accomplish, thanks to the powerful tools of fractal geometry and i-logic time. Though I believe this web proves clearly that a 3rd age of science, based in organicism, after a first age of verbal myths and a second age of mathematical abstraction, has matured, it might be probably too advanced for an age in which Science still relies on the Cartesian Paradigm of mechanism and organicism is considered taboo by most of the scholar world. Thus for the time being, I prefer to remain anonymous. My only purpose is to spread knowledge and evolve those minds who, as Nietzsche put it, are brave as a lion to unburden the camel's hump and look at the World with the innocence of a child.

I am not a web designer and my mind thinks, since I discovered the laws of the i-logic Universe, in 'parallel', by homology, not sequentially... This implies the web should have syntactic errors and a structure quite different from the way Aristotelian Sciences analyze reality. It was also needed to coin a new language, which might seem strange to the reader to define in a biological, scientific way many terms of sociological abstract sciences, specially in the realm of Economics and History... I apologize for those difficulties you will find if you pursuit a deeper knowledge of the Unifying principles of the Organic Universe.

Any comments on the web's content or proposals from any academic institution to further develop this Encyclopedia of Fractal Organisms are welcomed. Ideally I would like to create a group of specialists in all scientific disciplines to complete under my guidance this Encyclopedia of Quantum Time Organisms... You can write me at Homo @ europe.com

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L. S. 2006